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Resident Evil 7 - Season Pass

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Review from 76561199443608543A short review. NIGHTMARE: COD zombies ripoff, pretty fun. fun: 7.5/10 replay value: 8.5/10 difficulty: 6.5/10 difficulty (NIGHT TERROR): 8.5/10 overall: 8/10 Bedroom: Escape room, don't get caught by Mother Marguerite. fun: 7/10 replay value: 3/10 difficulty: 4.5/10 overall: 6/10 Ethan Must Die: Hard Minigame, kill Marguerite, random loot, very difficult. fun: 8/10 replay value: 8.5/10 difficulty: 9.5/10 overall: 9/10 21: Blackjack with a TWISTED twist..? have fun with this one... fun: 7.5/10 replay value: 9.5/10 difficulty: 6/10 difficulty (SURVIVAL): 8/10 difficulty (SURVIVAL+): 9.7/10 overall: 8.5/10 Daughters: No weapons, you play as Zoe. You watch as history unfolds in front of your eyes. The Baker family goes crazy. fun: 7/10 replay value: 6/10 (two endings) difficulty: 2.5/10 overall: 5/10 (way higher if you are deeply interested in the lore) Jack's 55th Birthday: You play as Mia, Jack is hungry, go fetch him some food in this goofy minigame. fun: 9/10 replay value: 9/10 difficulty: 8.5/10 overall: 9/10 End of Zoe: Destroy everything up with your BARE HANDS... Save Zoe too, I guess. fun: 10/10 replay value: 10/10 (extreme challenges and unlockables are great) difficulty: 7.5/10 difficulty (Joe Must Die): 10/10 overall: 10/10 The Season Pass DLC as a whole: fun: 9/10 replay value: 8/10 difficulty: no rating, depends. overall: 8/10. It's worth it, in my opinion.
Review from 76561197998064749Democracy is non-negotiable.
Review from 76561198936249103Бизнес
Review from 76561199095893852cat
Review from 76561198118643159Upset I paid for this. Even with it on sell, this was lame. Main game is amazing. The DLC is all trash.
Review from 76561198002983121Стоит взять ради нескольких дополнений, но сейчас дешевле брать паки по отдельности
Review from 76561198137612146adiciona umas coisas extras ao game , mais o jogo de 21 é uma desgraça.
Review from 76561199227789783Ciekawe łamigłówki, trudne wyzwania i świetna gra aktorska. Ogólnie super zabawa.
Review from 76561198099198833Cool minigames
Review from 76561198362387475Zakazane Nagranie Tom 1 i Tom 2 (Banned Footage Vol. 1 i Vol. 2): Te pakiety DLC wprowadzały dodatkowe scenariusze "Zakazanego Nagrania", oferując graczom nowe wyzwania i perspektywy w posiadłości Bakerów. Zawierały mini-gry, łamigłówki i unikalne sytuacje, które rozszerzały narrację głównej gry. Koniec Zoe (End of Zoe): To DLC rozszerzało fabułę, skupiając się na innej postaci, Zoe Baker, i dostarczając zakończenia jej historii. Gracze mieli okazję zwiedzić nowe obszary i zmierzyć się z różnymi wyzwaniami, co oferowało nową perspektywę na wydarzenia w Resident Evil 7.
Review from 76561198392652917Totally worth the money. Contains fun gamemodes, especially 21 and nightmare.
Review from 76561198975319605Надеюсь, где-то в аду, разраба "21" посадят за комп и прикажут пройти выживание+ без урона и без смертей, иначе он сдохнет в коморке без еды и воды и дадут ему одну попытку
Review from 76561198443545918好玩
Review from 76561198035632391This adds the following: Banned Footage Vol. 1 - Nightmare (survival), Bedroom (puzzle) and Ethan Must Die (punishment). Banned Footage Vol. 2 - 21 (unfair Blackjack game), Daughters (story) and Jack's 55th Birthday (silly arcade-style game). Not A Hero - Chris Redfield story that takes place after the main game. End Of Zoe - Combat story about saving Zoe after the main game. This does not include the soundtrack or any of the coin-related DLC. Those need to be purchases separately. However, if you want all the other extra content, don't download everything individually. Just get the Season Pass.
Review from 76561199224011434正版不如盗版SB卡普空加个DRM帧数降了先不说MOD用不了,卡普空你是真死妈呀,卡普空(只要是卡婊的就给个差评)
Review from 76561199460920230End of Zoe - единственное вминяемое из этого Season Pass. Остальное мусор.
