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Europa Universalis IV: Evangelical Majors Unit Pack

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Review from 76561198076468976Thx for free content!
Review from 76561198930124980yes
Review from 76561198155845900.
Review from 76561198150629957p社只配差评
Review from 76561199023369998Grand Theft Auto V
Review from 76561198157722947evangelised
Review from 76561199211487206好好好
Review from 76561199059169580Thanks, it's free!
Review from 76561199085074903БЕСПЛАТНО, НЕ ВЕРЮ!
Review from 76561198375129600免费的
Review from 76561198319208559👍
Review from 76561199364867009free
Review from 76561198312966541maneiro,
Review from 76561199416315469Daora, adiciona as roupinhas dos suecos que e top!
Review from 76561199177177046你們這群卑賤無恥的猶太奸商都應該下地獄!這也太被刺了吧,一個昂貴的遊戲你竟然22元就送!
Review from 76561198047478034There's So Many DLC's to this game that i almost thought it was MSFS there for a minute. smh
Review from 76561198189687994chujowe
Review from 76561198023715278The Evangelical Majors Unit Pack is free and comes with the Catholic Majors Unit Pack. These unit packs add new sprites to most of the European major powers and include sprites for several eras of history. This pack gives sprites to France, Brandenburg/Prussia, & Sweden, and the Catholic Majors Pack gives sprites to Austria, Spain & Poland. All of these are major powers that show up a lot in Eu4 games so there is no reason not to have these packs installed.
Review from 76561199314360132
Review from 76561197998455758Maybe not the best content. But free dlc is free dlc.
Review from 76561198046377846God be praised good?
Review from 76561199143880143
Review from 76561198829251111Gratis
Review from 76561199041694173its free
Review from 76561198124810228di gratis tá otimo
Review from 76561199211811144111
Review from 76561198260517806БЕСПЛАТНО
Review from 76561198846212855666666666666666666666
Review from 7656119891656742910/10
Review from 76561198409058882你调价,我调评价。
Review from 76561198041190503The units look nice.
Review from 76561198058466700nice
Review from 76561198329759831me wants more of this :)
Review from 76561199243786108Krass
Review from 76561198051640982Remember when they made FLC for EU IV? If you're here, now you do.
Review from 76561198013594838Nice game
Review from 76561197984821036Free stuuuff! :D
Review from 76561198081022723Good game but i'm waiting for Turkish Language to change my vote.
Review from 76561198123305993We’ve been trying to reach you about your car’s extended warranty
Review from 76561198301155157free
Review from 76561198142770870De graça até injeção na testa!
Review from 76561198033982035no
Review from 76561198146550204There is limit, dont try to translate this rewvwiue i dont fuking care withouout full Accessories its like shit on stick good luck lick it fuuuuuugots
Review from 76561198055696887One of the few DLCs that's actually worth its price
Review from 76561198824012286Free skins from Paradox so it's definitely worth grabbing.
Review from 76561198240866654dude its free, get it or u are smol brain.
Review from 76561198063663146Content? FOR FREE!?!?!
Review from 76561198129260406'free' but these don't even show up for me in game. BRUH.
Review from 76561198018956539Reskins that are free!
Review from 76561198164576853Free Paradox DLC... someone must've been fired...
Review from 76561199031510076За 0 гривн самое то,одно из лучших длс рассматривать по цена-качество
Review from 76561198160371147we need chinese
Review from 76561199034349166i think its just sweden and Brandenburg not sure if its anymore interesting then that
Review from 76561198365748098Bir Brandenburg bağımlısı olarak diyebilirimki, brandenburg oynuyosanız alın xD
Review from 76561199006636078+ nıce
Review from 76561198061301757I recommend
Review from 76561198272091170Nice set of units and hey its free.
Review from 76561198102866428Great
Review from 76561198059259945Лайк )
Review from 76561198119195014Literally it's free. Why you looking in the review section?
Review from 76561198029014826No Surrender The Pope's a Bender
Review from 76561198202547630Freeeeee
Review from 76561198108425988好好好
Review from 76561197961875632Pack de skins d'unités pour la France, le Brandebourg et la Suède Et gratuit, profitons-en!
Review from 76561198425188165i mean its free also cool units for prussia
Review from 76561198163243158If only all the skin DLCs are free, this game would receive a better rating.
Review from 76561198202262611its free, too bad not much else of the dlc is
Review from 76561198272699092Its free
Review from 76561198216321348It is free???yeah!!!!!免费就是好!!!怎么可能不好???p社的东西能免费不是很难能可贵吗???
Review from 76561198204181101esta chimba la de ulm
Review from 76561198452468701四级兵模做的太水了,站姿动作很别捏。 不过既然是免费的还是给个好评了。
Review from 76561198084542156Turkish language please
Review from 76561198246749262top quality
Review from 76561198191189787[b]Europa Universalis IV için sunulan bu ek paket ile birlikte oyunumuza İsveç, Prusya ve Fransa ülkeleri için sunulan sekiz adet yeni evanjelik birimi ekleniyor. Eğer Europa Universalis IV oynuyorsanız ve oyun içi çeşitliliği artırmak istiyorsanız kütüphanenize eklemenizi tavsiye ederim. Daha fazla inceleme için; https://store.steampowered.com/curator/28040015[/b] https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2756206986
Review from 76561198985162798Üç ülke için yeni birimler ücretsiz gelmiş.
Review from 76561198148355334Bardzo ładne modele postaci wzbogacające to co widzimy na mapie.
Review from 76561198083218401免费的就是最好的!
Review from 76561198860096688免费就好
Review from 76561198250273290It’s free, what’re you expecting?
Review from 76561198796943746Darmowe, to biere
Review from 76561198273361772It is free so why not
Review from 76561198065647414The unit pack is free, so you probably should just get it.
Review from 76561198303185080good
Review from 76561198025874083Most of these Paradox DLC's aren't free, and overpriced for what they add to the game. This is what you should be doing with content for your customers who have already paid enough for the base game; or worse for the DLC's that can run you in the $100's combined. You are not giving away the base game, so why do you run a pricing scheme like a free to play- pay to win? $10-15 for a DLC that adds less than some free mods drives away business in the long term. This is an example of what you should do.
Review from 76561198409386959freaking prots getting this dlc for free meanwhile i need to pay for caths reselling 100 lol what
Review from 76561198389734978İT'S FREE 10/10
Review from 76561198277076690Don't know how they fucked up the download, but atleast it's a free update - unlike most updates from Paradox...
Review from 76561198424492141It's free
Review from 76561198288433617Protestanten sind doch wahrlich merkwürdige Zeitgenossen.
Review from 76561198099262890It's free, and they look nice!
Review from 76561198313314807好游戏,但dlc数量,定价与发行商行为决定了不可能会推荐任何dlc。
Review from 76561198313834876we need chinese
Review from 76561198300884241Ура, бесплатные юнит паки.
Review from 76561198092404013,,Kuj żelazo póki gorące" W kwestii Paradoxu oznacza to, żeby nabyć coś od nich jak najszybciej, póki jest za darmo (jeśli oczywieście w ogóle jest za darmo)
Review from 76561198092486626nah chief.
Review from 76561198383752553Great Play, enjoy France and Moravia
Review from 76561198327002793不是针对游戏,是针对瑞典最近的辱华行为。瑞典政府不道歉,此差评不消。
Review from 76561198059554921It free
Review from 76561198240136878Very good historical game!
Review from 76561198030514887Would be nice if they would fix the catholic majors dlc unit pack so it works...