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Shatter Quest

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Review from 76561197998562625refreshing woods:) now i can practice tenis with a bit of extra fun! the physics of ball control feels a lot like real tenis, meaning it is hard for beginners. however if you practice you will advance in levels. i think i improved my ball control in real life tenis after my struggle in this game. and playing the game itself could be a workout session. helpful change of pace after long hours of grinding. recommended.
Review from 76561198084373744如果你对这个游戏感兴趣,不妨先看看我的视频(video): http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTc2MDM2NzAxNg==.html 此视频12:00开始 本来看这游戏还行,打算做一个视频,没想到这个游戏这么烂,画面和帧数可以 游戏性实在蠢的不行,而且击打的拍子都是歪的,根本没贴合手柄,看着没打到,实际上打到了 看着是打在正面的,实际上打在边上,球软绵无力。这破游戏居然要48.再去看看steam其他48的游戏 简直无语,我一直以为VIVE商城的那些个半成品国产游戏做出来就是坑国人钱的,没想到老外也有如此烂作 国人不要去买这个游戏,让老外坑老外去吧 每天都会录制VR游戏视频,喜欢的话可以订阅哦 steam毕竟是一个要花钱的平台,所以我希望用我的视频让大家能更好的了解每一个游戏 最后,祝大家游戏越快哦~
Review from 76561198141292657Concept is good. I was hoping for a cross between Holoball, Selfie Tennis and Arkanoid. But alas, another one for the junk pile. Try it out if you must but then ask for an immediate refund. Not worth the 0's and 1's.