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Review from 76561198042237959Yeah nah.. this sucks. Go watch some 360 Youtube Videos in HD instead. As a tech demo this should have been free. Maybe if it had DLC.
Review from 76561198189866309While I appreciate the notion of virtual visiting paradisic places, this doesn't emulate that experience at all. You can't move freely inside a defined location, you're just stuck in 3 different spots. It's way too simplistic and the graphics aren't good enough to make you feel that you're in a "perfect" location.
Review from 76561198995387103《完美》,你要是有中文就完美了。鼓励性好评,不推荐;没有vr设备也无法体验。 chinese, Ach, not need vr set can run it, thx. 中文,成就,不用vr设备也能玩,谢谢。 202211下,t a o宝,支付宝红包,杉果,本平台,本平台充值折扣掉卡,indie gala,fanatical,humble,daily indie game,loot boy,它处自定义包入的本体约3元。爱人如己,目前就这,看以后追评。有中文的游戏请耐心自研体验乐趣,攻略指南尽量不用。不建议使用外挂,插件,作弊之类的,游戏都要这样搞,那现实里那更是如此了。兄弟萌,强烈建议不要第三方平台的小店买y u额,通过饰品等挂steam市场转的,高概率red信乃至封号,且行且珍惜。
Review from 76561198309161161What is Perfect? Perfect is a relaxation sim that allows you to escape to the peace and quiet of an empty beach, the snowy Arctic, or a mountain lake. During the day, you can watch the trees swaying, the snow falling, or a school of fish swirling in the water. At night, you can stare at the moon and the northern lights or look deeply into the fire crackling nearby. From time to time you might see a hang glider taking flight or a shooting star crossing the sky. You can choose day or night for each of the three environments, and each location has three vantage points to visit. Some spots have a camp fire; some are down by the water. Each place has a few interactables, such as snowballs, sticks, rocks, or a lantern. You can pick up and throw all of these items, and the sticks will light on fire for a short period, but that’s about it. While I was tethered to my PC and could not move very far, other reviewers mentioned that only a small space can be explored before a boundary pops up anyway. The simulation is visually stunning. The boulders are mossy, the sun casts shadows of palm leaves onto the sand, and that hot air balloon really stands out. However, trees and mountains in the distance are static, and a fiery stick looks “video gamey” up close. The splashes and ripples the rocks make when you throw them into the water aren’t quite “perfect” either. I didn’t notice any sun or moon movement or a rolling tide, something which you might think would be included here. You will hear a short list of expected sounds across the different environments, like wolves howling in the distance, birds and crickets chirping, and a gentle breeze blowing. You can also turn on a small radio with about 10 very mellow soundtracks to listen to. Other reviewers noted that the swooshing sound when you throw something is comically out of place, but I just expect it in a gaming experience. Since the goal of Perfect is to help you relax, there is not much to actually do. You can’t feed the fish, ride the hot air balloon, take the boats out on the water, or explore the nearby paths and tents. There are some good moments, though, like holding a lit lantern and watching three moths flutter around and land on it. (Perfect was developed with the HTC Vive in mind, and I had some difficulty figuring out the controls for my Oculus Quest. The loading screen does provide one detail at a time about the experience, but it took me at least an hour before I figured out exactly how picking up objects worked. How to teleport to the other vantage points was also not intuitive for me.) While I see more to this experience than you can get in just 10 minutes, Perfect does not offer a robust package; it is more like a good start. Unless what I’ve described is exactly what you are looking for, I could only recommend it at a discount for the short time you might spend with it. Someone else in the Steam reviews recommended Nature Treks VR instead, which does look promising and is at the same price.
