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100% Orange Juice - Acceleration Pack

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Review from 76561198057749924Mo cards, mo problems
Review from 76561199179542578Пак карты жизнь ну всё как всегда
Review from 76561198251196836Gotta love new card packs.
Review from 76561198267563837i love traps :)
Review from 76561198008795381Картишки.
Review from 76561198859643130cartas mt pikas
Review from 76561197997007568Do I even need to say it? You're not playing the game properly without access to these cards.
Review from 76561198092206598Bought the 3 card packs because I ran out of things to feed my stars into. And to satisfy my gacha addiction.
Review from 76561198255001567Vale la pena solo por Extensión.
Review from 76561198059458271WARNING: The devs have hidden negative reviews, warned/banned people falsely, the forum can be toxic, bullying and fanboyism is rampant, their mods are awful, plenty of greed, game balance/quality is on the decline, and more. For a DLC review read-on. For more information about my warning, check my review: https://steamcommunity.com/id/carthief/recommended/282800/ This is a friend's review, hidden by devs because it revealed things: https://steamcommunity.com/id/risbolla/recommended/282800/ (Note: The only reason my reviews are showing up is because the devs haven't found and hidden them yet. So maybe don't mention it to them or there won't be any review left to warn future buyers. Also, disabled comments due to bullies. Message me in some other way if you have questions.) --- [b]General[/b]: Well, being a card pack, it is in the paradoxical position of being 100% useful to any player, yet the fact you have to PAY to be on an even foot with other players is a huge negative. So lets officially just rate it negative. That, and because the devs just kept abusing players and the game. --- As for a detailed inspection of each card this pack provides: (Or see the Wiki: https://100orangejuice.fandom.com/wiki/Acceleration_Pack ) -[b]Accel Hyper[/b] (Battle Card, Lvl 4, Cost: 30, Max-1): Double your dice for the duration of this battle. An extremely powerful card for offence, though also a huge double-edged sword, as bringing it means it could be used against you, too, so be careful! Still, a must-have for some units out there, especially those like Seagull, Tomato or most fragile/evasion-based units, who are (generally) so fragile they would easily be KO'd without this card's aid anyway. -[b]Extension[/b] (Battle Card, Lvl 4, Cost: 10, Max-3): Upon use, transforms into a random Battle Card for free (includes Hypers). It's a bit of a niche card, too random to get a reliably good effect out of, and it's high level makes it a rare play. It's not bad to have though, especially if you like some extra RNG, but I wouldn't call it a "good" card. -[b]Quick Restoration[/b] (Battle Card, Lvl 2, Cost: 10, Max-3): Reset your HP to the amount you had when playing this card once battle ends (if you haven't been KO'd). A great card for Tanks and HP Tanks since they can ensure they will survive the battle and heal any scratch damage they would've endured otherwise. A absolute must-have for many units. Though not very useful for fragile units prone to instant-KOs. -[b]Gentleman's Battle[/b] (Boost Card, Lvl 3, Cost: 10, Max-3): Choose a player, and challange them to battle. Can only choose players at full HP. Afterwards end your turn. A niche but still potent (or downright required) card for certain units. Advisable to have, but not a must-have. Comes in handy for Kyupita to exploit his hyper with. Or units with lots of +ATK to seek out instant-KO's with. Or Malt & Islay who cannot challange players directly, thus need this card to do so. -[b]Completion Reward[/b] (Boost Card, Lvl 1, Cost: 0, Max-1): Gain 7 Stars for every trap you've set that was activated. Very niche and only useful for characters who rely on spamming Trap Cards (typically through their Hyper). Though also great for Chris for a free store manager counter. -[b]Star-Blasting Light[/b] (Event Card, Lvl 4, Cost: 50, Max-1): On use, destroys all traps (including yours). The trap-setters take 1 DMG per trap. Sadly, extremely niche and useless. I mean, you'd need precognition/foresight of some kind to know you're going to face a trap-spamming foe to even consider