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Princess Maker 2 Refine - Original Soundtrack (Complete Edition)

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Review from 76561198072817955曲データのフォーマットが統一されていない。 大半の曲のサンプリングレートは44.1kHzだが、チョコチョコと48kHzが混じっている。 うちの再生環境に於いては、プレイヤーだけじゃなく,それ以外の機材もごちゃごちゃ再設定しないと聴けない。 マスタリングもやっつけ仕事感を感じる音質。LossyなMP3だし。
Review from 76561198401974909很棒的音乐集,老版本的BGM很有年代感。
Review from 76561198449421837listening everyday =) cute and retro chiptunes!
Review from 76561198029672149It's good to have PC98 and FM-Towns version, EXCEPT the DOS version needs some mastering, for some tracks, it clips like crazy! And you should have also included MT-32 version! Who can deny that MT-32 was the best MIDI module of that time? For players that want to hear MT-32 version, get yourself DOS* version of the game, there will be a folder named MTMIDI. Inside you can find same MIDI files but tailored for MT-32. Grab and play them with MUNT MT-32 Emulator. But still, I'd recommend the soundtrack. CFK, please include the MT-32 version! Edit: * apparently it's earliest Windows version, not DOS.
Review from 76561198013414625Very nice OST, each version of the soundtrack is laid out nicely on separate discs and tagged properly. I would like a FLAC version but mp3 320 is acceptable especially with the sheer number of tracks (38 * 4 = 152 tracks).
Review from 76561198062722704非常棒,4个版本的OST全都包含了
Review from 76561198051322981整体下来有1G多点的容量,4大机型的OST都包括了,满满的诚意啊! 虽然我当年没福气听到MT-32,但是现在有这套OST也是值回票价了!