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Review from 76561198030958834Abandoned.....shit game still for sale, stay classy Steam!
Review from 76561198190511201[h1]My advice: Avoid this Dev[/h1] [b]Dear Dev[/b], you should first finish this game before making another one, which seems like a complete spin off of this one?! I mean, this is a half-as***-finished project, and that's on a good day. I bought this game in 2020 and even thought i played it a few times i did not post a review as i hoped that i will get eventually finished in a presentable manner. Well, seems this game will never get finished.
Review from 76561198088644664I downloaded this game early and forgot about it. I noticed lots of updates and started playing again. Wow!! love it great job!
Review from 76561198047349700Extremely buggy, cannot get past first quest of tutorial. Sending a bug report crashes the game. Definitely getting my money back.
Review from 76561198113262500Unfinished, dev has moved onto a new project. AVOID. this is NOT an early access game as some recent reviews have said, this game released in 2019 and is no longer being developed.
Review from 76561197993521471Another shady Early Access cash grab. There have been no updates to this game for almost two years now; It's dead. The developers are now releasing a new scam called 'Sugarwinds'. Steer clear.
Review from 76561198083963913sadly can not give a good repor. this game been in the making in over 5yrs and it no better then day one..not work as it should....I hope it can be safed by modders if she well turn it over to them.. it's only hope
Review from 76561198048006899Pésimo juego, no tiene detalle de nada, ni del funcionamiento, ni de como funciona el sistema económico o de población. Aburrido y funciona muy lento
Review from 76561198051843303Die Grafik des Spiels ist schön gemacht. Das Spielprinzip ist aus anderen Aufbausimulationen hinlänglich bekannt. Leider bietet SugarMill im Vergleich nichts Neues - dass ein Haus nicht 20 Holz, sondern 2000 kostet, macht es in meinen Augen nicht origineller, da eben auch mehr Holz zur Verfügung steht. Das Mikromanagement ist nett, fällt aber erst bei einer mittleren Dorfgröße ins Gewicht. Und dann tritt der größte Makel des Spiels auf: Es ruckelt. 80 Einwohner, zwei Fabriken - das war's. Selbst mit einfachster Auflösung geht das Spiel in die Knie. Schade, auch um das Geld.
Review from 76561198843047847We've all played these games before. This is a great contender. There are some aspects that need tune up to be sure. However, if you're a fan of these city builder/resource games, you'll enjoy what this has to offer. Needs work, but don't dismiss this game. Graphics are great, plays just like you think it will. Here's hoping the devs stick with it. Good City mng/resource game, needs work, still playable and enjoyable.
Review from 76561198082118649Terribly uninteresting and unplayable, I do not recommend it.
Review from 76561198132151104Sure its affordable, but this game barely has any content. Feels like a mobile version of tropico; limited camera angles and tough to understand what is happening.
Review from 76561198047008556My village is number one - fei.
Review from 76561197999834415O jogo está muito bom, tanto graficamente como em concepção. A jogabilidade é um pouco lenta, mas ainda assim aceitável. O preço: um café (é quase oferecido! Apoiem este homem!) Basicamente, este é um jogo de construção de uma colónia (engenho de açucar), em que as familias vão crescendo, necessitam de casa, alimento e outras necessidades, para a colónia ir expandindo. Depois, há a vertente comercial, por via da venda de artigos produzidos, e compra de outros necessários. Merecia uma localização em português e quem sabe (?) uma campanha estruturada com progressão de cenários. A minha palavra de reconhecimento ao desenvolvedor e a todos os desenvolvedores independentes, que nos apresentam jogos bem concebidos, sem ter uma equipa grande, com custos e orçamento reduzidos, mas que nos proporcionam algumas horas de jogo tão ou mais agradáveis, que as "grandes produções".
Review from 76561198076650761The game is very good and has a high potential. I love the gameplay. For now my biggest problem was performance. after 2h I had 70 people in my city and the game was running at 5 FPS. I had graphics on very high and 4k resolution.
Review from 76561198139724746i love this sort of game as it is relaxing will not change it is relaxing but i can only get as far as the demo will let you get to need a a update to move on
Review from 76561198049949381Hi! Sugarmill is a very basic small scale city builder that add little to the genre. In fact, it add nothing new. There is no creativity in this game. It also suffers from the same things as other city builders. You spam the map with the same buildings to improve your production and satisfy the needs your pop. Graphically behind compared to other indie games. Mechanicall dull as it brings absolutely nothing new, it only steal other's ideas and uses them like so many other clones and copies of other's work out there. The day-night cycle is dumb since in but a few minute or even one or two minutes depending on game speed, a year has past. So the day-night cycle is completely useless and a waste of resources of the company, even if it is a small thing, that small amount of time could have been used to design an original mechanic instead. Also, the game is all about waiting, you wait constantly, even at x10 speed (there should be a x 50 speed). When you make your players wait they do not play and you lose them. Players want to play a game, not wait in front of a screen... tell me devs, have you seriously played your game for 2 or three hours straight? If not, you should, it will show you how much waiting you do. Do not buy if you already have at least one base or city builder in your Library since it has nothing new it in and everything it has is probably already in your older game, which is probably prettier than this one too. Until they can prove that they are original instead of copying other's ideas, it is a thumbs down for me. Way too boring (especially the waiting and uncreative work).
