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Digimon Masters Online

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Review from 76561198866976092I love this game, but I may have to quit playing. I've been trying to do quests bot there are "players" who must have some kind of program or something that allows them to get to quest Digimon before actual players can. I switch to different channels and they are still there. I tried reporting 1 with the macro thing and the server told me that the "player" answered everything normally. I'm autistic and I usually take a long time to get frustrated with games because I love games and gaming, but this is so frustrating because I'm just trying to play the game and quest, but I can't
Review from 76561198199314563Unfortunately, I have a life. And that doesn't mesh well with how grindy this game is
Review from 76561198120394033These bots are a SERIOUS hindrance... I cant progress because of them for some quests. Other quests, you have to battle the bots for kills, and they will win almost 100% of the time. If you like your kills taken from you before youd ever had a chance, get this game! If you respect yourself, maybe you should move on to Digimon Survive or Digimon World 3...
Review from 76561197997969630I played this game many years ago, when it was owned by Joymax. Back then, it was a disaster. I really wanted this to be a good game. But not even five minutes into the game, I get a startling reminder as I see the very first quest NPC utter the phrase "That remainds me". One of the first interactions that a player sees is a typo. If the company doesn't care about the game's quality, why should I care about the game? Josh Strife Hayes said it best: "Digimon fans deserve better than this"
Review from 76561198174391069n/a
Review from 76561199629700417stupid i cant even go in one of the servers
Review from 76561198118191626Translation so bad, accidentally ordered pork lo mein ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)
Review from 76561198203614352Disgustingly P2W, RARELY has good events, devs expect you to drop 16 USD PER ROLL for gacha characters that have less than a 1% chance of dropping and aren't even meta anymore. Everything past early game requires you to have said gacha characters to even be able to participate.
Review from 76561197989851549good game
Review from 76561198071318872Terrible game, riddled with bots that dont allow you to get your quests done, the lvling system is joke, and the game gives no explanation on how to do anything, the fact that a second game is coming from the heap of trash is a scary thought and needs second opinion on if its a good idea, we all wanted a digimon mmo, but this aint it at all and those that made this trash should be a ashamed that this is even a game.
Review from 76561199486271234very fun
Review from 76561199384006954eerrthing
Review from 76561198093711071Love this game so much. Great for solo or multi player!
Review from 76561198046563632The ultimate Pay to Win trash
Review from 76561198207593344Mi infancia.
Review from 76561198805920246омори лучше
Review from 76561199229139762yes
Review from 76561197983804365Far too many people killing mobs you need for quests. It's just a lesson in futility trying to do anything.
Review from 76561198238615584its ok , its very P2W but you can get somewhere if they give you special event eggs you can hatch
Review from 76561198053171381Been a fan of digimon since I was a kid and was looking to get back into the series, this was a terrible way to do it. Game is confusing with how many items are necessary, micro transactions out the butt and actually hatching digieggs takes too long. I understand it's an mmo which you expect to be a time sink but after grinding for like four/five hours to get dragon low data and I still haven't gained any? That's enough for me. Skip over this one and go emulate the DS games for some actual fun.
Review from 76561198134996972digimon, di di, digimon
Review from 76561197990486125Free game might be worth spending money if the game didnt just block out all players who havent spent money on the game, played this when I was younger and now that I have spending money wanted to give it a try, maybe buy a digimon I really wanted because I remember killing tons of agumons to get a digiegg and failing to hatch it everytime. Literally blocked out because my ip, then it blocks me on my computer for trying to launch it a bunch like okay wtf. To my knowledge this games still playable in North America feel free to correct me if im wrong.
Review from 76561198354530110good game
Review from 76561198126894159I fucking hate it. Cant stop but i hate it
Review from 76561198089616225Calling this a "game" is insulting to real games. Bugs and misspelling on every chatbox, bots, shitty lootboxes, and boring gameplay.
