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Super Island God VR

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Review from 76561197972577675Just don't. Truly a dead game. Too bad, too. Fun premise.
Review from 76561198067807254nicht fertig wieder mal ein müll early access ohne ein gutes ende.
Review from 76561199255805968не ту игру купил
Review from 76561198050606997great concept some aspects cause one to feel uncomfortable i really enjoy the premise of the game though
Review from 76561197971905574Really like this. It is Populous in VR for those of us ancient enough to remember it.
Review from 76561197997446089I loved the Black & White games. I love this genre, and this game has so much potential. I read a lot of reviews before buying this game, and after a lot of consideration I was still so intrigued by a VR game so close to Black & White that I decided to buy it. But it's unplayable. The first two islands worked alright, clumsy controls but still alright. On the third island one of my lumber workers froze and wouldn't do anything. I couldn't pick him up either, so he just stood there, filling up a villager spot. The other lumber worker carried on, so I just brushed it off as a one time thing. On the fourth island both the lumber workers froze and I couldn't do anything about it. This game is, unfortunately, not finished. It saddens me, since the genre seems like a perfect fit for a VR game. I got it refunded since I'm not able to play without collecting any lumber.
Review from 76561198068116100[b]VR cihazıyla oynayabileceğiniz bu oyunda; kayıp bir ada kabilesinin yaratıcısı rolünü üstleniyorsunuz. Yerleşkeyi büyütmek için çeşitli adımlar uygulayıp, köylüleri yönlendirmeye çalışabilirsiniz. İşlerin yolundan çıktığını düşündüğünüzde ise, köylülerinizi cezalandırabilir veya ödüllendirerek gücünüzü gösterebilirsiniz.
Review from 76561197964636851+Godgame +Hectic -Abandoned -EA Never coming out -Devs got hired by Blizzard apparently? 0/5 Can't recommend game that will never be finished. Even if devs went to Blizz they should still make time to complete this game, OR take it off the store as to not be so scummy. (It was even recently in a bundle) This is right-out a scam. If you liked this review [url=https://store.steampowered.com/curator/33220185-VR-Games-and-Tools/]Click here[/url] and follow for more reviews of VR titles. And [url=https://steamcommunity.com/groups/HonestVR/]Click here[/url] if you want to request reviews on other VR titles.
Review from 76561197969202706Looks to be abandoned
Review from 76561197982882308GAME IS A CON unsupported by dev's that abandoned it DO NOT BUY THIS IS NO LONGER GOING TO BE THE GAME THEY CLAIM
Review from 76561198307923758Abandoned project. Not worth the money at the current level.
Review from 76561197981522553Abandonded project
Review from 76561197969096617This game was fun and entertaining however, I was able to beat the game in less than 2 hours. In it's current state it is a demo with no updates for almost half a year, it looks like abandonware.
Review from 765611982965351860ats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Review from 76561198099283936I thought I had reviewed this game, but I have not, which is my own loss. This is one of the first games I purchased for the Vive when it was first released and it quickly became one of my favorites. It's someone short and simple but very interesting and you could easily spend hours playing. The developers just updated this game on July 4th, Freedom Day, and because of that this game is not dead. I for one am extremely excited to see what the future of this game holds for everyone. I hope people who gave negative reviews because of the inactive development will change theirs to refelct that. Buy this! 10/10 I was going to change my review because the devs had abandoned it, but someone picked it up and has done a lot of work. If you were on the fence, now is a good time to buy.
Review from 76561197993601251sorry but this is just bad. if you did hide some gameplay behind this user experience: i couldnt find it. Im gonna refund and i cant recommend this at this point.
Review from 76561198024088656abandonware do not buy
Review from 76561197998478588This is a fun little game, it had some issues and the developer vanished for many months but it is getting updates again so I am switching my review to buy.
Review from 76561198039836745I never write reviews, but I feel kinda obligated to do so on this one. I agree with others, in that this game had a TON of potential, but appears to have been abandoned (no updates since 2016). If the dev releases future updates, or if you are REALLY interested in playing a God simulator game even if you only about 2hrs worth of it, then this game would be worth it. As is, despite being someone who loved Black and White, I'm really glad I got it on sale, and I'm still not sure I got my money's worth. ** UPDATE 7/4/17: So this game just got its first update in a LONG time. It is a very minor one, but it is an update nonetheless. I still feel like I can't recommend it given the long delay between updates, but if we see an actual content update in the near future, I will definitely be switching to a thumbs-up.
