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Imprisoned Light

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Review from 76561199223907581what is this game why do i have it in my library
Review from 76561198146709315meio doido
Review from 76561199010042150I am 32 years old. My ex-wife and I have a daughter together, and we adopted our son together. Both are now 4 years old. When we were going through our separation, I felt lost and unhappy. I was self-destructive. One day, I was so angry with everything spiraling out of control that I punched a concrete wall in a moment of overwhelming emotion. This resulted in breaking my fifth metacarpal in my right hand—the hand I worked with, played games with, and used to carry my children to bed—the hand I desperately needed to ensure I could continue providing. Upon learning the severity of the self-inflicted damage, I became almost suicidal. Keep in mind that just a few months before this, I was the happiest man, with no history of depression or anxiety. I had never experienced anger outbursts, nor was I the type to break down and cry, but I was in a tough situation that truly prevented me from seeing the light on the other side. With nothing better to do, I looked for a game I could play WITH ONE HAND while recovering. Somehow, I stumbled upon this game and read some of the comments. I decided it was worth a try... I must admit I didn't beat the game, nor did I play as much as some of you. In fact, I may have played this game for only a day or two. That being said, after doing so, I had a new joy and hope for life. I managed to leave behind the pain and suffering that had been thrust upon me. I could experience the joy and happiness of other people. I relaxed for 5 ♥♥♥♥ minutes listening to this music, long enough to realize that I would be okay. After realizing this, I turned off the game and went back to work. My hand hurt a lot, but I was motivated. I stopped feeling so sorry for myself and became the father I needed to be at that moment, not the weak boy I was behaving like. Today, I am close friends with the mother of my children. We don't fight, argue, or say hurtful things to each other. We are parents and friends. Now I have 3 children. My third child is, wait, ALSO 4 YEARS OLD. The woman I am with was going through a very similar situation at the time of my separation, and we just unexpectedly stumbled into each other's lives. We have been dating for a year and are very happy together. Moral of the story: you never know what life has in store for you, and if I had given up when all odds were against me, I wouldn't be where I am today. This silly little game helped me realize that. Thank you.
Review from 76561198081293192 нет
Review from 76561199013018867It needs more development and work, but may be fun.
Review from 76561198276859473Mediocre indie 2D game, where you just kill monsters, but the music is on another level.
Review from 76561198145419169é legal :D
Review from 76561198253610651Great
Review from 76561198209393953pick knight or wizard
Review from 76561198057479438Нудне гівно
Review from 76561199077997053buenisimo
Review from 76561198174925127 ┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌█████┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███████┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌██┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌██┌┌┌┌██┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌██┌┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌████┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌██┌┌┌┌┌┌████┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌██┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌██┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌┌┌████████████┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌████████┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌█████████┌┌ ███┌┌┌┌█████████┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌█████┌ ██┌┌┌███████┌████┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███┌ ██┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌██┌ ███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌█████┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌██┌ ┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌████████┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌██┌ ┌┌████████████┌┌┌████┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌██┌ ┌███┌██████┌┌┌┌┌┌┌████┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌██┌ ┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌██████┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌██┌ ┌┌████┌████┌██████████┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌██┌ ┌┌┌████████████┌┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███┌ ┌┌┌┌██┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███████┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███████┌┌ ┌┌┌┌████┌┌┌┌┌┌████████┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌████████┌┌ ┌┌┌┌┌████████████┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███┌█┌█┌┌┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌█████┌┌█████┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌██████████████████┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌██████████████┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌
Review from 76561198823785547zzz el juego me lo regalaron y lo estaba jugando pero uno se puso mas zzz que el juego y bueno tuve que reembolsarlo
Review from 76561197968673476Boooring
Review from 76561197995457994Nice little coop wave survival thingy. Played through it with my brother in 1 night. We honestly had a blast. The game is worth the full price. Most ppl here seem to be saulty bc of too high expectations and Online issues. Havent played it online so i cant say anything about that. This is a under 1€ game, in all of its aspects. Expect an under 1€ game and you wont be butthurt later on. Solid 7/10 - one night of fun for the price of 1/5 of a drink... Thanks for the good time.