Review from 76561198074355667I've just played a few hours. It has potential, even on my computer. A bit slow but use to that. The only so far, that bothers me, is it keeps telling me what to do and won't let me just play a sandbox version of it. Rather annoying but you can just go along with it. Slows things down too much tho. I like to experiment with the buildings etc and this just won't let you without causing some issue with the quests. Nice game just need to lose that quest thing and let us play on our own.
Review from 76561198032863220It's a fun relaxing game. Somewhat like Banished
Review from 76561198006734457Unfinished Blurry graphics Bugs
Review from 76561198113067361SugarMill is a game with potential. I love games like Banished and the Tropico series. Unfortunately there are a few things missing. The streets look awesome but you can't remove them for some reason. Also it's strange that it doesn't give a speed bonus. The foodbuildings are kinda stale. Some diversity, like fishing, hunting and husbandry would be welcomed additions. The lighting and nature looks awesome. SugarMill is a game with potential. At this moment it is a lump of coal. With some hard work this game can become a diamond.
Review from 76561198148803738very slow operation takes to long to proceed
Review from 76561198002284958It is not even building when i try to build.... The buildings are dissapearing as well.. pretty strange ??
Review from 76561197992672258Не люблю тупых шуток. Попробовал выйти из игры, чтобы сменить разрешение экрана - попал в меню обязательных хвалебных отзывов об игре (в придачу еще и глючное!). Ха-ха, смешно аж жуть! Авторы, похоже, забыли, что я платил свои деньги не за тупые приколы. Теперь о самой игре. Идея, как и сеттинг игры, интересные. Геймплей - на твердую двоечку. Оформление - паршивенькое. Интерфейс - убогий, непродуманный. Даже толком перевести свой "шедевр" на английский авторы так и не смогли! В целом игра оставляет ощущение дешевки, которая не стоит даже своих 6 баксов. Верх непрофессионализма!
Review from 76561198022765460I have always loved strategy/simulation games and this is one of those that has a lot to offer!
Review from 76561198852842460This is the best game ive ever played perfect for those who like city building simulation and a slight touch of evolution and battles. 100% recomend to anyone. plus high qaulity graphics even on low settings perfect for small gaming laptops.
Review from 76561197972359082I bought this game way back thinking it had some good possibilities but after coming back to it month in and month out hoping that things would get better I finally have to give up. Nothing works as it should just too many bugs to even bore you with. I like the idea of the game but it simply doesn't work! Give it 10 years and the dev if not dead by then he/she might of figured it out! wish I could get my money back.
Review from 76561198031987632Tried this game on multiple occasions, but just never found it enjoyable as a simulation/management/city-builder lover.
Review from 76561198064263576Franchement, on est loin de Banished, on ne peut même pas comparer... Et je joue ou ai joué à des jeux du genre comme Saelig, Foundation, Dawn of Man, etc, bien plus intuitifs et logiques. Quelle que soit la partie que vous commencez, vous devez suivre le didacticiel, même si vous avez déjà testé celui-ci.... Pourquoi ne pas avoir tout simplement "copié" le système de construction sans pour autant être traité de plagiaire et rendre SugarMill agréable ? Je conseille fortement d'attendre des améliorations (en nombre, j'espère). Point positif tout de même, c'est en français "alpha" (hum...).
Review from 76561197999507232 For anyone who has played Banished, you will see a lot of similarities. It's clearly still early access and is lacking some polish but the dev is very active and makes continued improvements to the game. I will stick with this one and watch it's progress over time.
Review from 76561198030980450kinda ugly and i didnt like the whole buy land mechanic.
Review from 76561198060548998this game has the bases of a good builder game as of right now its a bit ruff and has no end game or point just a big sandbox mode as well as, intresting controls, slow moving, building not yet in the game, bugs here and there that you eill fined pretty quickly and the list keep going on as well as the updates have stopped and its been YEARS sent's the last one. so keep all of theses things in mind when you or if you get this game.Also the game dev or dev's have abanded this game to work on there new game sugarwind, witch is this game but better so it seems this is a stepping stone for them that i can not recomend this game at all.
Review from 76561198161946759nada do mostrado em vídeo ou publicidade do game idiomas limitados gráfico não ta legal. 07 de Janeiro 2020 Complementando a minha analise na época negativa ainda continua, poucas atualizações e mudanças para que o game melhore, nem idiomas nov os foram Add realmente já desisti do game a tempo, mas não podia de expressar minha opinião
Review from 76561198072210723Not good can i get a refund
Review from 76561198016121295This game lost interest in few min, poor quality and can you explain me this a christmas time? Why christmas stuff around houses? I do not recommended spend any money and time for this game.