Review from 76561197992353536Gonna ask for a refund for this one, No patches for almost a year now, last patch was holiday themes. Game is abandonded.
Review from 76561198219162668It's a really cool game and it has loads of potential, but there haven't been any updates for 4 months now and the developers don't respond to people in the discussions anymore. At the moment there are 10 levels you can play and they get harder at the end. But the last one seems like it is impossible to win it in time. So there isn't that much content and the developers don't seem to be active anymore. If this game got some more content I would recommend it but I can't now. EDIT: A new update dropped with some fixes and a small addition. But this update didn't add new levels which is disappointing. I hope they will add some new content soon so I can give a positive review. I played it for about 9 hours and played some levels again, I even let other people play it. But even though it's a nice game, it's not worth the money at the moment.
Review from 76561198060340597Very fun game with lots of potentual. Gave me a bit of a Black and White vibe. There is a pretty fine line on the management side of things, it's easy to be working on doing something and not realise that they are not getting enough food etc. Definitely worth a go if you fancy building some villages as a God shaped as a pair of hands. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lu2-yYBsQM&t=2s
Review from 76561198229628556juego entretenido, con ua tematica parecida a los clasicos "black and white" para pc, en los que seremos un dios de un pueblo y tendremops que ayudarlos a desarrollarse, dejo un gameplay de el, saludos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dGBWM8kRnc
Review from 76561197967487108Played Super Island God for 15 minutes, then returned. The game requires a lot of movement, scaling and rotation to navigate your surroundings; in a way that gave me more motion sickness than any other VR game I've played. Additionally, the game is clunky and lacks the detail/charm that games like Black & White had. Conceptually it's a great idea, but it's a bit more "early access" than I'm willing to pay for. I look forward to a more finished experience.
Review from 76561198013590723This is a fun little God simulator. The basic premise is short levels with very set objectives. This does keep the levels from getting draw out, or boring. However, I was expecting something with a bit more leniency or creativity. Kind of more along the lines of a RTS game. Instead it sometimes feels like a mobile game with its short levels and three star rating system. Still a fun game, and I'm looking forward to see where it goes.
Review from 76561197987939081A fun little village game, but there's not much to it at this time, total of 5 types of building and 2 different spells. Missions revolve around achieving a specific goal within the 10 minute time limit, which means it's more about working out which specific order to build things, though with your limited building options it doesn't take long to work out. Taking your time you'll beat this game within 2 hours with ease. I like the potential of the game and while it is simple now there are plenty of ways the developers could make it much more entertaining and engaging (Though the 10 minute time limit would probably restrict their options somewhat). I will recommend this game but I would wait a little longer, the 9 levels currently in game aren't particularly challenging even if you're trying to get the bonus medals.
Review from 76561197991490931I loved Black and White back in the day and this game is pretty much what i wanted from a vr god sim. Could do with a free mode but works really well. Would feed my villagers to a volcano again.
Review from 76561197971445969As others have pointed out, the controls instantly bring Black and White to mind. This game is very early in development and some things are more or less broken at the moment, but it certainly has the potential to be awesome later down the road! Edit: Turns out the game was abandoned and never took off = thumbs down :(
Review from 76561197998070174EDIT: Games been abandoned, do not buy. No updates in 6 months, and even then, nothing significant. I understand its a small indie project, but the money the developer made off the initial purchases should've funded more updates. He took the money and ran.
Review from 76561197982542007I think the motion needs some work. I got nauseous at about 20 minutes in from the moving the world. Maybe seated is better than standing in this one.
Review from 76561197963819455So much potential for this game, but plagued by difficult and/or buggy control scheme. The missions are pretty straight forward and the game reminds me a lot of Populous. There's not a whole lot to do just yet that I can see, but a sandbox mode will make this game a fun waste of time. The graphics are perfect for the current generation of VR, and interacting with world objects feels smooth and responsive. My only complaint is the movement controls, zooming in and out, and changing elevation. 9 times out of 10 the controls just refuse to work for me as depicted in the instructions. Given some missions have you moving around putting out fires this is a problem. If the controls can be smoothed out and more content added (as this is early access) then there's definite potential here.
