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Review from 76561198182716966[h1] Patient zero is you when you press start new game [/h1] This game is a very simplified assemblage between a management and a survival,the space shipwreck theme is cute and the presence of Hal is a nice touch,but it suffers from a monotony and repetitiveness that is out of the ordinary,resources run out at lightning speed and there are very few things to do,virtually nothing is explained to you and you have to go by intuition,and for the type of gameplay this is not good. The hidden achievement I got only by luck,because there is a lack of any checkpoint or save,if you miss there is no way to reload the game and waste 30-45minutes of time unnecessarily.
Review from 76561198327186047Goated and addicting style of survival game. Needs a sequel that dives into the learning mechanic.
Review from 76561198873077301No começo é bem chato se manter vivo mas o esquema é o seguinte, atribua 1 pessoa para cada função ex: 1 para pegar madeira, 1 para cozinhar, 1 para coletar resíduo, e sempre que a temperatura tiver alta tente não sair para fora, atribua alguém para se aperfeiçoar nas outras funções no caso de temperatura extrema, quando tiver um pouco mais avançado vocês podem atribuir 2 ou até 3 pessoas para coletar resíduo mas cuidado sempre deixe as pessoas com a vida cheia pois cada dia que passa fica mais longe fica de coletar, 1 ou 2 para coletar madeira e 1 apenas para cozinhar, se perceber que alguém tá sem nada pra fazer, ou opere a máquina ou aperfeiçoe nas habilidades restantes, e se desejarem pegar todas as conquistas sem ter que jogar tudo dnv, reforme o foguete por ultimo. E também uma coisa importante para economizar resíduo, não reparem vidros, ou ventilação pois eu n vi nenhuma diferença, só reparem coisas funcionais como a câmara de regeneração, a fornalha, a torre, a bateria e etc... Espero ter ajudado pq eu passei uma raiva pra me manter vivo nesse joguinho kkk, simples mas bem elaborado!
Review from 76561198196313238This is a neat little game but its mechanics are very flawed. It can be intriguing at times but the story isn't very intriguing and the game is repetitive. Its a ok game but wouldn't recommend it for full price.
Review from 76561199375513968I played for half an hour and then i got the entire game it about managing menial tasks with random things breaking. it showed no chance of change or spicing it up with macromangment.
Review from 76561198119402768Za tu cenu si vela prace nedali. Jedina ako-tak zaujimava vec je pribeh ktory rozpravaju postavicky nahodne pocas hry. Hral som to pred rokmi a teraz som si to zahral len kvoli tomu aby som doplnil achvievmenty na 100%, co som stihol za 4h hry, lebo viac tam fakt nie je co robit. Viac zabavy si uzijete s titulom ako Sims3, lebo to je potom tiez vlastne survival hra :)
Review from 76561199223337877It's a good game, a very good game yes. Just don't get attached to the little people or else you'll cry like I did when they eventually die :(. I can't tell if it's because I constantly have this game on 2x because 1x is so genuinely so slow but it it tends to get cold really easily and the wood to make the base warmer goes out so quick. Its kinda annoying because my little people die of cold so quick :(. But it is a geniunely good game. Unsettling at times, so the fact that I play this game at night most of the time does not help with that effect. 8/10 game!!
Review from 76561198099198833tutorial is bugged and i cant do anything, L game
Review from 76561198162863321It's a 2D game with simple graphics and simple controls, yet still has somewhat of an intriguing story line. It challenges your management skills, so if you like management, organisation type of games with some strategy to it, I definitely recommend this game. You can finish it in 1-4 days, depending on how much you play. I, personally, finished it in 2, and then started over for the rest of the achievements, just to get them all.
Review from 76561198079752296For a small sum it's an excellent, tedious time sink but not a game i wish i would have played.
Review from 76561198327864416这个游戏褒贬不一真的是有原因的,我的总结就是,游戏极其单调无聊,人物执行动作很机械,必须要时刻关注小人的状态,等他状态不行的时候就要手动让他休息。稍微一个不注意人就死了,毫无游戏乐趣可言。我是四块五买的,我准备去退货了!!!
Review from 76561198172925593一款即时资源管理类的生存游戏 游戏背景所在的星球,温度极低,并不适合生存 基本玩法是控制有限的船员,在保证自身生存的前提下完成资源的收集、设备的升级,最终脱离这个星球 游戏里的资源有3种,木头、食物和电子材料,其中木头和电子材料都需要在生存仓外面收集 角色又有2种状态,生命值 以及 饥饿值,前者会在寒冷环境中缓慢降低,后者则随着时间降低;又分别可以通过治疗仓 以及 获取食物获得补充 整个游戏的难点就是生命值和饥饿值的降低,以及需要收集足够的电子材料才能脱离当前所在的星球 P.S. 其实木头这东西就挺尴尬的,它仅仅能提供给给生存仓内的人员一点时间的温暖,而外出采集资源的船员并不能获得收益,而且无论生存仓内只有一个人,还是有4、5个人,都是一样的消耗;又不能主动暂停暖气的供给,在外部极度寒冷的时候再开启 另外随着时间的增长,采集资源的距离会越来越就,直到外出一次就需要跑治疗仓回满血,否则第二轮都支撑不下就死了;而船员的AI又做不到采集完一次后自动回去补血,导致后期加速容易死人,原速又有些慢 整体中评,原价有些贵,内容并没有能达到重复游玩的质量,但体验一下还是可以的
Review from 76561198350914535 [h1] Скучно, неинтересно, примитивно и однообразно. [/h1] В игре нет ничего чтобы даже полноценно назвать это игрой. Пустая трата времени, но хотя бы всего 3 часа. [list] [*] Сюжета почти нет. Одна рандомная чья-то фраза раз в 15 минут. Собирай хлам чтоб улететь и все. Есть какой то ИИ, но нам насpать как бы. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ [*] Каких то механик ноль, любо копай хлам, либо дерево, похилься и начинай заново. [*] Не сказать что игра идет на фон, здесь микроконтроля полно, твои челики крайне тупы и постоянно что-то ломается. [*] Это не рогалик, реиграбельности нет, 2 концовки. Я вышел на плохую, перезашел в игру и почему-то получил ачивку и за хорошую. profit [*] Визуал и музыка крайне обычные и не примечательны. Раздражают очень частые визуальные эффекты цифровых искажений/глюков. [*] Ну и толком ничего не меняется. Что в начале игры, что в самом конце - все одно и то же. [/list] [u] Оценка: 3/10, [/u] (просто потому что взял ее бесплатно)
Review from 76561199104890802画风还不错,有点意思
Review from 76561198032361023It takes a couple of plays to get the feel for gathering the necessary resources but once you realize what gives the best profit and needs the most focus the end is easier to reach. There is nothing wrong in failing and starting over as each new round gives you more knowledge. Ive really enjoyed my 8 hours in this game and beside the goal of completing the game i was very compelled to go for the achievements aswel (which are fairly easy by just playing the game already) The story itself is cute aswel and it doesnt feel to odd of a location to have ended up in. If you enjoy survival puzzles, a bit of tactic and time management you got to try this game. Its worth your evening.