bringing this. And even if you do, it's prohibitively expensive as-is right now, with no payout, and chance of harming you, too. And the KO's dont even cause star-loss! -[b]Play of the Gods[/b] (Event Card, Lvl 1, Cost: 10, Max-1): On use, draw and immediately use for free a random Event Card from either another player's hand or the deck. A niche card with not a great deal of uses, but useful to play pricey Event Cards with without actually paying the cost. Works best for units who like to "bait" others into using their Event hypers like Sherry or Sweet Breaker (whose hyper is very expensive). Or units like Chris who can get potentially two store manager counters from it. Or Kiriko who can trigger Sealed Guardian with it for a massive payday. -[b]Scrambled Eve[/b] (Event Card, Lvl 3, Cost: 20, Max-1): On use, all players' cards are put back in the deck, and the deck is shuffled. After 3 turns have passed, players draw cards equal to the amount of cards lost. (Note: Any Hypers added back into the deck this way do not change back to a generic hyper card that automatically transforms into the hyper of your character upon draw.) A bit niche, and now useless since the nerf. It can be a potent way to disrupt someone's hand by taking away their cards at a ill time, but that's about it. Honestly, I liked the previous (pre-nerf) version better. [b]Windy Enchantment[/b] (Gift Card, Lvl 1, Cost: 0, Max-1): While held, gain +1 MOV. Discard on use. Cannot norma while held. (Note: MOV = Movement. This basically lets you move {your roll} + 1 tiles.) A niche card that isn't useful for many units out there. Though it comes in handy for Manager who can use it to catch up with and defeat enemy players, or discard it to manually recieve 1 DMG anytime, as a easy self-inflicted KO to protect his stars. Also not a bad idea for Tsih for her ATK boost, or Lone Rider to activate his passive more frequently. (Maybe useful for Alicianrone too? Though I don't know if her hyper is affected by MOV enhancers.) -[b]Unlucky Charm[/b] (Gift Card, Lvl 1, Cost 0*, Max-1): While held lose 1 x level stars on turn stars. On use lose 5 x level stars and give this card to another random player (it's free if you don't have the stars). A rather niche card that only a few could benefit from. Mainly Star Breaker who wants to delete stars anyway to give herself more time to gather Wins, and Manager who could use this as a means to easily inflict 1 DMG on himself for a lossless self-KO. -[b]Present Thief[/b] (Trap Card, Lvl 3, Cost: 0, Max-3): On first activation, take all the cards of whoever activated it. On second activation, give the cards that where taken to the activator. Also a niche and rarely useful card, if you ask me. Best use would be as Mei to try and either easily gain R&B, or gain duplicate R&B's by losing her first one intentionally, then intentionally re-activating the trap to gain it back. -[b]Brutal Prank[/b] (Trap Card, Lvl 3, Cost: 0, Max-3): On activation, lose all Hyper cards in hand and get 10 Stars and heal 1 HP for each card lost. A bit of a niche card that fails to affect non-hyper cards, so it kinda pales in comparison to Flamethrower or even the above, Present Thief. On top of that, healing a player just makes it even weaker. Still, not a terrible card for units whose hyper is utter garbage, anyway. -[b]Overall opinion[/b]: Sadly this pack is a must-have, if purely for Accel Hyper and Quick Restoration. The others may be a good bonus depending on your playstyle and character preferences. [b]Suggestions[/b]: Some cards are in need of a change to be more viable, or be more powerful / less overpowered. -Extension: Make it a lvl 3 card, instead. -Quick Restoration: Maybe make it Max-2. -Star-Blasting Light: Consider a lower cost like 30, and pay out 5 Stars per trap destroyed, or something like that. -Scrambled Eve: The previous version that took all cards and gave 5 stars x cards lost was better. -And y'know, just make Card Pack DLCs bloody free, instead of pay-to-win.
Review from 76561199179439696好坑啊,花钱买了还要自己抽。。。
Review from 76561198412660384kk paguei em cartinha
Review from 76561198817674808cute
Review from 76561198113302663Probably the best of the three card packs
Review from 76561199094146993yeah, very accelerated
Review from 765611980948038081/10 got it as part of a game bundle. would never buy it.
