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Doorways: Old Prototype - Bonus Pack

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ActionAdventureFree to PlayIndie
Single-playerDownloadable Content
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Review from 76561198197663687Player Bases. ☐ Kids. ☑ Everyone. ☐ Mature. ☐ Casual Players. ☐ Pro players. Graphics. ☐ Potato. ☐ Really Bad. ☐ Bad. ☐ OK. ☐ Good. ☑ Beautiful. ☐ Masterpiece. Price. ☐ Full Price. ☐ Wait For Sale. ☐ Refund It If You Can. ☐ Don't Buy It. ☑ Free. Requirements. ☑ Minimum. ☐ Medium. ☐ Fast. ☐ High End. ☐ Super Computer. Difficulty. ☑ Easy. ☐ Medium. ☐ Hard. ☐ Very Hard. ☐ Death March. ☐ Dark Souls. Game length. ☑ Really Short. ( 0 - 2 hours) ☐ Short. ( 2 - 8 hours) ☐ Medium. ( 8 - 16 hours) ☐ Long. ( 16+ hours) ☐ Endless. Story. ☑ It Doesn't Have One. ☐ Horrible. ☐ Ok. ☐ Average. ☐ Good. ☐ Fantastic. Cinematic/Art. ☑ It Doesn't Have. ☐ Horrible. ☐ Ok. ☐ Average. ☐ Good. ☐ Like Watching A Movie. Music/Sound. ☐ Horrible. ☐ Decent. ☐ Average. ☑ Good. ☐ Amazing. Gameplay. ☐ Terrible. ☐ Ok. ☑ Average. ☐ Good. ☐ Fantastic. Bugs. ☐ Game Itself Is One Big BUG. ☐ Game Breaking Bugs. ☐ Lots of bugs. ☐ Few Bugs. ☑ Nothing. Others. Multiplayer: ☐ Singleplayer: ☑ Final Score: 9/10 Highly Recommended!
Review from 76561198160700469... :v idk
Review from 76561198125392509gamesense
Review from 76561198369463131Fajna ale albo nie wiem jak, albo nie da się zapisać postępów :(
Review from 76561198025540438Even more dev-bloggy goodness. And even more chances for me to shill my totes-rad Curator page! Follow my [url=http://store.steampowered.com/curator/31984244/]Curator[/url] to be kept up on all my reviews, including stuff I ghost-write through Family Share! Check out the discussions on my [url=http://steamcommunity.com/groups/xorphreviewsthings]Group[/url] if you wanna see my reviews of non-steam games, suggest what I should play next, or to yell at me for calling your favorite game bad!
Review from 76561198094980478Recensione 2018. [u]Questo e' un contenuto scaricabile per il gioco "Doorways: Old Prototype", che dovrebbe scaricare immagini, artwork, audio e un documento di design, relativi ad esso[/u]. Il problema e' che offre contenuti per un peso complessivo di 10mb circa. Per la precisione: -13 Artworks -1 Audio ([b]NON presente nel gioco[/b]) -1 documento di design [u]A mio parere i contenuti sono pochi e l'inerenza di essi nel videogioco in questione e' relativa, anche se sono gradevoli[/u]. P.S. Creare un DLC a parte solo per questi contenuti, e' come usare una libreria per un libro solo. Voto 5/10 [b][u]NOTE[/u][/b]: - I contenuti non sono presenti in lingua Italiana.
Review from 76561198027999803Thumbs up for sharing this material.
Review from 76561198181223525不错~
Review from 76561198054263415i cant download it ..i have the Doorways: Old Prototype
Review from 76561198352638210Nice
Review from 76561198354182354Though it's only a prototype it's amazing. It's a completely new experience for me in a video game. I think this is one of my favorite video game prototype I've played in a long time! I remember getting scared when I heard the foot steps of the "creatures" at one point of the game. Not even Five Nights at Freddy's scares me, this is the only thing that's startled me in a long time.
Review from 76561198059222871I tryed downloading the bonus content but it didnt work whats up with that?
Review from 76561198028285472This bonus pack has nice audio, images and and high concept document. It's interesting.
Review from 76561198316796717Material created during the first states in the development of the Doorways series. Includes images, audio and the design document.
Review from 76561197995587056Tolles kleines Spiel für Lau! Englisch-Kenntnisse braucht man nicht wirklich ausser man möchte ein par Dokumente lesen. Hat Spaß gemacht danke!