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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Siege - Castle Blood Dragon

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Review from 76561198203210607damn
Review from 76561198320880779kanye's vaporwave now ayy lmao
Review from 76561198082610824I just had to have this sweet looking skin.
Review from 76561198093969148骚买了不亏不要和我说什么用了这个头盔后一整天被爆头爆到烂这么骚的东西就是拿来给对面爆的
Review from 76561198065094846Personally, i love it combines two of my most favorite video game things ever Castle (my main for defense) and FAR CRY 3 BLOOD DRAGON ump skin is amazing helmet is just a colorful reskin of base helmet and the far cry charm is a little neat goes well with the skin i reccomended only to people who love blood dragon, castle or both but overall this bundle is waaaaaay too overpriced like i mentioned you only get the far cry logo charm, colorful reskin of helmet and the ump skin and for 7 dollars that is pretty bad value for your dollar if it had lets say a reskin uniform or at the least you could use blood dragon skin with all fbi primaries or barebones all defender fbi primaries then maybe it would be worth it a big maybe too overall im happy with the bundle since i love it too much and the skin is a beauty to look at and pretty unique since in my 200 plus hours playing siege ive never seen anyone use the ump skin that said i only recomend because i highly enjoyed what i got for it its overpriced cosmetic dlc for an operator that is not used as much and an even less used weapon unless you are a huge blood dragon/castle fan or one of those collectors that want all dlcs, i would avoid it not worth the money better to add 3 more dollars and get 1200 credits and get either better cosmetics or operators if you still are unlocking them
Review from 76561198381839497黑叔叔很骚
Review from 76561198254106227Sadece silah deseni ve başlık veriyor. Ee, tabi okumadan aldık :) Gayet Güzel, silah kaplaması çok iyi. Ama önermicem bu fiyata daha çok eşya verebilirdi. Diğerleri de öyle ama sadece elimde bu olduğu için olumsuz değerlendiriyorum. Şurda 30-40 dlc var sadece 2-3 tanesi baştan başa donatıyor. Ürün güzel ama. Güzel Bir 80s Retro Tarzında Başlık ve Üstünde Blood Dragon Yazan Bir Silah Deseni ile Far Cry yazan Charm Veriyor. Bunlar Işıldayan, kendini gösteren, hat çizgileri kendini belli eden ve göze çarpan mistik renklerle donatılan ürünler.
Review from 76561198074799294奇美拉行动一开 ,挂件黄了。。。
Review from 76561198132357007Usually my go-to defender. My only complant was that I wish it was also gear. Also, Blood Dragon, really fun.
Review from 76561198080404024骚得一批 我喜欢
Review from 76561198006587023i cant equip it ingame... help pls xD
Review from 76561198133784104虽然黑叔叔我不会用,但这粉中带紫的枪皮居然可以套用在心跳的枪上,配上心跳的菁英皮肤简直不要太骚,一万个好评!
Review from 76561198132854415Le camo de tête de castle est bof mais l'ump est juste super! perso je l'ai acheté pour y jouer avec pulse
Review from 76561198327150482Fuc k you mother B Tencent !Go eat shi t!Dead your family! No respect for Chinese players!
Review from 76561198330936900挺好看的 UMP45截图:http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1157682171
Review from 76561198273904743.
Review from 76561198257704412ubitchsoft
Review from 76561198164716989说实话买了这个我不后悔,的确挺好看的
Review from 76561198101174922我龙鳞甲今天要做最闪耀的的探员(就算不是最闪耀,也要做最骚的)
Review from 76561198317326762本DLC,实用性与美观性都值得购买 由于官方Steam截图使得道具描述不清晰,所以就自己截图展示 这个是育碧自家的知名游戏“孤岛惊魂:血龙???”主题皮肤,用于布防方“龙鳞板” 总体上来说,武器图案很漂亮,挂件用在任何武器上面都很漂亮,头部怕是个靶子 这个DLC给予物品:角色头部、冲锋枪涂装、挂件 展示头部正面: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1101819851 展示头部侧面: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1101819870 散弹枪涂装: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1101819921 武器挂件: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1101819951 本DLC系列合集指南: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1134116372 武器涂装只要是同一把武器是可以通用的,挂件也是通用的,头部只属于该角色专属。
Review from 76561198218997941yes
Review from 76561198054970478I only use Castle in game just for the cool set that he gets with this DLC, so yea...I highly recommend it if you are an 80s kidult like me!
Review from 76561198167132516很骚很帅。不过不敢戴头盔,还是喜欢用面罩。枪的皮肤帅爆了。
Review from 76561198277003031为什么我找不到东西啊
Review from 76561198126421806买了这个以后再也没有用castle杀过人
Review from 76561198317112466东西呢????
Review from 76561198040241806Joli ensemble !
Review from 76561198301892758黑叔叔来这一套太骚了。 天生的肤色优势荡然无存 :D
Review from 76561198282560494贼丑- -
Review from 76561198068815918Ich würde es gut finden wenn es eine uniform enthalten würde
Review from 765611981199267963500원이면 살만하지
Review from 76561198098074166整个脑袋都闪闪发光,感觉被爆头几率大增
Review from 76561198098353597哎,哥,讲道理啊,刚退游戏买了7个DLC,再上线就连不上服务器了,别呀。
Review from 76561198068668917黑叔叔也可以骚气蓬勃
Review from 76561198206320748骚爆了
Review from 76561198322405424枪皮肤不如全境和竞赛者,挂饰不好看,头盔就是子弹磁铁,完全把castle的种族肤色优势抵消
Review from 76561198076576518
Review from 76561198300271034骚的一B
Review from 76561198161361288骚!
Review from 76561198125389122这是坠骚的~
Review from 76561198067146235又骚又帅 10/10 不过分
Review from 76561198296508770骚到家有没有
Review from 76561198119725096本月剩余生活费:100-29 距离下个月生活费到账:26天
Review from 76561198100256342简直帅爆!! 买买买
Review from 76561198102675593育碧你们把血龙的皮肤做的这么骚我买还不行吗!
Review from 76561198001944197Blood Dragon...nuff said.
Review from 76561198045084105https://youtu.be/IRPqU8qAKJc