Review from 76561198298756979Pretty fun. I would only recommend buying this if it's on special, OR, if you absolutely need to, you can return it after playing. I completed the story in about 1h45 so you can probably refund it if you so choose. -- EDIT: after reading other reviews, I noticed people complaining about dying. Absolutely a skill issue.
Review from 765611980423170982/10
Review from 76561198307499883Gra krótka jak siurek suchego ale za to całkiem dobrze można się przy niej pobawić. Piwo, wino, wódka w dłoń i można odpocząć w jakiś sposób.
Review from 76561198075351784[もらいもの] このゲームは海外の方からのいただきものっぱ♪ どうもありがとうっぱo(`・Θ・´)oウン!! [ゲームに関して] 🤔作業ゲーと考えるか 🙄SF怪奇なVNだと考えるか 激安セール中の時なら可 人員管理や資源管理ゲームに慣れている場合はプレイ時間が短くなる 死んだらクルーは二度と戻ってこないという環境を楽しめる人なら問題ないっぱ(人Θ'o)ネッ …🤔それにしても… [spoiler]後から復帰するクルーはターミネーターかの?丈夫過ぎるっぱよねぇ((´Θ`))ケラケラ(ぁ [/spoiler] 再プレイして気になるところでIFが無いかと再プレイに手を出したいと思うものの セーブ&ロードが無い為(オートセーブ1スロットタイプ) 最初から終盤までを約1時間半やり直す事になるのでちょっとそこはいただけない感じっぱ ちなみにこのフルプライス出すぐらいなら操作性は類似するThis War of Mine先にやった方がいいのぅ… このゲーム自体はSFとかその筋の映画を見ている方であればクスっとするだろうけども もうちょっとと思う所はあるっぱ
Review from 76561199337783343pretty hard and fun couldnt stop playing
Review from 76561198313900222I liked it and had fun, but it was tedious. Also, This is closer to a $3-5 game and not a $12 game. I got this from a humble bundle
Review from 76561198215075480So I played the game in one sitting, took about 3hrs or so. I found it fun to play, you basically are micromanaging people on an abandoned plant to leave said planet. MEANING if you DON'T tell them to eat they will not eat and if you DON'T tell them to sleep they will not go to sleep. Some other games when the bar gets low or empty they will stop their tasks at hand and do what they need to function. HOWEVER, in this game.... they die and you only get 5 people throughout the single play-through. Also, if all your people die before the next person comes *dun dun duunnn* GAME OVER. SO don't let the dumb-dumbs commit control+ALT+delete before the end of the game. This looked like to be a big issue with other reviewers, which I agree with slightly, BUT there is a pause on the bottom right of screen which helped me a lot when I needed to check up on my peeps. The story IN ME OPINION~ was okay. Nothing big and flashy, BUT your are part of a crew that crash landed on an abandoned planet so you gonna get commentary about the crews mental... uuhhh thoughts and such. Kinda reminded me of the movie "Pitch Black" minus the "can only stay in the dark/killing aliens" of course. I recommend a play if you are good with all of the above and what other reviewers say, but if not put on wish-list until there is a sale you like. I think I got my copy either on sale or through a bundle... or a "steam discount coupon". FOR MY ACHIEVEMENT HUNTER BUDDIES, hi how you doing? The hunts going good? This game was 100% within 3hrs and the achievements aren't that hard to obtain, compared to other games I have 100% completed. If you are stuck or having trouble with an achievement there was an awesome guide by "alphabetsoup".
Review from 76561198253133374단순 반복 생존겜. 정말로 단순하고 반복적임. 막 머리를 써서 효율적으로 행동한다? 그런 거 없음. 걍 당장 필요한 거 시키면 됨. 한 판, 하드 한 판, 도전과제 한 판, 총 세 판을 했는데 뭐 판마다 다른 특수 이벤트도 없고 맨날 똑같은 날짜에 똑같은 이벤트밖에 없음. 번역도 그나마 대사가 거의 없어서 망정이지, 그냥 기계번역 수준임.
Review from 76561198296378996Am Anfang hab ich nicht verstanden worum dass Spiel genau handelt selbst durch die kurze Backstory, Allerdings ging es recht schnell dass es um Resourcen sammeln, Upgraden, schauen dass alles in der Station läuft während nach und nach die Story weiterging, Worum es ging sollte jeder selber schauen. Dass Spiel ist trotz seiner realitiven Einsamkeit super und bring bis zum Ende Spaß besonders da man auf verschiedenes achten muss. Grafik ist in Ordnung aber passt zum Spiel!