Review from 76561198107734083ASMR 용으로는 괜찮은 듯
Review from 76561198045813675I'm autistic and on the verge of burnout. No, that's a lie, I'm full burnout right now. I needed something that would change the pace a little so I could recharge. I opened up the evening arctic one, laid back on my beanbag, and enjoyed the northern lights and flickering embers. Is it complicated? No. Did it need to be complicated to serve it's purpose with me? Not really. It's all about why you are getting it. If you want to interact and hike or whatever, there's a million apps that are better. If you need something stimulating that you can relax and zen to, this is absolutely the best. I don't want complicated. I want soothing. This was that. This goes on sale a lot. You aren't always going to need full price. It's the best VR equivalent to a white noise machine and ceiling projector that I've found though, and improved my mental health.
Review from 765611980948038084/10 decent game, but lacking in content play time past 15 minutes is afk card farming
Review from 76561198129024067Não se faz nada no jogo, você apenas admira a paisagem. Prefiro dar um passeio na praia na vida real. Não recomendo.
Review from 76561198071681292Perfect was one of the first dedicated relaxation apps I tried in VR. It has not seen recent development, but I think its serene environments are still well worth the asking price.
Review from 76561197998876045Really low graphical fidelity. I don't know who thought it would be ok to put wolf and bear sounds in the nightscapes, those are not relaxing sounds if you've ever been to the wild, those are the sounds of "ok we need to get the fuck out of here". I think the creators have gone for a more "popping" sensation to the 3d objects rather than keep the objects their correct size and distance because then it would be difficult to "feel" in the vr, but in my opinion this leads to some immersion breaking. lot's of nice things though, I legitimately like the beach scene day and night, and the day mountain scene, they are relaxing and pleasant.
Review from 76561197977790310It's a boring experience. Not worth it's price tag, or any.
Review from 76561198040975108изображение размытое теле порта нету скучная так себе
Review from 765611990941469933/10 doesn`t deserve this name! it`s not near. - poor graphics for such a demanding objective. - lack of movement would be an improvement, but not the scope for Relax
Review from 76561198310533302(Vive) К сожалению или к счастью, с 16-го года все стало лучше. И эта игра не выдерживает конкуренции с другими земными пейзажами и, тем более, пейзажами инопланетными. И визуально, и по вовлеченности. Хотела перечислить аналоги, но поняла, что могу вспомнить больше десятка релакс игр с таинственными миссиями, загадками, собственным пением, рисованием, мудрыми напутствиями или без всего этого. И где ты не приколочен к месту, это тоже минус. Все же, если вы фанат таких игр, еще одну добавить к коллекции вполне можно. Физика предметов, воды и огня приятно сделаны. Меню и подсказки тоже. Оставлю, пригодится.
Review from 76561198815506275It's not really perfect, but it is the only game with landscapes which I like. I really can have a rest with it.
Review from 76561198029270650I got to say that perfect VR is an easy escape from reality. So if.. If you have a bad moment in your life. Then maybe you should just go and jump in here. And forget for a second. The locations are, admittedly, nice looking, but they're far from believable and although you can transport to 3 vantage points in each locale. You're stuck standing in one spot. Allowing the player to walk freely in any direction would be far more enjoyable than just standing still. In the word, interactive, is totally misleading. There are rocks, snowballs and branches, to pick up and throw, but that's literally it. In the suggestion that we listen to music via Spotify, it's just embarrassing.
Review from 76561198060171604Does not support 2k. Gives a terrible unspecific error message from unity on higher grafic settings. (Tested on Pimax 5k+)
Review from 76561199040938995I am new to VR. Unfortunately I have no sound on my Oculus Rift. Does anyone know of this problem? Is there a solution for this? My laptop is very powerful. Maybe it's just a technical issue? Ich bin neu in VR. Ich habe leider kein Ton auf meinem Oculus Rift. Kennt jemand dieses Problem?
Review from 76561197998497361Better get Nature Treks VR. More content, better looking, less annoying, updated once in a while.
