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Primal Carnage: Onslaught

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Review from 76561197999946911Looks great, sounds great, runs well, fun to play. Its a wave shooter folks. Very simple and limited at this point. I hope it develops into much more! Played on Pico 4.
Review from 76561198260599146Has 2 stages and 5 enemies. Raptors actually jump at you. Good for 1 Euro no more.
Review from 76561199100371330its better than expected
Review from 76561198424169775guns are klunky dont even try aiming down a sight
Review from 76561197981715728Pretty boring and lame.
Review from 76561197970570517Fun for what it is, Just a wave shooter. The shooting is good. Just needs more content for what it is.
Review from 76561198022606342This is HANDS DOWN the single most frightening gaming expirience I've had to date! The small dinosaurs are especially terrefying because of their tiny size combined with the pitch black enviroment. Since they come in small groups from all sides, you will easily loose track of at least one of them - only for you to turn to your left and see the f*cker jumping right at your face! But there is NOTHING scarier than an enormous angry t-rex carging right at you while you desperately try to reload your rifle! This is pure nightmare fuel - I love it!
Review from 76561198022125101Paid 7€ during a 75% sale. Black Screen and couldn't start until I had reloaded steam the first time a wanted to set resolution to 200% (which is still uglier than most vr game). No tracking when I wanted to try the second map and no menu, I just had to close the game. Aiming is pointless, the way the guns are orientated relative to the vive controllers is ridiculous. Reload mecanism is also quite ridiculous. A Bad Wave shooter. Pros : - nice sound effects - there are dinos -> play Island 359
Review from 76561197992710090Das Game ist nicht so schlecht, aber halt noch nicht ganz fertig. Leider scheinen die Entwickler es auch nicht für nötig zu halten, das Game fertig zu stellen. Seit ich es habe, kamen keine Patches heraus.
Review from 76561197998320258This game has been abandoned......do not buy unless its on sale for less than five bucks. There simply isnt enough content and the last update was may 2017. Whats there works and it does look good but it is a stand still/roomscale wave shooter with no locomotion or teleportation
Review from 76561197968255080Admittedly, there's not a lot here. And the dev team is currently tied up with other, previous projects. I do desperately hope they come back to it though, because what is here is enjoyable to me. Can you move around? - Only what roomscale gives you. Is it wave based? - Yeah. Do you only shoot dinosaurs? - Yes. How many weapons? - 9 guns, some explosives and an optional melee weapon (plus a melee challenge with multiple). What about variety? - Six types of dinos and two environments in this current Early Access version. Again, you really only shoot dinos? - Yah, but the Challenges give small twists to the wave-based formula. I understand this may not fulfill what a lot of other people are looking for in a VR game, but it does work for me.
Review from 76561198066590240Primal Carnage is a below average wave shooter. I bought it on the Halloween sale price of $5.99 and I still can't recommend the game at that sale price. There's just nothing really interesting here. This is more like a $2.99 game. Positives + lots of weapons to use (ARs, handguns, grenades, grenade launcher!) + lots of different dinos that act differently + challenges (adds variety to the 2 maps) + visuals are okay Negatives - only 2 maps (180 degrees in front) - aiming sucks, you're better off just not even aiming down sights and just hip shooting - guns just don't feel right, I had an AR and I was holding it like a handgun because it made no difference - reloads, you can just press a and drop it to your hip - no feeling of tension, waves just come, dinos come right at you from behind cover or they just stand there - no day night/cycle - island 359 is way better I can't recommend this game, especially with the normal price of $29.99 is insane. At $5.99 I only recommend if you just really want an arcade-like easy/mindless dino wave shooter and got tired of Island 359. Sale price rating 4/10
Review from 76561198117615418C'est mon père qui y a joué, il m'a dit qu'il était bien.
