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Red Barton and The Sky Pirates

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Review from 76561197970435029Played on Linux using Proton, Nice Graphics, awful controls with keyboard and mouse or a Game Pad, Keyboard and Mouse being really bad, mouse is only used for left button/right button (fire gun/rockets), game play was pretty bad too, almost impossible to not get hit with the awful controls, I don't recommend this Game.
Review from 76561198157033582The art is the best part of this game because the controls are simple yet janky and obviously ported from a mobile/tablet game. The upgrades don't seem well thought out, and after finishing the 5 levels only about a minute long; you get to play them all again in 'night' mode, ooh yay! The whole game feels disjointed on PC, give it a miss.
Review from 76561198367224077Don't buy it. Even for 1 Cent. Don't play it. Even if you got it for free.If you don't believe me, not much lifetime is lost. It's over in about 20min anyways.
Review from 76561197961310906Don't buy this game. I'm glad I didn't. (To be clear, I didn't receive it "for free", I got the key in a bundle that wasn't humble.) The developer has taken "early retirement", they say they "tried", they "really did". I honestly wonder if anyone in their team did actually try playing this game. WHO ON EARTH thought "Yeah, THIS is FUN!" AND gave that feedback to the developers? There is no story except for some poor dialogue early on, which is just text on the screen. The character art seems to be from a number of different places: none of it matches, and "Red Barton" doesn't look anything like the Steam banner image. The leader of the Sky Pirates I think says something like "Go get 'em!" at the beginning of the first level, and then that's the sky pirates done. For gameplay, if you can call it that, there is an aiming reticule. It remains in the centre of the screen, and you have to (clunkily) guide the aircraft such that the reticule is over the enemy you want to shoot at. Handily, you can keep shooting at the enemy even when your plane is crashing. You don't have any chance of hitting any enemies until you're quite close to them. Even then, many are behind scenery objects and they are all able to fire in directions other than directly in front of them, giving them a significantly unfair advantage. They'll also fire at you when you've passed them. Some enemies are far enough off to the left or right of what I'll call the "playable area" - which has no visible border - that you'll take damage by simply trying to aim at them. The first two levels require several play-throughs to get enough of the in-game currency to upgrade the aircraft / weapons enough to make it to the end of the 2nd level - unless you're really good at dodging missiles. The first end level boss is defeatable by simply holding down the left or right arrow and firing. The second... well, it's surrounded by submarines which I couldn't reliably hit, and I couldn't find anywhere on the enemy where it would take damage. I also somehow glitched closer to the enemy, and the whole thing became impossible. That's when I quit and uninstalled this absolute pile of garbage. If the studio was still running, I would be tempted to send them a bill for the 36 minutes I spent giving it some kind of chance. Don't buy this even for a penny. It is absolute trash.
Review from 76561197970602587https://youtu.be/swDmn8Qna34 A general stiffness in controls will push away many players. Combined with a punishing power curve makes early combat feel pointless, especially with trivial boss design.
Review from 76561198340228090Game is trash. Controlls are broken. It is split screen, but players aren't playing together or able to affect each other's game. I want my money back.
Review from 76561197964249170Barely playable mess. Don't waste your time on this one.
Review from 76561197966527290Entre les collisions dégoutantes, le tir qui ne fonctionnent plus sans raison, les menus horribles, le bouton Echap qui fait pause, l'achat d'avions qui ne se valide pas, les ennemis qui tirent n'importe comment, le mode Facile très facile, les boss sans défi et ayant tous le même principe de jeu, l'eau qui fait "mur" face à l'avion, les bugs en pagaille, les murs invisibles à tout bout de champ, les caméras ridicules, la possibilité de traverser tout le niveau comme si on contrôlait l'avion une fois mort, la version française à demi-raté (et à demi-anglaise aussi), les musiques horripilantes, le character design vomitif, les niveaux courts qui se ressemblent, un mode multijoueur évidemment désert et tout un tas d'autres choses, comment voulez-vous que je vous en dise du bien ?
Review from 76561198000968236To even consider this game a "spiritual Successor" to Star Fox 64 Disgusts me in so many ways. The controls are awful and the gameplay and enemies are the worst ive seen in years. Ive never felt so angry just within the short amount of time i played it... Save your money. Even on sale this game is not worth your bottom dollar.
Review from 76561198040445146Really sad. I wanted to like this game, It looked like it was going to be similar to star fox from the super nes. The controls are the biggest issue, they simply dont work, engaging enemies is like throwing rocks out of a car on the highway, continually takes damage from "crashing" because you move to engage an enemy which is on the side of the screen, even in areas where there are no walls that you would strike. The enemies get destroyed but when attempting to retrieve your coins or "power ups" you will likely miss them or "crash" if you hit several enemies (which is what will happen the majority of the time) you are only able to pick up a power up from which ever one you fly through so you end up getting very few of the coins/guns/or fuel. Speaking of fuel hope you dont run out it is random to appear for killing enemies, so if you are low on fuel and dont kill the right ones, to bad. Power ups dont stay beyond one round (the ones you purchase) So if you waste money on a new plane it only lasts one level. Missles cost 5 coins, but kill only one enemy, I stopped buying and using them very very early. The game is very short. I was very frustrated all around with the game, it tries to be a bullet hell and a retro-style dog fighting game and fails at both. The bosses are bullet sponges with "hit here" before the battle prompts. the first boss is a large tower that shoots bullets constantly and you just fly in circles as the bullets pass you and yours hit every time and continue this for several mins. No chance to even get hit if you just keep moving. Outside of these boss battles it is no about movement as the plane's handles like a drunk ferret. Running everywhere and crashing into everything even if there is nothing there. sometimes you hit enemies when you fly into them sometimes you dont. sometimes you are surrounded by enemies on all sides and cant hit them because of there positions other times you have hit the 3 enemies on the screen and have a long corridor with nothing but your precious fuel running out. I have been waiting for this game for quite awhile and am really unhappy that it turned out this bad. I can usually forgive cheap indy games and find something to enjoy about it but this is so bad I wouldnt want to keep it for free. Stay away at all costs. 2/10
Review from 76561197991327449I like this game, good gameplay, good graphic, good music, but a little bit too short. Look foward to play with Red Barton on foot next time ;)
Review from 76561198078557630Best. Game. Ever. [spoiler][b]Good Luck![/b][/spoiler]