Review from 76561198410680454Nope, not worth it. The trailer makes it look really interesting but in reality the gameplay is just boring and monotonous. Collect wood, Collect parts, survive another day.
Review from 76561199093971567Игра сама по себе норм, но 389 рублей явно не стоит
Review from 76561198157722947it gives off game dev tutorial vibes idk why
Review from 76561197961349980Way too little content for 10 € and even from that short amount you know everything after 15 minutes. Otherwise nice management / survivor game but just too shallow.
Review from 76561198044603470It's on sale at the time of writing this for 90% off. For that price, yes, I'd recommend Symmetry. It has a good atmosphere, a cold abandoned planet, with erratic weather and strange earthquakes and noises as something is awakened by your presence. The game play loop of tasking the survivors with collecting resources and choosing what life support systems to fix is fine. But that can also be an exercise in frustration, fixing components and having something else immediately break all while trying to save up to repair the escape shuttle. The story unfolds as text bubbles of the crews thoughts on whats going on. Maybe it's the localization but most of these statements are disjointed and weird. The rumblings increase and strange graphical glitches appear leading to the reveal of what has been waiting. The glitches appear more frequently if you push the crew to hunger and exhaustion. They also seemed out of place, like something you'd see in a virtual environment. It's not, [spoiler] it's the stranded AI hacking the crews brains when the are in a weakened state. [/spoiler] You can also completely ignore one of the resources. If you don't collect any firewood you can free that crew member up for something else. The trade off is that anyone in the shelter gets tired more quickly. I guess you could spin it as making tough decisions in a survival situation. Or, it's a game balance issue if you have something as almost completely irrelevant as firewood on a frozen planet. Unlike the all important space trash you need so desperately. TL/DR: Fun little survival game of running back and forth but don't expect more than a few hours out of it unless you're into that sort of thing.
Review from 76561198025179439About 100 minutes long, and most of them are boring. Accurately simulates the premise of the plot, though.
Review from 76561198076671145Wszystko fajnie. Gra do przejścia w godzinę. Mimo wszystko jest do godzina mile spędzona.
Review from 76561198269225538It feels like there should be a story in this game, but there isn't. This is an extremely simple game where your goal is to collect enough electronic waste to repair your rocket and leave. Once you learn to train your skills to full (which takes nothing but a bit of time), your victory is assured. You can't lose unless you don't pay attention to your whining crew members. I have now beaten the game on both available difficulties, and I even took a long time trying to see if there is a story. There isn't a story other than a quick introduction and ending. There are a lot of graphics glitches though, like a truck partially appearing, or air vents flickering oddly - even crew members sometimes flicker a bit. I hope in the future the developer can fix these graphics glitches. These graphics glitches have no effect on the game in any way though, so they can simply be ignored.
Review from 76561198852015937the story, theme and mechanics are nice but its not going good after some point it starts boring quickly i do not recommend this coz you could find similar games that better and long term entertainer
Review from 76561198929561254如果你可以两元及以下价格购买,那么我认为,他还是可以买的。 虽然内容少,但整体风格还是很独特的,能玩的。 用十来分钟,几盘失败,了解游戏机制,然后两个小时左右剧情通关。 然后再花三个小时左右,生存模式,不死人,全学习,全升级,完美通关。 (时长猜测的,此评论时,仅剧情通关,要不要生存模式完美通关,后续再说吧)
Review from 76561198088417052Short survival game managing peoples time. Glad I played through once. Hint: I only heated the capsule when it was "Skull" weather outside, that helped free up some time!
Review from 76561198193008171Esse é literalmente um simulador de gerenciamento de tempo, sem apelo nenhum; a única coisa que tem que fazer é dizer pros personagens onde e quando eles tem que ir. Só isso. O que dificulta é o fato que eles morrem (de frio) rápido e além de cuidar deles vc tem que cuidar dos componentes do abrigo que quebram a cada 30 segundos. Tem potencial, mas é 50% do que this war of mine é. É mais tedioso que difícil, e só é "difícil" de verdade da primeira vez. É divertido nas primeiras partidas, mas perde a graça depois de um tempo. O preço é até ok pro jogo, mas se for pegar é melhor esperar uma promoção, ou comprar e pedir reembolso, dá pra terminar umas 3 vezes em 2 horas. Só não compra no preço base e vc tá bem 👍
Review from 76561198088085696Score -> 45/100
Review from 765611981151026825/10. Short survival game about escaping from a frozen planet. [b]What is it:[/b] A sci-fi survival game: a team of astronauts crash-land on a frozen planet, and must survive long enough to repair their ship. Each astronaut must keep healthy by eating, resting, or learning, and can do up to four activities: chop wood to keep their quarters warm, prepare food to eat, gather electrowaste for repairs and upgrades, or work in the power plant. The major obstacle is the cold: it can easily get to -100, which limits how long they can stay out before they freeze. While on the first day you can squeeze 3 trips to the forest, in the later days it's practically impossible to even make one trip, and you have to look at the weather forecast and wait for a "warmer" day, as in just -50. And while the goal of collecting 210 electrowaste to repair the ship seems attainable at first, you actually need a lot more than that given that first you need to upgrade the electrowaste container to be able to even hold enough waste to repair one module, and that everything else keeps breaking and you need to spend the precious waste just to stay alive. And while planning what each team member should do on a day shouldn't be that hard, you'll spend your time keeping track of when someone returns to tell them to stop what they're doing. Yep, everyone on the team is a moron who will happily go out in -100 snowy weather when almost dead tired and hungry just because that's the last thing you told them to do. Once a character is told to "chop wood", they will automatically start doing that every chance they get: they came back from chopping wood, time to do that again; they just woke up fully rested, time to chop wood; had a snack? Off to the forest! The game becomes a whack-a-mole trying to