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Sorcery Is for Saps

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Review from 76561198042441420If I never finished the game I would have gave it a positive review. The game had many plot twist that I enjoyed a lot. I never saw them coming either. But the ending is what ruined my whole experince for me. It was as if someone had flicked a switch and said "YOU LOOSE!" There were many moments like this in the story. My character was all out of options and I was certain it was going to be the end for them. Yet time and time again the game would bypass these sticky situations, and let me continue with the plot. Then the ending came. Just because I picked the wrong allies, or because my "Magic meter" wasn't filled I lost. My character didn't die, but they might as well be dead. That is how unsatisfying the ending was. This game also saves your progress at all times. If there was a manual save function I may not be this upset. But it took 3 hours to finish the game. I don't want to spend another 3 hours fussing over every little detail to make sure I win in the end.
Review from 76561198087979217Sorcery Is for Saps is an intriguing game that complements Choice of Games' catalog. Throughout the game, the choices are interesting and the characters are well developed. While it was simple story, it offers a different taste of fantasy compared to the other fantasy-liked games that Choice of Games has in its line up. The main character grew out its rut too quickly and adapt too efficiently to be self sufficient. It seems there is a rush to the climax yet with no rewards to the reader. Nevertheless, the plot that it hinges on keeps me on my toes and I truly enjoy this one. The humor outshines the story.
Review from 76561198045301435This is another interesting story that has a very interesting buildup throughout, but rushes to an end that feels... lacking? Either way, I will say that I strongly recommend giving this title a read. There are very good characters and a plot to match it. Overall, I would give this one a 7/10.
Review from 76561198025001198It begins deceptively slow, but very soon it grows into a fully fledged adventure that keeps on giving. The choices feel organic, I did roleplay my character and I felt satisfied with the result. The story is very interesting, with some unique twists and ideas, your character can grow and make acquaintances with people. I'm not a man of romance, I tend to overlook them, but I think the ones done here are believable and realistic enough. Would recommend.
Review from 76561198092710453There are two types of magic in this game. There is also a fair bit of court intrigue, as well as a bit of a murder mystery. This isn't a dark game at all, but it attempts to use humor to tell some parts of the story. It's good enough for me, but it's not the best, as I prefer a more mature writing style, as in some of the humor seems like a thirteen year old could have written it. I give this game a 7/10.
Review from 76561198103497349So basically your a just a sorcerer's apprentice, but you're the only person available who can save the Kingdom. How successful your spells are depends on how much "juice" you have. Most of the time if you're low you can borrow juice from other characters, but at a cost. HOWEVER this game depends more on your ability as a player to unravel the court intrigue. You use the intrigue to advance your own ambitions and there's alot of different options for how the story ends. Pros: -Good length. -Well written characters. I think this is the strongest point of the game. You don't learn alot about the characters, BUT they're utilized REALLY well. They advance the plot and put the focus on your character. -Court intrigue is cleverly done. Lot's of clues and misdirections, keeps you guessing what's really going on here. -Juice mechanics and how magic works. Wizard magic Vs Sorcerer magic. -Good summaries of the information you uncovered when you're talking to other people. Cons: -Some of your decisions go no where, gives you a lazy answer and asks you to choose again. -Mistakes! Sometimes it gives you information you didn't actually acquire. -I found Fergie (your companion) kinda pointless. Mainly exists to give you more juice, but there's so much more that could have been done with her. For example: There's a part where you follow her glowing foot prints. That was really cool, but the rest of the time you just feed her. -Sometimes it doesn't let you solve a problem and just gives the answer. I want to puzzle this out for myself, not be given all the answers because I picked the right thing at random. -It can drag in places. Final verdict: -It's not a bad CYOA, but it does drag on and vex me. There's just too many decisions that seem to go no where. And at other times information is given too freely. I think it's one of the weaker CYOA.
Review from 76561198006517017This game is amazing. I can't say it is the "best" interactive novel I've gone through, because there were so mnay that were more intense, or moving, or seemed to have meaningful changes, but I will say that this game was far and away the most FUN of any interactive novel. The characters are delightful, the challenges unique and quirky, and the story enjoyable. This was beyond a pleasant surprise, and really hope you play it.