Review from 76561198037515398This game is awesome! It even has a low price which puts it on my top 100 Steam games!
Review from 76561198982959541Completly Trash
Review from 76561198050548491Worth the purchase! 10/10 for the price. I bought this game to add to my collection of local co-op games. This game allows up to 4 players. I am using a Logitech controller and the steam controller, both which work well for the game. The game is simple but can provide hours of fun. There are different characters to choose from, each with different starting perks (some more speed or damage, etc) and special abilities. The instructions are basic, but there's more to the game once you start playing.
Review from 76561198341926299Excelente juego, mejor de lo que aparenta, desafiante y entretenido. Aguante el mago
Review from 76561199060832501Bastante epico el juego
Review from 76561199054522113Altamente viciante! Recomendo.
Review from 76561198233919008Was für ein schlechtes Spiel, nur Vollbildmodus möglich, keine Auflösungsänderungen möglich, kein Fenster-Modus, nichts dergleichen, treibt den PC um 5 Grad heisser, ingame kriegt man nach Charakter-Auswahl ca. 100 Sekunden Zeit, die Monster zu vernichten, danach ist Game over und man fängt von vorne an. Nicht zu empfehlen, ist das Geld nicht wert.
Review from 76561198272610480Es war ein Fehler dieses Spiel in meiner Wunschliste zu haben. Ich bereue es absolut. Ich habe 24 Minuten meines lebens verschwendet ( von den ca 5 minuten erst richtige Spielzeit waren). Ich kam mir vor als hätte ein Clown mich bestohlen und nachdem ich verzweifelnd ihn hinterhergerannt bin und aufgegeben hatte, er zurück kam und mich mit matschbällen beschmieß. Ich habe mich so schmutzig und unrein gefühlt, als ich dieses Spiel angefasst hatte. Mein glückliches Leben wurde beraubt. Es war so, als würde ein Schwarm von 3000 Heuschrecken auf mich zufliegen und mich zerfleischen und keine Überreste da lässt. JA NICHT MAL DIE KNOCHEN. Dieses Spiel hat mich seelig und mental gebrochen. Es war eine traumatische Spielerfahrung. Und ich wusste gar nicht das diese FSK 18+ Inhalte in diesem Spiel gar nicht vorgewarnt wurden. Außerdem hat mich das einfach geistig mitgenommen, wenn dich diese riesige rote Hand vom neuen Blitzcrank skin dich catcht und dich einfach zu einem Untertanen Satans macht. Anschließend dann noch gegen deine eigenen Kameraden in eine blutige Auseinandersetzung auf Leben und Tod stellst. Das is wirklich einfach nur barbarisch und ich konnte es nicht übers Herz bringen, dieses Spiel weiterzuspielen. Außerdem wer will schon die Seelen von diesen kleinen Goblin futzis ????? Jetzt mal no joke wtf. Die sind mehr useless als ein fcking Igel in einer Kondomfabrik like waaaaaat??????????????? Ich glaub euch geht es nicht gut. Game balancing muss ich schon mal sagen hat mich wirklich enttäuscht... Also ich glaub da pfeift schweine ich. Also wirklich unerhört. Wirklich empörend. Echt unterste Schublade. Schlimmer als die Polizei erlaubt. Also ehrlich ach du lieber Scholli was habe ich mir hier angetan. ACHSO JA. WENN DU IM HAUPTMENÜ BIST UND HOCH UND RUNTERSCROLLEN KANNST BZW AUSWÄHLEN WILLST, KANNST DU AUF TASTATUR NUR NACH OBEN SCROLLEN UND NICHT NACH UNTEN, DESWEGEN HABE ICH MIR EXTRA EINEN GOLDENEN PS4 CONTROLLER VON DUBAI VON SIMON DESUE GEKAUFT, NUR UM DIESES VERDAMMTE SPIEL SPIELEN ZU KÖNNEN. DAMIT ICH AUCH RUNTERSCROLLEN KANN :OOOO Ja ansonsten was soll ich sagen. Ich habe viele negative