Review from 76561198344110672its honestly good but one of the servers i mainly go on continues to crash and the other one doesn't which is weird how the one that doesn't contains more people than the one that doesnt, it may just be me but who knows
Review from 76561198863214815no i do not for the one fact if it disconnecs you you could loss everything and have to start over it just happend to me and if i cant find a fix i will be deleting it
Review from 76561198161217070Good game but its really P2W lol
Review from 76561198959570622If you're a fan of digimon then you are gonna love playing this game with your friends.
Review from 76561199485412119models are really good
Review from 76561198296063127Massively pay to win, 100% not worth playing, bots ruined it, macro system is terrible and not effective GG dont even bother but if you do. Remember it was your choice to join this toxicity
Review from 76561199521391762Worst MMO I've ever played. It may even be the worst game I've ever played.
Review from 76561199612880206good times
Review from 76561199126721577I've played this game for a long time. Take my advice and just don't play this game no matter how much you love Digimon. I been playing this since Joymax days. This game is hardcore P2W and it scams players who doesn't know how they do things. The Devs and mods do no care about your problems in game. You can easily get hacked. Events are the same thing and boring as hell. Most players that play the game now are bot players (which I don't blame them). It's crazy how all these years they refuse to improve to gain more players. I was actually surprised this game was able to get in steam.
Review from 76561198042449647I have been playing Digimon Since I have I found it out. I really love this game to the fullest
Review from 76561199489590401not too bad
Review from 76561199215384106good game
Review from 76561199508969659I believe it to be the best Digimon game developed as a always evolving game. The drawback is the idea od being disconnected randomly due to unresolved issues that linger since it was launched. It does have it's issues with mechanics, but overall I have been a fan and am still a fan of Digimon Masters Online to this day.
Review from 76561198124567196Since the original release this has been the worst bugged out game I've ever played. Originally played on the dmo website app with many more hours than I've put on steam. Let me just say it's not gotten better with bugs, crashing, ect, ect, ect. This has been the worst experience of any game I've ever played and only continue due to the hours already put into the game at this point. It's the most inconsistent game when it comes to.. well anything. I've seen skill points being reset, servers trying to ban others with items added just to stop the massive inflow of bots. Not even maintenance is as simple as that because that typically breaks the game as well so you have to wait on more maintenance which might happen in a short amount of time or a day or two and then it could be down for a day. Nothing about this game is worth the time so don't waste your time unless you just want to live in suffering not knowing when the next big issue will arise and it doesn't take long for it to sprout its nasty little head again and again.
Review from 76561198443904458its a digimon mmo
Review from 76561198323257614its ok
Review from 76561198119446977i love digimon but if i ever install this again please shoot me
Review from 76561198800049474add sex
Review from 76561197998810545game is grindy and pretty much endgame 'content' is impossible unless you pay cash. Is it fun? I regret the hundreds-thousands of hours i played. I started on KDMO and switched and switched again over the years and lost everything each time just to restart and the game to be in a worse state each time. it is extremely dated. digimon get 2-3 abilities each and hard to obtain unless you pay money. There is still no PVP which they promised years ago digimon have sizes which effects how big and how strong they are sizes are 3/5 4/5 5/5 and each time you insert data when hatching there is a chance you fail and lose the egg which you either spent hours trying to get it to drop or you spent money and just lost however much it costs...but you can get around that by spending more money to protect your egg from 1 failed attempt. this game's grinding is painfully boring. there isnt really a questline you have to follow, but some offer a lot of exp and other offer pretty much nothing. You should only play this game if you are desperately looking for a digimon game to play and nothing else has piqued your interest.
Review from 76561198030912171Great MMO based on Digimon Series! A bit pay intensive sometimes but if you don't mind the grind its a good free to play game.
Review from 76561198216276325its a fun digimon game eggs can be troublesome and there are farmers of cards who will get in your way but its fun
Review from 76561198240873752fun easy chill game, not many digimon games out there that been out as long as this game.
Review from 76561199123401524Pretty good ngl got that old school mmo feel
Review from 76561198432980469nah, i'd play.