Review from 76561197988505763Edit: Updated my review from almost 4 years ago. The game had a great foundation at the time, but it has clearly been abandoned so I cannot recommend. Leaving my original review for reference. I will say that overall I really do like this game. For being early access it has a decent amount of content, especially compared to other VR titles. This game has a solid foundation and I am excited to see what else they add. I did want to throw out a few things I would like to see or at least considered: -Being able to unassign villagers from a role. I would like to be able to pick up a fisher and make them a blank slate if need be. Maybe you could pick up a villager and shake your hand back and forth to do this? -As resources get used and you move, it would be great to be able to destroy things like the lumbermill or quarry and get some sort of resource return on them as you look to build one elsewhere -More miracles would be great. Things such as fireball, healing, etc. -A tutorial would be nice to kind of explain the basics of the game and maybe even some of the more subtle things. I am stuck on level 5 and I can't say I know what the temple does. On that note, could be beneficial to have tool tips when looking at these items in the menu. -I hope graphics options and especially super sampling is added into the game soon. This game doesn't use much of my GPU and it would be great to be able to make this game more crisp. -I will add that I would like a freeplay mode, but it looks like that is a feature coming soon. Kudos to the devs for adding this. These are just suggestions after playing the game for a bit, but I figured it couldn't hurt to pass them along. Overall, I have high hopes for this game and I hope the developers keep adding to it. One of the best VR experiences I have had so far.
Review from 76561198122180903一款蛮有意思的游戏,一半沙盒,一半RTS 画风、题材、交互方式、游戏映射出的哲理都是加分项 我们在游戏中是上帝,每个岛屿的上帝 我们要运营好整个岛屿的发展 完成任务解锁关卡 游戏中的资源有很多,比如木头、粮食、天然气(我瞎起的一个名字。。)、石矿等 造房子需要木头、石矿,木头石矿需要农民去开采,农民会消耗粮食,这些是一个系统 所以它并不是一个逻辑简单的游戏,人员分配是需要取舍的 游戏中还会出现天灾,消耗你一定的资源 每个关卡我们的任务都不同,有的是收集满多少木头,有的是造满多少人口 这里就不多剧透了 每个岛屿上还有一个类似于彩蛋的东西 前两关分别是金币和金戒指,需要你在岛屿中寻找的 找到之后的惊喜都快让我高潮了 这游戏给我印象最深刻的一点是 我们如何对抗天灾 游戏想传递的信息是 面对小型的灾害我们还是有办法解决的 但是如果人类太过分了 大自然很生气 人类是非常渺小的 毫无反抗之力 到时候就要血偿了 开发者用一个游戏来提醒我们珍惜地球 思维层级一下高出了其他游戏很多
Review from 76561197970660739This is exactly what a VR game should be. Very addictive.
Review from 76561198040840517Check out our in-depth review @ https://vivereport.com/2016/11/25/super-island-god-vr-making-sacrificial-offerings-fun/ Super Island God VR presents a solid concept. The premise is pretty simple, you grow a population of villagers, direct them in building structures, and assign them duties to achieve a specific objective. You'll find the increasing level of difficulty in the objectives pleasantly surprising. We recommend this game to those who not only want to be almighty and powerful, but also enjoy solving puzzles and maybe learn some anthropology basics!
Review from 76561198495027134游戏是好游戏,就是老要低着头,脖子受不了了。
Review from 76561197969550046cute fun worth the dough buy it!
Review from 76561197983451227This is a fantastic game! I'm sure you can see from other reviews, it is very "Black & White" minus a creature (which I don't mind). You get 6 levels to play, each with an exponential increase in difficulty. (I just beat level 4, and the time attack is just "finish the level"). My only complaint is I would like to see difficulty settings (but only because I actually want a sandbox mode). It can be deflating after building a great little village and almost completing an objective, only to hit the 10 minute mark and have to start all over. :( :( :( I'm a huge fan of city builders and this application of VR really nails it. Hopefully we can get a huge island and sandbox mode to just transport into, away from reality, and make the perfect tribe. Super Island God is the most immersive VR game I have played yet, and I attribute it to the "FLYING" movement mechanics, instead of teleport-to-move mechanics. However, for this reason, I don't recommend this as your very first VR game, as the flying can be very nauseating until you get used to VR. It is early access, so it has its quarrels: ~The food rate info also seems broken/non-intuitive, possibly will get fixed soon? ~Stutters a little on the 970, but is extremely immersive and great for it's price. Also I recommend changing your chaffeur colour to red or something else dark, as I bumped into a lot of things while playing this because the default colour dissapears into the friendly island colour scheme. TL;DR : Best VR Game I've played, Fly to move (not teleport), only 10 minutes of play per level (then you lose), needs a sandbox mode (or not 10 minutes), very fun God Sim (like Black & White).