Review from 76561198361055745空間フェチなので寝転がりながら環境系VRをメインで楽しんでいます。 本ソフトでは木の揺らぎや環境音のリピート再生等、他の類似したものに比べると違和感がない空間が再現されており、 リラックスしすぎてヘッドセットをしたままうたた寝することもしばしばあり、部屋に居ながらリゾート気分を味わうのにとても重宝しています。 今後アップデートで改善されるなら、狭いフィールド(テント内やバンガロー室内からの眺めも体感したいし木漏れ日の下等ベストポジションの視野で昼寝がしたい)でも構わないので移動や回転が出来ればと思います。 また、個人的には雪玉などをビームカーソルで引き寄せて掴めるのは良いのですが、いちいち振動が加わる為それを目的としていない気分でコントローラーから加わる振動は、現実味が無くなるきっかけとなり残念な所です。
Review from 76561198003229558Excelente juego !! puede hacer relajarte y encontrar tus mas profundas emociones en un lugar asi!. Es muy relajante . Me gustaria una Version de Perfect 2 que ayan tiburones , delfines pajaros y insectos. Estaria un mkodo multiplayer para poder encontrarce con alguien.
Review from 76561198001099713Honestly, I don't get all those negative reviews. If you're looking for action look elsewhere. It's prefect for relaxation. Absolutely beautiful and atmospheric vistas. Great ambient sounds. Controllers vibrate and detract? Well, put them aside and enjoy yourself!
Review from 76561197964636851+Pretty +Scenic -only a few locations -not great graphically 2/5 If you're looking to meditate, there are better options. If you're looking for a scenic experience there are better options. If you liked this review [url=https://store.steampowered.com/curator/33220185-VR-Games-and-Tools/]Click here[/url] and follow for more reviews of VR titles. And [url=https://steamcommunity.com/groups/HonestVR/]Click here[/url] if you want to request reviews on other VR titles.
Review from 76561197974522156It's 3am at a club and suddenly you see a hot looking VR experience in the corner. You go over with your beer goggles firmly strapped on. Only to discover once you get close it's just Heaven Island Life which threw on some makeup, a new dress from Walmart but still has the same stones and even less moves once you're on the dance floor. Watch Video below. Video Review: https://youtu.be/AbSk_bBcjJA
Review from 765611979719055743/10 Looks and sounds real nice, but there i absolutely nothing to do.
Review from 76561198008299258Three lovely environments, each of which you can soak up from three static positions. I enjoy the graphics, and the handful of interactive objects: skipping stones, lighting torches on fire, etc. The big downsides here are that there are only three environments, and you can’t move freely within those environments. Similar titles, at similar price points, have way more environments and/or more freedom to move within them. Still, this isn’t a bad title, and if you can get it on sale, it’s worth checking out! Thumbs: UP!
Review from 76561197994734677Plus ... Relaxing, nice vistas, pleasant environment. Visually, just what I'd hoped for. Negative I'm in a recliner, ready to mellow out, and ... I'm facing the back corner of the experience, with no way to rotate the view. I know from personal experience that this is not hard to fix, and continue to be puzzled why some vr apps skip over this. I have to switch to an office swivel chair to face the vista ...put a real damper on the exerience. Making a VR experience depend on the facing direction of the person in the real world is ... almost hilariously wrong. Nonetheless ... the experince is very nice ... would like to see some DLC for more locations, at a reasonable price, particularly if they address the orientation issue. For heaven's sake ... everybody doesn't throw up if you let them scroll around a limited area ... puzzling.