Review from 76561198021242787Well Client crashes in Beginner Quests making you loose everything they can not be restarted you just loose it all...... They wont let you delete char for 7 dys to try again no you have to keep making new chars with different names over and over game is very unstable sadly looked good but played BAD I hope some day they fix this with a way to RESTART lost quests because thier cclient goes BOOM. or at the very least redo they char instantly instead of a 7 day wait which turns off NEW players who played it a whole 10 mins now have to wait 7 days to restart that char my goodness.
Review from 76561199006943094Alter-S button go brr
Review from 76561198061743651100% P2W. Everything, even events, are behind a paywall. Its a shame.
Review from 765611990907691402013-2015 this game was PEAK. then it got so money hungry, the bots and farm accounts caused untold levels of inflation, and it just felt like the game was constantly just upgrading the power scale. now this makes sense considering the goal of the game was to make the company money, but it definetely made the game less and less fun overtime. 7 years ago i would recommend it. now i recommend you role the dice and buy Tera (ingame currency) for mad cheap on the internet, and then just have fun for a few weeks grinding up the cool digimon you bought. hopefully Digimon masters evolution doesnt follow the same awful content schedule. I pray for the day digimon gets the justice it deserves! my favorite idea ever created is digimon. the companies involved absolutely SUCK but the idea of digimon is beautiful to me.
Review from 76561198067808605P2W hell with RNG bullshit, impossible to hatch digimon without just buying them from cashshop. In the hours i've played i was not able to hatch maybe 2 additional 'mercenary' digimon. Not worth anything but a small nostalgia hit.
Review from 76561199311318718its fire
Review from 76561198057828815game of the year
Review from 76561198368166511if you mmo's and you like digimon then this game is good. also its free with buy able things
Review from 76561198212312712Good
Review from 76561198079505955Bad game little to no reward lots of money to spend on storage of items and digimon over 100 recommended to start playing. remaster coming soon doesnt matter at all if you cant play without spending thousands for it.
Review from 76561199100449009its alright for digimon fans i enjoy it
Review from 76561198010556762digimodify hehehe
Review from 76561198047660683This game is straight out of mid 2000s korean grinder RPG game design. This could have been a great kids first MMO, but it features all your favorite predatory monetization of yesteryear: Temporary ticket based skins, Outright buying digimon/power, you're level 40 after the first 3 quests just to spam you with a gift box that rewards every level, maximization of keeping your inventory full with very limited amounts of space (Even with them give you like 20 +1 inventory slots from the gifts), zones are quest chains of kill x of whatever is in front of said quest giver, then 10ft to another to rinse and repeat. Don't get me wrong, I like grinding. These type of grinder MMOs are fine for me. I liked how easy it was to get your favorite mon, and combat is pretty basic but no less entertaining than Pokemon. It has tons of show-related systems to gain a majority of the token characters at the very least. It's really just the cash shop and inventory that's the issue for me. If you miss the era of just clicking, auto attacking with the occasional button press while you grind type of game, then you'll feel right at home. The auto battler it shows in the first video is definitely not indicative of the rest of the game.
Review from 76561198291513007Very addicting
Review from 76561199220666575I love this game i grew up with digimon even tho the games kinda loseing population its still going strong i wish the myo fuji dungen dident make it to where you needed a sss or sss+ digimon to beat it
Review from 76561199443923762well this sucks. i just installed this game and it keeps giving me the access is blocked in the following country notice with no country listed and wont let me play at all
Review from 76561199427196830Its a good game but after the recent update I cant get in at all. I keep getting an error that says Unzip File False (XIGNCODE/x3.xem) and from what I've seen online I cant fix it.
Review from 76561198346337660sheeesh
Review from 76561198928468232The game is good but, over priced in money shop, takes too long to hatch digieggs
Review from 76561199520252524Yes
Review from 76561199513959138My Favorite Game Ever
Review from 76561199089143562Good.