Review from 76561199096772530yes
Review from 76561198989738901Scrambled Eve is the worst card from this pack, others are fun.
Review from 76561198160700469>w<
Review from 76561198023715278The Acceleration Pack unlocks a lot of important and often vital cards. Most of the cards in this pack are extremely useful for aggressive play, trap-heavy play and the coop mode. It should be noted that players still have to buy the cards in-game through randomized card packs to be able to put them in their decks. It should also be noted that the cards can still be accessed in the game without buying the DLC if added to the deck by other players. Unlucky Charm is an extremely annoying card for everybody except Tsih. Tsih gets +2 attack from holding gift cards and Unlucky Charm is a special gift card that does not need to be discarded to norma. This card makes Tsih very powerful and the star cost is usually worth it for the power. Present Thief is a very useful trap card for characters who burn through cards. This card is very risky, especially for characters like Mei and Arnelle who need to carry around cards for their bonuses. The card is especially useful for Yuki (Dangerous) who is based around constantly spamming trap cards and acquiring as many cards as possible. Brutal Prank is a useful trap card for characters who are willing to sacrifice their hypers for health, but not many of those characters exist. This trap card is extremely dangerous, but that danger extends to everybody in the game. Windy enchantment can be extremely useful, but a lot of this is nullified by it disabling normas. In the the later game the +1 rolls bonus can be decisive for reaching the final norma first. Scrambled Eve is very useful for characters like Yuki (Dangerous) and Aru who should be constantly using their hyper, but it is a terrible card to choose when playing a character who needs to keep certain cards in their hands or benefit from saving their hyper for the optimal moment. Play of the Gods and Extension are great gambling battle cards. They usually yield a comically useless card, but they can save the day. It is a good way to spice up a game, but it may be better to never add it to a deck. Star-Blasting Light is a hard counter to trap heavy characters, but its very rarely useful. Completion Award gives 7 stars for every trap that has been stepped on. This card can be used by characters like Yuki (Dangerous), Starbreaker, and Krila for a huge amount of stars near the end of a game. It is an extremely powerful card for trap card heavy characters. Gentlemen’s Duel lets players challenge any player who has full HP. It is extremely useful for high attack characters who want to snipe other players. The card is especially useful when there are lots evade based characters with low HP in a game. Quick restoration is an extremely useful card for high HP characters. It heals back all damage done in a battle, and for high HP characters maintain high HP is everything. For coop mode this card is insanely useful for the Avenger role. Avengers get +1 attack for every 1 damage they takes in a battle as a defender and this card allows to do that twice in a row from full HP. Accel Hyper gives players two dice. Its useful for all attack based characters and is vital in coop. This card pack is pretty useful and pretty necessary for deck optimization.
Review from 76561199075958360Honestly i dont know why i bought it. Buy it on sale
Review from 76561198874218537Umas troladas legais pra levar dessas cartas.
Review from 76561197995083742OJ is one of these devs that, even though their game is not as popular and not many people play it, they still deliver awesome events, new characters and new cards to shape up the "meta". All DLC card packs are a must-have, for a number of reasons, but particularly for the increased playing options. Some more cards you can unlock for a really nice price. Take note you still have to buy them from the packs, this just unlocks the pack in the shop and makes them available too you.
Review from 76561198186583809pay to win and bad rng
Review from 76561198132679527must have if you want to make actual decks
Review from 76561198041385264Some more cards you can unlock for a really nice price. Take note you still have to buy them from the packs, this just unlocks the pack in the shop and makes them available too you. I really like the three battle cards in this pack, such as Accel Hyper which lets you roll two dice for battle, and Extension where you play one random battle card during battle. Play of the Gods is a fun event card where you play a random Event card (you can event play Event hypers using this if you are lucky). Great new cards for a reasonable price!
Review from 76561198128371609The Acceleration Pack adds a lot of chaotic cards that can either do nothing or dramatically change the pace of the match. Chaos mains must buy this.
