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Vulture Island

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Review from 76561198019992741Nice, cute and quick game to play
Review from 76561198164306900Vulture Island -------------------------------------------- Vulture island is an old school side scroller with platforming mechanics in an adventerous world, similar to that of the Super Mario Brothers games. Vulture Island has amazing graphics. The style reminds me of Nintendo, Mario & Zelda games that came out during the Gameboy color era, the graphics have that sort of feel, old school but with an updated color palette. The backgrounds are bright and vivid as if playing it off a backlit system like the Gamegear. Over all I really am digging this style of artwork it works really well for this type of game & gives me those warm fuzzy retro feelings. One issue I found right away was the listing of "Controller Support" I for the life of me, could not get my xbox controller to work with this game, but it works fine with all others. So I decided to try with my steam controller, & even in big picture mode with the recommended configuration, still no controller support, that was a real bummer here. I did see a work around that worked for some people by changing the controller settings to work with older programs in the game controller settings in windows, unfortunately this did not work for me. However After using steams configs to turn it into a keyboard I was able to get my steam controller to work for it. The levels are pretty short when compared to Mario bros, the jumping seems slightly delayed, like it just takes a second to long to leave the ground in my opinion. Another thing is there doesn't seem to be a run button, and games like this a lot of times I just want to run, but Seeing as the levels are much smaller it kind of makes sense as you'd be to the end of the level super quick if you could run, but in my opinion running is a key element in side scrolling platformers that Mario and Sonic would not have been near as cool without. The gameplay is simple and complex at the same time, it's sort of fun, The graphics are the strongest point in this game. It's interesting to control 3 main characters in a game like this. Some paths become blocked and you must explore another level to open it for the other guys. That is a strong point with this game. As it makes you replay levels to see if something has changed, lots of puzzles to figure out in the this sense. Another thing that bugged me was talking to people, you can't be right on a person or object and interact with it, you actually have to be about an inch away from it. May seem trivial but it's kind of annoying. The music is calm and relaxing, not bad for what the game is, it goes with it. Overall I'd recommend the game if you like side scrolling platforming with cute artwork, that you can enjoy for what it is, But if you are looking for an in depth massive game, you may want to skip this and head for classic old Mario. Pros: + Nice retro eye catching graphics + Decent Platforming game + Multiple Interacting Characters +Price is Decent only $4.99 Cons: - Full Controller Support is listed but Xbox & Steam controllers didn't work. - Short Levels - No Trading Cards - No Achievements
Review from 76561198098495391Doesn't support my XB1 controller even though it clearly states that this game has "Full controller support". I can't even remap the keys in the settings menu to make it work.
Review from 76561197983828261This is a cute little adventure platformer about a group of explorers trying to escape from a strange island. There are three playable characters, each with his own inventory and set of levels to complete, and finishing the game requires the player to complete all three paths. The game seems quite impenetrable at first -- the player will be able to accomplish remarkably little -- but slowly opens up as the characters accumulate items and solve puzzles. Each player begins with no method of defending himself, and the player will just have to avoid the monsters. It takes very few hits to kill the player, but death has few drawbacks; the player is returned to the world map with a loss of money, but keeps all items and puzzle progress that's been made, making death less frustrating than it otherwise would be, and encouraging exploration and experimentation -- key elements in a game like this. There are two major problems with Vulture Island. First is that some amount of grinding for money is required; each of the characters will have to buy an item to progress, and this may result in the player having to run back and forth through levels grabbing coins (particularly the last item, which requires 500 coins to purchase!). More important than that, though, is that it's not always even slightly obvious how to use an item (the ball of twine and bug spray come immediately to mind), and that can result in lots of running about trying random things. Those flaws aside, Vulture Island is a pretty fun few hours. It's a pretty small concept and a short game, but it's charming and well-made, and it's not very expensive.
Review from 76561198263012972Could anyone tell me how to attack? user's config is totally not working, I didn't find any bottom to act 'action' on both keyboard and gamepad.
Review from 76561197997065016Vulture Island, the way i've experienced it so far, is a light hearted and atmospheric adventure game that lets you explore freely and figure out for yourself how to go about solving puzzles and defeating enemies with four different characters you can switch inbetween as you see fit. The game is good to control with keyboard or controller and you can also remap both of them, which is a big plus since the basic layout is not all that good in my opinion. The music as far as i can tell is a little repeptive on surface levels but it gets way better when you start to explore some caves and temples. All in all for that price, i would definitively give it a try and i'll be playing way more of it in the future.
Review from 76561198312005733wth.... I'm not playing this crap. Bounce on everything without killing it and my bananas don't kill anything... I dunno ... Not a mario clone but in a bad way LOL wtf... go to any level anytime but with no clear goals... bye. *Refund*
Review from 76561198041967011Игра сильно напоминает Dizzy. В инвентаре бесконечно места, несмотря на кажущиеся 3 слота. Проходить следует с тетрадью и ручкой, так как последовательных уровней тут нет — иди куда хочешь. Звуки и музыка немного задалбывают, однообразные. В настройках нет слайдеров громкости, а только полное отключение. После перепосещения уровня все враги и монеты снова появляются, что немного разочаровывает. Прыганья на голову монстрам нету (урон не наносится), вместо этого активно уклоняемся. Сюжет не понял, то ли он у меня не высветился, то ли его тупо нету. Суть заключается в хотьбе туда-сюда по локациям в попытках применить очередной неадекватный предмет куда-то. Без понятия, что делать с глазом единорога. На карте мира можно переключать персонажей, хорошо хоть заметил эту фишку, а то бы вернул уже деньги из-за застревания одной из веток. Да, тут каждый из трёх героев проходит собственный путь.
Review from 76561197971966239Great Game but my XBox Controller don´t works... :(