Review from 76561197965983839Perfect might not be truly "perfect" in terms of the game itself, but the title definitely represents the ideal of surrounding yourself in a true utopia of an environment you enjoy. I wouldn't call Perfect a VR Game exactly, but more so of a VR Experience. There are some interactive items which are very enjoyable to toy around with (skipping stones on water, throwing snowballs, lighting a torch in the dark night and watching it's glow reflect all around you) but for the most part, you'll be sitting still and just observing more than anything. Even so, this is a great tool for relaxing and really taking the edge off. Of course there are some improvements that could be made. More levels is a big one there! There are only 3 levels (day or night time options are available for each one) which leaves a lot to be desired. I can think of TONS of other environments that should be added on or perhaps included in another version. (For example: A forest grove, a Japanese bamboo garden, a ship out on the sea, a medieval castle courtyard/dining hall, a western prairie campfire, a Japanese tea room/inn, a poolside retreat, and many more). Having even more options such as these added in would be a great addition to the experience. It would be even better to be able to have a level editor to make your own true Perfect environment using all the assets already available in game OR even perhaps with workshop support to really expand out. It would be the same sense as Steam Home VR but with a focus on the experience rather than being a hub for your VR game world. Aside from that, it would be nice to be able to move about the environments even if in a small space. You can teleport to new spots which is excellent for a change of scenery, but you cannot move in that space unless you have a huge play space where you can physically move about. Additional options such as custom lighting, light coloring, ambience effects, and spawnable objects would be a major boon as well. Just a little more control to really help you keep your environment comfortable. While there are improvements to be made (as with any game really), Perfect is a good start to something I've wanted for awhile. From here, adding more immersive environments/options can only enhance the experience and I look forward to any new features in the future!
Review from 76561198798910603Great experience! I've been practicing music while in the "game" - make for an amazing practice room!
Review from 76561198027647796My review - http://www.htcvivegamereviews.com/?review=not-perfect My video let's play - http://www.htcvivegamereviews.com/?video=not-sure-this-one-is-perfect-perfect-htc-vive-playthrough D- One of the earliest HTC Vive games I purchased and played was a title called “Perfect”. After playing the “experience” based theBlu, I was excited to try another experience based title but was left feeling a bit empty. The idea is you get to go away “on vacation” to 3 different locations(reskinned for night and day-totaling 6 different options.) These include a snow area, a tropical area and an alpine mountain type area. There is small interactable objects such as throwing snowballs or rocks or sticks. My highlight was throwing sticks on fire over the cliff upon poor unsuspecting victims below(just kidding, on that second part.) If you compare Perfect and theBlu side by side as a “stationary”, watch stuff happen title – you’ll realize quickly why Perfect is less than perfect. For starters, there isn’t much to look at. If you were just a single location and they had a lot of interesting, realistic stuff happen – sure, I’d like to sit there and watch… 5, maybe 6 minutes and move on. The problem with this game is you’re supposed to be so captivated by the visuals(which aren’t bad), the sound(which isn’t exciting) and the music on the radio(who cares?) I feel the game could have benefited greatly from a motion option rather than teleporting between the 3 locations on each area. There was times I’d like to actually walk to a certain area and look down only to be restricted by my VR room size. For $9.99, I’m not sure you’ll spend 999 seconds on the game. I think that is the biggest failure. The game at this point feels dated and ancient.
