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Help Me Doctor

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Review from 76561198048390787Real talk, this is ass, but it goes on sale for like 99 cents sometimes and it's worth that price to laugh at it. Also surprisingly difficult because spotting a discrepancy is nearly impossible and sometimes straight up lies to you. 1/10.
Review from 76561198041661882ok so b asically im going to rfund your game because it STINKs YEAH that's right i said it... im a medical professional and i know these are not real diseases and also it is a boring game and alsoo please do not make fun of people with celebrity disease im related to tony hawk and he got sad after reading your game :(((( please do not buy
Review from 76561198083800664game runs fine till the last day, then the calendar freezes, was seeing patients for 48hrs straight
Review from 76561198151170862I keep losing, but the funny skeleton, and the requirements are funny, worth the laugh.
Review from 76561198105734909Boring
Review from 76561198064560140É um jogo muito pobre, e que mais parece ser um jogo sobre a inspecção de dados de seguros do que própriamente um jogo de "Ajuda-me Doutor". Resumindo não vale o dinheiro. Para além de que é um jogo super limitado. Tem bons gráficos.
Review from 76561198354874617the game is bad
Review from 76561198147629518Hallo liebe Comunity :) Das Spiel, wenn man es überhaupt so nennen kann, ist ein netter Zeitvertreib aber ich glaube es ist sinnvoller wenn man ein eineuro stücker verbrennt als dieses spiel sich zu kaufen ... Leon Maschere ist beschte :) ihn würde es auch bestimmt gefallen Der Inhalt des Spiels ist nach ca. 30 sek durchgespielt und es wiederholt sich immer weiter ... Es ist meiner Meinung nach Sinvoller Gras beim wachsen zuzuschauen als dieses Spiel eine Sekunde zu Spielen. Wenn die Entwickler den Content etwas erweitern würde etwas bezieht sich auf ca. 1 min weiteren Content wäre das spiel immer noch scheiße Ich habe dieses Spiel zum Schrottwichteln bekommen und ich hoffe keiner kommt auf die Idee sich dieses Spiel freiwilig zu kaufen Für jeden, der ein Sinloses, Langweiliges scheißgame sucht für schrottwichteln hat meine unbedingte kaufempfehlung es ist eine Reinste qual dieses Spiel zu spielen Grüße gehen raus an marc (du kleiner **********) Dieses Spiel kann man mit einen Haufen kot in der Toilette vergleichen, auch wenn der Haufen groß ist ist es immer noch scheiße um einen Zitat abzuschließen und eine Nachricht an die Entwickler zu hinterlassen "ihr braucht in den SPiel eine Message die die Jugend weiterhilft"
Review from 76561198080916840GOD HELP THIS GAME -Don't buy it you bought it? GOD HELP YOU
Review from 76561198025990546So Boring!
Review from 76561198008787964Nachgemachtes Papers, Please! Nur auf Arzt Praxis Basis ...
Review from 76561198065129410This game honestly doesn't have much to offer right now. I made a funny video on it tho for one of my series I have. This game needs a lot more work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gm2FNUoHL0
Review from 76561198018525736W większa padewkę nie grałem… poddałem się po 8 pacniecie… Plusy. Raz się zaśmiałem jak przełączyłem tv w poczekali i był obrazek ruchających się kucyków pony xD. Minusy. Słaba grafika. Monotonna. 4 te same choroby. Podsumuwując ogólnie gówno nie polecam.
Review from 76561198045138909As the rest said, at this phase the game is boring after 10 minutes, and it has not interesting content. Sometimes it's buggy. I wish they will add more content into it.
Review from 76561197975156218In the games current state there is literally no gameplay to be had. You sit at a desk and click 3 buttons and your at the next patient. Extremely simple. It shows that there is a problem with paperwork when the patients come in but it all seems fine and if you attempt to check anything it just sends them on the way and you pay for it. Game has no replay value until there is some depth added. 10/10 Would rather suck on a dirty sock than play this. I even gave it an attempt after reading the other 2 revies thinking, nah it's not that bad. It is. Give it more content and options, it might be worth the refund I am asking for.
Review from 76561198113506152This game is basically a rip-off of Paper Please but without the meaningful choices, any kind of plot or insentive to play, and looks just god awful. Much like Papers Please, your job is to inspect papers and looks for discrepancy between documents while also matching the sympotoms to a cause. Of course the game doesn't tell you any of this, even if most of it is easy enough to figure out. Perhaps the worst among the failures of this game is that its just plain boring. After about the 3rd person you've pretty much seen it all. The "scirpted events" are just vaugly ethically related multiple choice questions that don't seem to have any real impact. Earning money is pointless cause its not like you DO anything with it. Overall this is a bad game. Don't buy it even on sale.
Review from 76561197996692712After about 30 seconds of gameplay you've seen all it has to offer.