Review from 765611980204457862 out of 10 This has the smell of a perpetual early access game, you know a touch of DayZ about it. Visually it's good looking, gameplay isn't so tight, and terrible weapon handling where you need to keep the grip button held down to hold your guns. Look at the other review dates and how long they've actually played, that's a key indicator for making a buying decision. All those stellar reviews and those players have abandoned this game after an hour. That's the reality, this isn't a good game, the first impression quickly fades to reality and you'll never play it again. But you'll keep it installed for years in the hope it's updated and fixed. Good luck with that. I get annoyed when people thumbs up bad games and say it has a lot of potential which leads to folks making poor buying choices. Well potential is meaningless when it doesn't reflect the 'real state' of the game. I can see this game could be good, but it isn't. It's either good or bad. It's just bad. In summary, development has exceeded the ea time by a very long time with no meaningful updates in that time. There's little actual game variety and gameplay is quite flawed and not enjoyable. The video and screen shots reflect a game that looks much better than the actual experience. My advice don't bother even if it's on sale, even when it's super cheap to try and entice you like a venus fly trap. I believe you will be ripped off, hence this long review to make people aware. Gamers should look out for each other, it's not a cheap hobby. Put your money towards Raw Data. If you already own Raw Data, then play Raw Data and avoid this junk. [h1]30 minutes exercising in VR[/h1] [url=steamcommunity.com/groups/30minvr][b]STEAM Group[/b][/url] / [url=https://steamcommunity.com/groups/30minvr#curation][b] STEAM Curator[/b][/url]
Review from 76561198063942102it's just a wave shooter but a pretty good one. The gameplay is all about the controls. You have to grip and reload manually which makes it a challenge. grab a grenade with one hand, pull the pin, throw it, all while emptying the clip in your other hand and finishing with a manual reload. not sure about the $30 price. I haven't come close to beating the game but looks like there's only 2 levels.
Review from 76561198158920404не удобная , не доделанная , учитывая что это обычный тир , то своих денег она не стоит
Review from 76561197985887185Shows a lot of potential. Early access in the real sense, but I have faith in the developers. The dinos are better than in Island 359, allthough I find that an overall better game for now. Edit 7. juli 2018. I was wrong to have faith in the developer. No updates in over a year.
Review from 76561198084354949PC:O is a simple VR wave shooter, which looks good and worked really well so far for me (I use the HTC Vive). Unfortunately there are only 2 levels available at the moment and there are only a hand full of species included, which you might know from PC/PC:E. That being said, it's not really worth the 30 bucks (when it's not on sale anymore) in it's current state. Even 20 are kinda a lot for what it is right now. So I would recommend waiting until it has more content. I still give it a thumbs up, since there are only a few VR games I enjoyed so far and PC:O is one of them even though it doesn't have much to offer atm. It has potential and I am looking forward to more content.
Review from 76561198298025584更多VR游戏评测尽在:http://newgame.83830.com/   《原始大屠杀:冲击》是一款生存射击游戏,游戏中玩家将要使用各种武器来猎杀袭击的史前恐龙。   游戏处于抢先体验版本,目前游戏只有两个场景,玩家在选择后将会面对场景中不断出现的史前恐龙,从小型到大型,游戏的难度会随着玩家的生存时间逐步增加。游戏中的恐龙并不是直接出现,而是会潜伏在场景的物体后面,随时突然扑向玩家。   游戏的沉浸感很强,但是站桩式的射击方式导致原本精美的游戏场景只能远观并不能探索,玩家在两个场景地图中除了不断射杀恐龙,用金钱购买解锁新的枪械以外,并没有太多的内容变化,导致游戏后期的耐玩度不高。   游戏售价88元,目前处于34%折扣活动中。游戏的画面表现、打击感都可圈可点,但是目前抢先体验的内容并不够多,性价比不高。建议玩家先加入到愿望单内等待游戏更新增加更多的内容再购买体验。
Review from 76561197972341515So far, so good! Negative reviews will wrongfully complain about two main points: 1. "Not enough content": These people should learn what Early Access means. I personally enjoy the thrill of opening Steam and seeing which of my Early Access vr games have been updated lately. 2. "Not another wave shooter": These people should just learn to deal with the fact that it's a new genre and it's here to stay. Why aren't these same people saying "not another fighting game", "not another fps", "not another racing game", etc. for all the other genres that have been redone a billion times before in conventional gaming? Either way, there may not be a whole lot to do yet in this game, but what's there is polished, detailed and fun. I can't wait for the updates!
Review from 76561198261861733Spel is niks aan .... zonde van je geld .... beeldkwaliteit sucksss
Review from 76561198045894934it is in its early stage, and I pretty see some potential, just like rawdata, pld do keep updating :)