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Review from 765611980204457861.5 out of 10 Somewhat confusing at times and even the accessible content feels unfinished. Indeed the enire game is unfinished, only some of the simulations are accessible. The game does have a nice visual style, but the gameplay is bland. I played a simulation which was an inferior Space Pirate Trainer type wave shooter. Then I went to a stealth simulation which was pitch black. Seriously don't bother, you can maybe eek an hour out of this game. This is one title that's going into my VR bin never to be launched again.
Review from 76561198041605040The game is growing up very nice, the imersion is great, looking foward for the full game. Cheers
Review from 76561198085820549Hra sice graficky vypadá velmi slušně, toto je ale typický příklad hry, která klame vzhledem. Před nedávnem byla za 15 euro, po přidání dalších dvou simulací už stojí 20, věřte mi ale, když řeknu, že nestojí ani za desetinu této částky. Herní mechanismy nedotažené, simulace jsou nudné a nezábavné (nemluvě o tom, že jsou pouze tři). Co je na této hře fajn je grafika a hudba. [url=http://www.vrmag.cz/hry/akce/File-9] Celou recenzi můžeze přečíst zde.[/url]
Review from 76561198158809624This game doesn't feel finished. I wouldn't recommend it for this price, because 3 out of the 5 simulations have been offline for quite a while. What I like are the graphics, the ocean and the starting area look great! The map is also really cool, it's smart to use colors and to indicate where you are at the moment. It isn't polished, but I like the design and concepts of the game. It has potential, but it should have been an Early Access game. In the begin screen, there is just way too much text shown as instructions. Try adding some paragraphs, white space and just shorten the sentences to make the instructions more readable. I also think the text can be smaller. Because of this, the instructions of playing a game are not clear enough in the beginning. Simulation Transport Tunnel is a nice idea. It reminds me of Space Pirate Trainer. It's very annoying that you cannot hold the trigger button though, because it makes it tiring to keep shooting. Also it's very chaotic, you can't really dodge anything. All you can do is shoot and hope you don't die. I do like that there are red laser pointers for aiming. What would have made this simulation cooler was if the platform you were standing on would actually move around. I also like the concept of the simulation: Infiltrate and Destroy. A stealth game. I just wish it was more polished. It seems like when you're detected there is no way to run away from the enemy. You also get killed after only two hits. It's kind of frustrating. I also didn't feel like the 'distraction item' helped at all, is that item even finished? Simulations that were offline are Discovering Designs and Drone Evasion. The simulation Search and Defend is under construction. And simulation Skyway is in powering mode, I am not sure what this means.
Review from 76561197976576606Feb 5 update, there have been several major updates to the game since my first review, which is preserved here: http://pastebin.com/dXf6sHAK To start with, most of my problems with the game were addressed, like the rotating teleportation, and the difficulty seeing and hearing enemies in Transport Tunnel, and making the story info room optional rather than the starting screen. I think pretty much all my issues were fixed, which is a good sign. Honestly, from the rough and unfinished appearance of Infiltrate and Destroy, I wasn't sure of this game's future at all. But a bit more content has been added, and some small fixes. But at present, I still can't recommend the game, especially not at $20. To summarize: Transport Tunnel now has 2 weapons, and is quite a bit more playable, but the sheer number of enemies and barrage of very slow projectiles still make the game frustrating rather than fun, simultaneously too easy and too hard. Games like Holopoint and Space Pirate Trainer have enemies that follow semi-predictable patterns and need to be dodged or blocked very quickly, whereas in Transport Tunnel I was able to make it to wave 4 on my first try by very slowly walking around my playspace in a circle, taking about 1 step per 2 seconds. Actively trying to dodge energy balls is pointless when several dozen balls are flying at you at walking speed. Just step, shoot, step, shoot, maybe lean side to side a little bit too, and you'll only be hit by random chance. But because the things shoot so much, you'll be hit by random chance fairly often. Infiltrate and Destroy, still almost exactly the same, except it looks like enemy placement was tweaked. Still in that paradoxical state where it's incredibly easy because you can just run away from the enemies, but incredibly hard because they're completely silent and can sneak right up on you in an instant. The level is still extremely bland, more like a proof of concept demo than anything. Drone Evasion teaser: Okay, this game mode has some potential. There's some good bones here. The level design is a lot better than I&D, with a lot of actual effort put into having recognizable landmarks and terrain (though everything is very drab and beige). But the difficulty balance is again, very easy (because you can run away from anything, with unlimited teleports as fast as you want) and very hard (because you die from 2 or 3 hits). I.e. you can keep dodging and teleporting forever very easily, but you'll die as soon as you make a single mistake. And when you do make a mistake, it's going to be from bad luck or slightly slow reflexes, as opposed to actual bad tactics. And the weapons, though there's some variety, are all almost unusable at any kind of long range. The pistol has front sight protectors