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Eternal Destiny - Demon's Casket: The Seven Sins

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Review from 76561198028325917Like the 3rd DLC, Hua Mei and Sylphy acknowledge your existence unlike the first two DLC where it looked like Hua Mei was the lead. That said, in this one, your presence has muted Hua Mei's slightly because it's less about her and more about you professionally fulfilling your mission. She still has her moments to shine, but it's less blatant than the first two DLC where Hua Mei thoughtlessly charges in to each situation and created all sorts of chaos that further revealed the character. That said, storytelling, this is a step up from the 3rd DLC where it was just action-ey. Here the story is laid out in a proper format so it doesn't feel frantic or stilted. Plus it does manages to insert an air of mystery like in the 1st DLC where not everything is as they appear. It makes you eager to see the next DLC to see if this mystery will be resolved. The 2nd and 3rd DLC are more standalone in this respect when they close their chapter without any loose threads.