Review from 76561197983073159Boas DLCs
Review from 76561198814010024Haberme criado con la PS1 me obliga a decir que estos deberían ser modos desbloqueables dentro del juego, pero para ser DLC son una genialidad. Hay bastante, variado, y es contenido de verdad en lugar de ser cosméticos o armas que no suman nada. Además, al menos 3 de estos modos extra son canónicos. A cada quien le gustará más o menos pero definitivamente tiene más dedicación que otros casos.
Review from 76561197989212081Cannot believe I will say this, but not bad additional content is added here to spruce up the story tie ins and ends.
Review from 76561199229361700d
Review from 76561198028719864Ethan Must Die is a terrible waste of time. Lazy content.
Review from 76561199258966014bag pula n jocu vostru
Review from 76561199163818974Not a Hero — за Криса Рэдфилда разбираемся с Лукасом Бэйкером (последним из гадской семейки), действие проходит после основной игры. 10/10 Zoe's End — за брата Папаши Бейкера спасаем Зою, одного из персов основной игры, движуха тоже дополняет основную игру. 10/10 ・Вырезанные материалы, часть 1: - «Спальня» - Прикольно, мне понравилось 10 изысканных блюд из 10. ・Вырезанные материалы, часть 2: - «21» - Вот эта вещь достойная, забавно было поиграть, затянуло на несколько часов 10 пальцев из 10. - «Дочери» - довольно интересно, 20-30 минутный симулятор Р.Т. с предысторией семьи Бейкер; 10/10.
Review from 76561199196029935黄金版里面包含季票,但是我不懂为什么同时也包含别的内容。
Review from 76561197993854031Came for the horror, stayed for the roguelite-turned-based-card-game-escape-room-tower-defense minigame.
Review from 76561198092034210Contains everything you need to experience all the story (apart from the free DLC ''Not a hero''). Probably cheaper to get the full Gold edition to save a few pennies.
Review from 76561198795910845Worth it
Review from 76561198264145542我买的是生化危机7和8的捆绑包,我看这个里面包含了几个DLC的东西,为什么还有这个季票?
Review from 76561198872413599[url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WU9wahvX104]I can only say this.[/url]
Review from 76561199197909083me lo pillé en oferta y si mereció la pena
Review from 76561197994066574Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5) If you thought the Baker family's dinner table was crazy, just wait until you dive into the "Resident Evil 7 - Season Pass" DLC! This add-on takes the survival horror madness of Resident Evil 7 to a whole new level of silliness, and I absolutely love it! First things first, this DLC feels like Capcom unleashed a horde of Molded creatures in their creative department, and the result is pure, unadulterated chaos. From absurd costumes to quirky new weapons, it's a delightful rollercoaster of mayhem that doesn't take itself too seriously. The star of the show has to be the "Molded Mayhem" costume pack. Picture this: Ethan Winters running around the Baker mansion in a fuzzy bunny suit, wielding a chainsaw modified to shoot rubber ducks instead of deadly saw blades. Yes, it's as hilariously awesome as it sounds! I never thought I'd see the day when Jack Baker would be chasing me with a rolling pin, but here we are, and it's a riot. The "Ethan's Extraterrestrial Excursion" DLC is a mind-bending trip through space that had me laughing so hard I almost dropped my controller. The hallucinatory gameplay sequences are an absolute blast, and I can't thank Capcom enough for taking the absurdity to the next level. You haven't truly experienced Resident Evil until you've battled alien Molded with laser guns in a cosmic disco party! "Zoe's Zany Zoo" brings even more laughs as we join Zoe in her wacky quest to create a Molded petting zoo. Yes, you heard that right, a petting zoo filled with the very creatures that terrified us in the main game. Who knew petting Molded could be so amusing? It's bizarre, brilliant, and borderline bonkers. And last but not least, "Chris's Crazy Capers" takes our beloved Chris Redfield on an adventure involving a Molded uprising, a rogue Molded leader named Moldy McSnaggletooth, and a quest to save the world from becoming a giant Molded colony. It's over-the-top in the best possible way, with Chris delivering one-liners that are so cheesy they'd make a bag of nachos blush. In summary, the "Resident Evil 7 - Season Pass" is an absolute must-have for fans of the series who enjoy a healthy dose of silliness with their survival horror. Capcom has cranked up the absurdity to 11, and it's a wild, unforgettable ride. Whether you're petting Molded or battling alien invaders, this DLC is a hilarious addition to an already fantastic game. Bravo, Capcom, for turning fear into fun!
Review from 76561198055956515Ma wszystkie DLC i w zestawie z grą wychodzi tanio.
Review from 76561198846716490GOD. especialmente por el fin de zoe y tambien por ethan debe morir.
Review from 76561198448085578Не пожалел о покупке. Есть несколько годных дополнений.
