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Review from 76561198081999502I love tactic games and achievements so i just had to go for 100% on this one. Man, what a ride! This game was super fun and the story was more interesting than I expected! Dude! [b][i][u]Werebadgers![/u][/i][/b] Well, yeah, maybe she is a werebear but for me, she is a werebadger! From the intro, I really fell in love with it and then she came.. and broke the spell. Well, fine, I guess. The game had me really pumping there as Epic but this is fun too! Anyway, the style and mechanics remind me of the old Tactics Ogre/Final Fantasy Tactics games of old and I really like Hellenica for it. This is a very simple game but the pushing/tossing mechanics are very fun! Each stage has little challenges for you to try and do which adds to every battle. One thing I didnt like was that there was no "Speed Up" option for animations, every battle is slowed down by looking at the enemies walk around. There isnt a tutorial either but most things are pretty obvious. There isnt any option to remap the game hotkeys either and and the AI is pretty dumb sometimes, but's its fine. If this game ever gets a Hard mode it would be enabling the AI to Toss/Push you off, man, deadly! Storywise, this game has branching paths but you can go back and take another path when you'd like so youre not really missing anything and on this, the game is very flexible. I do recommend you stick to a path until you get to a recruit THEN start again on Day 1 and take another route, it's more fun that way, I think. Game is around 20 hours, 30 if you go for all achievements (Hard Objectives take time). Hellenica is awarded 80 tossed up pirates out of 95 skulls in a barrel, which are Greece's finest export! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2829930768
Review from 76561197979019041I give this game a 5.7/10. Story is okay. Combat can be challenging, though it feels too limiting. Alright, here are my gripes: *The combat is too simple. There is no equipment system. No class/job system. Effectively every story character has a unique set of skills, which you unlock over time. *I disagree with the decision to limit your characters to two skills. I think it would have been better to have them all available as you unlock them. Choosing your layout before each fight was more irritating than rewarding. Let resource (energy/mana/etc.) costs make you decide which one to use instead. *You do not get to choose your mission crew! Every stage has preassigned group members! *The story is purposely repetitive, with you playing a psuedo time loop to recruit your companions for the final fight. This means that you run into several similar story beats as you continue to play the game, which makes the story drag. In the game, you recruit a Persian guy who uses fire magic. I would have loved to play him as a pure mage with ranged attacks, but he has a sword! And he will always have a sword!
Review from 76561198382259928I had this game in my backlog for a while before playing it, and I would say I enjoyed the overall experience. The setting (Steampunk mythological Greece) is very charming, the characters are simple but likeable, the story can take unexpected turns and even in my 4th run through the "branching storyline" I was finding places I imagined only existed "in lore", and the battle system could often lead to bombastic combos where using positioning properly could make the difference between taking out 5 enemies in a turn or losing turn 2. BUT I have to put some warnings before recommending it, because for some reason the devs decided to reinvent the wheel on many staple Strategy RPG mechanics, and this led to some very unpolished aspects: 1) For starters, the decision to go with a "XP is gained through completing mission objectives" and "characters dont level up" made the game a lot more like a Puzzle game than a normal strategy game. You are sometimes encouraged to just stun enemies for an extra turn so you can finish them off the way the game wants (with a threat hazard or by throwing them somewhere most often) rather than just beat them, for example. 2) Also, regarding the battle system. I believe most of the characters, and especially Brasidas, have a very limited skill pool, and combined with the fact you usually dont permanently recruit any ally outside of the core 4 until a very late in a mission path means you have very limited synergies, so even if you can make some amazing combos combined with terrain and hazards, these combos are often repetitive after you find them. This will make your second and third run through the game a bit tedious, depending on the route you take, and you have to make multiple runs because... 3) The second biggest issue in my opinion is that the story could have easily been a solid 20 hour linear adventure with proper character development and tension building, if it was structured linearly (like Final Fantasy Tactics or Fire Emblem). But instead the devs went for a "branching paths" system that makes it more like 4 hours of plotlines that get raised and either solved in 1-2 battles or dropped to be followed in your next playthroughs. And you HAVE to go through at least 2 playthroughs to get to the true ending (although I'd recommend three). In my opinion, some of these paths should have been combined into a more epic and concise story, and allowed you to recruit an earlier ally that would follow you until later missions. 4) My play time says over 40 hours, but a lot of that was just me trying to get the hard achievements of all missions in my first 3 runs through the main story. The real game time you would get if you just want to recruit all 6 optional party members is probably more like 20 and 30 if you want to do ALL missions. Probably just short of 15 if you want to do 3 optional party members and beat the game. 5) Because of the "different timelines" storytelling, the dialogue in the game suffers a lot and you will have to sometimes listen to long introductions you've already heard and will skip, sometimes be introduced to characters and plotlines that didn't really have any set up because to meet those characters you'd have had to go through a different path, and sometimes even have to see character development that apparently happened offscreen because some characters become best friends despite having met a battle ago. 6) Because of the branching paths situation, and the repeated dialogue problem, the dialogue/cutscene system also takes a hit. Dialogue skips only works for a line rather than a cutscene (necessary because sometimes you want to skip a repeated introduction and not all), and because you have to choose who you talk with the game also uses a lot less of the "cute in-map sprite animated cutscene" that makes rpg infodumps kinda fun, and a lot more of the visual novel format of "select what character you talk to". 7) I would also say that the game really needed more tracks because many are ill fitting. Especially the victory music in some of the darker maps and story points. So, a lot of weak points. And that will kinda explain the mixed reviews. But I will also say this game was an experience I dont regret at all and I bought the game at full price (never saw it going on sale)
Review from 76561197997050276I don't usually play this sort of game, but I do really like Greek history, so I gave it a try. Turns out a blend of simple rpg tactics, greek history, and anime actually works as a combo. It was truly a pleasant surprise. The story is decent, the setting is unique, and the game mechanics are straightforward, which make it well worth it's price tag. The game is a simple, fun, diversion. My only complaint is that there is not - more - available. The game is great for it's price, but I genuinely want to pay more so that there is more game, if that makes sense. The art style and game mechanics are just fine, but what I would love more of is a longer story, more battles, and a more fleshed out conversation system. Basically a larger RPG based in the story's setting. But at the end of the day, the developers did a great job making a unique property that is fun to play.
