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No Way Out - A Dead Realm Tale

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Review from 76561198977421742I had to make the game playable in non-vr to play (which was surprisingly easy,) but the game was actually very fun to play. Apart from the main takeaway being that this is just a walking simulator for at least 60% of the game, it has some puzzles you actually have to think about, and actually made me a bit proud when I got through them. The main thing that messed me up the most is that spirits are ALWAYS placed in spots you don't need to be, sending you back to an autosave, that could mess you up, in terms of progression. This mainly got me at the part where you had to stop Baby William from getting in your room with a present, as I messed that up 3 times, and it sent you back to the master bedroom, which is a decently long walk from where the study room is. Apart from all of that though, its a decently enjoyable experience. (Also I only had to play in non-vr because right now my vr is VERY laggy, its not the games fault though.)
Review from 76561198333657436Good game just has many bugs Also to play this with keyboard without a VR just change the boot.config file vr-enabled value to '0' in the managed folder inside the game directory -credit GalaxyKid for this, works normal on keyboard just low mouse sensitivity, and use Q to open the map.
Review from 76561199124892646Bring Back The Old Dead Realm For My Child Hood Me And My All Friends Wanna Play It!!!! :CCCCCCC
Review from 76561198224642256It's not bad
Review from 76561199160528172onlinesi neden kalktı ?
Review from 76561198098170737Um jogo bem assustador ;)
Review from 76561199106348923why is the old dead realm gone ??
Review from 76561197980156542Контроллеры движений не поддерживаются как виртуальные руки, но в остальном с них можно полностью управлять. Приятная стремная атмосфера. Не линейная ходилка, можно войти в комнату из которой только что вышел, да и планировка меняется с маршрутами.
Review from 76561198117928303Dead Realm hayranı olarak VR kutum olsa idi bayılarak oynardım, oyun harika gözüküyor
Review from 76561197971905574Too many game-breaking bugs
Review from 76561198191401023When is Steam finally gonna add a mixed vote option? The graphics are pretty decent, the atmosphere is pretty good, but the game play can be pretty tedious, especially the last puzzle. Considering the length, it should either be $10, or twice as long, if they're gonna charge $20. It's not so bad as to vote it down, and not so good as to vote it up. Need that mixed vote option.
Review from 76561197984631809Pretty solid puzzles. Bit buggy otherwise. Way too short for 20$ but I got it for like 5$ on sale.
Review from 76561198848581180Excellent game. Really best of the Best so far
Review from 76561198066590240[h1]Experienced on the Oculus Rift with Keyboard & Mouse [/h1] This is a tough game to review because there's some very good elements here, but mixed in with some horrible game design decisions. At the end of the day, I think this game is certainly not worth $20 and even at $9.99 during the Steam Winter Sale 2018, it's just a neutral recommendation from me. I think this game is only for those who just love Horror games in VR and just want something a little different. Those who just want to reward a dev for trying to make something ambitious, even if they kind of fell flat on their faces. I decided to use keyboard & mouse after trying Touch controllers and Xbox controllers (360 + one). It seriously took me a little longer than 30 minutes just messing with the controls before deciding that keyboard & mouse are the best. If you want motion controllers and roomscale in your VR games, just pass on this. Motion controllers do work, but they are basically only used as gamepads. I couldn't get the Xbox controllers to work properly, so at the end of the day, KBM was the way to go for me. There's full locomotion and smooth turning with KBM. Opening doors is probably less clunky with KBM as you have to move and press E to get those doors to open. You press on the shift key to go faster, although you never move really that fast and the difference in speed is just barely noticeable. The graphics & atmosphere were the best part of this game. I have no idea why you're in this haunted house, but it felt creepy being in there. I had game on fantastic and it looked good and ran smoothly for me. The use of light and dark was well done in this game. The only graphical issue I had was that there was clipping in between doors and some walls, but you basically have to run into them to notice it so it wasn't that big of a deal. Most of the 3D model assets were good, except for like the mice or the spiders, which looked run of the mill to me. However, the details in the surroundings is really what I enjoyed such as the artwork hanging in the walls or the statues, etc. The sound work was okay. The voice acting was acceptable. However, I did notice the sound levels were uneven in spots. If you put it on surround sound in the options, then you do get a bit of the spatial audio and it was done okay for the most part. There are jump scares. I liked them as they weren't overdone. However, there was some frustrating puzzle elements. So this is NOT an escape room, although it does have puzzles intermingled with the chase mechanic. Basically, you light the torch and you have to keep it lighted to keep the bad