Review from 76561198989743124Bunu anlatmaya zaten ömrüm yetmez çok fena bişi
Review from 76561198818845478相亲相爱一家人
Review from 76561198020886897A legrövidebben így tudom leírni őket: Banned Footage Vol. 1 - Nightmare = Túlélőmód - Bedroom = Szabadulószoba - Ethan Must Die = Cat Mario Banned Footage Vol. 2 - 21 = Black Jack & Yu-Gi-Oh! - Daughters = Amnesia - Jack's 55th Birthday = Tuti megéhezel eközben! :)
Review from 76561198796851430对于已经沉浸在《生化危机7》独特恐怖美学与深度剧情之中的玩家来说,购买其Season Pass无疑是解锁更多精彩内容、拓展游戏世界的绝佳选择。这款季票包含了丰富且高质量的附加内容,不仅延长了游戏寿命,更为玩家提供了更为丰富的恐怖冒险场景与深层次的故事线索。 首先,Season Pass包括了一系列独立的DLC,如“噩梦”、“卧室”、“21”、“女儿”和“佐伊的结局”。每一部分都犹如一部精心编排的短篇恐怖小说,不仅扩充了主线故事背景,还从不同角色的角度揭示了贝克家族悲剧背后更多的秘密与悬念,增强了整体剧情的立体感与完整性。 其中,“禁止公开的录像”系列尤其受到玩家赞誉,它为玩家带来了全新的挑战与探索空间,让玩家在原本就极具压迫感的游戏环境中面临更加严酷的生存考验,同时也增加了额外的解谜元素和战斗环节,显著提升了游戏的重玩价值。 另外,季票的内容设计巧妙地融入了主线游戏的世界观与风格,保留了原作精髓的同时,通过新增的故事线和角色互动,让玩家得以更深入地探究《生化危机7》的恐怖宇宙。每一项扩展内容都经过精心打磨,确保了与原版游戏的高度契合和无缝衔接。 综上所述,Season Pass堪称物超所值,它以高品质的附加剧情与挑战带给玩家持续不断的惊喜与满足。无论你是寻求更多恐怖冒险的硬核粉丝,还是渴望深入了解《生化危机7》世界观的剧情控,此季票都将为你打开一扇通往无尽恐惧与未知的大门,让你在游戏中享受到更加完整且难忘的恐怖生存体验。
Review from 76561198199693727I'm splitting this review into three categories — [b]story essentials, Clancy trilogy[/b] and [b]fluff[/b]. Hopefully, I can assist people like me who want to know the order and which DLC gives you that full [i]Resident Evil 7[/i] story experience and what is just some extra fun. So, let's go! [h3][b]I came for the plot[/b][/h3] For all my plot connoisseurs, you'll want to play [i][b]Daughters, Not a Hero[/b][/i] and [i][b]End of Zoe[/b][/i], in that order. [i][b]Daughters[/b][/i] offers us a first-hand experience of how the insanity at the Baker household began through the eyes of our most unfortunate Zoe. It's on the shorter side, with very little besides sneaking around, collecting items for puzzles and avoiding the big daddy Jack in the initial main house section. All-in-all, a short and sweet zero-hour testimony of the Baker House Incident. It also has a [i]bonus feature[/i] that gives it replayability. Up next, we have the big manly man doing big manly action things. [i][b]Not a Hero[/b][/i] puts you in the shoes of the boulder-punching chad himself, Chris. He looks... different. Less swole, it seems. Anyway, the DLC picks up right where the base game ends, as Chris goes in with the [i]reformed[/i] Umbrella to contain the incident. And if you enjoyed the endgame section of the base game, which was just non-stop action, you'll love this, as it's basically more of that. Since Chris is his name, punching stuff is his game. You do need to stun the enemy first. But once stunned, it's fisting time! And since Chris is an American, he also carries cool guns, greeting the moldy boys with proper American etiquette — [b]shoot first, don't ask questions later.[/b] There's also a new enemy variant — [b]the regenerator.[/b] Taking down these beauties requires special bullets, which are scarce. And when the credits rolled, I was pleased. I blasted moldy boys, some big fat boys with a fun boss greeting me at the end. But apart from the pew-pew, the DLC also [b]expanded on the Baker House Incident and set up a potential new big baddie.[/b] https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2989555010 And now, the climax. [i][b]End of Zoe[/b][/i] is the last piece of the story-centric DLC, and dare I say, it was the best of the lot. The gameplay is now almost entirely melee focused, with our dear Joe, Zoe's uncle, racing against time trying to save her from sharing her parents' fate. And Joe is one tough son of Zoe's grandma, punching anything that stands in his way with some slick jabs, hooks and uppercuts. [b]Who needs a weapon when you are the weapon![/b] The melee combat is pretty simple and super fun, with a few combos you can do. We even have stealth kills, so that's nice. But while Joe's fists eat the moldy boys for breakfast, the mutated crocodiles will eat Joe instead — [b]the fist isn't mightier than the crocodile jaw.