Review from 76561198064498677A very well made Trpg, nice story, interesting characters, comabts fun when u know what u are doing and the art style is way to much my ally to ignor this game, sure the fights get a bit repetetive but still fun i dont look for over complicated stuff.
Review from 76561197962368812Excellent game, well worth the low price point. The combat is very position and environmental focused, throwing enemies off cliffs and into each other is generally much more favourable than straight damage, although on occasion more standard tactics like, favoured damage types, chokepoints and AoE bombing do the job better. And it's a breath of fresh air that it doesn't follow the fire emblem style of losing units killed in battle, so you don't have to annoying aspect of babysitting an injured unit through a battle you're clearly going to win. The story's enjoyable enough, if a little cheesey. Lots of Greek mythology cameos with a sprinkle of steampunk if that's your thing. And there's a hell of a lot of branching paths through the game that don't just re-merge 1 mission later. Thankfully it's very easy to skip between branches thanks to a handy mission select system and fill in the blanks without repeating anything or managing separate playthrough saves, which is a huge QoL bonus there, especially since experiencing multiple paths is required to properly finish the game. There's a hair over 40 missions in total, and at a pinch I'd say 1/3 are semi-recycled, with the same maps but different character rosters, objectives and enemy positions. 18 hours in I've unlocked ~90% of the content and think I got to play with the full roster of characters available, the difficulty was mid-low by my estimation, having played a -lot- of SRPGs. A great game to try if you've bounced off the more grind-focused games out there, since there's no option to grind for stronger characters in this one, just play different paths through the story and new sidekicks/villains. There's about 14 characters available, but there is a core roster of 4 characters that go through almost all the plot paths and only those have any customisation options between missions, so it can feel a samey once you've gone back and played a few times and the same faces still pop up again. A good game to play on a chill weekend and it doesn't drag itself out so it can be finished without any great time commitment.
Review from 76561198229231924Hellenica is a turn based tactical rpg with a focus on puzzle like combat encounters and a narrative that allows for multiple paths, although neither of these are great, the execution, for an Indie dev, is still impressive. The story is a little hard to sum up due to the branching nature, but suffice to say you are the chosen warrior of the goddess of the hunt, Artemis. Your goal is to follow the vision given to you by the goddess, and by doing so, save greece. From there the game becomes a tangled mess of plot threads, and you can follow any one of them at your own pace, as the game allows you to go back to any point you've visited previously in order to see events again, or go down a different path. While some of the individual stories can be interesting, its neigh on impossible to keep track of them all without making a flow chart of events. I'd say that some of the side stories do prove to be somewhat engaging, and after i started committing to single story paths before going back for others, it got easier to follow. It's a decent story about rebellion, tradition VS advancement, greek mythology and steampunk, some of these themes are pulled off well, but again, it was hard to really keep track of it all. Gameplay wise, it's a very easy to follow affair. Each combat encounter puts you into a unique map and gives you one primary objective and two side objectives. Why do the side objectives? EXP. you don't gain levels by grinding, but by doing objectives, which eventually give you skill points to unlock skills to equip to units you have access to. The big downside is that you'll constantly see characters cycling in and out of the roster as time goes on, meaning you may or may not end up wasting points on a character you wont have for the next fight. the actual fighting portion is good, rather simple, but good. Every character has the ability to move, and then use a skill, with each skill being unique to that particular character (with some exceptions). Each one has a base set of skills, and slots for skills you unlock as time goes on, allowing you to customize them a bit. With these, you can set up chain attacks to combo enemies to death, either through raw damage, or enviromental hazards (for example, falling damage is a thing in this game). While this would be really boring if that was just what was on offer, the optional objectives gives you a reason to get creative with the limited move set, and turns what could have been dull into a really fun, tactical affair where you really do have to plan out your moves. Graphically speaking, it feels like this came right out of the PSX era of games, drawing up memories of final fantasy tactics and tactics ogre. It's all low polygon and pixle art, but it does so much with both that it's downright impressive how well they managed to re-capture the feel of those bygone days. However, the music? Dear god, it's awful, it really is awful. You'd think that it might have something suited to the aesthetic of the world, or matched well to the areas and so on, but no, it's really basic stuff that feels more suited to a game about cavemen than it does to greek/steampunk tactical scheming. I'd honestly replace it in a heartbeat if I knew how. As mentioned earlier, the story is an absolute nightmare to follow even at the best of times. The dialog is good, the stories are decent, but it really would have benefited from a more linear structure, or just had an FF tactics style map and allowed you to explore the whole setting as time progresses, as opposed to bouncing back and forth the timeline. The roster of characters you play as also causes issues, as you never have any of them in your group for too long, and you can't bring them back in time with you. I didn't care about any of them beyond the two staple characters who were always with you on the journey. It would have been better to allow you to do side-stories to recruit some of them permanently, and also have mandatory ones for the story join as time goes on. This way, you'd have more choice on how you approached missions, the single skillpoint you got per level would be far more valuable as you'd have to decide between one of seven or so people who got it, and I'd be able to vary things up by not being forced to start with the same two characters every time. This game is good, but it really does need better focus. I really enjoyed the combat for what limited amount of options I had as it made me use each skill to maximum effect, but I still would have liked more options. Overall, it had potential, but it didn't fully realize it, for me at least. I will recommend this despite its flaws, as there is still a good game underneath them, but I'd honestly recommend titles like Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs, Disgaea or the shadowrun games over it. If you're looking for something simple and fun, that doesn't require hours of investment to collect gear and loot to enjoy a tactical experience, this is it.
Review from 76561198054479045im playing hellenic where a dbag unit threw my last character onto of a building then die to a ton of stun arrows to the face because he could not reach me. 10/10 and im not even done yet
Review from 76561197977768003Turn based tactic games are so scarce these days that is nice too see people still making these type of games. The game is a little too simple for me....even so, we should support these guys.