Emotionen nach nur 20 minuten empfunden. Hass, Wut, Depressionen, Ermüdung, Traurigkeit, Selbstbewusstlosigkeit ( KEINE AHNUNG WAS DAS GEGENTEIL VON SELBSTBEWUSST IS). Dieses Spiel hat mich zerpflückt. Und das fängt schon an wenn man eine only friends lobby macht :) Zum einen weil ich garkeine Freunde habe. Und zweitens DER FREUND, DER DER LOBBY JOINED, EINFACH EIN STANDBILD HAT UND ABSOLUT NICHTS MACHEN KANN. ALSO WIRKLICH MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEGA COOL. EHRLICH. WIRKLICH ALSO WIRKLICH COOLES FEATURE. Und man muss daher extra eine public lobby machen. Was aber ziemlich schwer wird, da sehr sehr sehr sehr viele dieses großartige und tolle Spiel spielen und es 10000000 von Lobby gibt und das einen es ziemlich erschwierigt, seinen Kameraden zu finden =D. Naja was solls. Letztenendes wurde ich gezwungen und mit einer Waffe bedroht. Dazu mit dem Tod meiner Familie und alle die mir nahe standen, dieses Spiel zu spielen. Und ich bin ganz ehrlich. Ich hätte sie einfach alle sterben lassen... Ich meinte ich konnte wenigstens ihr Leben dadurch retten. Also ya. Tut mir einen Gefallen und kauft euch das Spiel nicht :) GUT GEMEINTER TIPP AUS ERFAHRUNG. ICH BIN PROFESSIONELLER SPIELETESTER
Review from 76561198255772665tek kelimeyle harika
Review from 76561198011668758The Game looks great, the concept is simple but sound, the gameplay is solid, the soundtrack is actually really good, and 4 player coop. What's the problem? It's WAY. TOO. EASY. This could be a fun way to kill an afternoon with some friends and some beer (not sure if it has 4 player local coop), but the issue is there's practically no challenge. Kill a few baddies, power up a gem, to the next level. The enemies can damage the gem. Trouble is they come so slowly and most make no attempt to even head to the crystal on purpose that after 20 minutes there's really no reason to keep playing. I played on to the third or so stage, and the art and music held up just great but it didnt increase in difficulty really at all. So, it's a shame because it was a lot of wasted potential by virtue of simply not presenting a challenge.
Review from 76561199063139445eh
Review from 76561198955003278Imprisoned Light est un jeu de plateforme jouable en coopération dont le but est de survivre aux attaques incessantes de monstres venus détruire des cristaux que vous devez remplir de leurs âmes afin de progresser dans les niveaux. Le jeu est simple mais efficace et très amusant à jouer, surtout à plusieurs. Les musiques sont agréables et les graphismes plutôt sympa. Plusieurs joueurs peuvent jouer sur un même ordinateur, ce qui est une très bonne chose. Cependant, il est apparemment impossible de jouer à plusieurs sur un même clavier, ce qui obligera le deuxième joueur à utiliser une manette. Il y a également un mode en ligne, malheureusement totalement désert, mais qui vous permettra également de jouer avec un ami possédant lui aussi le jeu. Pour finir, son prix étant ridiculement faible, je vous recommande de l'essayer par vous même. Vous n'avez de toute façon pas grand chose à perdre.
Review from 76561197993270040ladies and gentlemen don't buy this game
Review from 76561198244655476very epic game i would rate 10/10
Review from 76561198141499163TROP BIEN, ca coûte rien et c'es jouable a plusieurs sur la même machine, un bon jeu d'arcade vraiment sympa §
Review from 76561198269258126Repetitive game, no depth to mechanics or gameplay in general.