guys away. That doesn't always work as you can run into some ghosts that don't care that you have a torch so you have to avoid them .... via trial and error. In the end, that's probably the biggest mark against this game, other than the bad controls, is that a lot of the game here is just trial and error. You will die and die and die again, until you figure out what exactly the game wants you to do. I don't like that type of mechanic and I imagine most people don't. The story was there, but you don't really notice it. Mostly, you're just trying to get out. There is some talk about some incident at the house and a murder(s). I was too busy just trying to find the correct pathing and solving those dumb memorization puzzles that the story didn't really make any impact on me. I was just happy to see the end. Whole thing took me less than 2 hours. [b]Rate 5/10. I didn't refund the game, but I really wanted to early on. I don't know, i did end up having some fun. It's definitely a memorable experience, both good and bad. I don't think I have played a VR game like it before. I definitely liked the horror elements, just didn't like the game mechanics or controls.[/b]
Review from 76561198035819626So, let me preface this by saying, here's my youtube channel, my twitch channel, my tiwtter, my instagram, my vine, my tick tock, and all my other links like every other review here has done. Also btw A/S/L on my myspace, hmu. Jokes aside, The games controls were abysmal, the fact that you made a VR game and are saying the VR controllers don't work for your VR game is so absurd, that I can barely put it into words, but I will try. Your graphics are decent, but I almost couldn't tell, because even at maximum brightness, 90% of the background and scenery is pitch black and unviewable. The game is like 30 minutes long from start to finish? For 20 dollars? That's insane. At least tell me you're planning to release more content or something, how can you sell a fully finished game, there's no EA tag or anything, that has 30 minutes of content for $20? I have 2 hours of playtime on my account because I sat there and ate lasagna for 20 minutes and fumbled around with garbage VR controls for another 30ish. Then because the guidance in the game is so bad, I died repeatedly until I somehow managed to figure out that there was a hidden mechanic that you guys refused to make clear like how if you went the wrong way, you died. Why not just prevent someone from going where they're not supposed to instead of repeatedly killing them without reason until they somehow stumble upon the right path.
Review from 76561198086993719I play A LOT of scary VR games for YouTube but THIS ONE scared me SO BADLY!! I loved the aspect of the torch being your puzzle timer & the graphics are scarily gorgeous!! I felt like I was in a real Haunted House. Overall recommend this game to anyone who likes a good scare or wants to scare their friends with it! If you want to see me play it, here's a video I posted: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEEg1TFeO08
Review from 76561198421003647I cant get past the loading screem, just tells me it works best with an xbox remote and wont play. same thing is happening asking for xbox remote. 1080 gforce Intel colre i7 7700 CPU 3.6GHz 16 GB ram windows 10
Review from 76561198629810938“No Way Out” is a VR puzzle horror game where the player is forced into the shoes of a lone wanderer inside a haunted mansion from the game “Dead Realm.” The game sets its tone pretty well in the opening sequence with well used sounds and audio effects to set the player at unease. The game then forces the player to learn its mechanics quickly by the use of a torch as a sort of puzzle timer. This creates a tension that is further added upon by the fact that the run speed for the player just doesn’t feel quite fast enough, so time feels more limited and mistakes are far more punishable. Once the player reaches the safe zone in the game, they then are told by a ghost as to what is happening in the mansion that you are in. The remaining puzzle sequences are fun and a little bit of a challenge from here on. One of my more favorite puzzles is having to use one the very horrors of the mansion to your advantage in order to finish the game. To add onto this, there are several hidden scares in the game that can catch the player off guard an constantly leave them at unease even when they’re in the safe zones. Overall “No Way Out” is a well done horror experience along with good puzzle design, well made visuals, and horrifying sounds that makes it a well made horror experience.
Review from 76561198832001481You know the drill, figure out the puzzles and survive long enough to make your way out of the haunted house, as the mystery behind the haunting unfolds along the way... And it's all here - great graphics and atmosphere had me on red alert at times. The mansion seems practically alive at times and I love the fact that you have figure it out for yourself - rather than have answers spelled out for you. I'm not a fan of playing VR games on a keyboard (Narcosis excepted), so despite the reviews and warnings about playing with a gamepad I have to say, although it's a little clunky, I persisted with Vive controllers and got used to it, and it's ok actually. A little odd not having hands or the impression of holding something as you might in other titles but once you adapt, it's a spooky experience with some good scares.