Review from 76561198081457364This game has an absolutly wonderful combat system. I adore each and every battle. so wonderful the sprites look awesome. their movments are crips and the animation is A-1 stake sauce. . . the story though. . . . the story and setting are. . . well. . . boring. boring as sin. SSOOOOOOOOO BOOOOOOOORING. BUT for certain. i will be browsing through the makers game cataloge simply to see if they used this combat system in something else (hopfully with a better story) The combination of ancient greece and rome, steam punk, and anime art style, while all potentially wonderful on their own, and maybe even paid together (at times at least) when put together in this rather uncomfortable three way, it is a feast for the senses. mind you, a feast that where everythign is either under or over cooked, and the host is standing there, grinning at you, and you know they put their heart and soul into it. so you grin and hold back the tears as the hard shell of the meatloaf cuts into the roof of your mouth. . . but a feast. the game has a very intresting tree system, where you can kinda make the story go along in its own way, learning a diffrent way to tell the same tale. . . now this WOULD be awesome if it had more characters, or if you went one path you where not able to go back and explore every path, or. . . something. . . something needed to be changed just a TINY bit to make this story progression system really cool. but when i go down one path and get the spartan turned back into a human, i dont want to go down a diffrent path and at the same time I WOULD be turning the spartan back into a human, NOW im just meeting him in the forest. . . sooooo. . . some how. . . even though i NEVER met him before. . . he is no longer a turtle? why? it bugs the hell out of me, that no matter WHAT i do, i will end up meeting the same people no matter WHERE I go. . . on the same days but in diffrent places. the whole thing just bugs the hell out of me. i wish i WISH there was more good to say about the game. since i LOVE the combat so much. and if you are into isometric grid combat system, and dont mind a clunky kinda boring story, then you will like this game. or if you want to see "anime steam punk plato" then this IS the game for you. for me though. . . i would buy it again. . . simply for the combat.
Review from 76561198137316144그리스 로마 신화에 스팀펑크를 가미한 스토리에 파랜드 택틱스 혹은 In to the Breach 느낌의 턴제 전투가 벌어진다.레벨업을 하더라도 캐릭터 스킬 해금이지 캐릭터가 강해지는 것은 아니기 때문에 조심조심 플레이해야하며, 전투 중 세이브가 없다.(대신 감나빗도 없다...) 영어의 압박이 심하기는 한데, skip 기능이 생기기도 했고, 어쨌든 대화를 다 눌러보면 경로가 다 열리는 터라 스토리를 모르는 채로 게임을 하는 것도 가능은 하다.
Review from 76561198334937130I wish there was a meh button for this game. I loved the combat system and levels, but the in-between dialog was enough to have me put this title down. You have to make choices based on the text so you really have to read (Shatner voice on) the whole wall of text people say multiple times (Shatner voice off). The worst is that you have to talk to this person, then this person, then the first person, then another person, then the second person, then the first person.............
Review from 76561198055006994it PAINS me to give this game a negative review, I LOVE the setting, I think the graphics are a great fit for its genre (they remind me of old Disgaea or FFT games) and the gameplay was fun, but I cannot recommend this game with a clear conscience. This is a weird mix between a puzzle game and an srpg, but it ends up having way too many flaws: The deterministic nature of puzzles make the combat lack in mechanic depth and character progression (VERY few skills per character, most caracters restricted to certain maps), to the point the game even gives you ONE skill point AT MOST per battle, not 1 sp per character, ONE skill point to give ONE CHARACTER. On the other hand the srpg side makes the puzzles not so well designed in later stages (since balancing it must have been a nightmare considering that a single skill can drastically influence how to aproach a level). Also, the story is awful, the dialogue just goes on and on and on and rarely says something truly interesting and the characters are painfully generic, wich is a shame considering how COOL the setting is. Overall I had fun with the game, but I cannot recommend such a short game (4-15 hours depending on how many paths you complete) for its full price, might be worth it in a sale if you like the aesthetic of steampunk greece and dont mind its boring story
Review from 76561198267393126I killed an enemy by shoving him into steam which propelled him down a cliff 10/10
Review from 76561198311200072I support every single game that mentions Ancient Greek Mythology.
Review from 76561198062771896Though advertised as a dense tactical RPG, Hellenica is a frustratingly limited game that offers nothing new to the genre or its source material. I found myself clicking through dialogue early-on, only to reach another boring battle. The story is written poorly and has tacky animation, coming off as an amateur flash game in the end. Further, there is hardly an RPG element to Hellenica, as the game offers little in the way of rewards to improve the characters and gameplay. What we are left with is essentially an interactive fan-fiction, which I simply cannot recommend for $20.
Review from 76561197972449153Looked like a slightly quirky game that would be inspired by FFT and Disgaea. It's actually a puzzle game, you get exp based on performing certain actions in combat. That wouldn't be so bad, but the art style and writing are incredibly off putting. Reads like something from fanfiction.net, and looks like the same guys deviant art account. The sprites and combat graphics are fine, but the in town/conversation art style is just incredibly off putting to me.
Review from 76561198037103200I love this game, reminds me of Fire Emblem! I really enjoyed the gameplay, art style and story. I hope for a sequel or for more of this type of games to be released on Steam!