Review from 76561198988928719O Jogo Em Sí Não É Ruim Tem Um Gráfico Até Bacana Porém Esse Game Acaba Pecando Muito Pelo Fato De Ser Muito Repetitivo , Literalmente O Jogo Inteiro Repetitivo. Sinceramente Eu Comprei Apenas Pelo Fato De Ter Co-Op E Ser Barato
Review from 76561198881085328Кек:) Вроде норм,
Review from 76561198844236301Muito bom pra quem curte um jogo retrô, tem uma trilha sonora bem legal e é bem difícil jogando sozinha. Pena que ninguém joga este game, salas estão sempre vazias. Comprem ae galera, tá baratin XD
Review from 76561198035847317Ні риба, ні м'ясо... Не рекомендую)
Review from 76561198151242139Simple little game, worth the dollar I payed.
Review from 76561198067418609Think of a less intersting TowerFall: Monsters descend. They attack your crystals. You kill them to collect their souls. You feed the souls to the crystals. The featured videos show a much more interesting game, and maybe Imprisoned Light is a lot of fun with friends where you all select different classes and kill some time by bashing monsters. Going about it alone, I played for 30 minutes, enough to learn the basics and get to level 12 or so before dying, and for me that was enough. At 99 cents, Imprisoned Light is fairly priced, but is it worth your time? Maybe not.
Review from 76561198006861824Remember those badly made flash games from around 2001-2005? This is a good revival of that genre. Bad game, dont ever buy.
Review from 765611980319688452 tl ye fazlasıyla iyi oyun.Klavye değilde gamepad ile oynamanızı tavsiye ederim.
Review from 76561198430627580Когда-нибудь я её пройду... прошел!!!!
Review from 76561198320008091El juego simplemente es una mierda, lleno de bugs y mala jugabilidad. Lo intente jugar con un amigo y el ping fue como una poronga. No se lo recomiendo a nadie. Putos
Review from 76561198797832910Estaría bueno que saquen los servidores del centro del ojete del creador, encima que esta turbo bugeadisimo 10/10
Review from 76561198315428356Imprisoned Light is a super game
Review from 76561198058973991Um jogo realmente divertido pra brincar com os amigos. É bem simples, mas bem construído. Infelizmente na sua simplicidade acabam faltando algumas explicações sobre o funcionamento, porém é algo bem honesto pelo valor. Me rendeu umas boas horas de diversão.
Review from 76561198051023524Fun game
Review from 76561198142169339Игра хороша, если с друзьями то вобще огонь. Скажу честно, игра за свои деньги хороша, чем некоторые игры за тысячи рублей
Review from 76561198101502925It's okay when you buy it in a sale for a few cents.
Review from 76561197993685687Peu d'intérêt.
Review from 76561198344269985Sudan ucuz güzel bir pixel oyun ! Üstelik coop da var daha ne olsun :)
Review from 76561198025644307I see people leaving negative reviews for this game and I really don't understand why. This is a simple game, and it doesn't pretend to be anything else. Even with it being so simple though, it's a lot of fun. I played it online cooperatively with my girlfriend, and she lives on the other side of the planet from me, and we managed to finish the game (after several tries where we died just before finishing), so online multiplayer definitely works. I *will* note, however, that it did *not* work when she tried to host it, so I'm guessing there may be issues for some people, but try and switch who the host is if you're having problems and hopefully that will do the trick. I definitely got my dollar's worth and more, and I'll definitely be trying Imprisoned Light 2 if and when it comes out.
Review from 76561198420231705I mean it is a fairly good game locally and is extremely fun with four players but the online with friends thing is a no go. It is very delayed and most people that are not the host usually die from it because the enemy hits them before they can do anything. Please fix this :[
Review from 76561198072264442Terrible.