Review from 76561198003720320Игра не стоит своих денег. Перемещение есть только МЕЖДУ локациями, а не по ним. В игре делать вообще нечего. Даже для релакса не годится. Купите лучше Relax Walk. Всё то же самое, но за 59р и можноперемещаться по локации
Review from 76561198066590240November 10, 2019 UPDATED REVIEW: Yeah, I can't recommend this at $4.99 USD any longer. It's not worth that much. This is at best a $1.99 USD meditation app. There's just much better meditation apps out there right now. You can see my updated review here with gameplay : https://youtu.be/4eWQRelAs24 --- Original Review Below --- I am recommending this game on deep discount. I'm not sure it's worth $9.99, but definitely $4.99 would be the perfect price point for what it offers. There is just so much wasted potential here. Pros: [list] [*] Absolutely beautiful environments [*] Especially, the night environment in the north pole with the mountains and the aurora borealis is simply breath-taking [*] Fire looks so amazing [*] Fish in the water look so real and it's so relaxing to see them swimming about [*] Amazing ambient nature sounds (especially the wolves howling at night) [*] Grabbing rocks and skipping them in the water [/list] But then they had to do this crap. Cons: [list] [*] You see these teleport chevrons out there with no option to turn them off, WTF ruins immersion [*] You can't walk around, you only have three teleport locations [*] There's only three small but detailed environments (day and night each, with night almost always looking better) [*] Very few actual interactions with the enviroment [*] The radio has very mediocre music (at least let us listen to our own music!) [/list] Still, this is one of the prettiest VR games to go to just sit back and relax. So in that way, it is almost perfect. Just a few fixes would make this game a must buy at $9.99. Take away those chevrons, let us walk around, add more interactions (petting a wolf would be awesome or making a snowman from the falling snow), add more environments (like an aquarium or koi pond where we can enjoy watching fish, the best part of this game), maybe add a day/night cycle option and weather options Also, thinking outside the box, you know what would be really cool? Being able to bring friends with you and you can talk in these VR environments. Just voice chat and enjoy the views with friends. Doesn't need to be anything else. I would love to share the beauty of this game with friends or family instead of being just solo all the time. But as is, this game is a 5/10 that could easily be 10/10 with a few updates and patches
Review from 76561198004109421Sehr schön gemacht. Aber bitte bitte weiterentwickeln mit einer Teleportfunktion um jeden Punkt zu erreichen und mehr Locations ect. und gerne den Preis dann anpassen.
Review from 76561198388390517This was an okay demo . Wait...this is the whole game ?!! Lite on substance for $10 beach scene looks like PS 2 . even for free wouldnt use ...
Review from 76561198086601934分辨率低......
Review from 76561197971590805In "Perfect" the player is encouraged to relax and drink in the vista. It seems the goal of the devs is to place the player in a destination where they can forget about the hustle and bustle of our fast paced modern world. I enjoyed this VR experience. After playing for an hour listening to music and skipping rocks, I actually felt more relaxed then when I started. I imagine the best way to enjoy this game is to plop a chair in the middle of the play space and relax. It's an escape. With that said there are some things I would like to see in this game. Being able to choose my music to listen to while in the environments. A multiplayer option to allow friends to relax together. A moon/space environment. More environments and I want to jump in that canoe and paddle down the river. I didn't mind spending the $9.99 for it. If they continue to update and add environments it will be worth it. Remember when buying this game it is all about drinking in the vista and being calm and still. There is no story. Check out my gameplay in the link below. https://youtu.be/--gf0LcEv-4
Review from 76561197989826151Simply not fun or relaxing. The fact that you are stuck in one of 3 or so places in each area just makes it frustrating when you want to go even slightly out of bounds. Gets old immdediately.
Review from 76561198001165810Ambient environments for relaxing. Graphics are good, but not great. Very limited movement options. Little interaction. Only three environments available. Good concept, but there are better options out there (for example The Blue and Guided Meditation VR).
Review from 76561198321901625「VRエスケープ体験」という言葉から受ける印象からすれば、否としか言えない。 まず画面のハリボテ感が切ない、同系統の無料ソフトの多くに並ぶことはあっても勝らない。 移動も任意ではなくスポット移動なのだが、数も少なく場所も的外れ。 時間の経過も謳い文句の一つだが、進行形ではなく別のステージとしてあるだけで、一昔前のゲームの雑魚が色に合わせてちょっと強くなりましたレベル。 小物等も多少バリエーションはあるが単調で、流せるBGMは置いてあるラジカセから数種類を選択するだけである。 少なくとも、癒しはされませんでした。
Review from 76561198008222111Everything looks fake. The environments are barely interactable, and you can't really move around or anything. You just stand there looking at a static image that looks like somebody made in a 1st year 3D modeling class. Not worth any amount of money.