Review from 76561198021143941This game still has a ways to go, but if you're looking for a city builder look no further. I really enjoy the slow pace, but I understand how others won't like that. The UI still needs some cleaning up but other than that this game is very playable. the economic aspects are there, but they're not exactly user friendly at the moment. Maybe in the future part of the game will include running your own fleet of merchant ships or managing a shore-side trading company. It would be really fun if you could found multiple outposts with different focuses and trade between them to create finished goods for sale abroad.
Review from 76561198045975254cool game but worthless till they figure out the population issues you can build tons but eventually people die off and baby dont make up the diffrence
Review from 76561198003050439I stopped playing the game a very long time ago. The game lacks both features and content and I have decided to no longer support this game. If you what to call this a game that is OK but to me it is a bust. Unless the dev addresses the major problems that are still in the game I will not play the game anymore. Buyer beware the game is far from being complete. You be the judge. This is only my review and is based on my experience playing It. The direction that this game continues to go in is based on my playing It. The dev still hasn't addressed the children age issue. The game still lacks modding and the workshop from steam.
Review from 76561198122027666interesting but frequently crash at the moment.
Review from 76561198119597752at first i was enjoying the game it started off fun rather way too easy but still fun. Untill the bugs got in the way of the game play. i know the game is early access and things are still being worked on but the game as it is right now is unplayable after couple hours. it got to the point where construction stopped happening even with having everything i needed to construct the building/s, work stopped being done and i could not even look at the tabs in building like storage building where i could not access my inventory or my dock where i could not look at what i had in there or inport or export goods. For now the game needs way too much work and in my opinion should not be on sale as the game becomes unplayable because of bugs like construction that make it impossible to progress further into the game. im hoping in time i will be able to change my review to possative after a little work but for now is a thumbs down for me.
Review from 76561198272343682needs lots of improvments but after all it's in early access stage and hopefully stuff will get better first impresion: nice city builder/managment game really good for me when i want to chillout on something light and fun you may want to consider waiting for the game to improve before perchasing but I prefered to buy it on early access and so far so good!
Review from 76561198027132549Nice Game.
Review from 76561198018994199The music in this game is exceptionally good, I love it. The look of this game is pretty amazing. The quest system still needs a bit of tweaking though. I can't wait to see how this game develops :)
Review from 76561198018235202This should win the choice award because thats all you do decide choices.
Review from 76561198030766887This game has promise but I can't recommend it in its current stage of development; there are just too many issues. Before I get to my review, however, I need to address some other reviewers: this game does not come close to comparing with Banished. Maybe it will reach that point at some point in the future but not at the moment. Banished is light years ahead of it in everything but graphics. Now, why don't I recommend it? CONS: For starters, it is based on a really weird premise - you must buy land to develop - WHY? Who the heck are you buying land from? There is no one already living where you are building your town. This is one of the more baffling things about the game - and each new section of land you buy increases in price by $3,000 - again for no known reason. But that is a relatively minor complaint. The real issues come when you start playing: A Lighthouse is supposed to increases your port's reputation - but it doesn't. Citizens flat out refuse to die. My current game has a bunch of people who are over 140 years old. This causes severe problems with housing. normally, when people die, young people move into the vacant houses. But when old people refuse to die, young people have no place to live so they don't have kids. If you build more and more houses, you run out of room for other buildings you need and, as previously stated, land becomes increasingly more expensive to buy so you end up with the game in a death spiral financially. Roads do nothing except make your citizens feel better about their community. Your sims won't use the roads; they apparently just enjoy having them there. And the citizens take some kind of bizarre speed drug because if they have to walk very far, they proceed at a normal pace for a short distance then move at warp speed the rest of the way. It is quite freaky to see and I don't recommend watching them if you are on shrooms - you will completely lose it. The graphics may look ok, but nothing is scaled properly. Fields are miniscule in size - your average large shack is bigger in size than a medium field. A BIGGIE: the game has an annoying habit of crashing once you are over 100 citizens so you lose all progress unless you literally save every game year. If you have structures set to build, save and stop playing, when you load the game and resume playing, you will not see the planned builds on the map. If you click on where they were, the build info will still pop up, but if you forget what you were building or where the new structures were placed, there is no way to see what is in the works. PROS: The dev frequents the Discussions pages and responds to input/feedback. As previously stated, the graphics are decent. The overall concept of the game is promising if the dev can work out all the issues. RECOMMENDATION: At the moment, this is a game to FOLLOW and see how it develops. As with most Early Access games, issues are common so if you are looking for a polished end game, this is not it. However, if you like Banished-type city builders/suirvival games, Sugar Mill deserves watching.