Review from 76561197968099136Don't buy this game it is abandonware.
Review from 76561197971071859First off this is a great RTS styled god game! Truly fun and exciting gameplay. I had an issue with it though. With the top down view (constant zooming in and out), plus menu on the left control moving about, i could only play for 3 levels before getting motion sick. Problem is most often i'd leave the menu open instead of closing it. Nonetheless, a little puke is definitely worth the game. :D
Review from 76561197970719258I really enjoyed the Sims aspect of building my village and assigning workers. The little secrets hidden in the game are quite fun as well. The levels are pretty quick but that works out well for VR.
Review from 76561197970197230NICHT MEHR KAUFEN! WIRD NIE MEHR FERTIG! Also muss grundsätzlich anfangen: Gameplay ist super macht spaß und ist echt witzig umgesetzt. Grafik ist soweit gut und okay, Anleitung wünschte ich mir mehr! Aber nun zu meiner Bewertung warum ich das Spiel nicht empfehlen kann ist ganz einfach zu erklären zum einen ist der Preis doch recht hoch zum anderen der Beginn ist einfach, steigert sich sau schnell im schwierigkeitsgrad (den man nicht verändern kann). Und die Ressurcenknappheit nervt einfach nur. Hier wäre wie bei Black & White schon eine möglichkeit schön wo man selbst noch die letzten 25 holz oder stein sammeln kann wenn man keinen Steinbruch/holzfäller hat. Potenzial auf jeden fall aber 6 Level sind sehr kurz, nach 4h Spielzeit ist nahezu alles geschafft... Mittlerweile gibt es 8 Levels, nach einem update, aber immernoch äußerst kurz.. Weiterhin nervig ist das es keinen endles Mode gibt. Wünschte auch mehr möglichkeiten an Gebäuden und Wundern, Es gibt an Gebäuden: Hütte, Holzfäller, Steinbruch, Farm (stattdessen ab und an Fischerhütte und ein Monument die Wunder sind noch begrenzter: Regen, Gewitter und für ein Level noch Sonneneinbruch Außerdem wäre ein Haustier oder helfer echt super.. Außerdem muss man auch sagen die Einweisung ist äußerst kurz gehalten. Muss sagen habe äußerst gemischte Gefühle zu dem Spiel, zum einen das beste VR game was ich besitze, zum anderen einfach nur ungenutzes Potenzial und der wiederspielwert ist somit äußerst gering, im gegensatz zu B&W welches man nach jahren einfach nochmal zocken möchte.. EDIT: Inzwischen seit über einem Jahr keine Updates und kein DEV mehr online. Das Game wird niemals mehr fertig werden!
Review from 76561198343889715好好玩啊!~
Review from 76561198084373744关卡太少了....等我全三星出个视频
Review from 76561198046743137[strike]It's a cool idea, and the gameplay is nice and all, but the game will crash if you place too much stuff apparently.[/strike] The devs for this game are amazing! I posted this review earlier today, and Geoff spent the whole day pushing updates and messaging me until the crash but was finally fixed! Now I can act out my desire for power over an uneducated tribe without worries!
Review from 76561198013014545Really fun concept, the game as of right now is fun and playable. Is it worth 15 bucks in early access... Meh. If they add more content than for sure. Maybe a sandbox mode? I am not disappointed with the money I spent.
Review from 76561197975605935Were you a fan of the classic of the game Black & White and missed playing God? Well Super Island God VR brings back the game we remember! With a stylized approach with the graphics, and fantastic motion control handling. Definitely one of my favorite VR games already!!! Check out the gameplay here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfdshrK0JFU
Review from 76561197971087006Really excited to see how this improves over time. Would like to see the grip buttons used for movement and zoom instead of the triggers... so you could have menus open and still move around the world. Also had issues with trying to move and grabbing something instead.
