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ActionAdventureFree to PlayIndie
Single-playerMulti-playerCo-opDownloadable ContentSteam AchievementsSteam Trading CardsSteam WorkshopPartial Controller SupportValve Anti-Cheat enabledStatsSteam LeaderboardsIncludes level editor
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Review from 76561199237571644Boa DLC chega ao nível 70 com os 3 personagens, todos os itens, 10/10
Review from 76561198050750548Not worth it
Review from 76561198292974995Boring af
Review from 76561198559741003GREAT DLC PLEASE BYE IT!!!
Review from 76561198201847808GREAT GAME FOR ONE BUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Buy it! It is great fun to mess with pals, or strike out on your own. Have fun in 1v1, or with friends against an onslaught of dinos. Now there are serveral downsides, but if you consider the price, those can be easily ignored.
Review from 76561198221298432Best $2 I have ever spent on a DLC for a game the cosmetics are sweet and the tauts they are the best
Review from 76561197960536468Now i dont need to grind!
Review from 76561198060025344My brother gifted me this game. I thought "Looks OK; I might play it if I get bored". After 3 hours of playing (which have only felt like an hour) I have decided it is the best game in my inventory, and have recommended it to all my gaming buddies. My brother put it the best way, "It is like playing Tremors, the video game". If you like watching awesome "B" action movies, this game is for you. It is rediculous! I never thought I would be playing a game where I was in a mech shooting rockets point blank at a raptor. SO ADDICTING!! It is a dollar - BUY IT!!!
Review from 76561198243016818Bought DLC > Start up game > Top 200 player Very nice.
Review from 76561198101279151It definitely gives what it says. But, it leaves me feeling kind of empty. I kind of would rather had earned most of it myself. The Game itself is still fun, when there are people playing of course.
Review from 76561198102063164As much as I do enjoy ORION: Prelude, I'd have to personally advise against buying Ultimate Edition. While yes, the perks are nice & neat for those too lazy to level up through the game manually and just want everything, it also takes away a lot of the replay value from the game. Ultimate Edition takes away the joy of always leveling up & seeing what new you can do with your brand new unlocks and instead just gives you everything from the get-go, leaving only you & the dinosaurs. In my opinion this discourages gradually increasing your skill level (starting from Noob diff and moving up to Redikulous for example), lowering replay value as a whole. If you truly are too lazy to spend time leveling up in the game normally, sure, go ahead and skip everything by buying Ultimate Edition, I won't stop you. But if you actually want to have some fun & reasons to come back to playing Prelude, I advise against buying this. I got this as a gift before reaching Global Level 42 (Assault 37, Support 29, Recon 20) with around 58 hours of playtime.
Review from 76561198004175983Better late then never!! Now the game is more funny ... Now we can fix the mess on Jurassic Park
Review from 76561198367736754Good if you want to start with good weapons.
Review from 76561198023430257The Ultimate edition gives you access to every skin in the game, for your characters and Dinosaurs, plus it gives you full access to level up rewards, this saves a ton of time since Orion can be really grindy. And that's it, a very simple DLC, and it goes on sale often, it's a great deal and easily one of the best I've seen in any game. If you play Orion and enjoy it, this is a must have.
Review from 76561198204450213
Review from 76561198321881350Total EPIC FUN, stop reading reviews and buy this game right now. In no other game you will battle against a T-rex teaming with an Stegosaur while piloting a battle airship with a burger hat on
Review from 76561197989227049This game runs smooth bugg free and fun to play with friends in survive and it stays up to date keeping them cheaters out .
Review from 76561198111452879I relly find this game fun it works great and i love it
Review from 76561198279864944damn this makes you a god
Review from 76561198057510900Bought the DLC but nothing unlocked... ***UPDATE*** ALONG WITH THE GAME YOU MUST ALSO RESTART STEAM TO ATIVATE ULTIMATE EDITION!!