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Jewel Quest Seven Seas Collector's Edition

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Review from 76561197970561135I like this game, but its hard. A master version of the Jewel Quests, lots of new mechanics and strategies
Review from 76561198327187009It's more than your regular "match 3" game. Different 120 puzzles to solve. After completing all the levels, go back and try for 3 stars and high scores. I have been playing this on and off for 3+ years. Yep, I'd recommend it.
Review from 76561199222992589keeps your mind sharp
Review from 76561198882048563j'aime les différend défi en negatif le nombre de coup parfois un peu trop bas
Review from 76561197977724919It's an okay game but so many levels will require lucky RNG to beat, let alone 3 star. It feels like there was a lack of QA on level design/goals. The music is fantastic and worth a listen.
Review from 76561199098546297great game to play
Review from 76561198052829009Very disappointing. It is NOT "pure Jewel matching experience" it is more mini challenges. This game plays and lays like a phone app game. There is no volume control on the sound, just on and off. The game is very loud. The puzzles are very small and o not get bigger. The wheels in the images are random, no control. Each of the "hundreds' of puzzles are about 9 x 9 in size which leaves no room for setting up moves. There are limits of 1 to 2 minutes or 15 - 40 moves so the puzzles are not the standard 5 minute runs. If you love Jewel Quest 1 - 3, especially the tournament mode at the end of JQ3, this is not that game.
Review from 76561198386044687This game freezes all the time. and has a lot of cliches.
Review from 76561198830387646the game is alot of fun and is challenging. Keeps a person busy
Review from 76561198048808478A solid entry in the series. While not as challenging as other entries, it was still enjoyable.
Review from 76561198115439830Enttaeuschend! Im Endeffekt weder eine Herausforderung, noch ein Suchteffekt.
Review from 76561198069159152This is a great game, at least for those who have experienced Jewel Quest or its similar rivals (such as Bejeweled). Great background story, and the Match-3 games are decent.
Review from 76561198136245361Eigentlich ein gutes Spiel zum Zeitvertreib, aber mir fehlen z.B. Errungenschaften und ein paar Bonis mehr, die man sich erarbeiten kann. Wenn man auf Geschichten in Spielen steht die im Hintergrund laufen ist das Spiel auch sehr interessant. Ich mag das Spiel trotz allem aber für 12 Euro würde ich es mir nicht noch einmal holen, für ein 5er vielleicht.
Review from 76561198726571468Addictif.