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Arizona Rose and the Pirates' Riddles

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Review from 76561198006993666Great
Review from 76561197989955975Excellent picross maps, a few impossible fill the space with pieces (much harder than Tetris), some story and some hidden object puzzles. Learn from me - use the mouse drag feature starting on level 1 that I learned about on level 8. Don't use it when going for the 12 multiplier achievement on levels 10 and up. I wasted a few hours not using these tips.
Review from 76561198267779432Muito legal como casual. a história, já que tem, falta ligações de pontos.
Review from 76561198069159152While I would like to review this game, it just does not seem to want to launch for me. Worse, it locks my computer up. Not recommended at this time.
Review from 76561199062687806Egyszerű, de nagyszerű játék.
Review from 76561198358824022хорошие нонграмки
Review from 76561198081340622It's my first Picross, so I can't really compare it to the competition. I thought the gameplay was good overall, except maybe for the fact that some of the uncovered tiles are black and they're hard to distinguish, leading to mistakes later in the process. The particle effects can get in the way, too. Other than that, the attention to detail is at a low. The graphics are mediocre, the resolution is fixed (the "Widescreen" option doesn't do anything) and extremely pixelized, even windowed on a 1080p screen. There are a couple of nice tracks, but the last series of 20 levels seemed to be stuck on the worst of them all. There's also a Tetris-like minigame that's easy to lose to, because of the lack of tutorial for that specific game (such as, "you can destroy blocks you don't want" or "you can rotate them by right-clicking", doesn't seem to be too much to ask for..?) If you collect pirate-themed games because of a childhood obsession for Monkey Island, I guess you can try this. But it doesn't have any pirates in it, it's set in a modern setting. By the way, the protagonist finds treasures only in order to impress a colleague, and she hides them in a luggage. What can I say... Don't do this at home?
Review from 76561197993919579Lots of nonograms, a few hidden object scenes. Can drag the cursor instead of having to click individually on every cell (left for solid-fill, right for removing the cell) . Fun, casual game.
Review from 76561197970758606Schönes Rätselspiel für zwischendurch. Die Rätsel sind zum größten Teil logisch und machen Spass.
Review from 76561198061143576Eines der schlechteren nonogrammspiele. Viel zu leicht und grafisch auch nicht sonderlich ansprechend. Nervige Geräusche, armselige "Story" und Errungenschaften zum weglaufen. Laut Text muss man für drei der Errungenschaften besonders VIELE Fehler machen was tatsächlich nicht einfach ist. Normalerweise mag ich leichte Spiele für schlaflose Nächte aber das hier regt mich zu sehr auf.
Review from 76561198077378264This game has a mixture of hidden object puzzles, tetris-like mini games arranging gemstones, but is 90% picross puzzles. You take on the role of Arizona Rose, an intrepid archaeologist and puzzle expert. The picross puzzles are great - they started at a 5x5 grid and eventually got to a 25x25 grid. This is the first picross game I have played with colour grids. The larger grids can be very challenging to solve, especially when sparsely populated. Fortunately Arizona Rose gradually uncovers artifacts that have the ability to reveal portions of a grid. You can use these artifacts for help if you get stuck. Each puzzle will allow several mistakes before you are forced to start over. This game really grew on me - the more I played the more I liked it. I would sit down to play a few grids and the next thing I realised it was three hours later. I thought the music was very good - it kind of wrapped me up in the whole experience. I found a comment on another review that explained that one can click and drag to see a count of cells that will be revealed or cleared - that tip was very helpful. This game is good for 15 to 20 hours of playing time. I bought it in the Steam year end sale for just over three dollars and definitely got my moneys worth. I give this game 8.5 out 10 and recommend it to people who like casual puzzle games.
Review from 76561198297723126Simple game if you're into this kind of puzzle, but it does get more challenging as the game progresses. Also, there is an annoying habit of the cursor accidentally clicking on two spots instead of one, which might lead to a penalty. Otherwise, not much else to say about it. Good for a few hours of puzzling, that's pretty much it.
Review from 76561198087258079Excellent picross with occasional minipuzzles of various types. Helpful touches like highlighting of the cursor's row and column, faded clue numbers for solved groups, disappearing clue numbers for solved rows and columns, and powerups. Hint: Move the cursor while holding a mouse button to select multiple cells (shows selection count too!).
Review from 76561198078498143Pirates, Pirates and again Pirates. No other group in History is more involved in the word treasure, than Pirates. And again we have a background story of an infamous Pirate who has hidden his treasure in the past and that treasure is waiting to be found. And here comes Arizona Rose. She is the one who is going to find the treasure. With YOUR help of course. So after starting the game and a nice intro sequence about the story you will be set into a good made tutorial that shows you the game mechanics. Most of the Game you`re going to solve picture puzzles. Combine the numbers next to the frames and get the picture while your clicking on squares. The less mistakes you make, the more points you get. Making to many mistakes will destroy the treasure chest of the level and you have to start the level gain. Within the time you will set free some special help buttons to support you. That is neede because the puzzles are getting bigger and bigger. Also there are a few mini games like Hiddenobjects within the story but the main part, as said before, are the picture puzzles we call in Germany Nonogramme. Solving them is the same mechanic then Sudokus. This game has nice graphics, nice music, good motivating achievements, a nice but not new story and really addictive puzzles. I was really suprised, how addictive it is. Each time i`m trying to do it without help, what works, but then a little dump mistake ruins the perfect done feeling. And that legendary Civilization Feeling: Only one move, one move ... and you will do more and more and time goes by. So if you like that you`re in. Don`t expect to much of this game, but if you give it a chance, you may not be dissapointed. And if you can`t enough of it, there is another Arizona Rose Game out. Enjoy.
Review from 76561198109891375Klasse Spiel.....Kniffilig mit Suchtfaktor