Review from 76561198325260599The romance is underdeveloped. You dont really get to know the characters. The story is also too short. That being said, its very fun and intruiging. Recommended. Hope for a much longer sequel.
Review from 76561198055041495Not really for me, everything depends on "juice". It feels more like you're playing min/max your juice than an actual story.
Review from 76561198079379943[h1] A True Joy to Read [/h1] [b] Sorcery Is for Saps is one of, if not the, best Fantasy game that CoG has to offer. [/b] I'm an avid customer of Fantasy esque Choice of Game titles and because of this I would like to think that I have a fair grasp on what is enjoyable (in my opinion) and what is not. The overarching story is grand but not so involved that it outshines the smaller aspects. The writing itself is predominantly flawless (in terms of grammar) and most importantly it is witty, humorous and entertaining. The mystery that the plot hinges on is expertly unraveled throughout the game and keeps you on your toes enough so that you can never be sure exactly who is behind it until the later chapters. It also does a great job at expressing the characters to the point where you feel like you understand them and their motives without learning their entire life story. Above all, I feel like the choices you make during the game significantly impact the story and the possible achievements confirm this. With every playthrough where you make differing choices your story will change, sometimes slightly and other times it will differ wildly. I wholeheartedly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys the genre.
Review from 76561198039621390I'm a little hesitant to recommend this, because of the three things foremost in my mind after finishing a couple of runs, two were negative. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it well enough, and it's rather inexpensive, so I guess it's worth it's price. The investigation aspect, you could say the plot, was quite well done, I enjoyed it. Also, the magic mechanics are quite interesting. On the other hand, the story doesn't go in depth with any of its characters (save maybe the familiar), which resulted in romances laking any emotional impact. You barely learn to know your prospective partners superficially. The game is also on the short side, though the number of ways you can spend your time in each phase of the story gives it decent replay value.
Review from 76561198074691072A certainly great game with interesting and tangled storyline, fun setting (magic part is really awesome, never saw something like this) and cute characters. The story starts like a tale of our very incompetent mage and their lifetime chance to greatness (to cure the king), but quickly becomes much more complex story with political intrigues, betrayals, kidnapping and so on. Good parts: - We can choose a gender and orientation of our character and potential bachelors change their gender with our preference (like there are three characters to romance: the prince, the page and the mysterious courtier, who have a potential to become princess and so on); - Our character isn’t an empty shell and they have their own personality. Some may think about it as a downside, but I find it refreshing – better play like a person, than like a brick; - The world building is good. Like very good, especially magic part. In some moments you can even lost in all these intrigues, foreign countries and titles (and differences between wizards and sorcerers); - Characters are awesome. Really. Even non-human ones like your familiar or inanimate objects. I found myself caring for all of them (and I even replay some parts to save them); - There are different ways to achieve your goals and different endings, it’s up to you what way to choose: better magic understanding and control, a simple life or even a power. And there is various ways to resolve main problem – cure the king; Bad parts: - I would really want more interacting with characters (mostly bachelors, though I wouldn’t mind any characters). Romance is just too quick, our character and their chosen one barely know each other; - Our character growing smart and powerful a little too quickly. In the beginning we are just a simple apprentice, who cannot spell a single rune, without throwing a disaster, but a week after we solving problems, that much more powerful others cannot (there is an explanation of course, like others cannot have an access to the palace, but downside still stands); - Personally I think that it’s hard to find a lifetime partner in a week, if never even was on a date before. Despite downsides, I really recommend you this game – it’s fun (it’s starts like a comedy and turn serious later), it’s heartwarming and interesting and feels much like a fairytale. I definitely enjoyed all hours I spent here.
Review from 76561198182625518Fun, light-hearted romp through a relatively serious main plot. There are many aspects of humour which have made me smile, and even laugh on occasion, and the world is colourful and cheerful. One thing I really enjoy in games is a comfortable, non-dystopian setting, where the crisis dealt with is not with the flaws of the setting itself but some villain(s) threatening its longevity. Sorcery is for Saps is not a game which depresses, but certainly still offers enough antagonism to concoct a sense of daring and adventure. Decent writing, decent sense of humour, and an interesting world to traverse and explore with your ferret companion, an arsenal of spells at your fingertips - for fans of fantasy and magic, this game is definitely worth a recommendation.