Review from 76561198080451097[quote][url=https://store.steampowered.com/curator/33470891/]Mehr Reviews gibt es auf meiner Kuratorseite[/url][/quote] [b]Setting[/b] Hellenica ist ein Final Fantasy Tactics ähnliches Spiel, welches im alten Griechenland spielt. Dieses alte Griechenland hat allerdings Dampfmaschinen erfunden und so haben wir ein Steampunk Setting im alten Griechenland. Das Setting an sich ist interessant und man möchte mehr über die Welt herausfinden. Allerdings ist die Erzählweise, die das Spiel benutzt, nicht gut. So wird die gesamte Geschichte mittels Gesprächen im Visual Novel Stil erzählt. Man wird hierbei allerdings mit sehr vielen Namen und Begriffen beworfen, sodass der Überblick sehr schnell verloren geht. Kombiniert man diese Erzählweise nun mit einzelnen Geschichtssträngen, welche parallel spielen, geht auch das letzte bisschen Übersicht verloren, da einzelne Abschnitte über verschiedene Wege erreicht werden können, sich aber nur auf einen dieser Wege beziehen und man viele Texte an verschiedene Stellen immer wieder liest. Zum Beispiel, wenn sich ein Charakter anschließt und er erst mal etwas von sich erzählt. Dies passiert in 6 parallelen Strängen und man sieht es daher dann auch 6-mal. Hier hätte eine lineare Story mit weniger Begriffen und Namen besser getan. Die Gespräche hätten auch noch ein klein wenig gekürzt werden können. Die Charaktere haben alle keine wirkliche Persönlichkeit und sind eher Personifizierungen von Klischee Charakteren. [b]Grafik[/b] Das Spiel hat zum einen den Visual Novel Stil in Städten und Gesprächen und zum anderen einen PSX Stil in den eigentlichen Kämpfen. Die Kampfkarten sind einzelne aus einfachen Formen zusammengesetzte Bereiche, welche in 3D erstellt sind. Die Charaktere sind hingegen 2D Sprites. Auch wenn dies normalerweise ein Stilbruch ist, so ist es in diesem Spiel nicht allzu schlecht umgesetzt, da die 3D-Elemente einfach und mit gering aufgelösten Texturen versehen sind. Die Karte wird in einem 45° Winkel gezeigt und lässt sich in 90° Schritten drehen um auch jeden Bereich sehen zu können. Es gibt allerdings das Problem, dass bei den Charakteren nicht visuell dargestellt wird, in welche Richtung sie gucken. Es wird nur durch einen Pfeil am Lebensbalken des Charakters gezeigt. Dies verwirrt mitunter, da nicht sofort einsehbar ist, in welche Richtung der Charakter guckt. [b]Sound[/b] Zum Sound gibt es nicht viel zu sagen. Die Musik bleibt im Hintergrund und es gibt keine Lieder die im Gedächtnis bleiben. Ich habe bereits nach einem Tag Pause jegliche Musik vergessen. [b]Gameplay[/b] Hier liegt das größte Problem des Spiels. Das Gameplay ist ein Tilebasiertes Strategiespiel im Stile der Final Fantasy Tactics Spiele, jedoch sehr vereinfacht. Es gibt keinerlei Level oder Charakterausrüstung. Die Charaktere sind immer gleich stark. Man bekommt zwar für das Abschließen von Kämpfen Erfahrungspunkte und Level, aber pro Level bekommt man nur einen Skillpunkt, welchen man verteilen kann. Jeder Charakter kann eine kleine Anzahl von Skills erlernen und somit ein klein wenig verändern, jedoch sind manche Skills nützlicher als andere und man bleibt so eher bei den selben. Ein Kampf läuft nun rundenbasiert ab. Erst beginnt die eigene Vorbereitungsphase in der man seinen Zu plant. Jeder Charakter kann sich hierbei einen gewissen Bereich bewegen und anschließend eine Aktion ausführen: Verteidigen, Angreifen oder eine von zwei Fähigkeiten ausführen. Wenn die Planung fertig ist, wird der Zug ausgeführt. Dabei werden die Aktionen in der Reihenfolge ausgeführt, wie der Spieler die Charaktere vorher befehligt hat. Anschließend ist der Gegner am Zug. Ein großes Minus ist, dass man die Charaktere nach einem Zug nicht drehen kann. Die letzte Aktion bestimmt die Blickrichtung, was häufiger dazu führt, dass man den Rücken der Charaktere und damit den Schwachpunkt nicht schützen kann. Das große Problem liegt hierbei beim Balancing. Die Gegner sind von den Werten her im späteren Spielverlauf gleich stark wie die Eigenen. Das Problem ist jedoch, dass der Gegner immer in der Überzahlt ist (z.B. 13 Gegner gegen 6 eigene Charakter). In der eigenen Gruppe sind später 4 Charaktere + eventuelle Gastcharakter, welche nur für die eine Mission dabei sind. Die Gastcharaktere sind im Normalfall nutzlos und sterben recht früh im Kampf. So darf man in Unterzahl eine große Gruppe gleichstarker Charaktere bekämpfen. In vielen Karten gibt es jedoch die Möglichkeit Gegner entweder Klippen runter oder sie ins Meer zu werfen oder Gegenstände, welche über die Karte verteilt sind, auf sie zu werfen. Hierdurch sterben diese sofort. Voraussetzung ist allerdings häufig, dass man über den Gegner steht, da man sieht nur nach vorne drückt und nicht direkt wirft. Wenn man die Karte nun unten beginnt, startet man schon mit einem großen Nachteil. Wenn nun aber Klippen und Wasser ebenfalls fehlen, ist eine Mission schon mal als unfair zu betrachten, da die eigenen Vorteile verloren gehen. [b]Fazit[/b] Abschließend kann man sagen, dass die Grundidee des Spieles sowie das Setting interessant sind. Die Ausführung hat jedoch hat viele Mängel, welche den Spielspaß stark hemmen. Ich kann dieses Spiel daher nicht empfehlen.
Review from 76561198121305176Was not what it advertised. Crappy game.
Review from 76561198343460680一款以steam(大雾)+希腊为主题的策略战棋类游戏,对相关题材感兴趣的玩家可以购买,其他玩家谨慎购入吧
Review from 76561198045503284A very faithful take on Japanese tactical RPGs. This is both bad and good. Bad, because dialogues are quite boring (but fortunately, skipable), good because each battle offers an interesting challege. Fortunately, the game is not too long, so the plot have no time to really grind you down (unlike Disgaea). I'd like to note that I liked the ideas of the storyline, the end boss is an interesting take on one of Greak Titans, but JRPG-style delivery and characters really spoiled it for me. One problem with combat is very long enemy turns: you would wish for a "skip everything" button. Presently, you can only Alt-Tab to browse Reddit while enemies slowly make their way over the battlefield and pound on your characters. Overall verdice: not as good as Chroma Squad, but worth picking up anyway.
Review from 76561197970835462I love turn-based games, but for some reason, this game didn't manage to grab me. I didn't like the initial story and style and all those dialogues in a static screen. The combat itself, looks mildly interesting but didn't make me want to launch the game again, thus the refund after a few days without playing it.
Review from 76561198067189007Underwhelming game, particularly in world building (the setting seems interesting, but the actual implementation is horrible) and immersion. The mechanical gameplay is not good enough to overlook this issues, which for me are key in an rpg, so I can´t recommend it.