Review from 76561198019618474Играть в это невозможно от слова совсем. Графика, музыкальное сопровождение приятные. Но на этом всё. Я молчу, что отсутствует хоть какое-то ознакомление с игрой в начале. Но потом начинается полный мрак. Никаких подсказок почему не происходит то или иное событие. Т.е. есть шахта, и с какого-то года там перестают производить продукцию. Хотя рабочие к шахте прикреплены. Методом тыка вроде стало понятно, что надо поставить рядом дом О.о Рабочим типа далеко идти? Статистика по тому, что из продукции у тебя есть, нет вообще. Надо или лазить по складам, или смотреть в окне добавления товаров на экспорт. Почему не строится та или иная постройка при наличии всех материалов тоже непонятно, вероятно опять рабочим далеко идти. Как образуется рейтинг порта тоже непонятно. торгуешь - понижается, строишь маяк - понижается. Почему пропадают деньги из казны тоже для меня не ясно, народ подворовывает? Либо это недостатки раннего доступа, либо нужен четкий понятный мануал what's going on?!
Review from 76561198020396005UPDATE 2023. No updates in 3 years... This is yet another reason to never pre order or back fundraising. It has bugs and the camera controls are a bit restrictive, but overall not terrible if you like city management/builders. Has A Lot of potential. Possible rival to tropico???
Review from 76561198365283425Recommended not just because this is the type of game that I like to play - Simulation, City Builder, Management, Freedom to play your way. It's still in EA but it is very playable even at this early stage. It must be because I have played almost 100 hrs and still very much enjoying it. What I like about this game is the freedom to build as you see fit, experiment with different starting positions. Graphics are superb and the accompying music fits in very well with the theme of the game. I love the diversity of the buildings too. It's a slow game at the start but it gets extremely entertaining the further you progress. Yes, there are still some bugs but the dev is very keen to receive feedback so he can fix the bugs. The dev is very comitted to this game. Nice timely updates and hotfixes too. From the Roadmap there are lots of additions on the way. What a great game this will turn into and I can see myself building up lots of many hours in Sugarmill. If you like this type genre then this is a must game, not only because it very playable and with a unique setting but it has a dedicated dev behind it. Its improving all the time so there's lots to look forward too. Enjoy Sugarmill and what it has to offer. jd
Review from 76561198210071037good and bad side review good i like the look of some of the features to what you can add and do i do see pertential bad the game is early accsess at the momment however i do not feel that the price for the game should be 14.99 pounds and even when its on sale for 7.99 pounds i feel that this is to high also mainly due to graphics however i noticed a few other issues with the game such as moving around the map would randomly lag my game and making the movements to slow for me im unsure why this happend as i have a decent pc that can play upto date games and very old games and i totally understand that this game is early accsess but it really put me off from playing any more of the game so i requested a refund .. i think the game has pertential with a graphic update plus the issues i mentioned ill maybe rebuy once its out of early accsess .... would i recommend the game .... to be fair as its early accsess i would reccomend however for me at this time its a no
Review from 76561198326649861i think one of the best indie city building game in development. i wait with pleasure next updates
Review from 76561198261307175It is very addictive. I haven't had any problems yet. The only thing is time,it is a good thing for the time speed button.
Review from 76561197965518718This game is really promising. Anyone that like building/management games will like that. Such as banished etc etc. there is good amount of building to build, and lots of items to trade for an EA game. - Farm small/medium/large/extra large both have 5 thing to farm - Dock for trading goods in/out - a good amount of different types of houses - lots of raw material building - production - industry. -just to name a few Taking a look at a few streamer will always be a good thing to do. When I bought the game there was a few issue and they got fixed pretty fast by reporting them. The dev is quite active and open to suggestion. This game as a good potential. Wich is why I recommed it.
Review from 76561197972091986Just bought this game so at this point have very little game time. First impression shows good promise to a really good village sim. The devs seem to really support the game and is one reason I bought it, just by the number of updates in last month. I have already come across a bug in first try. Bulldozer Icon gets left on the map with no way to remove it. If I click on bulldozer again it just gives me a new one with old icon still on map. As I play it more and learn more I will update my review. Would recommend to friends or anyone who likes this type of game. I do hope they add workshop to game and make it moddable later. Update: After playing the game for couple of hours now I find it to be a very enjoyable game. It being early access you will come across a bug, but you can easly report it to the dev with a in game bug report function. Few things I have found missing that I would like to see is that you cannot build a well to get water. You have to trade for it. Maybe add a bath house to promote health, a water tower for storage to supply a large settlement. Introduce illness and injury's to the game and add a docter and hospitial, herbalist to make medicine. Some workers should be at higher risk of injury then others, like miners. A ship should have chance of bringing in a disease. And finally should add some decorations to the game to fill in some empty area's . Things like flowers, trees, benches, fountains, statues. etc.. Game is well worth the $15 price tag to me. Graphics is good at high settings and wouldn't overload a lower end pc. Not everyone has a super computer. If the dev keeps improving on the game in the manner as of now, it will be a great sim that can compete with games such as banished and forest village.
Review from 76561198158305915Great game been playing for around 6 hours and am enjoying greatly if you like banished and other city builders you will love this game.
Review from 76561198001939811Conceptually, better then Banished. Not quite finished, but promising and worth the price today.