Review from 76561198003771261I liked the story. It was simple, yet fun and entertaining. Not too grandiose of an adventure, but good enough to keep me interested for one playthrough. Really (and I mean REALLY) liked the characters, they were well thought and their motives were generally clear and logical. Didn't see any plot holes that would bother me either. Mechanically, some stats weren't as transparent as I'd like, and changing them wasn't as intuitive as in many other games, but at the same time, if you stay in character, you won't fail, so you can play this game without once looking at the stat page and thinking "if only I chose that line that would give me 2 extra points in persuasion", which is great for immersion and I liked that a lot. Assuming you already know what to expect from "Choice of Games" stories, and you like some lighthearted comedy magical adventure - go for it, it's an easy recommendation. And it's good for any age.
Review from 76561198225173480①我讨厌绝大部分这种对立性格的设定,比如:kindness和ambition为什么是对立的?两外两对性格因为选项的原因控制起来也很蛋疼,这些后面会再说 ②属性设定模糊。游戏的属性分temperament,skills和desires三类,然而对各类别的作用没有起码的说明,对具体的属性也是一样 ②选项意义不明。几个选择肢出现的时候,绝大多数情况下都无法确定是针对temperament,skill还是desire,就算确定了,对各个选项对应何种属性可能还是一头雾水。有些选项你以为需要某种属性判定,然而后面其实是剧情杀,有时候则恰恰相反,还有时候选项的字面意义严重误导。比如我本以为fast talk会影响语言能力,然而我80+的fast talk,想要说谎时对方拿出个truth spinner;再比如女王拒绝我搜查国王卧室的请求,我感到:选择“anger”——“你对有人对国王下咒感到愤怒”——excuse me?....加上游戏本身没有手动存档,这种选择肢真是很让人摊手 ③没有量化的好感度,仅仅依靠合适的对话选择并不能攻略心仪的npc,还需要......我他妈也不知道,temperament?最后“我”跟妹抖表白时她说我野心勃勃前途似锦,跟她不合适——蛤?想攻略妹抖就要当屁民,想当大法师才能娶公主?很好,这很阶级斗争。这他妈是我他妈玩过的最他妈让人一头他妈雾水的Choose他妈的Own Adventure游戏 ④最让人恼火的是,当你发现这个游戏让你恼火的时候,两个小时早就过去了 我依然觉得tin star是此类游戏的正面典型:你知道自己的哪些行为会影响哪些属性,你的哪些属性会影响哪些结果,并给你依据自己的能力选择解决问题方法的自由,当你失败时你可以分辨出失败的原因是错误选择还是属性不够,而不是面对选择肢一脸懵逼只敢选那个最安全的
Review from 76561198213186949nothing groundbreaking and honestly I'd say it's average in terms of quality, definitely could be better. but it's still good, so here's a positive review.
Review from 76561198009250063I thoroughly approve. Magic, kingdoms and espionage. I really liked the setting, I found it to be very colorful and very immersive. The choices available are very meaningful as well, I really gave the story I played my own favorite spin, and I am very satisfied with the ending I got. Sometimes the choices are also really challenging and fun, because I desired for a particular outcome to occur, and had to really stop and think things through before making some pivotal choices. I liked all the characters and absolutely adored the kingdom's heir.
Review from 76561197989645339A fun, light hearted fantasy romp. Decent length, though I felt the endings were a bit... limited? Still, a fun enough game with lots of character, I'd definitely recommend it.
Review from 76561198042593057Sorcery Is for Saps is an extremely painless read, and it's funny every once in a while, so there's incentive to bother reading it. It doesn't exactly transport you to the world of imagination, (you could get lost in COV's Lousiana) and it doesn't plumb the depths of character development (your significant other is the royal/reliable/overly-sexed hotness) but it has some nice world building with magical spyware, talking inanimate objects, and unusual curses. I really liked the emphasis on the familiar (even if I was obviously hallucinating Lyra's daemon). The ferret is adorable, and anyone who is mean to it deserves to be cursed by women with square feet.
Review from 76561198069996606It's crazy. Most of the time you'll wonder what the hell is going on. The puns will either make you groan, or grin. But you'll love it if you're into this sort of thing. 10/10