Review from 76561198092016244I take my hat off, "bravo"!!, 100% recomended for those who love games like final fantasy tactics, the banner saga, etc. POSITIVE -I would say replayability but its kind of weird, multiple paths and ways to go on with the history. -Each character has his/her personality, abilities , in other words, they are unique characters. -A very good mix between fixion, mithology and historical facts where the game is set. -Good explotation of high and low terrain, interesting skills and battle mechanics. -Rich story, with comedy, drama and serious parts. NEGATIVE -Too few evil characters, too many soldier 1, thug 2 etc. -Though the characters have personalities and so, no great depth in their personalities. -There is a point in the game where you level up and the points given are useless. -The battles tend to be the same, same objectives and so. Too much bump, throw off a cliff, etc objectives. - Too much text (yes im lazy, but i read it anyways), no voiced characters. -The music is fine, BUT if you take your time in one place is anyoing the same track on an on with few variations. NEUTRAL Well im use to pick a character, move > attack > next unit the same till you move all > end turn here is not like that, the first you move is the one will act first, once you decided all your actions, they are done by your units. Personally i believe the motion animation, when they walk, jump, etcetera is too fast, in this way the game feels faster but I really like to see the unit movement and animation. Suggestion Newcomers, myself included could have use or could use a tutorial for the game mechanics, like bump objects, throw off people, high and low, also attack form the back should get a buff, to be as good as the effect "backstap".
Review from 76561198027913617I had big expectations for this game so that's why I am so dissapointed. The key to tactical RPG is the battle system. It is just to simple for me. There no levels, no equipment. Characters have several skills witch you can chose before the battle. It gives a little bit variaty but not much. Push/toss technique is pretty fun because you can use environment, but when it is the only fun thing it gets boring really fast. Story and characters are not interesting, too general. I can recommend only to hardcore SRPG.
Review from 76561198006893686I found Hellenica very addictive. I've gotten near the end of the storyline, but I keep exploring different areas to see the story unfold rather than progress down the main questline. Some things I liked: - Interesting steampunk reimagining of ancient Greece. Really cool character renditions (e.g. the Oracle of Delphi). - Fun tactical combat that rewards positioning and strategy over brute force. - Endearing characters with funny dialog. Banter between party members made me laugh out of loud multiple times. - Branching storyline lets you follow the multiple character's intersecting paths.
Review from 76561197969757765A wonderfully realized tactics RPG in a unique setting with great retro pixel art. The characters are interesting and the story is well written. If you are interested in ancient Greek history you'll nod along with all of the characters and references. The story is lengthy with branching missions so you'll soon want to go back and play the other paths. Do not approach the game with the expected depth of a FF Tactics experience with jobs and heavy stats or you'll be disappointed. Approach it more from a true strategy angle and you'll be heavily rewarded with well designed levels and fun encounters. What character should I attack that enemy with at what angle to cause huge damage? That question will have you replaying each battle to ensure maximum pixel carnage. Did I mention that your main character is also a bear? What's better than playing as a giant bear and knocking Luddites off trains, cliffs, and into other Luddies?! If you like the retro style and are looking for a light, strategy heavy, tactics RPG with a good story in a neat setting you won't be disappointed!!
Review from 76561197976327138Game seemd attarctive and interesting on the surface, but I didn't find the characters or dialogue interesting, and the combat was pretty uninspiring. Seems well made and like I could get some enjoyment out of it if I worked at it, but there are soo many good games these days why bother. Certainly interesting if you love tactics games, but I just strongly like them.
Review from 76561197994432927DISCLAIMER I got my copy of the game free and early. I don't know the devs though I have met one of them and one of his friends is one of my friends and they knew that I liked games in this genre, so I was asked to play through the game for compatibility/bugs. CONS: - Scarce on animations and lots of re-used art in general. - Too few character abilities spread across to much game; not enough incentive to play levels and progress once you've unlocked the main abilities you're interested in. - Branching story felt unnecessary; would've preferred linear story rather than hearing about the same things over and over. PROS: - Fantastic character abilities. I feel like so many SRPGs are just about high DPS and very little to do with actual tactics or maneuvering. Each level has three bonus objectives to complete; for players that go for those they'll be forced more into situations that make them aware of the potential for the abilities. I had a lot of fun in particular with Nephele's little barrel that she can place which displaces anyone nearby. I was discovering new uses or aspects to abilities clear up until I beat the game. I think more than anything else I looked forward to meeting new allies so that I could see what their unique set of abilities would be. - Great levels. I think many SRPG have boring levels; Vandal Hearts and FF Tactics are two games that got it right. I'd add this game to that list. You will end up replaying them, but they are well designed and fun. - Good SRPG. I haven't played an SRPG that I liked in a very long time, so it's a big deal to me that I liked this one. Between Vandal Hearts and Final Fantasy Tactics, I prefer the former, so for me it wasn't a loss to not have items/equipment/more-leveling/more-meta. It's a stripped down experience but what's there is really good. - Story. Others have said they didn't like the story or characters or that they just didn't care about it. I actually like the overall story and I liked the characters too. I think both would've been stronger if presented in a linear format, but for anyone who's afraid of the story/characters being bad, your-mileage-may-vary but that certainly wasn't my experience. I wish the game was longer/more-complete partly just because I wish the story could've been done better justice. SUMMARY Other turn-based tactics games have more content and better art; I still liked this game more than nearly all of them. If you're an SRPG fan, this one's worth looking into.