Review from 76561198002579959Un jeu qui ne vaut pas son prix... Seulement 3 environnents avec des mouvements et des interactions extrêmement limités. En plus du manque de contenu, les décors ne sont pas extraordinaires... Donc je ne recommande vraiment pas l'achat de ce jeu...
Review from 76561198354797339Its like a getaway in your living room. I just need a heat lamp to sit in front of.
Review from 76561197976534237meh... maybe OK to show friends and family.
Review from 76561198087204602내 돈 ㅜㅜ 일반 게임처럼 텔레포트로 여기저기 갈수있는게 아니라 한 지역당 3군데만 가능. 저런 환경에서 여유롭게 새소리나 모닥불 타는 소리 들으면서 독서라도 할수 있으면 좋지만 바이브를 쓰고 있으니 ㅋㅋ
Review from 76561198023371880The "interactive" part is stones or sticks that you can pick up and throw into water. There is also only a few places you can move between in each location making it a very static and boring experience. Just use destinations to look at various places instead.
Review from 76561198054536109Diese App (Spiel kann man dazu wirklich nicht sagen) wird in allen belangen von gratis Pordukten übertroffen! nach 20 minuten hat man sich wirklich durch alles durchgelangweilt. Nicht mal die Musik ist passend. In der Nacht ist es der Lichteffekte wegen kurzzeitig sehr schön anzusehen. Meine Preis-Leistungs grenze währen ca 2 Euro
Review from 76561198024576730Not really relaxing. Vive can't be used for that. The weight and face pressure precludes any kind of relaxation, the imperfections of graphics make it worse. Little content, and not at all enjoyable. This could be sold at $1 and I'd still hesitate to recommend it. Cash grab, if you ask me.
Review from 76561198075259746I really want to like Perfect, even if the name is a bit pretentious. I would gladly pay more for an application that convincingly transports me to beautiful locations I couldn't visit normally. The graphics and sound design, however, don't really accomplish this. Let me explain. To start, the aliasing is quite bad. After cranking the graphics (which only has five dots indicating higher or lower quality) and supersampling at 2.0, distant objects would continue to unrealistically shimmer. The aliasing is somewhat mitigated during nighttime scenes, but it's still noticeable. The textures are also subpar. Considering Perfect is all about the audio/visual experience, I expected higher resolution textures on rocks, wood, trees, and other objects. On the positive side, the snow, campfire, and water effects are great. The Aurora Borealis is also quite beautiful. The sound design is a mixed bag. You constantly hear birds during the daytime scenes at the beach and lake retreat, yet you never see them, which is odd. Sound is used to much better effect at the nighttime artic location. You hear wolves in the distance, but it makes sense given you wouldn't be able to see them in real life (unlike birds). The background sounds are often a bit too loud as well, with no way to adjust them. Also, every throwable object make the exact same "swoosh" sound, which takes me out of the experience. The ambient radio music, however, is quite good. Another problem is the background events that take place at locations, which I guess is an attempt to make the locations more exciting. I was enjoying the feeling of being alone in nature when all of a sudden a hot air balloon and a hang glider appeared and flew across the sky (the hang glider flew directly above me). It felt as though some adventure-seeking assholes had ruined my quiet moment in nature. In its current state, I cannot recommend Perfect for those looking for a convincing relaxation experience. If some of these issues are addressed in future patches, I'll be sure to update my review accordingly.
Review from 76561197972330753I love the idea of this game, and I want a game that's similar. Like other have mentioned, there is a lot that take out out of the experience like controller vibration, cartoony swooshing noises when you throw things, or most annoyingly not being able to move around even the limited space you are given. My favorite vista was the cliff above the cabin, but even with my large play space, if I walked over to the fence to look out over the edge I was greeted with my chaperone. That said, my only real problem is that the game lies on the border of two styles, but doesn't dive in to either. It's not realistic enough for me to really lose myself in, but it's not entertaining enough to be able to find something to do. I would love a good realistic atmosphere game, where you can lie on your carpet in your apartment at 2am and look up to see the sun shining on the beech, or sit down on the dock and watch fish while you throw stones in and watch them react to it. There's just not quite enough there to make it a truely immersive atmosphere. On the flip-side, the limited interaction is almost entirely objects you can throw, but they don't really impact the environment at all. The best was throwing snowballs and watching them crumble, but that got old pretty quick. Sadly I only played it for about 10 mins before I got bored, and as much as I reaaaally want to support all the VR devs and their hard work which I know was put in to this, I can't quite recommend it as an experience or a game just yet.