Review from 76561198140411310A review, in haiku: Smash ugly creatures Quick right no left get the thing Magic crystal broke --- There actually aren't a lot of decent online multiplayer games on Steam which are NES-style. For that reason alone, I really recommend it. It's fun to play cooperatively. =) Edit: I am editing this review to let the developers know that my boyfriend and I have finally completed the game in co-op mode. Hell was really difficult and it took us many tries to beat the final level. We were sooo excited to conquer Hell, and then the ending appeared, where my character was no where to be seen! What's up, devs? Why no love for the badass warrior girl? Is it because you can't draw females or because you just wanted to be anti-progressive and not let a woman be held responsible for saving the crystal?! Either way, this takes Imprisoned Light to Imprisoned Delight, as my complete love for the game is chained away by your cruel and harsh treatment of my beloved character. P.S. I hate playing female characters, so extra hurt here. ;_;
Review from 76561198202532578absolute garbage, multiplayer doesnt even work
Review from 76561198092669392[h1] Imprisoned Light – бюджетный slash’em’up платформер [/h1] Imprisoned Light был разработан студией Imaginite Ltd и выпущен 28-го октября 2016-го года. Они не выпускали ничего раньше в Steam, поэтому данная игра стала их дебютом. [list] [*] По своему геймплею игра очень схожа на Super Crate Box и на Jet Set Knights, на который мы делали [url=https://steamcommunity.com/id/fcvolodumyr/recommended/405550]обзор[/url]. Сразу скажу что если вы хотите достойную игру, то берите Jet Set Knights, а не данного представителя жанра. Скоро узнаете почему. Пару слов о геймплее. Мы выбираем класс нашего героя и нас закидывают на уровень размером в один экран. И наша единственная цель, если не считать достижения – убить n-ое количество врагов. На этом игра всё. Убивая то самое количество врагов мы переместимся на тот же уровень, но с новыми декорациями и врагами. На этом весь геймплей заканчивается. Теперь поговорим о минусах. Во-первых, я уже уточнил, что игра очень маленькая, которая не привносит ничего нового. Во-вторых это баги. Они просто невыносимы. Та же модель Некроманта при использовании специальной способности вовсе не такая, как спрайт. И на последок – неоправданно сложные достижения. Серьёзно, какой смысл в них, если для их выполнения нужно делать рутинную и скучную работу? Хотя, наверное это действительно достижение. [/list] Вердикт:[i] если вы хотите часик-два посидеть и поиграть во что-то не напрягающее, то это ваш выбор. В крайнем случае покупать её за полную цену, могу её советовать лишь по большой скидке. Лучше возьмите Jet Set Knights.[/i] Оценка:[b] 5.8/10[/b]. Жалкий клон Jet Set Knights. Обзор был составлен Ci8, эксклюзивно для[url=http://steamcommunity.com/groups/bigbadwhl] BigBadWhale Games[/url], в сотрудничестве с [url=http://welovebundles.ru/]WeLoveBundles[/url] Ключ к игре предоставил издатель, но это [u]никак не влияет[/u] на моё мнение и оценку. Оценка редакции: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1276831459
Review from 76561198043939643Pretty repetative and boring. It's like an older NES or arcade game, but not in the good way like you want. Single screen levels, simplistic mechanics, boring monsters. Nothing particularly WRONG with the game, but don't expect more than a few hours until you've seen all there is to see. (full disclosure, I didn't try the co-op, but I doubt having help along would make the game any more engaging).
Review from 76561198100232524Per essere un gioco del cassetto è abbastanza ispirato: nei deseign nella grafica e nelle animazioni. Belle anche le musiche. Sembra un gioco arcade di quelli coin up con gli schemi fissi. tipo bubble bubble. si potrebbe anche considerare un giochino da cellulare ma non in modo negativo. il gameplay è ammazza e incanala le anime in un posto specifico che si sposta di livello in livello. con delle variabili come mostri che non si possonno ammazzare possibili trasformazioni . é molto divertente anche in multy player. senza pretese ha pochissime meccaniche ma simpatiche.
Review from 76561198134319146Ya Chilo comprendo
Review from 76561197963130180100% HC NICE
Review from 76561198117689758guud game
Review from 76561198020276971For the price of a cup of coffee, this is a good little game. Fast paced arcade action. It has classes, EXP, skills, spells, levels.... it's all there. Yes, the game gets VERY repetitive after about only 20 minutes but still... it's a fun little "in between" game to play some couch co-op with some friends when you need a break from "bigger" games. Like I said, for the price, no complaints here.
Review from 76561198067745931This game ruined my life.