Review from 76561198030893104I cannot in good conscience recommend this game to anyone who asks. Not that this game doesn't have some good things in it, but overall in the tactics genre, it doesn't necessarily do anything better than the classics. Let's just begin with all of the things I don't like about the game. During the fights ALL of your controlled characters move first and attack then ALL of the AI enemies move and attack. They do not individually take turns and therefore the overall map strategy and positioning are not necessarily in play most of the time. Game becomes quite predictable and a grind. The above mechanic also makes it to where the AI either has to vastly outnumber your characters or throw gimmicks at you or both in order to give the player any challenge whatsoever. You simply take a defensible position and hold off the horde. The skills are different but for the most part they just help you deal with the onslaught of the numerous enemies on the map - such as being able to target several enemies in a line. For the few hours that I played at least, the skills did not seem to combo well or not at all. Even in the old classics the images of the people talking would at least change every once in a while. A facial expression or a change in stance or even placing the characters neatly within the environment would've been nice. Unfortunately the images stay completely static and because of that the personalities fall flat. There's much too many words to read. I realize that it sounds like a stupid complaint but the story isn't very interesting. I end up not caring about the main characters of Nephele and Diona and skipping through the dialogue altogether. How can I even care about the random people and allies you speak to during the story elemeints if their names are difficult to pronounce? Is it all that bad though? No! There are diverging paths you can take and because of that you will meet different characters and allies. The tactical maps are usually interesting and there are ledges to push your enemies off of or things to drop on their heads. (Though again you'll usually never get to see the majority of the map since you are in a defensive position the entire match) challenges on every tactical map to help gain extra experience and therefore gaining extra skills. https://youtu.be/b5Zy1ozwBXY Overall the game falls flat in execution and the story elements are feels much too stiff.
Review from 76561198114087148This game is really good. If your a fan os FFTactics and greek mythology I would Highly recommend getting this game. Now only hoping they make another game like this but with japanese mythology.
Review from 76561197973849251I'm really enjoying it so far, it's very reminiscent of Vandal Hearts a turn based strategy from my childhood. The artstyle is simple and it's a good puzzle/strat with action included. The characters seem well developed and the story keeps me involved. Love it so far!
Review from 76561198009549233At the time I'm writing this review, the overall score of this game is "mixed". That being said, I'm glad that I bought it before the reviews came up, since I'd probably have skipped it if I had seen the "mixed" rating. People who are leaving negative reviews are judging this game for something it is not; they are basically downvoting because this is not final fantasy tactics or tactics ogre. I am also a fan of those games, but i recognize that not all Strategy RPGS must follow their formula. So, I am going to talk about HELLENICA, judging it by it's own merits. Hellenica sets up to do things differently and does a great job. It's world is very well develop and it's a joy to see how historical and mithological characters and places were reimagined in this fictional universe. It provides a creative background for an adventure and you can clearly see that a lot of love and research was put behind it by the developers. The game does not have a class/job system, but you can see that it would ruin the game if the developers chose to adopt one. That is because in this game, each character is UNIQUE, each one having their own skills. To give an example, a certain famous philosopher has the dialetic skill, which can stun nearby foes by engaging in philosphical discussions with them. This is much more interesting than giving an historical character the possibility of becoming a generic thief or knight. The battle system also works very well. You have to find ways to make each character's skills compliment each other in order to achieve the objectives and earn experience points. It's a different system that disencourages farming for XP and really makes you think about how you will approach each battle and which skills you will choose. I like it a lot. I think the branching storylines are also very interesting; they keep the story moving along and allow you to explore the world, assuring that you are always somewhere interesting. If you are thinking "I wonder how X city would be portrayed in this universe", you can probably go there in this game. About the characters, I really like them. Nephele and Brasidas made me laugh a number of times. The character art is also really lovely. I'm not very far into it, but i already think Hellenica is a great game and that the developers have achieved something really special here. I hope to see more from this studio and they will have my full support from here onwards. I am entirely happy with my purchase and i recommend you give this game a try. However, some changes i'd like would be for all objectives to be revealed before each battle and the implementation of controller support, for the complete retro experience. I would also prefer if cities were represented as explorable maps, instead of background images.
Review from 76561198056530497Wasn't expecting the 8-bit graphics for the main battle stages haha! Nonetheless this game is perfect for killing small amounts of time here and there. If you're looking for in depth character development forget it. If you're looking for more of an old-school turn based game with multiple avenues of story telling this is right up your alley. This is a throwback to the 1st generation of RPGs in that it has limited skill slots and zero item customization. No swapping of job classes, no junction system, and NO summons! It is very simple and "straight" forward. Well worth $15.
Review from 76561197988681883I so want to be more positive, I love the PSX era aesthetic, and wish I got to see more of it rather than city screens being generic anime. I wish too it wasn't a branching narrative, because the story has to be able to go in a million directions, threads get picked up and dropped immediately and nothing in the story end up meaning anything. It's just anime tropes all over. As for the combat, good ideas around pushing enemies, and tiny constricted maps that make it hard to pull off. I also would have liked a more traditional XP system, not everything needs re-inventing and with even the medium XP objectives sometimes difficult to complete if you just want to fight your own way, new skills come achingly slow. Currently clicking through story as fast as I can to enjoy the great looking combat bits.
Review from 76561198047898602This game is incredibly unpolished. The water isn't animated, the music doesn't fit with the battles, the writing is medicore and the story jumps around everywhere. And no tutorial!!! If you were looking for a game that was similar to FFTactics or Tactics Ogre...this is not it. Save your money.
