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Dawn of Warriors

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Review from 76561199379488908Este jogo marcou muito minha infancia, agora estou de volta comprei o jogo e vou zerar denovo jogo bom demais recomendo, peno que os controle do jogo é muito ruim mais não deixa de se bom
Review from 76561198408974859如果您有幸玩到这款游戏,首先我是不推荐您在电脑上购买这款游戏,因为电脑上的按键和各种设置是完全不符合电脑使用者的习惯的,我强烈推荐您可以到手机端购买这款游戏,如果您对游戏的经济花销有限,也可以游玩此游戏的试玩版,可以在Google Play 和IOS商城玩到正版,这款游戏我在很多年以前就已经有一个很完整的体验,这款游戏的各种设置简直惊艳到了当时的我,毕竟这只是一款100MB的手机端游戏,里面的地图,装备属性,各种玩法对手机端来讲简直新颖,想当初那个时候,我在手机端玩到的最好的游戏就是PVZ,也许是经费原因,制作组许久都没有更新,但游戏本身已经非常完善了,强烈推荐到手机端体验此款游戏。
Review from 76561198841636251,
Review from 76561198065499045I played this religiously for the past 3 weeks on my phone, and I can say I had a lot of fun in the experience. Although it's true that the game is buggy as hell, like being able to pass solid walls and stuff, and the very obvious sprite and sound rips from several different games, it shouldn't make you stop playing. I found it really fun to play if you have a lot of time, or enjoy grinding. My only complaint in this game is not having a Wiki page. Legit needs it as the game doesn't present you with much information other than the general tutorial. Oh and a fullscreen mode.
Review from 76561197964809006手机端很好玩,Pc端操作可谓反人类,没有wasd,攻击也不能设定,只能用7来攻击,你能想象用7攻击,然后用1瞬移的苦逼吗?
Review from 76561198446443852原来手机上就玩过了,百玩不厌,地图非常之大 ,装备和属性的组合非常多,而且还能洗属性!这个游戏和像素地牢在我手机上待了三年都没被卸载!emmm毕竟我是那种三天热度玩腻了就卸载,断断续续玩了三年可见真爱。 这个可以说是简单粗暴的PC移植版,没有键盘移动方式的那一版。和我玩的某一版本手机版相似,需要鼠标点击移动,且移动的时候不能攻击,可以说不太友好了。(但是手机上有一个版本也是这样啊我也玩过,这不能说是搬运者的锅这是版本问题!) 相比之下手机版还有一版(ver.1.5.3版)就有虚拟摇杆,我手机上也就是那版。 另外我试了试,这个不能和手机联机真实太遗憾了,ip地址不同看不见彼此服务器,手机和手机联机就没问题。 希望能修改的在电脑上游戏更方便一点,有生之年吧嗯。。。 【还有听说给游戏定价的不是作者?虽然操作有一点不顺啦,不过我觉得还是值得玩的!!!】感谢搬运让我能在电脑上玩!!
Review from 76561198395441123这游戏不错,可玩性很高,内容也很丰富,唯一的不足就是打怪的方式比较简单,
Review from 76561198242358426I think its a very interesting game but there isnt a wiki or any helpful websites when i dont know what everything does at the beginning, they pretty much throw you in a world with weird key bindings and no help and just let you kill mobs until you realise you wasted abunch of skill books on weapons that you end up getting rid of for a weapon that does more dmg. I understand most of the game now and i truly do like the game but it was just a hassel to understand what to do at the beginning.
Review from 7656119806908504110 Diablo gold sounds out of 10.
Review from 76561198034113962Completely unplayable. The click-to-move aspect works on the phone, but at least code WASD directional movment into the game for the port. Speaking of movement, the "show D-pad" option, along with most of the options for that matter, don't work. Enjoyed this on the phone, but this PC version is a waste of money. Do not buy.
Review from 76561198163682468行动居然是鼠标点的,这不行,妈的
Review from 76561198271507153Hellom Owners of the game Dawn of warriors, I really Like ur game but Id like to c a Fullscreen mode in the game so i can play the game with more fun I would apreaciate That Very much And would tell all my friends About the game So pls add a fullscreen mode I really like most of the game its well made and has Many cool Features Thanx for The cool game xDxDxD
Review from 76561198131575560鼠标操作的像素游戏,但是操作实在很变扭 并且 不支持手柄 《勇士的黎明》本身是个好游戏,想体验这游戏的还是去找手机端的吧 现在并不推荐这个游戏
Review from 76561197970805311The controls are abhorrent, there are stolen assets, the UI is absolutely atrocious. I really don't need to say any more. Go play Enter the Gungeon, Hammerwatch, or Overture. Y'know? Good games.
Review from 76561198069071691Additional to Canadaianese' review, the game also uses sound files from Diablo 2 and other games. As for the game play, it's unpolished, a terrible port and not UI friendly. Not worth a buck.
Review from 76561198097298867操作方式反人类,画面粗糙到极致。没任何教程,NPC也十分混乱,反正已经退款。
Review from 76561197989298968This game rip of pokemon assets. And the background for Dawn of Warrior when you start up the game is from Pokemon but they horizontal flip it. Thanks for Frogge for figuring this out. http://imgur.com/3c02GPN That's all I have to say. Edit: I never write reviews so if the game is that bad I would.
Review from 76561198305183094本来是被这游戏画面的卡通风格吸引,又是RU模式,所以不加思索就入了,结果被坑。游戏真实画面很水很粗糙的感觉,操作体验很差,攻击行动方式还是十年前那种鼠标点击地面才移动那种,我以为是WASD控制方向的实际完全不是那种。还有买这游戏时银联还出错了一次,害我花了双倍钱买个垃圾,很不爽,已申请退款。
Review from 76561198163904125描述的内容挺吸引人的,但是操作是在不习惯,后来发现原来是个手游...游戏本身风格还是可以的,但是我思考了下还是退款了。。