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Hunger Dungeon Deluxe Edition + Sound Track

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Review from 76561198848846607dlc都填不了
Review from 76561198040828905There is literally nobody playing this game. Last time i checked steam charts had 10 people worldwide on it... It's not a very good game without people to play against/with And its only an average game to begin with anyway
Review from 76561198078117669Por $1,19 en humble bundle .. no me puedo quejar xD
Review from 76561198205177788If it's this much, you should gain access to all the heroes permanently. Stop making us play your mutliplayer. ;-;
Review from 76561198042756382When does the heroes and all that goodies unlock? Seems it wasn't instantly, so generally curious since wanted to try the other characters out without needing to purchase them via ingame currency when I already got this dlc lmao
Review from 76561198255375627不要盲目的买这个DLC!!!要理智啊!!!
Review from 76561198188287750好玩,就是人太少了。。。。。。
Review from 76561198294605504On paye 12€ et on a juste les 12 premiers héros avec un skin chacun franchement ça vaut pas le coup si encore on aurait les nouveaux personnages débloqués à l'avance ça pourrait être une affaire mais là...
Review from 76561198144565076还可以,总体来说还算不错,就是人少点。
Review from 76561197998486407I'm dissapointed because I bought this before they updated the discription to say that it only gives you the first 12 heros so I thought that I would get all of the heros. It seems unreasonable that you would have to buy not only the [i]delux edition[/i] but also all other characters they make in order to have all of them.
Review from 76561198156567813I Highly Recommend Playing This Game Its So Fun 10/10 Excellent Game!
Review from 76561198130719976Didn't get the promised things straight away :/
Review from 76561198218683920这个新角色什么时候加入DLC?
Review from 76561198103313967I DIDNT EVEN GET IT WHEN I BOUGHT IT, SUPPORT PLEAS!!!!
Review from 76561198197779423赞赞赞!!!游戏做得很好 超喜欢的像素风!!!大力支持啊!!!
Review from 76561198150448569玩的还行
Review from 76561197985401520Bought the soundtrack only, don't care for the this sort of game at all. But the music in the trailer sold me. Also had to keep the game up for 5 minutes in order to write this review, thanks Valve! I was hoping for 10 tracks for $10, but you're only getting 7(and they're like a minute each), I was expecting more :( And therefor I'm gonna give it a "No" on the recommendation. I could also listen to them all while waiting for them to open up so I can write this, and they are indeed quite good.
Review from 76561198117977308好玩的遊戲 值得一推 DLC已購買^^