catch them from going out. And there is no "stop and do nothing" command, the closest thing to that is "make food", which at least keeps them inside the shelter. Still, finishing the "story" mode isn't that hard, I did that on the first try on hard difficulty with all the team alive and in good health. But then there's the "Survival" mode, which doesn't have an objective other than keeping your smaller team alive for as long as you can, and this makes the story mode seem trivial in comparison. While the story mode had regular -25 days with occasional -60 dangerous weather, and nights not that much colder than the day, survival mode starts at -50 and only goes colder, and after the first week you basically almost never get warmer than -70, and nights always get to double that; I've seen -190 at night! And the resources start farther from the shelter already, and seem to deplete much faster, so basically you have about 20 days to get all you can, after that you need perfect timing and good luck with the weather to be able to even barely make one trip for electrowaste. What I figured out is that you have the best chance of surviving a trip if you leave around 16:00. Oh, and while in story mode it warns you when a character isn't feeling well and when it's too cold outside, in survival you have to keep monitoring everyone's health to make sure they don't starve to death while cooking food in the kitchen, and of course the weather is always too dangerous to go out, so there's no point in having that warning. I finished story mode in 15 days, but in survival, I barely kept from dying and just managed to upgrade a few things by day 20. So, overall, the game is a micromanagement hell that's boring and easy in story mode, and frustrating and too hard in survival mode. It lacks a few basic controls that would make it less frustrating, so I think it intentionally makes it too hard to manage your team to make the game seem harder than it needs to be. It's not survival gameplay requiring good management skills, but survival micromanagement requiring constantly zooming in and out to keep your pack of lemmings from dying of stupidity. [b]How hard is it:[/b] Easy story mode, intentionally impossible in survival mode. [b]How long is it:[/b] About 1-2 hours of playtime to finish story mode, and as much as you can keep from ragequitting in survival mode. [b]Game Design:[/b] Frustrating, the game is hard not because of the things you have to plan, but because of the controls interfering with your plans. [b]Quality:[/b] OK story, OK graphics, there's a couple of cutscenes that are too slow for me to have the patience to watch. Controls are lacking and frustrating, and the two game speeds are either too slow or too fast. Decent achievements, although I don't like when games have "negative" achievements that force you to do bad things just to get them: kill a character, then eat them. I would have liked a leaderboard or two for how few days it took to complete story mode, and how many days survived in survival mode. [b]Worth the price:[/b] Not really, maybe with a 50% discount. [b]Most positive aspect for me:[/b] Trying to survive as long as possible. [b]Most negative aspect for me:[/b] Frustrating controls.
Review from 76561199225276109前期体验还挺有意思,尽管后边玩法重复,但至少能当个休闲游戏玩玩。 但后面我的一个小人去伐木卡地图边缘外视角拉不过去救不回来,然后全盘就崩了。 然后就是木头烧的真的快,零件也不够用。器械时不时就坏就真的烦,并且恶劣天气强行增加难度,造成室内室外都不安全,健康值狂掉。 总之非常不推荐,问题不优化,玩这个就是浪费时间。
Review from 76561198075234627Not sure if it's hard just for the sake of it. Your guys appear to be absolute morons who cannot take care of their basic needs on their own, and then they die. Certainly no fun the level of micromanagement that appears to be needed to play this.
Review from 76561198198563933Simple mechanic, short nice game
Review from 76561198037741353It's difficult to find good things to say about this game. It's a micro-management survival thing with a plot that eventually starts to rip-off 2001: A Space Odyssey. The gameplay consists of clicking on a character and telling them to either gather wood, gather technojunk, cook food, eat, or rest. Think The Sims but much less fun. The game starts out tedious and becomes grueling by the end of it, with what start as simple tasks winding up taking 3x longer to finish than they did at the beginning, utterly draining character stamina and eventually guaranteeing their death if you wind up playing long enough. The game's description claims there are "different needs to satisfy: nutrition, physical condition and mental health" as a feature, but what they fail to mention is that it's [u]your[/u] mental health that will be challenged by such a boring and frustrating experience. I do not recommend at all, especially at its normal price of $11.99.
Review from 76561198017271295Jeu de survie un peu trop vénère qui t'invite à manger tes morts.
Review from 76561199146033369it's a good game but get it on a discount
Review from 76561198957921881[h1] 𝕋𝕚𝕞𝕖 𝕞𝕒𝕟𝕒𝕘𝕖𝕞𝕖𝕟𝕥 𝕤𝕚𝕞𝕦𝕝𝕒𝕥𝕚𝕠𝕟 𝕘𝕒𝕞𝕖 𝕥𝕙𝕒𝕥'𝕤 𝕒𝕔𝕥𝕦𝕒𝕝𝕝𝕪 𝕘𝕠𝕠𝕕? ℂ𝕒𝕟'𝕥 𝕓𝕖𝕝𝕚𝕖𝕧𝕖 𝕞𝕪 𝕖𝕪𝕖𝕤 [/h1] Haha! Finally, a good frigging game. In "Symmetry", you're in control of group of survivors stranded in an outer-space planet. You start off as a crew of three and progressively get to become a larger group (or smaller, depends on how you handle certain situations) The thing is, in that planet you're stranded in, food is quite scarce. Your three first survivors are proficient in one of three things: Cutting down trees, making food or recycling electrowaste. Without food, your settlers will die of hunger, without wood, they'll die of low temperatures and without electrowaste you can't actually upgrade your ship with the latest technology that'd help you escape, in the end. Your survivors will require food and rest to keep on working and on some days, a few new settlers will join you and some of them are proficient in engineering (fixing your ship, which requires more of the electrowaste resources). Sometimes your food-maker will become sick so he'll need a couple of days to recover in cryostasis; so, what will your left survivors eat then? There are a bunch of options laid out for you, not all moral by any means... You can either eat the first guy who drops because of the freezing cold; OR you can vote someone to straight out MURDER, then CONSUME lol By surviving a set amount of days, I assume, you'll get airlifted and your game finishes on a good or a bad ending, but that's not the fun of it! The fun of it is deciding which is the most useless in the team that can actually be voted as sacrifice for consumption lol. It's a [b]7/10[/b] simulation and time-management game that you should play, most definitely.