Review from 76561198380213397yeah ok
Review from 76561198875053510可以
Review from 76561198318005878可以告诉我这套卡牌在哪吗,我并没有找到(是的,我是萌新)
Review from 76561198297903340概率假的很,别的稀有七八张众神的嬉戏还抽不到
Review from 76561198053716831All DLC card packs are a must-have, for a number of reasons, but particularly for the increased playing options. For newbies, however, it should be noted that card packs do not grant their related cards automatically, they still need to be purchased as singles through in-game shop with OJ's primary currency, stars, and thus are subject to grades and sparsity, just as with vanilla cards. There are 4 particularly utilitarian Acceleration Pack cards for your perusal, that really sell the pack for me (the remainder being simply bonuses, not as often seen): 1. [b]Accel Hyper[/b] (R, Limit 1): Lets you use two dice to attack this combat round. A primary staple of any attacker's spread, and the Pack itself's namesake, Accel Hyper all but guarantees a favorable average battle outcome, bearing a cost/level steep enough to ensure you save it for critical turning points in the endgame. 2. [b]Windy Enchantment[/b] (R, Limit 1): Gives you +1 to all move rolls, at the cost of inability to norma while held (discardable through free usage at any time). Oftentimes, catching up to opponents or just navigating large maps in pace with other players is a challenge, at which point any boost, even a temporary one, is welcome, drawbacks be darned. 3. [b]Gentleman's Battle[/b] (C): Lets you challenge an opponent you select, provided they're at full hp. Another card that helps when speed/stars are not on your side, Gentleman's Battle is great for catching up on lost time, especially if you combo a battle card/hyper you have at the ready. Quite useful for characters who struggle to remain at max hp anyway, making it unlikely to be used against you. 4. [b]Extension[/b] (U): Pulls any random battle card or hyper for use in this battle only. Sometimes you just never see hypers, or your character isn't suited for combat, so Extension makes up for those shortcomings and provides you with a chance to turn the tide in one pivotal encounter, based on what you get. Its randomness makes for some unexpected combos that keep each match fresh and interesting. [u]Special mention[/u]: [b]Scrambled Eve[/b] (U, Limit 1): All cards in hands return to center deck, while players are reimbursed 5 stars per lost card. Being the single most powerful card disruption tool, many players lean away from its usage, and for good reason: It is very frustrating to have a hand you've been perfecting all match be snatched away without warning, and it temporarily spoils the enjoyment to be had from the tactical planning aspect of hand management, particularly in a close endgame where cards used can easily determine the victor. Personally, I do not feel that Scrambled Eve has a place in OJ, or that enough thought was put into its design, so I abstain from packing it or using it if in-hand. If you also wish to preserve the fun and tactical intrigue that thrives in OJ, I sincerely ask that you consider doing the same where encountering this toxic card, as despite numerous complaints, devs have made it clear that it's here to stay.
Review from 76561198300349032지독한 장난 그만나와~
Review from 76561198381434797Highly recommended for Nico and any sort of bully character players. Also works for Krila too.
Review from 76561198131369593카드팩 하나 살거 추가 시켜주는 정도 라 2200원 에는 비싸지만 쓸만합니다.
Review from 76561198034128475This is the second pack that adds new cards to the game, and like the first (and any others that may arise in the future), definitely a very important DLC to pick up -- as with the first card pack, I'd argue it's more important than the character packs, because it allows going into greater depth in the strategy aspects of the game. I'm not sure there's much more to say, unless I go into detail about the cards, but feel free to ask me about them in the comments. Disclosure: I bought this DLC discounted on Steam.
Review from 76561198153500795Whomever come up with the idea of Scrambled Eve should be burning in hell (lol I'm joking)
Review from 76561197971308505Personally I think this should be a free update. Splitting the player base with different cards is not cool. It is however more cards and it does give some variation to the game so buying it on sale could be worth it if you like the game to start with.