Review from 76561197962258194ummm...Dont really get it...sceens are ok....not stunning...since there really isn't anything to do I would expect higher resolution and better scenery. Someone describe it as similar to the Blu...not really. There are things going on in the Blu...Also it's hard to relax when standing. Would have thought there would be sitting places....also video showed breath in the cold scene but obviously you don't get that in the game.
Review from 76561197997881626A poorly implemented tech demo that should cost nothing at this point in it's development and takes zero advantage of room scale on the vive.
Review from 76561197982175938This is awesome! Found it very relaxing and peaceful -- everything it advertises. Great work! The environments were very lively, and combined with what feels like truly life-like audio ambiance, offer a great escape and a place to unwind. It changed my small bedroom into an island paradise (and more)... Brilliant.
Review from 76561197971830366This is a visually spectacular experience. It does what it promises. Breathtaking views. If I had to find an imPerfection it would be the limited teleporting options, but that's something they can always add later.
Review from 76561198002872077It's the best of this type of experience on the Vive. Good ambient sounds and effects like fish in the water. That said even on a 6700k/1080 @ 1.5SS the graphics are lacking.
Review from 76561198304180483Great product. Ignore those people who complain about nothing to do. This doesnt advertise that there is much to do in these scenes. They are for relaxing! This is an experiance, not a game. The graphics COULD be better, but then the system requirements would probably be higher. *shrug* as it is, it's well worth $10 in my opinion.
Review from 76561197970718997Not bad, but this one is far from perfect, I'm still waiting for a statisfying "sit-watch-and-enjoy"-experience... + Nice music (could be more) + Nice variety of environments... - ...but still not many - The controls and UI are confusing. Does the eye stand for graphic settings? - The worlds feel artifical and exaggerated - The sounddesign is ridiculous...throwing a stone gives you that 70ies Ninja-Sound. - Graphics, textures and colors are cartoonish and far from a realistic impression - Picking up sticks and stones and throwing them around is not "interactivity" in my eye
Review from 76561198013020097This is a very relaxing experience! I almost felt the heat of the camp fire while sitting on the rocks enjoying the view over the lake with the mountains. Of course it is not perfect, but it has well made locations where one can feel that the developers cared to provide a relaxing escape with a lot of small details.
Review from 76561198005587074Not visually good enough for what it is
Review from 76561198242447394Perfect ist das ideale Spiel um zu relaxen. Es gibt 3 Maps mit je zwei Tageszeiten und ein paar Interaktionsmöglichkeiten. Mir war von Anfang an bewusst, dass das Spiel nicht wirklich umfangreich sein würde und dennoch bereue ich den Kauf nicht. Die Atmosphäre die das Spiel bietet in Kombination mit guter Musik ist meiner Meinung nach eine sehr gute Möglichkeit sich nach einem Stressigen Tag zu entspannen. Beispielsweise sieht man nicht jeden Tag den klaren Sternenhimmel am Strand. Wer sich also gerne schöne, ruhige Landschaften ansieht, sich nicht allzu schnell langweilt und einfach nur ausspannen will, für denjenigen ist dies das perfekte Spiel.
Review from 76561198108498560Despite the low cost, I would expect much better graphics for what is essentially a few static locations where you can not move around at all.