Review from 76561199063922394im a huge fan of this game and last i played was back in january but i went to go check out the updates and now it will go to start and then just close out
Review from 76561198880419052CUS IT GOOD
Review from 76561198303603311fun
Review from 76561199260704525#1
Review from 76561199247361550only good if you absolutely adore digimon
Review from 76561198070657614digimon Masters offers a nostalgic journey through the Digital World, allowing players to bond with their favorite digital monsters, battle alongside friends, and explore a faithful recreation of the Digimon universe. While it may not reach the graphical heights of other contemporary MMORPGs, This game is a prime example of how microtransactions can ruin a gaming experience. While it's technically possible to play without spending money, the presence of a premium in-game currency and overpriced items creates a massive paywall for those who want to be competitive. The game feels more like a cash grab than a genuine attempt to deliver a fun gaming experience.
Review from 76561198850877857Good
Review from 76561198089490722Makes me wish there was a "True" Digimon mmo. Feels incredibly dissonant from the source material, with really poor english translation, weird arbitrary P2W systems, shoehorned avatar systems, and more. Also suffers from the classic MMO issue of "Wants to be WoW but isn't" syndrome. I feel if Bandai put some effort into designing a true MMO with the Digimon IP in the vein of games like SMT Imagine (Rest in peace, god I miss that game), they'd see some great success.
Review from 76561198827300135I have been playing this game since 2013. I met so many friendly and awesome players where we always grind and create parties, etc. The game used to be full of people. The issue is that the developers could have handled the game better. The issue with the players, they wanted everything for free, which is unrealistic. Video games are not free—especially online multiplayer games like this game and World of Warcraft. All the players were unhappy in 2015-2016 because the developers did not fix the drop rate like Korean Digimon masters. They wanted things similar to KDMO, even when KDMO has things to purchase similarly. I think it is because GDMO has to follow the agreement and guidelines from KDMO. There is also another issue with this game is the consistent bot and scammers since 2013. The developers.. could not handle them properly. The game is a lot of grinding and needs a lot of players if you can't purchase the level-up item unless you are a player who likes to play with other people and form a guild. I have always loved Digimon Masters online, but I'm unsure if I want to return since the people I knew left it, and not many people in the game. It makes me feel sad, but I hate reminiscing 😂
Review from 76561198007219560This Server is now Geo Block to only NA IPs Reason Move Games lost the Ip rights to Digimon with the X-Antibody System with the loot boxes and other items All accounts that did not log in when the server got move have there account locks if you what to get your account back you have to maker an account on the website and file an ticket on the main website form game king this only apples to NA players if you in an norther Region out side of NA your sadly out of luck if you an steam player of NA then you can try to file an ticket too but i have given no Guarantees.
Review from 76561198131718092To many issues, support cant even recover accounts.
Review from 76561199054280509ive enjoyed this game for years grinding money is a pain in the butt but being able to explore and train digimon partners is fun to me
Review from 76561198128692345i like digimon and i like to grind so this works for me
Review from 76561198887092038If your a fan of digimon def play this. i mean the evo lines dont always make complete sense but it still amazing. Big grind game.
Review from 76561198821032206always enjoyed playing the game on their original site and when i found out i can do it on steam i decided to get it on here... if there was a way to transfer data id love to get my account over here
Review from 76561198346988584Garbage game random bullshit ban wave CM and GM so rude to reply player who ask question sometime didn't reply player
Review from 76561198879403003AMAZING GAME SHOULD DEF PLAY IT
Review from 76561198313270157garbage game very p2w dont play unless you want to be depressed 24/7 by not being able to afford stuff
Review from 76561198258267094what happed? this game? digiomon masters online?
Review from 76561198442493147PJHHHLJNKJ
Review from 76561199276416665l
Review from 76561199124375721I've have always loved the anime so getting a game where you can get basically get any digimon is awsome
Review from 76561199013850841Beep
Review from 76561199058197869Fun
Review from 76561199501127554i really enjoy this game. It is very fun and enjoyable.
Review from 76561198051388961money hungry developers should have made this game have some free to play aspects
Review from 76561199229672520it is good
Review from 76561199304574783fun alot of detail and grinding
Review from 76561199097329157asome