Review from 76561198050016554Si vous avez aimé Banished vous aimerez SugarMill. A contrario, si comme moi vous n'avez pas aimé Banished, vous allez avoir du mal avec SugarMill. Oui, dans son état actuel, SugarMill n'est ni plus ni moins qu'un clone de Banished en early access. Bon, il y a quelques détails mineurs qui les distinguent mais c'est tellement peu, essentiellement l'existence d'une monnaie utilisée pour le commerce au lieu du troc (Commerce avec qui d'ailleurs ? On n'en sait rien, peut-être les marchands de Banished ou les Vénitiens d'Anno qui se seraient égarés dans un repli de l'espace-temps. La scénarisation se fait sentir par son absence). Mais comme Banished, SugarMill n'a pas d'économie interne. A quoi sert donc cet argent ? Bonne question ! Et bien à acheter des terrains autour de la parcelle initiale, à la manière d'un City Slyline. Ouais, bof, il fallait bien une utilité au flouze, n'est-ce pas ? Il y a aussi un onglet militaire, qui, de ce que j'en ai compris, propose quelques batiments en vue de prévenir les attaques de pirates alléchés par votre commerce florissant. Tellement fondamental dans l'esprit du (des) concepteur(s) que les pirates sont optionnels à la création de partie. Sans que ce soit réellement étayé par du concret, au vue des listes de construction possibles à ce jour, j'ai l'impression que SugarMill pourrait finir avec un peu plus de bâtiments et de produits que Banished, ça nous aménerait quelque part entre Banished et Banished+Colonial Charter. A condition qu'un prochain patch dote SugarMill d'un vrai générateur de carte, actuellement c'est le service minimum sans aucun paramétrage du terrain de jeu. Dans ce type de jeu, personnellement, je reste déçu par l'absence de personnalité et de gestion des citoyens. A part réagir individuellement aux besoins de base, ils sont totalement désincarnés et interchangeables. En réalité ce qui m'a le plus plu dans SugarMill, c'est l'énorme envie qu'il m'a donné de rejouer aux Tropicos. Voilà, en forçant le trait, je dirais que si vous aimez le city-building un peu moutonno-autarcique dans une optique d'équilibrage plus que d'esthètique, foncez. Si vous vous passionnez pour des aspects plus commerciaux ou logistiques ou politiques ou simplement pour réaliser une ville proprette et jolie tout plein, bah tournez vous vers... euh y'en a plein en fait. A noter, hors de toute considération ludique, un point très positif pour un EA, je vois régulièrement passer des mises à jour de ce jeu. A noter aussi, je n'ai eu aucun bug pendant le peu de temps que je lui ai consacré.
Review from 76561198127032066VERY GOOD GAME
Review from 76561198205152977Looks like a promising game... Graphics is mix between banished and tropico with east america colonial like buildings... Gameplay itself is deep chain production game, basicly you need a nails , you will need to build and set up working iron mine, iron goes to storage, thus storage will need more workers, you will need to produce more food to feed those new people, then next step in a nail progress is smeltery... workesr from a storage will need to bring to iron (just in time ideally) into a smetery, smelt ingots.... and ten finnally after next several steps, you had, finally, nails :D I like this game....
Review from 76561198016419675SugarMill ..... ein Aufbau-Strategiespiel mit leicht Tropicohauch und Banished / Forest Village Charakter ABER Das Geld leider (noch) nicht wert. Die Idee ist gut (nichts Neues dahinter) aber die Steuerung zu hackelig und bei mir ging z.B. die Bulldozerfunktion nicht (die im Tutorial benötigt wird) Die Einstellung der Arbeiter ist (x Arbeiter sind für Bauen zuständig , Y Arbeiter für die Felder usw) ist okay. Es fehlt noch sehr sehr viel und der Spielspass ist schnell weg wenn, wie oben erwähnt zB die Bulldozerfunktion nicht funktoniert. Das Gleichgewicht zwischen Bauen und Produktion ist sehr unterschiedlich. Teilweise zu schnell (Bau) Teilweise sehr langsam (Anbau /Farm) Mit anderen Aufbaustrategiespielen wie Tropico oder CityMotion etc kann es bei weitem (noch) nicht mithalten. Aktuell gebe ich dem Spiel Daumen nach unten Punktebewertung 3,5 von 10 Punkte (ab 5 Punkte gerne Daumen nach oben) Steamsale akutell 9,99 .... ich hab es mir damals für knapp 20 geholt. Es ist noch nicht fertig und der kleine Part bisher nicht gut und schwer spielbar.