Review from 76561197970604897/* まだ始めたばかりなので、進めてみて意見が変わったら更新します。 */ SRPGのように見えますが、RPG要素はほとんどありません。 ステージ毎に3つずつ設定されたミッションをクリアして、パーティーで共通のスキルポイントを稼ぐことで、キャラクターのスキルをアンロックしていきます。 これで、キャラクターをカスタマイズするのですが、これ以上のRPG要素はありません。 戦闘部分は、ほぼTactics OgreやFFTのようですが、前述のようにカスタマイズ要素が少ないので、攻撃は単調になります。 しかし、高さや落下ダメージを有効活用した攻撃方法は、詰め将棋かピタゴラスイッチにような感覚があります。 値段を考えると、非常にお得な買い物であると思います。
Review from 76561197983985601In this SRPG, you play as a woman cursed to be a bear for three turns out of five who must hurl, toss, and shove an endless array of generic greek themed enemies off of cliffs. [b] Pros: [/b] * You're a bear that knocks people off cliffs * Very little competition from other SRPGs on PC * You collect a coed harem of lithe and chiseled greeks to assist you in throwing enemies off cliffs * Some levels have boats instead of cliffs [b]Cons:[/b] * No introduction to core game mechanic of cliff shoving * Some members of your harem are unable to defenestrate * Initially promising setting of steampunk greece manages to become generic animeland fairly quickly * Could've used more bear puns
Review from 76561198158149244Okay so I am giving this SRPG a thumbs up..... However, if you are looking for a deep stat heavy strategy game you are not going to find it here. This is really more of a casual game and there is little in the way of challenge for a veteran of the genre. It fits the style of many of the great SRPG's of yore and there are some cool concepts wrapped around a unique setting here so I give these guys a hand for being original. The story is so-so and the characters have personalities that are not overly endearing but give you enough to keep you awake through the cutscenes. However, I can't recall any other steampunk greek settings and I found exploring this world to be enjoyable. My biggest gripe here is that there isn't much depth to the combat system. It's not terrible combat system in that there is value in placing your units correctly and making use of attacks and abilities to push and pull other units around the map makes for some decent combos and interesting choices. What this game really lacks are basic staples of SRPGs. There is no equipment, class system, or standard individual unit leveling system and there all things that would have made this game alot better. The abilities that you do have for the most part aren't restricted and can be spammed which leads to some really repetitive gameplay. It seems like the mechanics were not though all the way through. For instance the lead character has a bear form that she begins every battle in and every three turns reverts to human form than back to bear form and so on. It would have been better to have the bear form come into play only after certain conditions where met and or mantained because as it is it just feels like your running autopilot. I guess the long complaint is really a product of how much potential this game has and will go unrealized. Despite it's shortcomings there's alot to like here and having a few easier games added to the SRPG genre can only help to expand it's audience and hopefull usher in more of its kind. 5.5/10
Review from 76561198011970622Not a big fan. Was psyched for a tactics game in ancient greece, but it can't save the game itself. Writing is incredibly generic and for some reason all of the characters look like anime characters. Your first party member literally walks up to you in a forest out of nowhere and says "hi you look cool i'm joining you on an adventure." She's got no personality and just gives up / explains her entire life to a random stranger. "Hello, i am Partymember1.exe and this is my background and i am joining you now." No subtlety or personality at all. All combat orders are Que'd up and then executed when you finish your turn. Animations are really awkward and bad. When an archer fires an arrow, it's literally a flat arrow that archs up and hits you with the shaft rather than the tip because the arrow doesn't bend or change facing after the archer fires it. The actual pixel art of the characters is pretty good, but the interface is annoying and blocks half of the fucking screen when issuing commands. It also looks REALLY bad. Now i'm not a stickler for graphics. I've played many bad looking games because the core mechanics or lore was good. However, this game has pretty much nothing going for it There is no gear, no character status menu, no item management, nothing. It's all skill points and EXP. You get EXP by doing specified achievments in each mission, not by grinding or completing missions. So if you want to finish a mission objective creatively or differently than intended? Too bad fuck you 1/2 EXP gained. As far as i know, missing is literally impossible in this game. Stats don't exist beyond HP and damage of an attack. "using the environment" means baiting retarded enemies up cliffs and knocking them down for massive damage. 2/10 not recommended in the slightest.
Review from 76561198123671957I just started playing this game and i already love it. The first battle showed off the mechanics that make this game different, the landscape. Most SRPGs are a flat chess like board but in this game you have to use the cliffs and rivers to your advantage. It adds another level of depth that i love. One complaint i have is the soundtrack. The music is okay but it is a little slow. I dont know if it will stay this way but i hope not. Overall great so far.
Review from 76561198006524453This game reminded me of Tactics Ogre, which is why I got it. It is not that game, nor a clone of that game unfortunately. I went in hoping for a game like that, or like Final Fantasy Tactics, but the gameplay is really dumbed down in my opinion. There are no items, or a class system, only skills, and this really detracts from what I loved about those tactical rpg's so many years ago. It is not overly expensive, which is good, but probably should be $10, not $15. All that being said, I couldn't in good conscience, recommend this game to anyone. Some people will enjoy it I am sure, but from my perspective, it is a pale comparison to the old tactical games of yore that lit up my childhood. Edit: I want to stress one thing here, that I do not believe this is a BAD game. I went in hoping for something, that the devs did not deliver, NOR did they promise to deliver that. I got my hopes up for something that would have been awesome in my opinion. Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre were triple A titles, that cost $50-$60 back in the 90's. This game is NOT on their level, and for the cost of this game, it shouldn't be. If you like straight forward tactical games, and don't care so much about story, this could be for you. Like I said though, it feels really dumbed down, and lacks a lot of hallmarks of previous Tactical RPG's of yore. If you want FF Tactics or Tactics Ogre, there are much better options out there, and they will not give you such a let down. And enough about minutes played, I opened the game directly, not through Steam, to avoid Steam Overlay, which also does not track minutes played. I did give this game a couple hours, more than enough time to figure out it isn't what I wanted.
Review from 76561198073576921The guys at Dragonloft have put together a high-quality Tactical RPG, in the vein of many great console and handheld classics. The familiar gameplay is backed by some interesting twists, and the combat feels dynamics. Additional scenario goals and branching paths provide the game with excellent replayabilty. Rounding everything out is an interesting setting with professional writing that gives the characters individual personality. If you enjoy Tactics games, this one is definitely worth the price. Update: I just 100% finished the game and have some more thoughts. So as you may have realized this game is not literally Final Fantasy Tactics. It was made mostly by 2 people. For a small team it is a good game, and there is plenty to do. Character customization is limited by the non-linear nature of the story. It is too bad they didn't have more people and a bigger budget, because this could have been a classic.