Review from 765611981639579276 Dakikalık yolcuğulumda anlatamayacağım -ama yinede deneyeceğim- bir maceraya atıldım bunu sizlere aktarmak istiyorum. İlgi çekici bir açılışın hemen ardından şahane eski tarzda bir müzik kulağınıza ilişiyor ve oyun için sizi hazırlayıp heyecanlandırıyor, ana ekranda herşey yerli yerinde... hemen oyuna başlamak istiyorsunuz ve "single player" seçiyorsunuz -çünkü değerini bilen insan sayısı çok az- artık karakter seçme ekranındasınız işte o birbirinden güçlü savaşçılar kahramlar... Mage,Worrior,Necromenser,Archer ve Knight... Aniden yaratıklar gelmeye başlıyor Goblinler - ya da yosun tutmuş cücler- etrafını sarıyorlar ve üç adet tuşa kuvvet saldırıyorsun - Q , W , E- ya da - Z , X, C- gayet retro, old school ( eski tarz ) ama oyun açılışta sana bir şey öğetmediği için neye uğradığını şaşırıp oyunculuk iç güdünle tüm tuşlara basıyorsun tuşların bir kaçını bulduktan ve öldükten sonra (aslında kolay ve eğlenceli bir oyun ) geri ana ekrana dönüp "How To Play" e tıklayıp nasıl oynanacağını öğrenme umuduyla ekranın açılmasını bekliyorsun ve ta daaa bir kaç ingilizce yazı ama ne yazık ki yeterince güzel bir "Tutorail" değil ve Alt+F4 tuşuna basıp sihirli Steam ekranına geri dönüyorsun... Güncellemelere devam edilse, bir hikayesi olsa ayrıca haritalar biraz daha geniş ve düzenli olsa satın alamayını klavye ile kovalarlar
Review from 76561198025167321Brilliant little game to play if you have a few minutes, the addition of checkpoints along with lives woul be great as you can get extremely far and then die and you are back to the start. I would recommend this game at the price it is, its £1.59. Its nothing really and the hour of enoyment you will get form it will be worth it.
Review from 76561198396118772Yeni aldım ve fazla oynamadım ama oyun çok zevkliydi. Oyunun kendine has bi albenisi var :D Hele ranger ile special açıp ortada dash yaparak dolaşmak çok zevkli. Bence alın bişey kaybetmezsiniz :D
Review from 76561198126144966Imprisoned Light is a very fun game, in my opinion, but others may not like it. The game isn't for everyone, and I understand how it can get a little repetitive, but it's a lot of fun when you're playing it with friends. It's worth the money.
Review from 76561198196703494Coopしかやってません。おもしろいけど、すぐ飽きた!すごく、もったいない感じです。
Review from 76561198370088538不知道在玩啥,是个逗比游戏,不要玩的太认真。
Review from 76561198436068680Top
Review from 76561198009746882Otroligt lite variation, låg replayability
Review from 76561198015558548Bought this game for me and my friend. The game itself is boring, slow and repetetive. I would not recommend this for anyone. If you dont want to die of boredom of course.
Review from 76561198054581384the world's worst fucking game ever, sooooo boring
Review from 76561198347198080Zevkli ama zor. Zor ama zevkli
Review from 76561198259216495Ну так то интрестинг если с друзьями
Review from 76561198087029979Very boring. You stand in a room, occasionally slash monsters and then hold down a button to transfer the "souls" that the monsters drop into a crystal that then glows all purty... and that's the whole game. Seriously.
Review from 76561198253735799Ta weno pa jugar con amigos, unas 2 horas y ya...
Review from 76561198164871081bad game!! give me moneyy!!
Review from 76561197994547874Nice aesthetics, but the gameplay is boring and repetitive. I wish there was more to it.
Review from 76561198045541811Fun game, funnier with friends, would want some more challanges though, and like an hardcore part, but i would say that this game is enjoyable, how to make it funnier to play, take a clunk of alcohol every time you die :)
Review from 76561198046008427A bit too repetitive for me!
Review from 76561197990531230Imagine a side-scrolling platformer, except without any side scrolling, and very dull enemies. I played it for a half hour and that was more than enough, because the rest of the game is exactly the same thing.