Review from 76561197994045522I got this game for free but don't think it is worth the AU$16 price tag, maybe a $3-$5 game. Took a few rounds to get in to the hang of it, but was an enjoyable couple of hours, albeit a bit of a grind at the end. Had hoped the story would have been a bit stronger on the ending, but a cute little game if you can pick it up on sale.
Review from 76561198033654226Artificially bumped up difficulty. Annoying, not real survival. Lack of options to upgrade to help you go on. You can upgrade the storage for materials and the battery but that hardly feels like any progress. You have to keep an eye on ALL the characters at ALL times, otherwise they will stupidly kill themselves. Story you heard hundred of times before, not enough to carry the annoying gameplay. There is a base for a good game here, but it would need a major make and think-over.
Review from 76561198839735800Veľmi zaujímavá hra
Review from 76561198844216050Great game, finished it on the normal difficulty in a few hours without losing a single person, the cool bits do get a little bit repetitive when you see the same one several times by the end, but overall, very great way to spend a few hours.
Review from 765611980948038083/10 super basic survival game over priced for what you get
Review from 76561197998392133Realmente não sei o quão randômicas são as falhas na nave, mas consegui fechar o jogo no modo normal na segunda partida. Os personagens são todos burros então cabe a você gerenciar os atos. Refrigerador, upei até 60 Lenha, até 40 Gerador, Máximo, mas foi pouco usado Lixo Eletrônico no máximo Antena Meteorológica (zero) Dica, 1 pessoa na lenha, 1 fabricando comida (até o máximo e depois passa para eletrônicos), 1 gerenciando eventualmente o gerador, e 2 ou 3 catando eletrônicos. (tudo depende do momento, pois intercala com fazer comida) Crucial: No retorno da COLETA dos personagens coloque todos (assim que começarem a retornar) para primeiro ir se Curar e depois Comer e depois retornar a função, são duas vantagens, o que eles coletaram fica guardado na mochila permitindo um pouco mais de itens além da cota dos armazenadores e evita que eles despejem os itens e voltem para coleta quase mortos. Não fiz qualquer avanço na torre de meteorologia, os dias frios não passam de 3 pelo que percebi. Sempre tenha lixo eletrônico 16 é um bom número. Em temperaturas abaixo de 45 todos na nave fazendo algo, estudando ou fabricando ou no gerador ou apenas esperando.
Review from 76561198103890413레벨 디자인 실패한 게임인데 이벤트도 없어서 지루함
Review from 76561198849331545Immagine to make a game yourself! This is something I would try to make! This is a hard game but i enjoyed it! :) Might replay it for the achivements an trying to keep all crew members alive!!
Review from 76561198137436448默默破玩了.. 這大概是一個章節的量吧
Review from 76561198055762367 1시간 정도의 짧은 플레이 타임을 가진 SF 경영 생존게임으로 실종된 동료 연구원들을 구출하고, 행성 곳곳에 널린 폐자재를 모아 행성을 탈출하는 이야기를 담고 있습니다. 게임 진행이 단순하기 때문에 생존게임에 서툰 플레이어도 부담 없이 플레이할 수 있습니다. 무엇보다 괴물같은 적들의 습격이 없으며 시간이 지남에 따라 서서히 미쳐가는 인물들의 모습에 중점을 두고 있습니다. 애들이 너무 픽픽 죽는다고 해서 걱정하면서 플레이했는데 외부온도랑 포만감, 체력같은 각 캐릭터 상태만 관리해주면 무난하게 플레이할 수 있습니다. 그만큼 게임방식이 단순합니다.
Review from 76561198839179209Nie polecam gry jak by byla za 10 zł to może ujedzie ale nie
Review from 76561198823763233I'd say this game is not what it advertises itself to be. The story is indeed quite interesting, but to me it isn't really clear enough. Even after finishing a first playthrough, there's a lot of stuff that just isn't explained. Some might like it, not my cup of tea. The story is really just a background to the gameplay, which is just a lot of micromanagement. It's tough at the start, but once you figure out it's just extremely repetitive for the rest of the game, the upgrades don't really change anything, and a lot of features seem like they were ideas that never actually led to anything. For example the weather. It's a cute concept, but tbh I literally ignored it and I didn't notice if it was doing anything or not. I got. Also the power is a joke. It's always super cheap to repair, and as soon as you get the battery it never becomes an issue. Gameplay spoiler: Two people on lumber allows it to go up, one can kind of hold it. If you have a single crew member that has maxed out food generation and 60 food, you can jut have them get scraps and make food the 1% of the time where you actually run out. Then all the crew you have left on scraps. There's some weird plot holes too, like at some point you hear from a guy he doesn't feel hunger, but as soon as he's unlocked he also needs food? What's the point of that line of dialogue? Despite all that crap... I liked the game. I wouldn't play it for 20 hrs, but it got me hooked and I want to start a new playthrough in the harder difficulty to get all achievements. Somehow that grindy repetitive loop is very satisfying to go through, checking your food and lumber, making sure you got enough scraps for upgrades here and there, not letting your crew fucking die and all. If you can get it on sale like I did (there's some steam keys for less than 1$), get that game, definitely worth that price. I'd never pay 14.99 $ for it tho
Review from 76561198816226841一开始是抱着玩喜加一的态度来玩的,我玩的是普通难度,没想到游戏体验还可以,不过也就比喜加一略强一点吧 不过游戏内容深度太浅了,基本上就是收废品+升级,木材与食物都是次要物品。 随着近处资源采集完毕,不得不去更远处采集资源,让游戏有了个适当的难度阶梯,这是让我比较惊喜的。 小毛病很多:优化较烂、中文机翻、小人走动非常缓慢、机制僵硬(比如排队吃饭) 能玩,但也就那样,我后来修了一个左引擎,什么事都没发生,大概3个组件全部修完就通关了吧 个人游戏评分:73/100 个人总评分:73/100
Review from 76561198066046254Полтора года назад это чудо бралось за 38 руб. и за вечерок оно их отработало. Простенький менеджмент, управление, невнятные члены экипажа и сюжет в целом. Выглядит и звучит симпатично и местами какую-то атмосферу создает. Все ачивки легко выбиваются. За фуллпрайс брать бы не советовал.
