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Review from 76561198342887378h
Review from 76561198031118049para los amantes del mundo dragon ball :D
Review from 76561198418491018潮爷真棒!!!
Review from 76561198122078687yo
Review from 76561198861808385雖然沒有玩過所有的七龍珠遊戲,但這款遊戲真的強烈推薦給喜愛七龍珠 的朋友!!!
Review from 76561198304853942????
Review from 76561198091230053我去 居然是青木 潮爷。 喜欢电音的不要错过了
Review from 76561198334561434没安装
Review from 76561198043063187I Think it was vary cool and its free :D
Review from 76561198264580722cool
Review from 76561198397393900Who can tell me where this man is looking for? 谁能告诉我这个人在哪里找?
Review from 76561198296245469I Kinda Want all my Money Back Because I Dont Play This Very Often Anymore but i still like it but its there for nothing now so can i pls have my money back?
Review from 76561198798691812esta chido
Review from 76561198442805868sim
Review from 76561198176897839chujowe
Review from 76561198409410569完全不知道是什么鬼,反正免费哈哈
Review from 76561198164587769Soy el único comentario en este DLC, no entiendo porque no tiene ningún análisis, es un DLC free y que te añade cero cosas, 10/10
Review from 76561198072848107awesome!
Review from 76561198354694739LOL That's cool music. :D
Review from 76561198424914108GVSGFSF
Review from 76561198271758100nice songs
Review from 76561198079849590Dude, this is way better than that circus music... Steve Aoki is legit anyways. 100!
Review from 76561198051136047This music is crap. There, I said it. It's free, I guess, but my god I wouldn't recommend it anyways. I keep trying to refund my $0, but Valve just looks at me like I'm retarded, or something.
Review from 76561198189073103For what it's worth, a good addition to the game. Just wish there had been more remixes (Dragon Soul, Dan Dan Kokoro Hikaru Teku, etc.)
Review from 76561198014788793its one of those where you have to be into the genre in order to really appreicate it but yhe only problem is you have to talk to this every time you do anything to get the music back.
Review from 76561198308538060It gives me life.
Review from 76561198064568395[table] [tr] [th][h1] My Playthrough [/h1][/th] [th][/th] [/tr] [tr] [td][h1]The Review[/h1][/td] [td]This should have been in the base game.[/td] [/tr] [/table]
Review from 76561198353028016The music is amazing. hope somebody makes a 1 hour version
Review from 76561198347391613Норм
Review from 76561198256087389Hehee
Review from 76561198087983883He is a pretty good DJ!
Review from 76561198095341535你是龙珠迷可以玩
Review from 76561198165636225完全不知道这个是什么鬼
Review from 76561198073229314This DLC is free, so why not get it? While the music is not my taste (Dubstep), it gives you the aoki stick vehicle (selected under settings>vehicle settings) which is basically the first vehicle but 10x faster, its alot faster than flying and makes for a great addition and also making this dlc worth it! One thing to note though is that the handling on it is terrible, so only speed up when youre going in a straight line or something similar
Review from 76561198321205669i think he need cake attacks
Review from 76561198118052470Suck's
Review from 76561198368685540Q键进游戏有时候失灵啥原因,不过又是很好玩,平行任务和专家任务有点难。
Review from 76561198030430747WoW ,i like it. Nur schade das es nicht in der Schleife leuft.
Review from 76561198105708537It's really good if you like Aoki's music in general.
Review from 76561198262420798Dlc interessante ,musicas bem divertidas
Review from 76561198188122274ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 노래는좋음 ㅋㅋㅋ
Review from 76561198098589543Dev: Do you guys remmeber that really awesome sounding remix of cha la head cha la we got flow to do? Other Devs: Yeah what about it? Dev: How about we ruin it by making a horrible dubstep remix of it. Other Devs: That sounds like a great idea! Me: What the HFIL......
Review from 76561198262127402Interessante! Principalmente por ser uma DLC gratuita. Vale a pena adicionar ao jogo para deixar "completinho", hehe.
Review from 76561198088841793amazing! awsome music bro
Review from 76561198095284413Прикольно иногда подойти и послушать его ремиксы.
Review from 76561197986529486This is free and you still shouldn't get it.
Review from 76561198218915557I can't sem to get this DLC for some reason.The "add to cart" button is just a launcher for the game. Anyone able to help me?
Review from 76561198067499083While the music may or may not be your style, I would recommend downloading it as it is free and it add a new BGM file that can be modded to replace to anything you like (like the actual opening music, instead to the remix.)
Review from 76561198096694549Tutto è bello quando è gratis.
Review from 76561198029040313The music is not that great, but it [i]is[/i] free and it adds a bit of diversity to the otherwise droning clown music that plays in Conton City. Even if it isn't music you necessarily enjoy, I would recommend it just to hear something completely different from the usual music.
Review from 76561198166012780good shit
Review from 76561198089313206awesome
Review from 76561198013066581A free and great addition to the game! This DLC brings 2 new Dragon Ball dubstep songs remixed by Steve Aoki ("We Gotta Power" and "Cha-la Head Cha-la") along with his NPC which you can find in the city. The only downside is that you have to talk with Steve's NPC each time you wanna listen to his beats.