Review from 76561197990860361HEllo, Everyone I really enjoyed this game, and I don't normally like regular RTS's, but in VR they seem to work VERY well. Check out my video gameplay here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m700VPTnnVw&feature=youtu.be&a
Review from 76561198151853830这款游戏的特色在于你是神,没错,你就是一个不折不扣的神God,这算什么特点呢?听小编一一给您道来,像很多RTS游戏都会有一些灾难系统,游戏中发生了瘟疫、火灾、地震等等,玩家需要找人治病、灭火、赈灾等等,但是这款《Super Island God VR》游戏则不同,因为你是神,发生火灾,你可以直接下雨,想要摧毁什么,你可以直接降下一道闪电(不知道会不会有人被闪电劈了之后直接渡劫了,哈哈)把建筑摧毁,甚至你觉得这个人不合你的法眼,你直接给他扔了也是可以。你就是独一无二的神,只要你开心,你想做什么都随意。 小编玩这款游戏的时候,突然想说把这个世界弄得天翻地覆怎么样(你是神啊),想到之后小编就开始做,小编就开始各种破坏,然后破坏着的时候,突然拔起了一根巨大的萝卜,萝卜下面还有一个隐藏的金币,不得不说,这真的给小编带来了惊喜,所以,在玩这款游戏的时候,各位神们一定要看好,说不定你一个不注意就把隐藏物品给错过了。还有像什么你把你的臣民扔进火山之后会有彩花是什么鬼,哈哈哈。 好了,说回正题,这款游戏,小编具体时长是不太清楚,但是小编估计游戏时长不会少于20个小时的,绝对是一款诚意满满的作品。 完整评测:http://pc.87870.com/pingcenr-16179.html
Review from 76561198338798534My original issue with frame loss has been resolved with the recent update Geoff did, so I am changing my review.
Review from 76561197964889227I played the first three levels, about 40 minutes of content. This game shows a lot of potential to be a fantastic god game in VR. If you've played Black & White, From Dust, or Godus, this is the same idea. This game is still *very* much in Early Access, but the core mechanics for fun are almost there. I had a good time setting up my town in VR, flinging objects across the map, casting miracles, assigning workers, putting out fires... I think the majority of its flaws currrently could be attributed to the fact that it is an early game, so I'm looking forward to watching this mature.
Review from 76561197972528779UPDATED: This game has promise! I absolutely enjoy the full 'Black and White' style gameplay. At this early stage the AI is simplistic and even the instructions are really unclear for objectives on occasion, but I am digging it. Can't wait to see more! ORIGINALREVIEW: I realize this is early access, but it isn't even stable enough to try out. When my game loaded the UI stuttered constantly, making me feel slightly ill. There are no graphical options that I could find, but I eventually found the controls - fairly intuitive. When I finally started the first level, it was virtually unplayable due to the graphical glitches and frame drops. The icing on the cake is when you try to exit - the game goes into full glitchy epilepsy mode that actually made me so queasy that I removed my headset. (Specs for the devs: i7-4790k, 16GB mem, 8GB R9 390 - well within requirements.) EDIT: I have decided to keep the game. The developers seem to be very responsive and quick to fix, so I'll check this game out later on in the development process.
Review from 76561198298025584《超级岛屿之神VR》是一款沙盒模拟类的VR游戏,游戏适配于HTC Vive。玩家成为了岛屿上的神明,拥有一切属于神明的权利:给予岛上人们文明的火种,教会它们建造房屋、农田,甚至于降下天雷来惩罚人们、降雨等等。   作为一款VR游戏,它的制作是相当不错的。我们可以看出游戏的画面十分具有艺术感,尽管采用了切面式的像素风格,但是每一个切面都是经过推敲、十分合理的。玩家甚至可以将地面上的人类抓在手中细细把玩,看着它们软软小小的身子在手中扭动。   每局游戏都有十分钟的限时,但却没有写明明确的通关条件,这是问题之一,而且游戏有时会出现卡顿、死机的现象,也希望制作方可以加以改进。 http://www.83830.com/game/201611/100140086.shtml
Review from 76561198265196905Game has alot of potential, not played it for too long yet but it's a fun game. would it be possible to add an option that instead of holding the thigger to drag yourself around the island you use the side grip buttons as i keep trying to pick something up but dragging myself instead. Thanks, Kevin.
Review from 76561198271159110Very good,but,If you add in Chinese,So much the better.I hope the developers to see.
Review from 76561197963322624Here is my first time gameplay video: https://youtu.be/zVQqvu1n3aI I also review other VR games on my channel: www.youtube.com/user/rpatenaude I really enjoyed this game! It's definitely like no other VR experience I've had yet. It took me a minute or two to figure out stuff but caught on quickly after. The controls are pretty easy to get use to and the game runs smooth. The village people are funny and derpy and I like the little noises they make. There were parts where they would get stuck doing work and block others from turning in their resources but it only happened a few times and was resolved by me scooting the person aside which would get them back on track. Definitely look forward to more miracles!
Review from 76561198018908882Keeps crashing on second lvl. Please fix. The game itself is really fun. Hope there will be more miracles in the near future.