Review from 76561198330824951Jogo simplesmente simples e fantastico, muito bom, divertido, trilha sonora boa, jogo bonito, te deixa viciado, pelo preço, vale muito a pena, não vai esperando um game 10/10, mas ele é um otimo game, principalmente se jogado com amigos compraria ele 10 vezes se pudesse.
Review from 76561198077725913this game is some what fun but get's boring after a little bit and then start get pissed off game sucks and was not worth $ 2.00 i spent on it
Review from 76561197989341391Номинация самая длинная игра года =)) 2 часа игры и при условии 3-4 поражений игра пройдена, что дальше?
Review from 76561198021376001La merda. Inizi una partita, dopo 5 minuti arriva la morte, muori. Ripeti.
Review from 76561198305839828Echt Nixe und ist auch mal wieder ein schwereres Pixel game.
Review from 76561198394679017güzel yakın arkadaşlarınız ile oynaya bilirsiniz
Review from 76561198006647536as a 1-player game, I totally don't get this game
Review from 765611983053612372 Tl 10 numara oyun. 8.5/10
Review from 76561198323044716Oyuncu eksikliği dışında güzel, çerezlik bir oyun.
Review from 76561198216917887Imprisoned Light This is a fun game to spend time with your friends! It haves a lot of classes with different moves and attacks i'll rate it! x3 Graphics: 8 The sprites are good, but i think that the animations are a little simple. Gameplay: 9 This game is very very fun Some attacks are a little simple too The gamemode is interesting and new, i haven't played anything similar! Controls: 9 Simple but Good! comfortables! As my opinion, you must play this game with your friends to enjoy it at 100% 'cause it's so hard!
Review from 76561198264904737Buen juego estilo retro en el que tenemos que sobrevivir oleadas buen sistema de juego y puedes subir de nivel a tus personajes tenemos varias clases exelente lo recomiendo
Review from 76561198417398337Waste of mony
Review from 76561198009217675ein simples und angenehmes Spiel für zwischen durch
Review from 76561198273011256[h1]Ok...[/h1] >A grandes rasgos: Pues este juego es un plataformer/beat em up/arena en donde tienes que matar enemigos y "llenar" un cristal para proseguir a la siguiente stage... asi hasta llegar al final(?)... creo; solo tienes una vida y no hay continues o reintentos. Cada clase tiene su "skill" Y se levelea de forma diferente como un rpg, subiendo daño, vida, magia o velocidad. [h1]Resumiendo:[/h1] Pues... es un juego decente basado en el cooperativo; yo llegue hasta el 5° "mundito" son 10 stages por mundo, y se complica cada nivel que pasas...lo unico malo es que no hay continues o vidas extras... como un rogue-like tienes que volver desde el primer nivel y pues da hva... para lo que pide es un juego decente y entretenido(aun mas con amigos).
Review from 76561198282068321其實這遊戲有什麼好玩的?每個職業沒任何分別,配技能點沒有分別,每關都是換個背景然後就繼續砍怪?沒遊戲性可言。
Review from 76561198045572105This is the Dark Souls of Mario Bros.
Review from 76561198014665763After 30 minutes of play I felt like I had seen everything the game has to offer. Checking the achievements it looks like I was right. There's plenty more game to play, but it's just the same repetitive thing over and over. The gameplay consists of standing in a room with one or more crystals while monsters slowly work their way down the level towards the crystals. You have to kill the monsters before they reach a crystal, capture their souls and feed them to the crystal. What you actually do is stand in front of a crystal holding the soul transfer button and spamming attack. When you have multiple crystals you just move to the one with monsters closest to it and do the exact same thing. Again and again and again, until you either get bored or the game ramps up enough to throw some bs thing at you ( like a big cloud that shoots lightning every few seconds. Lightning, I might add, that goes through all scenery and has almost no telegraphing) that kiils you and ends the game. That's it. That's the entire game. I can't recommend this game at all. It's essentially an entire game made from the bonus mini-game levels of a much better game.
Review from 76561198431880192Good Game