[/b] But a wooden harpoon sure is. So, use them to shank these nasty beasties from a distance. And there's also a fun boss fight, ending the whole Baker saga with one fricking intense adrenaline-fueled boxing match. Very nice. So, that's it for the story-rich DLC. Time to hang out with our boy Clancy. [h3][b]Sometimes, the cameraman doesn't survive[/b][/h3] The Clancy trilogy, [i][b]Nightmare, Bedroom[/b][/i] and [b][i]21[/i][/b], breathes life to a minor side character who was nothing more than a mere number on the Baker's victim list. You deserved more, Clancy, my man. [b][i]Nightmare[/i][/b] is where our advenutre begins. It's a [b]survival[/b] game mode, where Clancy boy must stay alive until the morning sunshine can tickle his face. But surviving won't be easy; five waves of moldy boys and our dear hunky shirtless daddy, Jack, all attempt to make Clancy finally take that eternal nap. During each wave, you'll need to manage your [b]scrap[/b] reserves while you're out there going against the mold. And you need scrap to buy weapons, ammo, and skills to make Clancy a deadlier man. Lucky for us, machines scattered around the basement continuously generate it. And every corner of the basement has potential trap spots, which you can set up by paying with scrap. However, it just didn't click with me. I couldn't force myself to finish it, managing to get to wave five on my second try before promptly getting a headcut from Jack. [b]I got bored shooting the same old moldy boys in a 5x5 dimly lit room and promptly peaced out.[/b] I will 100% the game one day, just not today. But while the start was rough, fun soon followed. [i][b]Bedroom[/b][/i] is a fun escape room-style treat, continuing Clancy's story. The gist is simple — [b]escape the bedroom without alerting Marguerite of your dastardly plan.[/b] It was a nice little puzzle fest, even providing me with a few satisfying [i]eureka![/i] moments as I cracked the code of my freedom. Alongside [i]Daughters[/i] and [i]End of Zoe[/i], this is one of my favourite pieces of DLC in the [i]Season Pass[/i]. And our adventure ends on a high note. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2989115939 [b][i]21[/i][/b] was an entertaining high-risk, high-reward game of blackjack. The best part about it is how deceptively easy it appears; get to, or as close to, 21 as possible. Simple, right? Wrong! You can quickly lose your fingers if you're not cautious. There's lots of strategic thinking involved, with a pinch of luck, as all cards come from the same deck, meaning no duplicates. And later, the gameplay is altered as new, unique cards with special effects are introduced. Sadly, it's time we bid Clancy adieu — he's off to enjoy a [i]scorching hot[/i] surprise birthday party. [h3][b]Why so silly?[/b][/h3] And lastly, we have these two crazies, which are focused purely on unique gameplay gimmicks with zero story. [b][i]Jack's 55th Birthday[/i][/b] was okay-ish. Feeding Jack food scattered across the different arenas while killing enemies for time and cooking more potent food by combining certain items was entertaining, but only for a bit. Of course, each level has ranks depending on how fast you fill Jack's belly with yummy food. So, tons of replayability on offer due to how getting the S rank relies on first getting the lower ranks on all stages, unlocking better gear and perks that will aid you in your S rank quest. So, while I wasn't blown away by it, the wacky premise and gameplay gimmick did provide me with an amusing couple of minutes. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2989550968 Sadly, I have to end my review on a sour note. [b][i]Ethan Must Die[/i][/b] was a painful nut to suckle on. The ultimate goal is to find Marguerite and kill her, which is easier said than done. This mode stands by its label — [b]I died, constantly.[/b] Enemies would one-shot me if I forgot to block, and items are only found in crates of different rarity, with what they drop decided by RNG Jesus. One silver lining is that enemies have fixed spawn points, so as you progress and die, at least you'll get the lay of the land. And while it has a certain charm, it didn't tickle my pickle. Instead, it slapped me, leaving me mostly frustrated. I'm always up for a challenge, but this pure [i]trial-and-error[/i] nonsense and heavy RNG reliance ain't it. Perhaps I don't have a very high IQ to appreciate the genius of this lazy gameplay shtick. Maybe one day I will. So, that's all the [i]Season Pass[/i] wrote. [b]Fun, but with some caveats.[/b] One big bonus is that bar one, all other content also has extra challenges, rankings, new difficulties and variations that aim to spice things up, offering decent replay value. So, in the end, most of the content was entertaining enough that my overall impression of the [i]Season Pass[/i] wasn't ruined by the ones I didn't jell with. [i]If you made it this far, you're a majestic sausage, and if you enjoyed this review, come and consume more wisdom from the [url=https://store.steampowered.com/curator/40407656]Gospel of Sv. Prolivije.