Review from 76561198043974607Trop cher pour sa profondeur, à 5 €/$ pourquoi pas. L'ambiance et la direction artistique sont excellents, même si un peu indy 101, ça c'est le point positif (et ça peut suffire pour l'acheter si on kiffe), mais le jeu est un enfer de micro-management plutôt que de la gestion de survie. Après, une fois qu'on a compris comment le minimaxer, on déroule facile et c'est juste ennuyeux d'attendre que les réservoirs se remplissent assez pour déclencher la prochaine action (d'autant que l'option d'accélération du temps n'est pas assez rapide). Le scénario et la narration sont très nébuleux et bancals et semblent plaqués par dessus le gameplay sans aucune interaction, n'est pas FTL qui veut.
Review from 765611982836526882/10 Ogólnie to strata czasu. Mógłbym polecić jak ktoś naprawdę nie miał by co robić i w co grać. Tytuł ewidentnie niedopracowany, nieukończony. Plusy: + klimat (audio, zwidy), + grafika, + mechanika, + prosta. Minusy - nudna, żmudna, - z klimatu (zwidy) nic nie wynika, gra sprawia wrażenie nie dokończonej, - za prosta, w gruncie rzeczy - nijakie zakończenie
Review from 76561198257764228이게... 왜 유료가 됐지..?
Review from 76561198875061732Advice: Don't buy Symmetry.
Review from 76561198834443177The game is a bit repetitive, overall not bad. Not worth more than 2-3 euros
Review from 76561198089836242I didn't play on the hardest difficulty, but I really can't imagine it adds much to the game. The games difficulty comes in the form of micromanaging your crew to make sure they don't wander into the frozen wastes and die when it's blindingly obvious that they will, if they reacted to that and rested before leaving there would be no difficulty. If you could set a a queue of jobs or activities for them there would be no difficulty, just repairing and monitoring resources. Seriously if you send out a crew-member out they'll be left at less than half health and will need to rest immediately when they get back so most of the time you're just sending dudes out scrolling to them once they've collected enough and queue to either rest or eat when needed. Even just adding in a "Do after" button or queue would make this game practically play itself. I went in with expectations of something the lines of flash game quality and was still disappointed. I really don't like leaving a poor review on something that someone obviously spent a lot of time and effort on, but it offers less than free apps that came out literally decades ago. For reference I bought this on a humble sale for $1.14.
Review from 76561198029878995I would not recommend buying SYMMETRY. While I like the time/crewmate skill/resource management, there is really only one way to play the game. Once you've found that way, you just have to babysit your crewmembers until they've gathered enough circuits/[spoiler] you get the hidden achievement for surviving 30 days[/spoiler]. If you don't they'll just wander into a blizzard and die. The story has a nice premise, but it is linear and has no relation to the game you're playing. You're directing your crew and managing resources, while in the background some evil ancient AI has a chat with your crewmates who're slowly going crazy. Further, the trope of an evil AI without morals is a bit chewed out. It felt like the game had another GLaDOS, but without the jokes and singing.
Review from 76561198810069430nie jest złe
Review from 76561197960855019So my highly trained astronauts aren´t smart enough to go and heal OR eat if I don´t tell them to? Realy? Even a 10 yr old could get food when hungry but these guys would rather just die... Please scale down the micromanagement... this isn´t very fun... If there was less useless micromanagement like feeding crew and healing them manually this game would be fun...
Review from 76561198063651363θέλει αρκετή διαχείριση, θα το περίμενα λίγο μεγαλύτερο, αλλά για να περάσει ευχάριστα η ώρα το προτείνω :)
Review from 76561198413582764Mnóstwo klikania i pilnowania gamoniowatych pipolków, ale jak się złapie schemat, to nawet całkiem fajne to jest. No i za niecałe 5 złotych, rewelacja... Pod warunkiem, że uwielbia się narastającą frustrację, jak siedemnasty raz z rzędu w tym samym czasie popsują się dwa urządzenia i nie dasz rady ogarnąć. Tak, czy siak, po przecenie 90% warto zobaczyć.
Review from 76561198160042243It's an interesting idea with mediocre execution, art looks cool from a distance but doesn't really hold up to close inspection, and while the story outline is solid the dialogue and details are sophomoric at best. The management aspects quickly become micromanagement which somehow still moves very slowly even by the end of the game, which if played well can take an hour or less from start to finish. Not really enough to keep me interested for another play through.
Review from 76561198274988504Fun little game. Very simple and short IF you play well. It really tests your management skills and ability to multitask and think ahead. Pretty cool, short little story.
