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Manual Samuel Official Soundtrack

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Review from 76561198360109741The great weird OST of one of the weirdest games out there! The issue with the DLC is though, the fact that it is not a real Soundtrack DLC, but a normal one. So you need to install the game to get access to it. (inside the main folder, in a subfolder called "Soundtrack")
Review from 76561198235546988Está en formato MP3 320 kbps. Ruta a la banda sonora: -Clic derecho en el juego -Propiedades -Archivos locales -Explorar -Soundtrack
Review from 76561198090240436Sam Sam Sam
Review from 76561198025674597Well, as it says on the name, this is the official soundtrack for Manual Samuel. While it might not be among the best videogame soundtracks, it's enjoyable, so I can still recommend it. I personally decided to buy it to throw a few extra bucks at the developers of the game, especially because I like collecting and listening to videogame soundtracks.