Review from 76561198363037171补全了剧情,体验完美!
Review from 76561199214903980Крутое длс
Review from 76561198311167846这个21点就一弱智刷刷刷游戏,第二次接触生存+就斩到最后一人,无脑不让我抽牌+自己完美抽牌,勉强支撑了6、7个回合最后没有任何王牌能救我也不能抽牌,被迫要回去多打几轮刷刷刷王牌要 补充,第三次玩生存+轻松过了拿到成就,甚至是第一次遇到神出鬼没大头先生就轻松击败,卡婊强迫你多打几轮多拿点王牌种类
Review from 76561198217318681super DLC. Ich kann es nur weiterempfehlen. der preis ist im angebot gut. alle errungenschaften funktionieren.
Review from 76561198067231278Has Capcom ever released a single good Resident Evil DLC?
Review from 76561198076062972only worth it on sale
Review from 76561197962092557I always avoid season passes. You never know what you get and later down the line you usually end up cheaper buying the individual DLC in a sale or some kind of complete pack. While its debatable if this pack is worth it i tend to vote down this type of content whatsoever as i don't like the practice to pay before you know what you're paying for.
Review from 76561198039769171The DLC for this game is the middest of the mid. Do NOT buy this. Do NOT waste your time: Nightmare: Poor man's CoD zombies. Cute for 1-2 attempts then gets repetitive. Capcom was kind enough to add Night Terror as a hard mode AKA crouch in corner with Saw and cheese because why bother otherwise. 6.5/10 Bedroom: Solid content. Mini escape room puzzle with Marguerite which gives her a little more characterization. Conflicts with the lore quite a bit though. Short and sweet. 8/10. Ethan Must Die: Basically Capcom's attempt at a roguelike game mode. Pretty terrible on all fronts. You die in one hit unless you get steroids. The only randomized things are the crates which can also explode because lul why not. Pretty much follow a guide of someone with the longest neckbeard to beat this or just don't. Seriously, I did it and don't know why. 4/10. 21: CANCER. I love card games. Now I don't. 21 and Survivor are tolerable and can be a bit of fun. The card game itself is actually not too bad. However, Survivor+ is a joke. You have to beat 10 opponents and the game has unskippable torture animations so it takes upwards of 60+ minutes for even an unsuccessful attempt. I beat all 3 modes so you don't have to. Seriously, go to a casino and play actual blackjack. It's better. -1000000000000000000000000/10 Daughters: Short and interesting. Capcom doesn't understand how to write lore or stories because yet again it conflicts with the established lore in the base game. It's nice to see the Baker family in a normal context. Should have been longer. Honestly, the most disappointing DLC because it misses the mark in characterizing the villains of the base game before their infection. 6/10. Jack's 55th Birthday: Stupid fun. Seriously, I had a blast with this one. Time challenges that feel fair and doable given the constraints. Plenty of guides to help with S and SS ranks. 9/10. End of Zoe: Hilarious. Stupid. Clunky. The most fun DLC in the Season Pass. However, Joe Must Die is unbalanced nonsense. Seriously, Capcom loves to take stupid fun and make it painful. Great for a single playthrough, but if you're going for completion, I'm so sorry. 9/10. (JOE MUST DIE 1/10 because WHY). Not a Hero: Cute free epilogue to the base game. Basically RE5 meets RE7 gameplay except WOAH the gunplay is way better because you can aim down the sights like a normal person holding a gun. Chris is still a boulder punching beefcake. Great finale to the game and Lucas. Solid, but not great. 7/10. Overall, if you're just looking for stupid fun, then play a few of the DLCs and dip. Completionists should avoid this like the plague because it's miserable. I played and 100%ed each and every DLC because I obviously hate myself. Don't hate yourself. Don't be like me. Skip this misery.
Review from 76561198829996859compre apenas se estiver em promocao (30 reais pra baixo) ou se comprar a gold edition, que ja vem com o season pass por um preço mais justo campanhas que ao todo levarao 10 horas para vc zerar + alguns minigames muito legais (21 supremacy)
Review from 76561198086362389有本体的,花30就能完成合集,买到所有3个dlc。漂亮。单独买季票居然还贵些。
Review from 76561198133139460Die besten + abwechslungsreichsten DLCs der Resi Reihe. Es gibt Story Inhalte, ein Psycho Spielchen ala SAW, ein Escape Room etc. Gönnt euch.
Review from 76561198073153063Yeah I can see why this is mixed. It's pretty 'meh' overall. But I really hate the blackjack mini-game and I hope the dev that suggested this gets mutilated; the mini-game's rigged and it takes too long to finish.
