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Bric - The Casual Indie Game

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Review from 76561198078403549The game is mostly as advertised. For $2 game, the control is better than expected. My only complaint is fixed resolution, which is annoying if you have monitor with big screen resolution. And this game would be better if it has some customization (such as speed of white bars or exclude certain obstacle)
Review from 76561198172925593一款结合了跑酷元素的横版动作游戏 半随机的地图生成方式——从数十个地图组件中随机乱序组成每次的地图 不能碰触黑色的物体,或者从平台掉落到地面,都会立刻失败 场景上下方的墙壁会逐渐闭合,碰到也会立刻失败,不过它们并不是持续闭合压缩你的反应时间,而是在你每次经过一段区域的中线后才触发闭合效果,所以有些需要选择时机的陷阱可以稍作等待再通过 游戏整体比较枯燥,除了跳跃没有任何特殊的玩法;没有排行榜、没有成就;虽然质量谈不上烂、但也不算优秀,没有任何特色。总体中下评
Review from 76561198143021347good game for the price
Review from 76561198031313794[h1]Описание:[/h1] Бесконечный раннер с рандомно генерируемыми уровнями. Катимся себе шариком вперед и стараемся избегать смерти. Чем дальше добираемся тем больше очков получаем, которые впринципе ни на что не влияют, т.к. даже ачивок не завезли. Сначала кажется, что ловушки очень разнообразные, но уже через 10 минут они начинают повторятся и уже запоминается как каждую проходить. Впринципе неплохо на минут 10-20 потыкаться можно. Так, что если игра попала к вам в библиотеку не грех и запустить. А вот покупать не рекомендую. [h1]Оценка: 4/10[/h1] [h1]Послесловие:[/h1] Если вам понравился этот обзор добро пожаловать в группу http://steamcommunity.com/groups/uojer - тут вы сможете увидеть рекомендованные мною игры, другие обзоры, а также просто пообщаться в хорошей компании
Review from 76561198384722290A dumb little casual game you'll give your annoying little cousin to play at the family reunion. Though I prefer playing it while in queue in another game. overall its just that: a dumb little casual game that i definetely recommend.
Review from 76561198187338781excellent jeu lorsqu'on shouaite être trop chill ou lorsque l'on a un souci de connection interweb.
Review from 76561198123887255Best game ever, i would pay 199€ instead of 1,99€. (Not really but it´s nice for the price :^))
Review from 76561198124984512ok cool
Review from 76561198310703161又是一手惨加SM 反正我还是受不了 6/10
Review from 76561198352904065手残完全不友好,没有关卡的概念,就看自己的球能滚多远,没有卡没有成就玩这个简直是浪费生命。
Review from 76561197967132117This game took me by surprise! It's a little precision-jump game that does a lot of thing right where others seem to fail... It's got simple but very decent graphics, the music is sadly enough a limited tracklist of 2 songs but they're very very nice to hear and don't get boring very soon (and you can disable it) and last but not least; the controls of the 'ball' are just fenomenal. A lot of these 'jumping' games lack the buttersmooth AND tight control over the character at the same time ... It's the reason why so many 'meatboy' clones fail; because they don't invest enough into the controls, and in meatboy there's put a lot of effort to get the controls just exactly like they are; buttersmooth and supertight at the same time. This little game called BRIC is really worth your money as a little timekiller you play inbetween... I wish the dev would only put a little bit more time into the game and finish of some options like having the game going fullscreen and giving us a resolution option which are now both fixed. Also using a controller would be a nice option. And if he has more music coming like the one that's already in the game; some more tracks are always welcome! now, my conclusion is definitely that this game is worth your money as so it was mine. The complete randomness of the game is also done very well so you'll never play the exact same game twice, it's always different... Some extra devtime would be nice but it's not necessary to make this game great. Ow, and it's not as hard as "the impossible game" :)
Review from 76561197972939090Es un juego desconocido pero con una gran idea, es un juego que parece simple pero al ser aleatorio los mapas el comienzo te puede tocar algo facil o dificil, es liviano y es entretenido pero a la ves un poco estresante... :)
Review from 76561198153461081I think this game has great potential but it does need a little bit more work. The game needs for features to get people more interested like power ups and maybe multiplayer support. It should also add controller support and different levels but for the most part I really do enjoy this game and hope the developers keep working on it.
Review from 76561198094327806I enjoyed this but I also have too agree witht the comment on the fixed resolution, it would of been better if i had the option to change it but other than that I am happy every thing fits together nicely for me
Review from 76561198049204550This game is wonderful. It's a nice little fluff game that you can play and quit at any time. $2 is a fair price, in my opinion. However, this game does have a couple flaws: -Resolution is fixed with seemingly no way to modify it -After a bit, the game seems slow. Perhaps if your speed increased as time went on/if there was a faster speed mode this game would be more of a challenge. Don't get me wrong. I like it. The idea is simple and the execution is great. I'll give it a solid 8/10.