Review from 76561198010792820Petit jeu de survie sympathique, avec de bonne idée et une intrigue intéressante. Mais je ne le recommande pas car il y a beaucoup trop de bug pour un jeu terminé. Les personnages se bloque quasiment systématiquement en vitesse rapide, cela oblige à faire des passage en vitesse normal. Et même en normal parfois ils bug, et lorsqu'il s'agit de la récolte de bois ou de scrap cela entraîne souvent la mort de vos survivants. Dernière incohérence, il y a 2 fins possible (sans compter la mort de tous vos personnage) et malheureusement la cinématique est identique dans les 2 cas, seul le succès vous indique si vous avez eu la bonne ou la mauvaise fin. Est-ce un bug ou un simple oubli des développeur ?
Review from 76561198118789412This game is simply micromanaging an increasing amount of people doing repetitive tasks without a save feature. And I mean that in the most positive way! It reminds me of the survival aspects of FrostPunk and Sheltered combined - both of which I heavily recommend as well! If you want 3 hours of story + endless mode of sweet atmosphere and some really nice but simple visuals for like 10 bucks, this is your game.
Review from 76561198377984824Nudna jak flaki olejem, wciąż robisz to samo. Poza tym gra jest bardzo krótka, nie ma w zasadzie żadnych zwrotów akcji. Udało mi się odlecieć z planety, choć dużo wcześniej miałem ochotę odlecieć z gry. Po ukończeniu wątku fabularnego jest dostępny tryb surwiwal, który jest już zupełnie bez sensu. Mogłaby to być naprawdę fajna gra, jednak jak na mój gust jest zrobiona po prostu na przysłowiowe "odwal się". Jeśli kosztuje więcej niż 10 - 20 zł radzę omijać "Symmetry" szerokim łukiem.
Review from 76561198165364746Survival klikačka ala Punch club. Skily, ktore naštěsti neklesajií. Vytrenuješ je a pak už jenom jedeš až do konce hry. Celkem ploche, ale zaroveň motivujíci dojít do cíle. Zajimavé vyprávění příběhu, bodlo by víc činností případně vplyvu počasí. Zachránít posadku a odletet prič. good
Review from 76561198030784015This is a 2D low poly/stylised point and click survival/platespinning game where you must micromanage 3 crash landed astronauts on an alien planet. Keep them fed and happy, keep them alive and try to escape the planet. It's a great idea and the presentation is pretty good for a 2D indie game, which are usually about as bad as gaming can get. The art style is effective even if it's a bit low effort, but it looks good. The game supports 4K fullscreen so it's passed one of the basic minimum standards for any PC game released in this era. The problem here is a subtle and unfortunate one... the long term gameplay suffers badly because the micromanagement is tedious and the astronauts basically can't survive without you constantly needing to poke and prod them. If the developers had considered the whole flow of the game rather than putting the elements together this could have been a classic, but it's instead a crying shame that a lot of work went into making something that's ultimately unsatisfying. Balancing the end game for any video game concept is hard, but it's vital if a game will succeed. We don't have that here. Also, the $17 price tag is just too excessive for a 2D game.
Review from 76561198117752246ok
Review from 76561198066985340Se você é bom em manejamento de recursos, exploração e não ser morto em menos de 5 minutos, esse jogo é pra você :')
Review from 76561198291913859EPIK
Review from 76561198080267832确实对不起价格。 要素超少,要剧情没剧情、要种田没种田、要角色培养没角色培养、要建造没建造、要自由度没自由度,就这?
Review from 76561198160019354El juego te presenta una gran dificultad, es un poco repetitivo pero te mantiene alerta con eventos paranormales que aparecen a lo largo de los dias de supervivencia, interesante pero un poco repetitivo.
Review from 76561198006555615"Gameplay" is repetitive and simplistic. The story makes no sense and it is mostly random what ending you get. Unless you play it twice - but it is way too boring for that even though it takes only 2 hours to finish the game.
Review from 76561198126433345juego que se ve interesante no lo es
Review from 76561198361003155没感受到乐趣。游戏配不上价格。
Review from 76561198812731450The food disappears from the storage without anyone eating it which render it rather impossible to advance in the game. Sure you can make it last a bit longer by eating two of the corpses but still...
Review from 76561197976736029Short and not any fun. :-(
Review from 76561198058501578ok
Review from 76561197960781938This game is a glorified clicker!!!! There's no depth to the game, the story is blant, the mechanics are really bad. The only good thing going on is the graphics everything else is just tragic. It took me an hour and a half to finish this game on speed x2. I can't imagine playing this game on normal speed.