Review from 76561198263957139when select a building and than you select a second one without pressing right mouse button than the blueprint stays on the map until you restart the game
Review from 76561198009903018Ok, the good point is that the developers seems to work pretty fast. The bad... The price seems totally not justifiable for a game that is VERY ealry in ALPHA access. THIS is the real problem: why asking for around 20 € for a game that it's clearly very bugged and very, VERY unpolished? I can have faith in the developers, but this game require quite a lot of work to reach that price! The content are still in production, the UI is barely acceptable, there are a number of bugs and the graphic compartment is... not acceptable at all, sorry. In fact, I think quite all of this "problems" could be solved in a good amount of work... but the terrible graphic? The game does not seems to provide much more that an honest genre game, so, why I sould choose this and not Tropico? There are two ways here, for me: 1) Improve ALL the compartment, then this could become an honest 15 € game. 2) Improve ALL the compartment AND doing a lot of work for creating new graphic assets and new world design... then this is a 20-25 € game. For the moment, no, sorry, it features very little to justify a purchasing.
Review from 76561198197588403a good little game I like it, and i play a lot of this type of game keep up the great work man!!!
Review from 76561198052839637I have a soft spot in my heart but for this price words should be, at the very least, spelled correctly. There is only one camera angle, and there is a bit of a software problem where clicking on, say the clock in order to speed up time, can accidentially trigger what ever is behind the clock (ie, it will ask you if you want to buy that piece of land) This game is worth, at most, 5 dollars right now. EDIT: As requested, I am posting a new review. I had to re-download the game to my steam library to do so, but I though hey, I like early access, indie developers. Let's give it another shot. Hey, looks MUCh more polished. Great. Within five minutes, two bugs. First, I could not get the buldozer to work. At all. At times clicking the icon gave me some helpful "hey, right click to cancel, left click to delete" but neither right clicking nor left clicking did anything of substance. Then, while placing a road, I got a notification and upon moving my mouse a giant red area appeared on my map. This area would not go away, did not represent anything, and was such an eyesore that I shut the game down. UI is much cleaner though, now. 6 bucks, then.
Review from 76561198020047026Hey, le développeur m'a envoyé une clé cd pour que je présente le jeu en vidéo. + Prometteur. + Des beaux graphismes. + Successeur de tropico. - Pas assez de contenus. C'est un développeur très sympa. Merci à lui d'avoir collaboré. Soutenez-le !!! Vidéo de présentation : https://youtu.be/igcaMjwqQr4
Review from 76561198049769295Die Grundidee ist nicht verkehrt. Es sieht aus wie ne Mischung aus Tropico und Banished, von daher kann es so schlecht nicht werden. Allerdings kann ich einen Kauf für 20 Euro zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt noch nicht empfehlen. Die Steuerung ist sehr behäbig und die Übersicht läßt auch zu wünschen übrig. Es gibt ne Menge Zahlen, Reiter und Einstellungsmöglichkeiten, aber warum das Gebäude nun nicht gebaut wird, dass ist (für mich zumindest) zu schwer nachvollziehbar. Vielleicht sollte man das Mikromanagement wieder ein Stück weit zurückfahren, zwei, drei Handelswaren und Ressourcen weniger anbieten und sich dafür auf das Wesentliche konzentrieren. Bauen und Handeln. Dann kann das noch was werden.
Review from 76561198020075802Well, it seems like a good idea. I enjoy these kinds of games. Good for the dev's and thanks to rovaira2 for the comment. Just to say (and I think its from still being in development) wait patiently for the sprites to build the building - it says 0% but once the dudes arrive with their barrows, it's 100% done. Tutorial still in development... Graphics at Fantastic give the beaches a funny glow. I like it. Get it done!
Review from 76561197995268369lul even after some updates! still the game looks rough, the design is way too big and dark and grim, the font is so basic, bland and the gui makes me want to pass out, cant recommend the game now so changed to negative. i purchased the game but got a refund, the game was nice but i will wait till its been updated and polished abit before i rebuy it...if i do UI is very basic but the idea is very nice, i still cant recommend the game to city builder fans.
Review from 76561198002189495If you like games like Tropico 5, Banished, or simulation games you probably will like this. This game is early access, so keep that in mind. The graphics have improved since I first posted this review. It's now easier to place a mine, there are now quests in game which make the game a bit more fun, prices now show up on the dock when hitting export, and the game is becoming more enjoyable. TIP: To assign workers, there is abutton on the bottom right (looks like pages), click that button, and then assign workers. I found I had to assign more workers to the masonry to get goods moved to and from buildings. The gameplay itself is very intriguing so far. It's fun to play. There are many products you can make. You can import, and export via the dock many products as well. There is also a pirate threat one you become more profitable (I haven't gotten this far yet). I believe eventually they plan on adding random maps, or more maps at least, but the starting map they give is a pretty good size. You can expand by buying plots of land on the map as well. Children are born, people age, you can click on people and follow them and see what they are carrying as well as details about that person. If you're looking to support the developers I'd recommend this game. If you like this genre of games, I'd also recommend it. If you're tight on cash, you could wait for a little sale, or wait for future updates, but it is fun so far for me, and that's the most critical factor for me.