Review from 76561198079704709Extensions and Present Thief, and Star-blasting Light oh my! The Acceleration pack has one of the most dangerous Battle cards and chaotic event cards. Acceleration and Extension are the battle cards that I’m looking at when I say this; The former lets the user roll 2-dices for ATT, and Extension plays a random battle card for the user (high risk). Need I say more? For the event cards, Scramble eve, and Star-Blasting Light is a good way to anger other players, since the first card is a basic “Screw you!” to those who have Hypers or other strong cards in their hand. Star-blasting Light is karma for Trap card spammers like Yuki [Dangerous], Tequila and Krila’s Hypers. Both trap cards in the pack are also focused on the discard of cards. Boost Cards and Windy Enchantment are meh, but the Unlucky Charm Gift card can be a bitch to get rid of entirely from a game. I’d definitely recommend OJ players to purchase this DLC, especially for the sick Battle cards and Event cards!
Review from 76561198851845928없어도 플레이하는데 큰 지장은 없지만, 있으면 덱 전략을 한층 업그레이드 시킬 수 있습니다. 물론 남이 덱에 넣은 카드를 주워서 써도 되긴 하지만...
Review from 76561198104002058好气!为什么DLC还要写测评 话说买个DCL真的还有人跑去看测评吗? [spoiler] (好像还真有,,,,我都看过_(:з」∠)_) [/spoiler]
Review from 76561198278724296si teneis pensado ampliar el pack de cartas este es el mejor a mi opinion, en pocas palabras el caos que crean es increible
Review from 76561198066509619I didn't realize how useful this was until I noticed almost every single deck I make is at least 50% this DLC. So yes, definitely get it.
Review from 76561198041948121Accel Hyper will turn your bullied character into a bully.
Review from 76561198284789460It has Play of the Gods.
Review from 76561198046739399As someone who enjoys playing bullies like Starbreaker and Yuki, I find a lot of these cards as must haves. -Windy Enchantment(+1 movement/can't get norma when you hit home) and gentleman's battle(chose to fight someone across map who is at full health) are tools one can use to catch those fleeing squishies. -Unlucky enchantment(leeches stars from player who has one in hand) can really slow star gain in a game. Players who die with one in hand are forced to lose stars until they revive and either discard it or force the debuff unto another random player. -Quick Restoration (if you survive the battle, heal whatever damage was taken) allows one to fight others with much less reprussion to yourself. -Accel hyper (double attack rolls) is just plain scary. -Play of the gods; tfw you "Whimsical Whirlwind" as Poppo and everyone is at full health.
Review from 76561198055380716Note that booster packs must be bought in the in-game shop for 320 stars each. List of cards: [table] [tr] [th]Name[/th] [th]Rarity[/th] [th]Type[/th] [th]Lvl[/th] [th]Cost[/th] [th]Description[/th] [/tr] [tr] [td]Gentleman's Battle[/td] [td]Common[/td] [td]Boost[/td] [td]3[/td] [td]10 [/td] [td] Choose a player with full HP and battle them. Your turn ends after the battle. [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Completion Reward[/td] [td]Common[/td] [td]Boost[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]0[/td] [td] (Max 1) Gain 7 stars for every trap you have set and someone has stepped on. [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Quick Restoration[/td] [td]Common[/td] [td]Battle[/td] [td]2[/td] [td]10[/td] [td] All damage taken during the battle will be healed after the battle. Effect is cancelled if the player is KO'd.[/td] [/tr][tr] [td]Brutal Prank[/td] [td]Common[/td] [td]Trap[/td] [td]3[/td] [td]0[/td] [td] Discard all Hyper cards in hand. Lose 10 stars and heal 1 HP for each discarded card.[/td] [/tr][tr] [td]Extension[/td] [td]Uncommon[/td] [td]Battle[/td] [td]4[/td] [td]10[/td] [td] Play one randomly chosen Battle card (including Hyper cards) for no additional cost.[/td] [/tr][tr] [td]Present Thief[/td] [td]Uncommon[/td] [td]Trap[/td] [td]3[/td] [td]0[/td] [td] Steals all the cards from the first player to step on the trap. Gives all the stolen cards to the second player to step on the trap.