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Pathfinder Adventures - Rise of the Goblins

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Review from 76561197995379071Just as I was getting into the campaign it is done. Way too short. I was hoping for a full campaign like for the other one but I guess you can just play that with the Goblin variants. They're great by the way.
Review from 76561198051711382The character portaits in the actual fights are just your normal portraits, fighter, wizard, etc, just with a tiny gobblin icon over it. That's just lazy. Why include the the new art, but not bother to update the button icons?
Review from 76561198147655519Free for Obsidian Edition owners. A fun revisitation of the first RotR campaign, this time from the Goblins' perspective. Ranzak the pirate (Con/Dex) excels at exploring, sharing boons with the party and redirecting banes to other characters, while Poog has a more typical battle cleric profile (Wis/Str) completed by useful feats. The 11 classic heroes are also available for the new campaign in goblin shape with tweaked skills and new powers. The campaign itself (five scenarios) offers a decent bang for your bucks in terms of length and challenge, but it's the humor and the smart refresh of RotR cards which make it great. Most heroes take themselves very seriously - the Goblins just want to stab dogs and burn toilet cabins. Most heroes take on necromancers and dragons - the Goblins try really hard to defeat aging farmers and ride piglets. Say goodbye to the usual high fantasy drama - welcome to the Licktoad Tribe!