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Tank Battle: 1945

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Review from 76561198070559367Short but pretty nice.
Review from 76561198843481378one way to describe this game is like chess
Review from 76561198010846317beau jeu de stratégie
Review from 76561198202529859~^.^~ nice
Review from 76561197960505448-MÜLL!
Review from 76561198022799275It is a cheap game and at that not worth the price. I played the first scenario after the training and that was poor, gave it a chance went on to the second and that was the same. You are trying to defend with infantry alone against a combined arms attack - not good. As a recreation I would say it is poor as a game it is worse.
Review from 76561198031313794[h1]Описание:[/h1] Эдакая казуальная версия Panzer Generals - пошаговая стратегия про вторую мировую войну. Хексагонная карта, выдаются войска, выдаются задания и в бой. Покупок юнитов нет, присутствует только подкрепление. Три режима сложности, очень много миссий. Это вторая часть серии и разработчик видимо сошел с ума... Карт стало в несколько раз меньше, но те что имеются просто жуткий ад... Я проходил первую часть на сложном режиме и решил эту часть продолжить проходить в таком виде... Два часа и я прошел только одну карту... Какие тактики ты не выстраивай, спасет тебя только рандом... Крайне не рекомендую начинать серию игр с этой части и как человек который прошел оригинал на сложном режиме вдоль и поперек не рекомендую эту часть никому!!! Баланса нет! [h1]Оценка: 1/10[/h1] [h1]Послесловие:[/h1] Если вам понравился этот обзор добро пожаловать в группу http://steamcommunity.com/groups/uojer - тут вы сможете увидеть рекомендованные мною игры, другие обзоры, а также просто пообщаться в хорошей компании.
Review from 76561198086796541ALL of these tank battle games I bought in the tank battle bundle are all the same, 10 different games called tank battle that look, play, and sound the same! Even the achievements are the same! "Tank battle: insert subtitle here". Each one is fun to play but your just playing the same game no matter which one you play. So you know what!? Since this is a copy and pasted game I am just going to copy and paste my review for each tank battle game!
Review from 76561198063117447不是很喜欢这种类型 不过拿来搞成就还是可以的
Review from 76561197990162993Good game 6/10
Review from 76561198172925593基本一样玩法的战棋类游戏发布了好几个 每个都不算便宜,加起来都快有好几部3A游戏的价格了 但实际内容,战斗简陋,基本上就靠逐一歼灭各个击破,外加拼RP比伤害,可玩性太差了
Review from 76561198010593294Good strategy game. Oldschool design is awesome. You can earn achievements.
Review from 76561198118629775Tavsiye etmiyorum.
Review from 76561197971880699PC Steam Played on tablet/touchscreen Duration: 8 hours A fine little tablet game. most scenarios take 5-15 minutes. Some balance issues. Many more assets than in the 1944 version. Recommended for tablet only. On a PC there are much better games to play. 6/10
Review from 76561198004120455Tank Battle: 1945 adds to the [url=https://steamcommunity.com/id/jlericson/recommended/396320]base game[/url]. The big changes I noticed are new units (flamethrowers, airborne and engineers), unit stacking for some types (notably mortars) and road reinforcements that allow more units to arrive at once in the same hex. These are welcome improvements, but there are no new nations and the missions seem to work the same as in [url=https://steamcommunity.com/id/jlericson/recommended/540150/]Blitzkrieg[/url]. I didn't enjoy the sampling of missions I've played as much as the previous game. They tend to be much larger, which involves moving a lot of units. Missions also tend to be straightforward attacking or defending control points. As a result, they create more busywork and fewer impactful decisions. Still entertaining, but not as excellent as previous iterations.
Review from 76561198839469848Что сказать про игру? В принципе, норм. - все просто и понятно.
Review from 76561198174538231aie...
Review from 76561198008393575Dandik tur bazlı bir strateji oyunu. epey eskiden kalma gibi.
Review from 76561198034675515Good simple gameplay and rules, bad very unbalanced scenarios. Not recommended. Play Panzer Corps instead.
Review from 76561198014649631Not amazing but not bad for the price and suprisingly addictive and very easy to pick up. But yes it's an Ipad port so not overly complex. Still plenty of content for a quick 10-30 minute gaming fix for the day if that's all you've got and that's the beauty of this series.