Review from 76561198102313636我喜欢这个BGM真的是嗨到不行啊 JOJO
Review from 76561198015007645I need his music in fights or make it default somehow cause cotton city music is garbage
Review from 76561197992897288Free DLC? Good for you. Keep it up!
Review from 76561198310480537orales
Review from 76561198119830354스파킹 리믹스 노래너무좋다
Review from 76561198159221814这个角色在克林特训位置的街对面上一层楼的位置。 就像简介里说的,与他对话可以将Conton City的BGM变成“Dragon Ball music remixes”。事实上就是通关后播放Credit时的BGM。我个人还是很喜欢这些音乐的。 +歌很好听 +免费DLC -不能在修改conton city BGM(通关后开启的功能)时直接切出来,每次都得找到这名角色才能播放音乐,而且进入任务后再出来时需要再次开启,很麻烦。 [url=http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=800265304]DLC:Steve Aoki Pack的用处和用法[/url]
Review from 76561197969611922Thank god something else until some more music mods come out that clown music was killing me. Seriously I'm not even a fan of the Japanese Dub music, and Id rather have that then these current mp3s you guys have. What Id do even to have the old Xenoverse music back.
Review from 76561198012000146It's a good pack. it includes two remixes by the aformentioned artist. while the remixes aren't particularly my favorite, they do have some parts of them i particularly liked. all in all it's worth the storage space, and besides it comes at no additional cost over the base game.
Review from 76561198000216844龙珠系列只要是交给欧美人配乐,准是这种震破耳膜类的!
Review from 76561198062044147I'm so glad it exists.
Review from 76561198083231877O nome do NPC faz juz ao que ele faz, ele é DJ, toda vez que você conversa com ele, ele coloca algumas música de fundo em modo REMIX (inclusive CHA-LA HEAD CHALA) que é muito bem elaborada, gostaria de parabenizar a BANDAI por colocar essa DLC gratuita...
Review from 76561198057779810Best DLC EVER!
Review from 76561198079316056sounds like recetal discharge entering my ear canals.
Review from 76561198055575514Un incroyable dlc !
Review from 76561198163220127WHAT KIND OF JOKE IS THIS ? and whats the big deal with the circus music ? only clowns like Kakarot would like that crap, but this one is more of a yamcha style music...
Review from 76561198035224819better then game original musics atleast there is tecno playing at background thanks
Review from 76561198035645367Cheap as free is affordable by me. This pretty much should have just been an update inclusion, but I guess some people just might not want an NPC by the name of "DJ" in their town. IN ANY CASE, you talk to this DJ NPC in the town's business district and he puts on a remixed version of a random Dragon Ball song. Not much else to it than that.
Review from 76561198194418609Nice remixes, just a pitty that there are only 2 songs
Review from 76561198019648121Awesome!
Review from 76561198204598796Ein MUSS für Dragonball Fans.Das Spiel ist einfach nur sensationell geil. :)
Review from 76561197965489700Este DLC me salvo los oidos. [b]Pero sí quieren cambiarle la música al juego pueden ver mi guía por youtube[/b] ^^ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LK3g_y9WdGQ
Review from 76561198066548952I just wish I knew about this before I completed the game.
Review from 76561198003054228DubstepBall Z Why does this exist?
Review from 76561198000059190The only problem is you have to talk to this every time you do anything to get his music back.
Review from 76561198133175757Nice, well played. Don't work. Great work.
Review from 76561198054418787This DLC includes a couple of remixes of "Cha-la Head Cha-la" and "We Gotta Power". But, um, what's the genre they were turned into? Dubstep? One of those "-step" types of songs. I am not a fan of it. Sure, the default theme of Conton City is... silly, at best. But I prefer it until we get something better than that. Not gonna knock the work done for this DLC, but it's not for me. It's free if you want it. The NPC is in the area upstairs on the side of the office building near the School block, the one in front of the Accessory Shop. The City BMG changes when you talk to the DJ Avatar NPC, and it cycles between the songs when you talk to the NPC again. The change is not permanent, but I dunno how to disable it after talking to the NPC. I do hope we get an untouched, but looped version of the Ginyu Tokusentai theme song. Or heck! The game's own "Character Select/Creation" Theme (not sure if that's already available as an option, at the moment of this edition of my review)! Given that Conton City BMGs can be DLC, as proven here, a lot is open for this game!
Review from 76561198030721691Sick beats
Review from 76561198043011724What is this? why is this "Steve Aoki" a full DLC? what is going on?
Review from 76561197960405466he's happy to be in the game so i like it i give it 2 thumbs up
Review from 76561197972331002Anythings better than that clown music
Review from 76561198081855244neat
Review from 76561198313591817OS graficos do jogo sem duvida são otimos,as tecnicas e a historia em si tbm esta otima
Review from 76561198005842801what the fuck
Review from 76561198048380468the game sounds are very ugly xenoverse 1 is better what the fuc is circus music