[/td] [/tr][tr] [td]Scrambled Eve[/td] [td]Uncommon[/td] [td]Event[/td] [td]3[/td] [td]5[/td] [td] (Max 1) All players return their hand to the deck, and the deck is shuffled. Players gain 5 stars for each returned card.[/td] [/tr][tr] [td]Unlucky Charm[/td] [td]Uncommon[/td] [td]Gift[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]Level x5[/td] [td] (Max 1) Lose Lvl x 1 stars at the start of your turn. Using this card sends it to another player. If Cost is higher than your star count, you may use this card for free.[/td] [/tr][tr] [td]Accel Hyper[/td] [td]Rare[/td] [td]Battle[/td] [td]4[/td] [td]30[/td] [td] (Max 1) Roll double dice for attack. [/td] [/tr][tr] [td]Star-Blasting Light[/td] [td]Rare[/td] [td]Event[/td] [td]4[/td] [td]50[/td] [td](Max 1) All trap cards on the field are discarded. Trap setters take 1 damage for each discarded trap.[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Play Of The Gods[/td] [td]Rare[/td] [td]Event[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]10[/td] [td](Max 1) Play one random event card (including Hyper cards) from any player's hand or the deck, at no additional cost.[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Windy Enchantment[/td] [td]Rare[/td] [td]Gift[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]0[/td] [td](Max 1) Adds +1 to your movement dice roll. Norma checks are disabled. Using this card discards it.[/td] [/tr][/table]
Review from 76561198272538113Kaiba: Draw your last pathetic card so I can end this, Yugi! Yami Yugi: My Grandpa's deck has no pathetic cards, Kaiba. But it does contain... the unstoppable ACCEL HYPER! Kaiba: Aaaaargh! Impossible!
Review from 76561198062373523She's dabbing on the card pack, nobody can tell me otherwise
Review from 76561198065718139new cards <3
Review from 76561198139441620Acceleration Pack包含12张由Orange Juice团队的Junpyon和Hono设计的新卡(4张rare,4张uncommon,4张common)。其中两张卡属于新的卡片类型:Gift,可以提升玩家的状态或者给予玩家惩罚。 这些卡能在游戏里的商店中购买并在单人或多人游戏中使用。在多人游戏中所有卡都可能被游戏中的每一个玩家抽到及使用,即使他没有该DLC。
Review from 76561198119121626Cards are spicy. 10/10 ACCELERATE.
Review from 76561198046193538It is highly imperative that I displace the greatest distances within the utmost shortest time intervals. [spoiler] That's a sesquipedalian loquacious physics description to define physical acceleration whilst elaborating on the phrases "Gotta go fast" and "I must accelerate". [/spoiler] Here's a card-by-card review: [list] [*] [i]Accel Hyper[/i] is amazing. A must-have for offensive characters, it's like Dash but with Attack instead. Combine with Suguri's hyper for extra fun. [*] [i]Star-Blasting Light[/i] is the antithesis of both Krila and (ironically) Star Breaker, as well as Saki to a lesser extent. It's definitely a nice tool to have in Kyoko's arsenal as well. Trap removal has never felt so good. Be sure to not kill yourself with this card, however. [*] [i]Play of the Gods[/i] can be used if you wanna blindside everybody with the mix-ups. A good card to use if you have an extra card slot in your deck for whatever reason, or want a more luck-based or balanced deck. [*] [i]Windy Enchantment[/i] adds 1 to your movement but ignores Norma checks. Can be discarded simply by using it. I view this card as an ill omen; every time I get it, my cards get flipped (Confusion event or Star Breaker), or I miraculously somehow land on a house with the Norma requirement. I hate this card. [*] [i]Extension[/i] is the battle version of Play of the Gods. Use this card to randomly play [i]any[/i] battle card in the game. Any. Including Hyper cards of characters who aren't even in play. Best used in an offensive deck, or if you need a battle card and don't mind relying on the RNG to bless you with a good card at the time of use. [*] [i]Present Thief[/i] is... odd. I've never gotten much use of it; a player lands on the trap and loses their cards, and the next player to land on the trap gains the card. Put it on your house, I guess? [*] [i]Scrambled Eve[/i] is the ultimate "screw you" to any players who