Review from 76561198011107573Hellenica is a fundementally strong turn based tactical RPG with great combat mechanics and well designed combat maps. It features a diverse set of characters with a good varity of abiltities. The story is set in an alternate history version of ancient greece twisting well known greek myths and heroes by adding steam powered technology. The story offers multiple branching paths with a goal to recruit a team of heroes to fight at your side for a final battle, it is impossible to accomish this task in a single play through so you will need to loop time and make new choices. Each loop takes 3-5 hours and features a half dozen or so combat maps. There is a significant amount of playtime available. The limitations of this small indie team are represented in a lackluster soundtrack, a minimal amount of combat effects and simple but effective sprite animations and a limited number of character portraits, which is a shame because I found the character designs to be fantastic and would have loved to see a selection of expressive portraits used during dialog sequences. Code was provided by developer in order to produce a video review with no stipulations or limitations. If you would like to see some gameplay please check out my video impressions: https://youtu.be/_45AeypgDM8
Review from 76561198006575550Steampunk in ancient Greece is such a good idea! I like the little story elements between the battles. The battles are good as well, I had a lot of fun knocking people around as a bear. It has a skill, "Beardozer" what else could you ask for? In all seriousness this is a well made game with good art and music. Very well put together and the branching story allows you to find your own path. I made a video: https://youtu.be/X2upVVO2fM0 (I'm sorry I mispronounced the name)
Review from 76561198041355355Pretty damned good already! If you're a SRPG fan I'd already recommend it for the price. We need so many more of these types of games. Combat is fun and intuitive. Story is a nice steampunk spin on history. The art is well done and the music a-ok for this kind of game. This is the rest of my day. =D Update: So there's no tutorial, if you're kind of new to this genre you may struggle a little bit. There is collision damage when you shove a unit into a solid object, or vice-versa. Drop dmg can also affect a unit hit or an object. There is also bounce damage, pay close attention to attacks when pathed and wording, whatever it lands on takes a lot of dmg, the heavier the item 'bounced' the more dmg. Pay attention to the camera angles when bouncing/pushing/etc, it can sometimes be deceptive and you can dmg you own units by having something bounce on them. Units attack in the order in which you plan them in; you can heal first and THEN move the other unit. You can branch off to any story line at any point which is kind of cool. Each level has three objectives, with the third being hidden until you complete it. This kind of ticks me off because it forces you to replay the level to get the experience (experience is gained through objectives) and there is no way to skip all the same dialogue and etc. Somewhat tedious, though still fun gameplay. Make sure to talk to everyone multiple times to unlock all paths, some you have to talk to 5+ times. When you level you get one skill point for the WHOLE team, so spend them wisely in early levels. When you overkill a unit (attack a unit that is already dead) you get an atk bonus.
Review from 76561198053788131NOTE: This game was given to me by the developer for review purposes. This did not influence my review in any way. [h1]========================================================== ---------------------------------------OVERVIEW------------------------------------- ==========================================================[/h1] Hellenica is a role-playing game set in an alternate-history steampunk-themed ancient Greece, featuring turn-based combat and anime-style characters. In Hellenica you play Diona, an Arktos of the god Artemis, with the ability to transform into a bear. The game begins with Artemis giving you a warning and a sacred quest to discover and overcome a dangerous threat to Greece. Immediately you're joined by the young and enthusiastic Nephele, a priestess of Apollo with a thirst for adventure, and the two of you set out for Athens to learn more. [h1]========================================================== ----------------------------------------QUALITY------------------------------------- ==========================================================[/h1] Graphics - The game features chunky pixel graphics rendered in 3D. The battle scenes are divided into squares, and each square is a three-dimensional tile. Environments range from relatively bland and uninteresting to creative levels with moving parts. Characters are well animated large-pixel sprites that are charming in their own way. Conversations in the game include large anime-inspired portraits that are mostly colourful and nicely drawn. Not knowing much about the game before I played I was a bit surprised to see the typical 'big eyes, small mouth' look of anime in a game about ancient Greece, but it works really well and looks good. There are no graphics settings other than a full screen / windowed toggle and screen resolution. Sound - Sound effects are minimal and have little impact. They work well enough, but aren't anything to get excited about. Music is pleasant enough to leave on, but when you pay attention to it you'll realise that you've been listening to the same track, or small number of tracks, over and over again. Gameplay - Hellenica plays as a series of turn-based battles on small 3D levels, interspersed by short cut scenes using the battle scene graphics, as well as 'town' areas in which you uncover the story through conversations with NPCs, and unlock characters and paths forward. Each choice takes up a day on the game's timeline, and there's no way to go back to previous choices (other than restarting, of course), so the game provides at least a few play throughs to see each choice. The battles are the core of the gameplay and they're very well done. I'm a fan of turn-based combat, so it didn't take me too long to get the hang of it, but the lack of any sort of tutorial is a shame, especially considering the game introduces some concepts that aren't that common in the genre, such as falling and collision damage, environmental damage, and throwing other characters around! Each turn each of your characters can both move and use an attack or ability. The order in which you assign them is the order in which their actions play out, so you can rely on effects of previous characters when you assign orders to later ones. This flexibility is key to making the most out of your available characters, as each individual character's attacks aren't that powerful by themselves, but chaining them together -- especially when using the environment to your advantage as well -- can wipe out your enemies very effectively. Once you've assigned all of your actions you end the turn and all of your friendly characters move before any of the enemies. Then it's the enemies' turn and, assuming you're still alive, your turn again, and so on. Enemies are fairly varied and so are your characters' abilities, and the addition of falling, collision, and other environmental ('trap') damage makes for some great combos. The story is creative and interesting and mostly very well written, although I've spotted a couple of typos so far. And don't let the "Made with Unity Personal Edition" splash screen turn you off; this game is a perfect example of the sort of professional product that can be made with the free version of Unity. Kudos to The Dragonloft for doing such an excellent job. [h1]========================================================== -------------------------------------PROS & CONS------------------------------------ ==========================================================[/h1] Pros: + Excellent pixel graphics with nicely drawn anime portraits + Creative story that is well written + Fun and interesting turn-based combat + Multiple story paths giving some replayability + Steam (haha!) achievements and trading cards Cons: - No tutorial or how-to-play information, leaving you to find out controls for yourself - It's a bit too easy to accidentally skip a character; a warning dialog when ending your turn with characters remaining would fix that. [h1]========================================================== --------------------------------------CONCLUSION----------------------------------- ==========================================================[/h1] Hellenica is an excellent new indie RPG with a creative game world, interesting game mechanics, tactical turn-based battles, and pixel graphics that have personality and charm. It's been quite a while since I played an indie RPG that I enjoyed this much. [h1]8/10[/h1] [code]For more recommendations by LL's Game Giveaways and Reviews on quality indie games or ones with high potential follow our group curations [url=http://store.steampowered.com/curator/10405952/]here[/url]![/code]