Review from 76561198267786057this game sucks! 非常无聊的一款游戏 毫无乐趣
Review from 76561198799337225the games is lots of fun and has a great story
Review from 76561198801581173[h1] お刺身の上にたんぽぽを乗せるお仕事[/h1] 未知の惑星に不時着した宇宙船。乗組員の多くは生死不明。生存が 確認できたのは3名のみ。極限状態に追い込まれた乗組員達に指示 を与えて惑星からの脱出を図るサバイバルシミュレーションゲーム。 活動の拠点となる宇宙船は不時着の衝撃により、ほとんどの機能を 失っています。まずは食料の生産や暖房の燃料となる資材集めなど、 惑星での生活に適応することが当面の目標です。 この惑星は、人間の命が脅かされるほどの極寒の大地です。 船外にて活動をおこなう際は、気象と探索範囲に応じて 体力が著しく消耗していくため、船員の体調を管理しながら 食事や休息など適宜な指示を与える必要があります。 気象の変化は目まぐるしく、猛吹雪が発生してマイナス80°の 世界にひとり取り残され、船内に戻れずに力尽きてしまうことも あります。 気象が悪化しそうな気配がある場合は、船外での活動を中止させて 船内に待機させる必要があります。しかし、活動を自粛すれば するほど生命維持に必要となる資材が徐々に枯渇していきます。 危険を顧みず資材を調達するか否か。あなたの判断が問われます。 [h1] このゲームを不評とした理由 [/h1] 最初に、資材を集めることが行動の大半を占める作品なのですが 「資材を集める」 →「 休息(食事)をとる」 この指示の流れを永遠と繰り返すことになるので非常に退屈です。 指示を与えると自動で行動してくれるため、プレイヤーがその間に できることは宇宙船の修理箇所と集めた資材の確認。そして一面に 広がる雪景色を眺めることだけです。 次に、機械翻訳による和訳のため、文章が理解しにくいです。 ゲーム開始時の難易度選択では「勇気を持て(英:Be Brave)」 「さらなる努力を(英:Try Harder)」と和訳だと、どちらが通常の 難易度なのか困惑します。時折表示される船員たちのメッセージも 片言の日本語でネガティブな内容が多いため、あまり登場人物に 感情移入することができませんでした。この作品は不可解な現象を 解き明かすというSF要素も多分に含まれているのですが、機械 翻訳による説明不足感が否めず、物語の理解が追いつきません。 最後に、これが一番の難点ですが資材調達を終えた船員に対して 食事あるいは休息の指示を与えると、その行動が完了した時点で 元の行動である、資材調達へと勝手に戻ってしまいます。 物語を進めていくと操作できる船員の数が増えるので 隈なく画面を観察する必要があるのですが、ふと目を離した隙に 食事をしていたはずの船員が、休息の指示を待つことなく瀕死状態 で船外に飛び出すというトラブルが発生します。これは命を落とす 事態になりかねないので、行動を終えたらその場に待機するという 仕様にしてほしかったです。 [h1]総括[/h1] 物語の舞台設定やグラフィックに惹かれて購入しましたが、 実際は見掛け倒しの作品です。まるでこのレビューみたいですね。 興味のない映画を惰性で見続けるような気分を味わえると思います。 同じ作業を永遠と繰り返すため変化に乏しく。危機的状況が プレイヤー側には伝わりにくい。そして登場人物達に感情移入が しにくいため、作品の世界観や舞台設定を活かせてないです。 物語後半では未知の生命体と遭遇するのですが、文章だけでなく サバイバル要素に絡めてもよかったのではないかと思います。 スッキリとした終わり方を迎える作品ではありませんでしたが、 おそらくプレイヤーに想像の余地を残すような作品かと思います。 世界観は異なりますが、サバイバルシミュレーションに 興味がある方には「This War of Mine」をオススメします。 惑星でのサバイバルよりも余韻に残る体験ができるはずです。
Review from 76561198034861870really simple. but for the price its ok. If you like achievements and indies games you should buy it. Dont expect alot you just have to prevent them to die.
Review from 76561198150956881I tried it out and definietly not going to refund it. I got it on sale for 2 Eur. It's s good game with an interesting story and nice graphics.
Review from 76561197999923551It has nice graphics (but not many of them). The story is intriguing and had potential but ultimately is just a confusing mess. The resource micro-management is fun for a couple of hours, which is OK because that's how long it takes to complete the game, but if it went on longer it would become tedious. Overall it a fine game, but a very small one.
Review from 76561198078595232Kann man mit Kingdom vergleichen, ist aber nicht so komplex. Dafür beherrscht man es schneller. Macht zwar süchtig, aber nach einem mal Durchspielen hat man glaube ich alles gesehen.
Review from 76561198021422660[h1] Может и простая выживалка, но по скидке вполне неплохая. По названию думал, что это логическая игра, но по сюжету это больше похоже на фильм "Марсианин" в 3 персоны [/h1] Поэтому не понимаю большинство негативных отзывов. Может игрушка и простенькая, но всё-таки по качеству выше среднего. Есть некая завязка и базовые упрощенные механики. Напоминает упрощенный This War of mine. По игровому процессу есть капсула со средствами энергообеспечения и пропитания. Людьми добываем простые ресурсы - хлам и деревья (на этой планете удивительно, но растут). Нужно также следить за состоянием подопечных - вовремя кормить и давать отдыхать. Оборудование чинится и улучшается в счёт хлама. Но здорово не хватает графических параметров. Не слишком оптимизированная игра и на ноуте, где This War of mine идёт хорошо, эта игра выдаёт около 15-20 кадров. Но радует наличие облачного сохранения и достижений. Карточек к сожалению нет... Но на скидке могу порекомендовать. Игру ужасной не могу назвать - скоротать время можно, если других таких выживастиков нет.
Review from 76561198852507728 Ładna grafika ale gra strasznie nudna. Po 1/2 godziny już nie chce się ja widzieć.
Review from 76561198130081943Potrzebowałem około 3 godzin na skończenie tej gry i zrobiłem to za drugim podejściem na tym łatwiejszym poziomie trudności. Co istotne, jestem 'niedzielnym' graczem. Nic to jednak nie szkodzi, bo gra może być przecież krótka, ale wciągająca na przykład swą historią lub mechaniką. Tutaj historia zanim się zacznie to zaraz kończy a mechanika jest jakby w proporcjach: 95% akcji możemy robić już od początku (a nie ma tego wiele) a dodatkowe 5% dostajemy po godzinie gry. Muzyki też brak, efekty dźwiękowe z jakichś darmowych bibliotek (przeczytałem na napisach końcowych gry). Wielka szkoda, bo pomysł na grę fajny a i lista osób pracującej przy niej też nie taka krótka... Ciekawe co oni robili w czasie, który mieli poświęcić na twórcze składanie tego wszystkiego do kupy?.. ;-)