Review from 76561198848068353I own every mainline Resident Evil game on steam, I even have the Wii version of RE4. I can say with absolute certainty RE7 had the best DLCs of any entry, BY FAR. There are survival modes, additional scenes and mini games, even side stories akin to Ada's arc in RE4. My favorite DLCs in this expansion set are End of Zoe, Nightmare and Daughters. There's lots of variety and something for everyone. One of the few times I didn't regret buying a season pass.
Review from 76561198922800008[u]Tüm ek paketler dahil olduğu için[/u] tavsiye ediyorum.
Review from 76561199099988258o jogo te da uma senção de medo muito foda, e ao mesmo tempo um estilo de gameplay muito dificil e desafiadora, ou seja um combo perfeito que torna resident evil 7 muito foda, recomendo demaissss!!!!
Review from 76561198350963229く__,.ヘヽ.    / ,ー、 〉      \ ', !-─‐-i / /´       /`ー'    L//`ヽ、      /  /,  /|  ,  ,    ',    イ  / /-‐/ i L_ ハ ヽ!  i     レ ヘ 7イ`ト  レ'ァ-ト、!ハ|  |      !,/7 '0'   ´0iソ|   |         |.从"  _   ,,,, / |./   |      レ'| i>.、,,__ _,.イ /  .i  |       レ'| | / k_7_/レ'ヽ, ハ. |        | |/i 〈|/  i ,.ヘ | i |       .|/ / i:   ヘ!  \ |         kヽ>、ハ   _,.ヘ、   /、!        !'〈//`T´', \ `'7'ーr'        レ'ヽL__|___i,___,ンレ|ノ          ト-,/ |___./          'ー'  !_,.
Review from 76561197970338030I'm absolutely amazed how bad this DLC is, Capcom put zero effort into it.
Review from 76561199242272493生化危机7代真不愧是卡普空的翻身之作!比上一部生化危机6可玩性高太多了!值得推荐!很经典的作品!不错
Review from 76561199186282568除了21点,别的DLC小游戏都还可以,21点什么勾八东西,越玩越气
Review from 76561198052007123There are two things you should know before the purchase: - There's only two story-focused DLCs that are available within the Season Pass. End of Zoe, which tells you what happened to Zoe, and Daughters, a prequel to the RE7 story about how Baker Family encountered Eveline. - It's better to pick-up the Gold Edition instead of buying the game and Season Pass separately. If you already own the game, just get the Season Pass in the sale. It's not worth the full price. There mostly mini-games than some serious content that would expand and give you more details about anything that happens in RE7. Some of these are great, but if you don't care much about silly fun, you might regret paying extra. But it's a must-have if you loved the game and you feel like you would enjoy everything from the game, even hunting for food for Jack, or playing a twisted blackjack.
Review from 76561198064568395[table] [tr] [th][h1] My Playthrough [/h1][/th] [th][url=https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTZKn1hLlcQN4dOZIqW4IlFhAATREWKlM] Youtube Playlist [/url][/th] [/tr] [tr] [td][h1]The Review[/h1][/td] [td]Not worth the asking price.[/td] [/tr] [/table]
Review from 76561199007476066Pick this up on sale.
Review from 76561199087303088糙拟🐎的啥比21点,玩个牌磨磨唧唧半天还那么多坑爹设定,浪费一堆时间,真™全家薄壁了才能设计出这种没有可玩性的老馋dlc,凑啥比
Review from 76561198080592520For story enthusiasts, Daughters and End of Zoe will be the main reason to purchase the DLC. Not a hero is already free. The rest is a bunch of different minigames with different amounts of replay value. Best, and most difficult "minigame" is Ethan must die. Extremely difficult and will take you quite a while to get through, as you will have to start from the beginning each and every time.
Review from 76561198445717696Em promoção vale a pena de mais, melhor dlc ja feita de todos os jogos da série RE
Review from 76561198166525533Also aus meiner sicht sind diese dlc einfach nur ROTZ TOTALER MÜLL.... Ich frage mich was das mit horror zutun hat den das ist einfach nur dreck absoluter müll ich RATE JEDEN VON AB DAS ZU KAUFEN Um gottes willen NICHT kaufen P.S. MÜLL UND NOCHMAL MÜLL wie ich mich über mein Geld Ärgere glaubt mir keiner
Review from 76561198139480922[h1]Overall: 6,5/10[/h1] [h2]Nightmare: 7/10[/h2] Pretty good, beat it first try but still was intense. Not a lot of replayability though. [h2]Bedroom: 6/10[/h2] Meh, it was fine, I don't care too much for escape rooms myself so I didn't truly enjoy this that much. But for those that do, it's a nice little addition. [h2]21: 9/10[/h2] A thrilling experience, only lost a round once or twice since the game makes it fairly easy to win with all the gimmicks. Nevertheless, a well-made DLC with replayability. [h2]Daughters: 4/10[/h2] Pretty much a walking simulator with some barebones stealth mechanics. I didn't care about this one even a little bit. [h2]Jack's 55th Birthday: N/A[/h2] Haven't tried this one, might in the future.
