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Dungeon Of Doom Puzzle

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Review from 76561198067626300迷路を大回転させて金の鍵を集め出口から脱出するアクションパズル。 MSXの名作『うにょん』そのままですが色々と増えています。特に各面の金貨は必ず入手しましょう。 操作はカーソル↓↑で正逆方向に回転、← →で横移動、Escでメニュー(選択はマウスクリック)。 進行は面ごとの金貨の入手状況まできっちりオートセーブ。 200円を切る低価格なのにたっぷり100面のボリューム! いつでも気軽に遊べる良作です。万人にお薦め。
Review from 76561197963040240Super fun and extremely addictive puzzle game with good audio and spot on graphics. Level design starts from introducing the player to the game mechanincs and progressively build up the difficulty as the player gets further into the game. Perfect! Give it a try!
Review from 76561198032581809I was not very impressed by the game, but it wasn't more than a couple of bucks anyway. There is no menu, options, or anything, which is particularly jarring because the sounds are pretty awful. Especially the terrible screetch you hear when you finish a puzzle, which are mostly just about turning the room the right way to get you the viking to fall in the right place, or shift a rock a particular manner. Not exactly rocker science and with so limited game play and horrible sound designer, I was not prepared to go any further.
Review from 76561198165904700Half way there with the game. Love the ambiance and the way difficulty increases. Good balance of frustration and feeling of success when solving the room.