Review from 76561198115086891I understand that this is still under development, however it is worth knowing what is going on at this time before buying. Graphics are great However, at start of game, it is hard to get population up and keep it up. Building new housing is ok but trying to remove housing or other structures are inconsistantly not happening. after about 4 buildings, then getting production structures to have and do work is also hard to do. I don't know if the Number of Adults reflect the Number of available workers as sometimes they are the same in number and sometimes not You can change names of individual characters but the changes do not follow through to all areas such character enteracts. I think the game gets confused sometimes as to what is going on. I think that eventually this will be a great game, and seeing as they are constantly updating it, it is definately a work in progress. That said, in considering a purchase remember a work in progress means not everything will work right at the moment.
Review from 76561198023452686I really like the direction the dev wants to take this game, but this needed another 4-6 months of devolpment before hitting steam ea. I love these types of games, but for the asking price, theres no way. One flat, empty map. Cant tilt the camera. No visable work being done at buildings. (execpt farm) Bad/Overlapping hitboxes for clicking on buildings. Had to play windowed mode, otherwise game is part off the monitor and doesnt strech to full screen. No paths or roads. Very few buildings. Its hard to say exactly what the performance issues are, but it looks janky/bogged down at times, and some kind of input delay when clicking things thats just throws you off. As bare bones as it gets. Its not a bad game, its just not a functioning game yet. Ill look at it again 6-12 months from now. Refunded.
Review from 76561198012068872Needs a LOT of work. Caveat emptor. Refunded.
Review from 76561198061558260Edit: here is the review video link, and I will upload part of the transcript as well. https://www.youtube.com/upload Overview Sugarmill is a city simulator with an emphasis on economics and resource management. It is currently available through steam as an Early Access game. The developer is Aatlantis Code, and it was released Dec, 2016. The player starts out with a minimal amount of workers, a fixed amount of resources in storage, and the main goal is to survive and prosper as a community. Threats include: pirates, starvation, exodus, as well other concerns. Though there is a pirate threat, it seems there is no PVP in the game yet, but there are military construction options that act as a sort of deterrent. The game offers unique aspects such as resource expiration (like food spoiling), management of carts and carriages to move supplies, and villagers needing places to live—as well as needing their own specific material goods that will continually eat at your resources. All those features being said, it is important to note that as of this date many of these features are still in development and need balancing. graphics The graphics host a traditional top-down view of the game similar to other simulation and RTS games. The game does do a good job on presenting perspective in the correct way on building and villagers, and each building seems visually distinct. That being said, the graphics are basic, and textures could use some further attention. If you scroll around the map you can see vast areas of bland greens with some trees. The graphics do the job, they are simple, but there is no confusion on what and where objects are. It would be nice to see some refinement of textures and an ability to zoom further into the village to see small details. One of the aesthetically pleasing aspects is to see the working running around in busy patterns, and being able to focus on these micro patterns would be quite pleasing. Sound: The sound needs a lot of work. Volume controls are rough and touchy, the soundtrack volumes vary greatly, and various ambient sounds are loud and off-putting, but all that is forgiven in Early Access. 8 One objective concern is the soundtrack itself. On Sugarmill’s website it seems that the music in the game is more than a placeholder, and we may see it as the final product in the game’s soundtrack. The music itself was enjoyable at times, but overall the soundtrack seemed uninspired and bland. There were times where I found myself enjoying the soundtrack, but overall I was not impressed. To me, one thing indie games can do well is the sound. I feel that being small provides a special ability to be flexible with music, and it can really set a game apart from the rest. I feel if this is the music that is going to be used in the final project it is a missed opportunity for the game to set itself apart from its peers. To be clear, I am not calling the music bad in itself, but rather it is not the best fit for this particular game. Plot The game takes place during the 16th century during England’s colonial expansion period in the Caribbean. The actual townspeople come from a crashed ship that washed ashore the island, and all the pressure of surviving is on you the leader. There are two options: reconnecting with the Crown or establishing a permanent settlement on the island you find yourself on. One main goal of the game is to establish a port to allow for imports and exports to allow for your settlement to thrive. This initially takes a long time, and as your port influence increases you receive more clout, and more shipments will come in faster. As your reputation increases, more trade ships will come to support the island. While the main goal is to promote economic prosperity, each advancement your group makes attracts the attention of ever-watching pirates. To deter against this threat your group will develop military outposts and military technologies. Gameplay The game uses a combination of macro and micro controls, and means of player influence is dependent strictly on the allocation of workers. You assign workers to various tasks, and they set up the various resources available for the community. This is a top-down strategy game that focuses on building and workflow management, not specific unit control. Think more like the SimCity series as opposed to Age of Empires or Command and Conquer. The focus is on influence, economy, and security. Though you will construct military outposts, weapons, and dedicate units to defense, there is no actual combat in the game. To my understanding, there is a Pirate Threat threshold that, if passed, will result in an automatic game over. The game in its current form does have some obvious bottlenecks. One main area of concern is in resource gathering. Undoubtedly, the