Review from 76561199136434694值得购买
Review from 76561198041885150Yes.
Review from 76561198047024564re7's dlc is the absolute gold standard. 30 bucks is obviously way too much but add this to your wishlist and get it the second it goes on sale
Review from 76561198905990777与其说是DLC额外内容倒不如说是剧情的补充与完善,建议无脑入,体验多样游戏体验那直接拉满,入就完事。
Review from 76561198395849782Muito bom! Gostei de mais de jogar essa maravilha, um dos melhores Resident Evil que já joguei. Já sinto nostalgia pelo enredo da história após alguns anos de ter dado início à jornada como Ethan. Recomendo comprar na promoção já com os pacotes inclusos. Não vão se arrepender.
Review from 76561198150399018Piccola parentesi su tutti i DLC di Resident Evil 7, se il gioco di per se non mi aveva fatto gridare al miracolo, i DLC sono stati veramente super divertenti soprattutto 55th Jack's Birthday mi ha fatto sbellicare, e con una sfida altissima, la modalità Ethan Must Die è stata una delle esperienze videoludiche più difficili che io abbia mai affrontato, e l'ho superata, io e il 2.7% degli altri giocatori. Davvero belli.
Review from 76561198848966987Adquirirlo durante rebajas o con la Gold de RE7. Ojo, el contenido de los DLC's en su totalidad de todo lo que trae el pase esta bien, pero no como para 30$ (a precio completo)
Review from 76561198202783971I only liked the Bedroom, Daughters, End of Zoe, and the first part of 21. The rest was just unnecessary and frustrating.
Review from 76561198061107190검열 ㅡㅡ
Review from 76561198415012641A bit too expensive but still worth it.
Review from 76561199105222500Pretty cool but when will we get sex?
Review from 76561198330177157Неплохой сизонник, хоть длс и короткие, но классные! Особенно: 21, конец Зои, дочери. Эпизод спальня 50 на 50
Review from 76561198163028059Buen pack de DLC's del videojuego, sin embargo el precio no es rentable. consejo: compren el dlc por ENEBA, o cualquier otra pag, que me costo 8-9 dolares aprox XD
Review from 76561198320249287Положительный отзыв недоступен в вашем регионе.
Review from 76561198130262111¡Altamente Recomendado! El “Season Pass” nos ofrece varias misiones, que surgen antes, durante y posteriormente del suceso de Resident Evil 7. Aparte de entretenernos durante mas tiempo estas historias con misiones, darán cierre a algunas incógnitas que quedaron pendientes. Yo solo te aconsejo pillartelo, si compras directamente el Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition (que te trae el Seasons Pass) al precio de 7´67€ o menos, ya que comprártelo por separado, te sale carisimo. Quiero dar las gracias a mi amigo Jose, por el enorme esfuerzo que hizo para regalarme el “Season Pass” en navidad.
Review from 76561198157392394Get some good extra content. Worth the dosh.
Review from 76561199151649059Buy it, all of the content are worth playing
Review from 76561197988807641Unless something changes in the future this is probably the cheapest way to get all of the DLC to 100% the game.
Review from 76561198038382390遊戲本體是很不錯的恐怖遊戲 但CAPCOM真的很愛搞這種DLC 補完遊戲劇情沒問題 但有必要把難度調這麼高嗎? 讓喜愛挑戰的玩家自己挑戰就好 何必把DLC也加到成就裡面 DLC的難度我不知道設計師有沒有自己玩過 普通/困難差了好幾倍 21點雖然能推論但還是吃運氣 一條命要打十個人是三小? 伊森絕命危機更是超級吃運氣 箱子裡還有會陰你的炸彈 傑克的 55 歲生日也很無聊 強迫Speedrun有什麼有趣的? 噩夢更是低能設計 還要農積分點數解鎖武器? 怪一大坨還要用小刀慢慢磨 把成就跟挑戰分開來做到底哪裡有難度? 一定要把DLC弄成挑戰塞進來真的是腦子被門夾過吧? 每張圖都要一直背路線 這樣遊戲到底哪裡有趣? 好好的遊戲本體設計被DLC亂搞一通 真的很棒
Review from 76561198058755339Adds multiple story dlcs aswell as fun-mode dlcs that are all really good.