but no front sight. The rifle has an unusable scope and absolutely no sights. Shotgun, no sights. Grenade launcher, no sights. It's like a dice game where you get to keep playing as long as you roll 2 through 6, but die instantly if you roll a 1. It's just restart, die, restart, die, restart, die, until you get the hang of what to do. All 3 game modes are like that. It's like it was designed with 90's Nintendo sensibilities, instead of modern game design principles. The UI still really needs work too. The teleportation things run into everything, like the map, even enemy projectiles I think. And about half the buttons you touch with the controller, while the other half you point at and pull the trigger. And the pointer only appears when you're close to the thing and pointing straight at the button, no aiming assists at all, like a line/laser, or showing the dot elsewhere on the menu screens. And there appears to be no quit button in the menu? I accidentally teleported completely outside the map into an empty area in Drone Evasion, and couldn't go back to the menu or do anything except quit via the SteamVR interface. Tons of strange things like that with the interface that I can't specifically remember now, that make the whole thing feel pretty slapdash. But I think the biggest problem is just how generic and tech demo-y each experience feels. It's supposed to have this huge backstory involving the Cypress family, yet none of that ever comes into play, in any capacity. Just a few paragraphs smushed together in the backstory room, with games that are related to them, but don't incorporate any story elements, character development, or anything in them. The 3 game modes amount to "shoot enemies while dodging," "avoid enemies while finding items," and "shoot enemies while dodging and finding items." There's just absolutely nothing that sets any of the game modes above or beyond any competing products, like Space Pirate Trainer, Holopoint, or the highly anticipated Budget Cuts. It's really hard to point to anything really specific. The minigames just aren't that fun to play. Like, let's say the Budget Cuts demo vs. Drone Evasion demo. Budget Cuts is actually fun, and well designed. It starts you out slow, teaching you how to teleport and pick things up via contextual hints, in an easy starting zone. You get to practice teleporting, looking through the portal, opening drawers, and unlocking things, in an entire level with no enemies, and without having to read multiple paragraphs of text. But at the same time, if you're replaying the game, you can zip through the first level in about 10 seconds. Then you run into your first weapon and your first robot enemy. The first robot is stationary, facing away from you. Very easy to practice with the throwing knives your first time through, very easy to ignore and go past on subsequent playthroughs. Then the Budget Cuts demo starts for real. The levels are bright and colorful, with a variety of distinct areas, each with their own look and feel, and a realistic, office-y layout. The enemies have personality, they scream, yell things, try to warn each other, wave their arms around in panic, etc. And although they kill you in one shot, making it fairly difficult, it's actually fun. The robots have a slow enough reaction time that you can get away if spotted, if you're fast. There's enough walls and hidey holes to effectively hide. The robots pursue you for a fairly good distance, and are neither too easy nor too hard to evade. They're dim-witted, but in a way that's entertaining to watch as they try to search for you. They're deadly, but in a way that only punishes you if you genuinely make a mistake, and that usually leaves you a way to escape if you're very quick and smart. The difficulty isn't artifical, basically. You have to actually think about what kind of approach you're going to take, like sniping the robots from long range, or ambushing them from around a corner. If you die, it really is because you made a series of mistakes. When you die, it's often after being chased and cornered, and you ALWAYS have a second to go "oh crap, I'm about to die!" In comparison, Drone Evasion teaser. You get dumped into the level with nothing but some text tutorials. The enemies are incredibly stupid, and can't see you at all past a certain range. If only any of the guns had sights, you could easily snipe all the small drones, and teleport straight past the big spider drones. Strategy? Nope. Just shoot all the small/medium drones, and avoid all the big spider ones, while collecting ammo. Very easy. Unless of course you make a mistake like missing too many shots, not teleporting quite fast enough, or not looking in the right direction, in which case you die without really having much of a chance. It's just "huh? What happened? I'm dead now, that sucks." The gameplay is impossible to even describe with much more detail, because it's so bland. The "fun factor" just is not there. And that, sadly, is the strongest game mode currently in File 9.
Review from 76561198324316546  《9号档案》(FILE 9)是一款组合型游戏,但目前已开放的仅一个射击游戏。   游戏初始场景在一个造型非常独特的海上建筑内,玩家可以在其中自由移动,自由地观赏周围的风景。不过如此花费重工去造型的场景,利用率却极低,大部分空间都属于闲置状态,加上周围的风景也不过是在重复虚拟的日光与水流,远远比不上能感受到清风与光影变化的现实美,观赏完这个建筑后,玩家很快就会感到腻味。   目前已开放的射击游戏,建模大大弱于初始场景,幽黑的地下令人觉得较为压抑。好在打击感制作得较为出色,爆炸给人充足的视觉冲击力,不过游戏一开始,敌机的数量就极为庞大,从四面八方包围、攻击玩家,很快会导致玩家死亡,没有给人足够的适应过程,于玩家而言,这样的设定不太友好。   游戏在Steam商店售价为48元人民币,就目前的游戏体验来说,性价比极低,希望玩家谨慎购买。   原文地址:http://www.83830.com/game/201611/185158019.shtml   更多VR游戏评测:http://newgame.83830.com/
Review from 76561198084373744如果你对这个游戏感兴趣,不妨先看看我的视频(video): http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTc0OTIzMDIwOA==.html 最近更新了场景,可惜视频已经录制好,没有参与到,这游戏帧数偶尔会掉但是不晕 兵种如果再多一点就更好了,目前道具有防御盾和补血,好好打能过很多关 希望丰富一点吧 加油 每天都会录制VR游戏视频,喜欢的话可以订阅哦 steam毕竟是一个要花钱的平台,所以我希望用我的视频让大家能更好的了解每一个游戏 最后,祝大家游戏越快哦~