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Starfighter Arduxim

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Review from 76561198034145229It's a good game but requires some patience to setup properly with a hotas. Once you successfully setup the hotas you can avoid using the WMR motion controllers altogether after re-centering your seating position via the Steam overlay. You may need to use your right WMR controller to confirm your selections and for button mapping your hotas. I used the "A" button on my right motion controller to map my hotas after launching the game in VR mode. I highly recommend you map the "Return to Menu and the "Use" buttons first on your hotas so you can easily use the hotas to get back to the main menu in case you map buttons incorrectly. You can also turn off the motion controllers afterwards and use the "Use" button on the hotas to confirm your selections. With that said, game works fine with the HP Reverb G2 and the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro controller on Windows 11. It's pretty enjoyable to play with the hotas once you set it up to your liking. Multiplayer has a few maps and supports both public and private rooms. You can also play with bots so the game won't lose it's value due to a lack of online players over time.
Review from 76561197975599731Well, I never thought that I would say this, but Steam screwed this up. I originally bought this game in the Oculus store, but I wanted to see what Steam was up to for $3. To start with, they removed the virtual controls, which is my preferred way of controlling the ship. Then they removed the ability to customize the hand controllers and now you have to go out of the game to set the controllers, then back in to test them. In and out, in and out... you have got to be kidding. And they took 'reset view' out of the game, too. Steam took a fun-but-imperfect game and managed to make it even... less perfect. Starfighter Arduxim is a steal for $4 from the Oculus store, but not worth $3 from Steam. I have spent hours playing this in VR and loved every minute. Within a few minutes of installing the Oculus version I was flying my ship, practicing flying against drones until I had my ship set up the way I liked. Then on to the game and playing online, which is a lot of fun. This is not the best, state-of-the-art space sim out there, but it never pretended to be. It is a straightforward game that is easy to get into and have fun. And only $4 from OCULUS. I do not recommend the Steam version. Why does Steam hate this game so much?
Review from 76561198022043667all the issues complained about in the forums, they are real. I like this guys games even though he's been a real jerk. Like him, the games are rough. But I like them enough to play here and there.
Review from 76561199056406013Terrible 0/10 i got this for the interactive controls. didnt have that. just frozen hands and use the controllers.
Review from 76561198040802925Простая леталка, но, с механиками из больших игр, вроде управления во всех шести плоскостях. За сто рублей пойдет. Мой видео-обзор: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HludKyf-cYM
Review from 76561197989609619Concerned at first with controller support, but managed to connect the Vive and configure HOTAS in the menu. Can't wait to do a review video. Good work with updating the game. I didn't know the feature I've been using and abusing had just been added in. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1gGlMEEX2U&ab_channel=WatchTowerr
Review from 76561197990574583Definitely off to a good start. I was a big fan of Wing Commander.... I'd like to see more content though and I'd happily pay more for it.
Review from 76561198016924414It may have been pretty good a few years ago, but now it's just pretty. NOTHING WORKS!!!!! Doesn't work in VR! Recognizes my controllers in setup, but not in game. Doesn't work in desktop/monitor. No cursor, no anything. TOTAL BUST! Clearly I haven't learned my lesson about cheap games with reduced prices. It's a shame 'cause it's really pretty.
Review from 76561197971905574Great fun. Really liked this. If I had one criticism it would be that I'd have preferred to fight amongst an allied squadron - it would have felt more realistic.
Review from 76561198045106571Very good game for a very low price. Many games like this out there, with more story and more to do - but if you just want something that's easy to set up, learn and blow stuff up, this is great.
Review from 76561197972521828It is hard for me, because I like simple space sim games which gives me that 90s Wing Commander / Tie Fighter feeling. But unfortunately this game is lacking like the last overall 10% in every category to make your time worthwile. This is really sad, the base potential is there. But the game has been fully released and does not receive any game content anymore. Too simple, too lonely, too less control options (you cannot even map the standard xbox controller freely), not that satisfactory when you win a mission. There is also a complete game braker....No button to map or implemented in any menu to reset your VR seating position. really? Ok, I gave a shit and played the whole campaign with a position being 2 m above my avatar pilot cockpit seat while in real life I found myself sitting on the carpet in the corner of my room to get as close as possible to my ingame seating position. No joking :-P
Review from 76561197972306400A fun little VR homage to arcade space shooters like Freespace 2 and X-Wing +1 for making the joystick controls easy to setup
Review from 76561198027332027It's free, but his game does NOT have "full controller support." The options are bizzarly limited -- there's no clear way to bind primary fire to the left trigger on a XBox controller, for example.
Review from 76561197997128525Graert game with amazing potential. First time I feel flying a space ship. I can aim to the enemies with my head, my eyes. using the point from the camera in the VR headset. Please pick it up and make it a bigger game. It deserves it.
Review from 76561197994527111Simple but fun! This game has a nice, but short storyline. Your ship can be equipped with different primary and secondary weapons, which will be unlocked for different missions in the campaign. Mission and story descriptions are written and some parts have voice acting too. Graphics are very simple but still sufficient, the soundtrack is great and fits perfectly. Flight mechanics and dogfights are pleasant and challenging with increasing progress. There are a good amount of options for e.g. scale, graphics, and ofc controls - HOSAS is no problem! Recommended!
Review from 76561198052597324Starfighter Arduxim has everything you want from a starfighter game, minus cutting edge graphics and an open world, but for this price, you can't pass it up. Multiple game modes for multiplayer, single player campaign, and HOTAS support. I actually find I like the control more than Elite dangerous! The screenshots don't do this game very much justice.
Review from 76561197969385010Says its for Vive VR which does include controllers, but doesn't support contorllers with Vive. Developers, y u do this? If you say Vive support don't expect people to put down Vive controllers and get a different one.. ridiculous
Review from 76561198055950805If you have a HOTAS or maybe two joysticks laying around; this is totally worth the 5 bucks you will spend on it. Its playable with a controller, but its way superior with better input hardware. Its got a little depth, but its mostly simple space flight/combat stuff. Has multiplayer but I havent tried it yet. Also, it works with Trinus VR quite nicely.
Review from 76561198123538272Great game for its price. If you have a few friends with headsets you could easily have a blast.
Review from 76561198058602281 I like it.
Review from 76561198328293535Wow! I haven't played a VR game yet that allowed me to throw my ship all about space as quickly and in as many different directions as this one does, and I feel fine doing it. It is really amazing how fun VR can be when the devs get it right and the rendering and reactions are spot-on. Keep up the great work!
Review from 76561198236524094A simple fun space game with both single player and multi-player action and no motion sickness, which is a bonus as normal people can actually play it. So if you like arcade action shooters this is worth a try. Positives - Nice simple graphics design = high frame rate. - Feels like I always dreamed FreeSpace and Decent would play in VR back in the 90s. - Single player and Multi player. - Slower Pace than Decent: Underground seems to help prevent motion sickness. - Price (less than a pint of beer). Negatives - Not everyone will like the graphics style - Some people who don’t get motion sickness may prefer faster Ship handling. - Does not have the depth of play of the Elite games.
Review from 76561197992765887Pros: Quick to get in and out of for a burst of action and loading times are negligible. Only jump back to the default environment was when firing a rocket the first time in a session, otherwise, the game has been running rock solid. No MS for me, though YMMV (I'm not easily nauseated) Dev was quick to incorporate dual-joysticks when asked Cons: Graphics are a bit spartan While voice acting is of good technicality, it does come off a bit stilted Bottom Line: Good fun for the price, but don't go in expecting Elite: Dangerous. Does what it says on the tin. Recommended.