Review from 76561198075525997I quite enjoy this game. It's always nice to see a good scary game released in VR - something that is surprisingly still too rare. VR is likely one of the best mediums to deliver raw fear and the more of these we get, the better! I've produced a first impressions video of this game which can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8G0YSXJx0qI On the bright side, No Way Out scared the crap out of me quite a few times in only around an hour of gameplay. The atmosphere is unsettling and the use of jump scares is excellent. Some pop ups can be repetitive like the one when the torch burns out, but you'll still dread it even though you know it's coming. The puzzles, while not too brutal to solve, are fun and create the perfect balance requiring you to think clear while being subjected to the unnerving environment of the game, a sign of a well put together horror game. The story telling is surprisingly high quality with some well-above-average voice acting and some interesting characters. No Way Out isn't perfect, though. First I take issue with their recommendation of using a gamepad... this is a game best played seated as it's not a room scale title (I for one enjoy seated VR a whole lot as it tends to be more casual in terms of setup and preparation, and also allows for much longer play times) and thus, the best input method is indeed the keyboard and mouse. Thumbstick rotation simply cannot compete with the highly nuanced smooth mouse rotation... with a gamepad you're often limited to using crippling snap rotation which is disorientating, and thumb sticks don't fare very well with smooth rotation as they have little to no nuance. The good thing here is the devs put a lot of options: controller, mouse & keyboard, snap rotation, smooth rotation... put aside the recommendation I disagree with, the game has everything you need to control it the way you prefer within seated VR. Second, there's some mechanics that aren't entirely clear. The section with blue fire was very much affected by this as it took me quite some time to figure out what the game wanted me to do, resulting in a good dozen deaths back-to-back. In the end this is a game I recommend if you're looking to experience some good degree of fear in your VR headset. You're bound to turn around a few times going "what the hell was that?", shout in terror and even dread turning the next corner (for the right reasons). It's highly enjoyable and it's evident it was made with love (the desire to freak us all out with much love) and will make a great addition to a VR horror library.
Review from 76561198052509619Awesome game! The graphics are amazing!! Head Turn controls are the way to go.... I do not have a controller setup, so I just switched to the Head Turn control method and it works great!
Review from 76561198426886788Horror games are my favorite , So was very exited for finally another one. Oh and horror it is, When i started playing i got like 3 mini heartattacks allready and then in the elevator i see the game had just to begin. I use an xbox controller to play this game and works very well. Smooth turning , walk speed ( fastest is still little slow ) , fantastic graphics and really creepy atmosphere... reminds me of Layers of Fear but in Vr. Only here u can die. I found that out the hard way. That was also the time i needed to take of the headset for some moments bcs my hands got to sweaty. This game is good , no doubt about that but if the character could walk a little faster would be better for my heart. I own alot horror games on diff headsets , but this one for what i can see till now is very very good , specially bcs i played like 15 min and allready needed a break from it. Gonna let my wife play it on Halloween. Lets see who will scream like a little girl then :@ Recommended : 100% Played on Oculus with xbox controller.
Review from 76561198338012436It works great with xbox controller and windows mixed reality headset. I use samsugn odyssey, and it looks great. At the moment I am very intrigued and impatient to see how the adventure continues. It has 3 difficulty levels, and several locomotion options.
Review from 76561197995579516Don't buy, horrible controls. Bought it thinking I could use the Native Vive controllers. When I got in-game, I found that wasn't the case. Couldn't figure out how to move. Mouse and keyboard were doing nothing. The next day I decided to give it another chance. I saw on the store page that it now said Vive controllers were not supported (even though in-game they're are controller mappings). I probably missed it when I bought it. So I get in-game, finally moving around with mouse and keyboard. I pick up some book and it tells me I need to investigate the downstairs bathroom. So I'm like, okay, lets go down there. That's when I discovered that I COULDN'T PUT THE BOOK DOWN! No matter what I tried, pressing E like how I picked it up, pressing ESC, ENTER, F, Q, nothing was working. The book simply would not get out of my face. I'm writing this review right before I request my refund. I was hoping for a good halloween game for my Vive. This one was a let down. Maybe I should just give Arizona Sunshine another playthrough.
Review from 76561198378702050J'allais donner un bon review mais, les controllers son trash donc je ne peux ni avancer ni tourner j'ai bien verifier si je pouvais changer les controls mais non .. refund request accept
Review from 76561198262881510Here's my embarrissing reaction to this game if anyones interested https://youtu.be/Pt1slGibI70 If you wanna induce labor, you dont need medication just play this game while pregnant. I finally found out what I sound like when primal fear is coarsing through my veins and i feel as though my life is threatened and let me tell you, it didnt sound pretty. Gameplay wise other than the sheer terror I noticed that the controls are a little wonky, i tried to use the vive controllers, and instead of them allowing you to actually press down on the thumb pads they make you use the touch pad witch is very finicky. Other than the controls the story and gameplay seem good. Game Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClAxGRMIQ6cfZ1bLM75eSyQ