game needs to work through to balance the costs and gather rates to make a more fluid system. As for understanding the mechanics, prepare to learn as you go. There is a complete lack of tutorial and online references currently, and information it limited. There were times where I found myself setting the pace to 10x speed (the fastest in the game) and I still was sitting back twiddling my thumbs—waiting for various resources to gather. I believe this is due largely to the Early Access aspect of the game. Hopefully more balancing will come. The amount of gameplay currently available lacks depth, but the core system this game employs is immense. As it sits now, the amount of content available in the gameplay department is very limited, and every player interested in this game needs to weigh that fact heavily when considering purchasing this game. The Devs have laid out a roadmap for the game, and they state there will be weekly updates on the game every Friday on Steam. The next three major update milestones are set to be December 23rd, Jan 20th, and February 17th. These updates focus on integral components of the game such a balancing, new buildings, and added depth in character mechanics and buildings. A current list can be seen on the game’s website. Conclusion/rating: I played over 10 hours of this game, and I felt I experienced everything it has to offer at its current state. That being said, the development team seems dedicated to listening to its consumer base. I felt encouraged as I played, reporting bugs and making comments was at the forefront of the experience, and as I played the game, it actually had a balancing update. The bottom line: this game is for people that are prepared to have limited gameplay at the moment. Buying this game is more about being involved in the development process, and anyone who has strong passions about the genre may benefit from a purchase. The Steam reviews seem to mostly say the same things: The potential is immense, and the game needs a lot of work in its current state. I give this game a conditional buy status, and anyone interested in the game should consider the scope of the game in Its current state. I hate a great time with this one, and the devs seem passionate about bettering the game. Past Post: Hey, just giving a preliminary outlook. I bought the game today, and so far I am impressed with the mechanics. I am looking forward to doing a full review for the game, and as of right now I would suggest it. I will update this post as I get more hours. Below is a link to some gameplay that is longer than any I’ve seen so far on YouTube. Hope this helps, and I will update soon. Sugarmill Game Giveaway: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Mf9Igi-Xmw
Review from 76561198117391036Unfortunate is the best comment I have for this game. It started off with promise as an Early Access game but: Not much has improved or added to the game... It doesn't add anything new to this genre... They are releasing a spin off of this game in 2021... this game definitely isn't good or complete. I'd probably just sit back and wait for the reviews to improve to see if it gets better but there are a ton of other games that can scratch that itch for city building.
Review from 76561198001563765Banished comes to mind when I played this game. With Early Access, it feels as such as parts of the game remains incomplete. It is playable to a certain extent with resources being able to be extracted an absolute cinch. There are just a few complaints from me at this very moment. When the game is patched up a bit more, I wiil come back to this review to decide a new score. The first complaint has to do with placement of certain buildings, particularly mines. It is quite difficult to discern where a flat terrain starts and a mountaineous region begins. The building rather follows the height of the mountain, making the mine impossible to build even though the required area to be on a flat land is already as such. The second complain has to do with land purchasing. It is impossible to buy some lands that have mountains. It is bad enough the tutorial does not explain how to buy land, but buying some hilly land is downright impossible as the signpost is now hidden inside the hill, impossible to be clicked on. The third complaint is about the laborer system and work queues in most working buildings. The masonry is used to build almost all the buildings in this game. However, there are sometimes the work queue for certain buildings disappear. If you delete the unbuilt structure, the other unbuilt buildings will appear in the queue. This is especially true for pottery workshops. Also, at times, workers in the building will just disappear and appear later in the game. Is this due to the gender of workers? The game is playable to an extent. Again, I will return to it at a more patched period for a review.
Review from 76561198007268219Viel kann man noch nicht sagen, dennoch sieht das Spiel nicht schlecht aus und man kann, für diesen Preis, auf jeden Fall einen Blick riskieren. Offensichtlich ist eine Anlehnung an Banished erkennbar, aber dieses Spiel geht einen Schritt weiter und bietet nicht nur mehr Waren sondern der Schwerpunkt dürfte im Handel liegen. Hier zeige ich einen kurzen Einblick in dieses Game: https://youtu.be/_t-P2mqpIFU
Review from 76561198168764957Just posted a short review and gameplay on YouTube. My initial impressions : The game has great potential. I hope the community doesn't come down too hard on the developer for the current state of the game. Yes, the graphics are pretty basic and the textures are not quite polished, but you have to look beyond that. Having played for a couple of hours now, I see the game has depth, e.g. one of the achievements is to reach 1000 people to unlock new buildings etc, that's pretty intense! Allocation of workers is a bit confusing, I think there needs to be a "professions" menu, because as it stands now you have to highlight every building in order to increase/decrease workers. One thing I did notice is that workers will only go to jobs closest to their homes if the pay is the same in each profession. Only when I increased the pay scale for a farmer did workers go there. The developer has produced a Roadmap of where the game is heading, you can check this out on his website. I'm pretty sure the feedback from people who buy the game will help the developer enormously. He has stated his intentions are to make this game the best in its genre. Let's hope so. One more thing......when a baby is born, get ready for a loud noise that will make you jump the first time you hear it! Finally, give the developer time guys, I think he has something good here if given the time to fine tune it.