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Trainz Route: Fall Harvest Nebraska

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Review from 76561198069404389this is a scam it gave me a low quality map DO NOT GET THIS!
Review from 76561198033041685Very good DLC. Some assets are low polygon count and low texture, but they do the job. I would say the overall feel while driving is a little above "the train set experience" in terms of immersion. The two first sessions are cool to play, being the first one to load and transport grain and the second one to do a night rescue. Around 2.5 hous play time for both sessions, and no issues what so ever. Just one small disapointment regarding the UP locomotive skin for the first session, which looks quite basic: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2906781820 Locomotive internal cabin model is quite dated (same as Shortline Railroad DLC). Third session is a 3 hours trip in a steam consist. I got to say driving steam trains is really cool as there are more things to manage, however there is something which doesn't seem right with the train in this session. My boiler pressure got up to 900psi and it didn't blow up. All I did was to keep coal level at 90% and water level between 60-70%, as advised in the game's tutorial. I've realized the boiler pressure only dropped when I left the coal level drop to 30% and added water above 80%, which would make sense as cutting coal should reduce the boiler temperature. Anyway, I'm not sure how realistic this all is, as I'm still doing some research on how steam locomotives work. It's a quite interesting subject to tell the thruth, so thumbs up to the game for raising my intereste in steam trains :) Other than that, it's a worth DLC, which has animated vehicles, people and level crossing signals/gates in its sessions. The overall landscape looks quite nice, and I do believe free roam drive might be very enjoyable. Special Note: It looks like achieving 5 stars at the grain transport session is not possible. I've checked the session rules in edit mode, and it's necessary to achieve 2,000 points for 5 stars, however I've only seen 1,900 points being awarded along the session. If anyone knows anything about, please leave a comment below.
Review from 76561199082263269it harvest time!
Review from 76561198079217497big boy
Review from 76561199126465485I downloaded it but somehow the rest of the parts of it wont download and I really want to use them but I don't know how. If someone could help I would appreciate it.
Review from 76561198870678687I highly recommend this route because it has such awesome realism and scenery! It comes with Union Pacific's Bailey Yard! The biggest American Railyard in the world! If you love UP, Scenery, and Realism, This route should be perfect for you! Just be warned it has a few faulty dependencies, but you'll be fine!
Review from 76561198168889848it dose not work good at all on my games
Review from 76561198113996765GET IT! IT COMES WITH AN SD70ACE!