are holding on to an amazing card but haven't gotten an opportunity to use it yet. The polar opposite of Scary Solicitation, this card synergizes well with Aru's hyper. [*] [i]Unlucky Charm[/i] is one of my favorite cards in the whole game just because of how trollish it is. When my friends and I see it in play, one of us says "It begins." in the chat. Best used to screw with people, and if brought in the late-game, can serve as a harsh treatment for anyone struggling to reach a 200 star Norma. [*] [i]Brutal Prank[/i] is a rather unique trap that's best placed on someone else's house. Best used against characters with high-level hypers (that can't be used early-game) or characters who have battle hypers, as they can't use their hyper as freely. [*] [i]Gentleman's Battle[/i] is amazing if you have +2 atk and another player has -1 def (or worse). A rather situational card to get the most out of; I'd avoid using it against Syura. [*] [i]Quick Restoration[/i] is Poppo's best friend. It's also your best friend if you have lots of HP and are going against an opponent with high atk. Not very effective at low hp, and useless at 1hp. [*] [i]Completion Reward[/i] synergizes best with Krila, and to lesser extents, Saki and Star Breaker... Or if you really like playing trap cards. If such criterion is met, this card is for you. [/list] In conclusion, this deck is fantastic. An amazing addition to an already fully-developed game, I strongly recommend the cards in this DLC.
Review from 76561198121949576Good cards
Review from 76561198118762339Another reasonably priced DLC that is tons of fun! Adds a lot more variety, randomness, and tactics to the game, worth every penny.
Review from 76561198010303078It's good. The new card type adds interesting ways to play and the cards are significantly more exciting than the mixed booster to play with. However, Valve is currently crapping on this thing as far as store visibility goes. Make sure you complain if none of your friend's purchases are showing up in the blotter. This title is one whose DLCs would consistently show up in "popular new releases."
Review from 7656119813818261412 cartas nuevas, con 2 nuevos tipos de cartas llamadas GIFT, y con muchos giros interesantes, es lo que nos trae este DLC. Muy divertidas, quizá hay una carta en particular que me parece demasiado poderosa, pero en general están geniales. Las cartas GIFT funcionan de manera pasiva mientras las tienes en la mano, pero tienen tanto efectos positivos como negativos. Además, hay dos cartas bastante hilarantes que generan mucho azar. La primera es Extension, que te genera una carta de batalla al azar, incluso hypers y no necesariamente hypers de personajes que estén en la partida, sin costo adicional, resultando en jugadas muy épicas (Final Battle tras haber usado Extraordinary Specs) o muy catastróficas (Rbits teniendo 1 de HP y siendo el defensor). La otra carta, la cual es mi favorita, es Play of the Gods, la cual toma la primera carta de Evento disponible de entre las manos de los oponentes o el deck central, incluyendo hypers, y la activa sin costo adicional. Esa carta es simplemente genial. Muy recomendado este DLC, como todos los que ofrece este juego.
Review from 76561198036386837100/100 Would roll again four dices for attack as Sham
Review from 76561197969442747These new cards add some awaited spice to the game! <3 Definitely worth grabbing.
Review from 76561198057889228I have been wanting a new pack of cards for a long time , and this did not disappoint
Review from 76561198003304325An excellent addition of new cards. Somewhat geared towards battle characters, as some of the effects target the special abilities of others, such as Aru and QP-dan.
Review from 76561198004162424New game-changing cards, A LOT of randomness on some of them (and A LOT of fun too!), totally worth the price (and the frustration of using Accel Hyper to roll "snake eyes")
Review from 76561198066324830Great DLC, the content it adds is a lot of fun, and the new cards change the game a lot as well.