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4x4 Offroad Racing - Nitro

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Review from 76561198274965400thje main menu music was pooretty cool!!!!!!!11!!
Review from 76561198098160097Start with no vehicles and no money Need vehicles for races Need money for vehicles Need races for money Need vehicles for races Literally cannot be played.
Review from 76561198396223905The game starts off fairly buggy, if you try to skip the beginning intro sequence, it'll automatically exit out of the game. That's only a small problem,the problem that arises is that the game is literally unplayable. You begin the game with 0$ and are not given a default vehicle, The price for the cheapest vehicle is 1000$ the only way to earn cash is to race. But without having a vehicle you cannot. Therefore the game is unplayable. 12.99$ for a game that doesn't even play and is glitchy in the beginning.
Review from 76561198118779784Eigentlich sollte man 12,99€ bekommen, wenn man dieses "Spiel" spielt! Die Grafik sieht aus wie Haribo vor 10 Jahren. Die Kamera lässt sich nicht steuern. Das 1. Zeitrennen kann man endlos fahren, dafür ist kein weiteres Rennen möglich... Überhaupt nicht zu empfehlen!