Review from 76561198390632297me compre la version gold y tengo el problema que no me deja acceder a los DLC a pesar de que steam dice que estan instalados y igual con los logros
Review from 76561198126975019Where to start? The game’s banned footage is -for the most part-, a waste of fucking time, there’s four levels with some extra modes added on top, with the ones that really stand out being Nightmare and the Daughters level, which is a very short level recounting the night the Bakers went through the horrific transformation after they rescued Eveline (you need to have played through the main story in order to understand what I’m talking about here) Daughters does a good job at filling some of the curiosity of gaps present in the main story, but sadly this is hindered by the fact that developers clearly wanted to artificially prolong each piece of the DLC of banned footage, including Daughters, and they do this in all the wrong ways. The Bedroom level is just pure trial and error, in the Nightmare mode you’re just going to have to replay through the same mode, over and over again up until you unlock enough items in order to beat it, and in the 21 sadistic card game the A.I. would literally cheat at times in order to beat you, and that’s without even considering what a waste of time the 21 portion of this dlc is, it really seems as if the developers were beating their meat at the brutality in that mode, you play against another hostage and as you “win” you witness your “opponent”: losing his fingers, getting electrocuted, and finally chopped in half, all the while he begs for his family, I didn’t found this enjoyable, nor thrilling, it just seemed like an ugly piece for the sake of being ugly. Daughters, on the other hand, makes you play as Zoe, guides you for the most part through enemy placement and set pieces. It’s a very linear experience, or at least it seems to be, because at the end you get this message telling you that you have failed to guide Zoe to the “truth”, which feels like a slap in the face, after finishing anything, do you really like to feel like you got the “bad” ending? It turns out there’s an alternate ending, the “good” one; one where you have to take an alternate path, one that you really can’t get to know how to get unless you consult a guide… There is a redeeming quality to this season pass though, and that is the End of Zoe dlc; what a fantastic fucking dlc, filled to the brim with humour, risks, violence, and pure fun, it truly is the one dlc you should get besides the free, Not a hero chapter, it’s the one that has the most story, is the one that has the most balance, it’s the one that serves as an epilogue to the main game’s story, and it’s the one that is the most fun.
Review from 76561198198129937ᅠ ᅠ
Review from 76561198835799831Вы capcom палец в рот не кладите - они снимут с него текстурки, механику, отзеркалят, вставят вам же в жопу и фуллпрайс за это попросят.
Review from 76561198355752399Nice DLC
Review from 76561199149872796PC版的DLC终于放出了,来啰嗦几句吧,目前DLC均为本篇素材再利用,并没有bio5 DLC那种给你专门再造一个洋馆(笑) 噩梦:生存战,用废料来换取各种生存物资,购买陷阱,换的越多需要的价格越高,差不多就是老套的生存模式玩法,总之想办法活到天亮吧 卧室:密室逃脱,基本就是在一个小房间里解密,偶尔尝一下家常菜(里面有死老鼠关系到成就),你也可以选择放弃生命吃菜吃死,毕竟被抓住的话可是要被灌虫进肚的 伊森必须死:一开始只有小刀,在场景中寻找补给,每次都不同,被菌尸挠两下就死,死了以后复活去找雕像拿一个之前的道具,没有保存点,死了活活了死那种。 21点:21点7,以后别来昆特牌了,还是玩21点吧,赌手指更刺激,尤其一次赌4,5根的时候,输了就只能找别人帮你jerk off了,前几个DLC的主角都是克兰西,讲述他如何在贝克家受虐,堪称生化史上最悲催的可操控角色了 女儿:讲述生化7故事的起源,一开始还温馨满满的家瞬间变成危机四伏的鬼屋,从结尾以及本篇的描述来看一家子估计是时不时就发病那种,到最后就基本没有清醒过了。其实生化7主要描写的就是生化武器给常人带来的灾难,跟之前的文本相比用更直观的方法去描述,可以说是聚焦于过去的那些敌人杂兵身上 杰克老汉的55岁生日:有点像以前的佣兵模式,说实话蛮欢乐的,各种菌尸头上戴着帽子看起来十分喜感,主要目标就是找到食物然后喂食play杰克老汉,杀敌加时间以及可以打开特定的门,不同评价可以换取不同奖励,跟佣兵模式一个套路,可以在场景中找到PP19和榴弹发射器。 目前几个DLC更多是在补完剧情而非加强耐玩度,唯一一个让人沉迷的居然是21点。。。。。之后还有一个DLC以及免费更新,希望在耐玩度方面多增强下吧
Review from 76561198978935987yes.
Review from 76561199182786870nnd,给我玩阴的是吧,对面把把都是21😅
Review from 76561198015254871Не обязательно к покупке.
Review from 76561199092253183一般
Review from 76561199181990970促销78买的游戏和所有dlc,是不是亏了?
Review from 76561198930479840:)
Review from 76561198113830731Покупать только если вы безума от второй половины RE7