Review from 76561197969372252This is mostly as expected and I enjoyed it. There are a couple of things that really need urgent attention. 1) You really need to be able to EASILY select your own music in-game from a directory on your HD. I like to relax to my own music library not music deemed relaxing by the devs :( You can play the music on your desktop and then switch off the radio so perhaps this is the way around this. 2) Stop the excessive vibrations when you're hovering over the interactable items. The controllers are forever rumbling and they do distract a bit from the overall ambience. Going ahead, the following would make this an essential purchase. 1) Invite friends to join you a'la VTime for the Oculus/Gear VR 2) More movement and interaction. To be able to light the fire, scratch things into the snow with the stick, a fishing rod on the pier would be an utterly amazing side game and really add something special to this - catch things to put on your pier - and for it to be able to save! 3) More variation over longer times. You could perhaps see a shark come over from the distance, Changing weather conditions would also be amazing :) Perhaps actually see a wolf in the woods after several minutes of peering into the darkness :) 4) Seasonal variations and special editions- such as a zombie shuffling about in the trees at Halloween, Santa shooting across the snowy skies on his sleigh over the Christmas period etc. 5) A splash in the water etc of a manta ray coming up to skim the surface would add something extra :) Ok, perhaps I got a bit carried away but this certainly has potential. The graphics were great, the sounds were good and I really enjoyed it for the price! Recommended!
Review from 765611980460840493 locations with 3 spots to teleport between in eash location. Nothing to do in those locations. This might be cool for a free demo, but not for 10$ software. There are free 360 videos on YouTube that will give you much better VR experience...
Review from 76561198121299294Je viens de passer une bonne heure et demie à "explorer" un coin de montagne, une belle plage tropicale et des aurores boréales dans une étendue glacée. C'est vraiment très beau (même si on peut faire mieux graphiquement), l'immersion est superbe, les effets sonores d'ambiances sont bien travaillés et la fluidité est au rendez-vous ! Cela dit, j’espère qu'il y aura quelques mise à jours par la suite car on a vite fait le tour des 3 zones à visiter, de jour comme de nuit (La nuit au bord du feu sur la plage est ma favorite^^). Les interactions sont présentes mais pas assez nombreuses, jeter quelques pierres dans l'eau, porter une lampe à huile, ramasser quelques morceaux de bois et les mettre dans le feu ou allumer la radio pour un moment "Zen". L’exploration quant à elle nous laisses un peu dans la frustration, très peu ou pas de liberté de mouvement, l’espace de déplacement se limite à la taille de votre pièce, dommage ! Plus de liberté aurait été vraiment extraordinaire, grimper dans une barque pour naviguer le long de la plage ou simplement marcher au lieu de se téléporter nous aurait fait certainement fait vivre plus qu'une bonne expérience. Pour le prix, ça reste une très bonne application VR à posséder, mais j'invite les développeurs à viser l'excellence, enrichir le contenu et ça sera vraiment Perfect ! :)
Review from 76561198184522275Se agradece y mucho la intro en español asi como los textos, pero yo creo que para conseguir el objetivo que quiere este programa, no vale con hacer un escenario en unreal, esto estaria bien con escenarios reales mezclados con virtuales tipo Destinations, porque no llega a transportarte a un momento relajante al estar en un mundo de videojuego. El precio para lo que es, 3 escenarios, es caro.
Review from 76561197971433895東西太少 事實上只有三個場景 雖然有六個但其中三個只是另外三個的夜晚版本~ 互動的東西還差不多~非常偷懶 (雖然每張圖都有3個傳點) 遊戲畫面沒有想像中的好 gtx1080開超級採樣3.0也就那樣的畫質 有點糊糊的 還假假的 比起theblu和Everest那種畫質比起來差太遠了! (如果說Everest很貴 那theblu的價格也差不多 但是那兩款已經比這款好太多) 廣告tag是中文遊戲卻沒有選項!? 中文語音呢? 至少字幕也該做出來 騙蠻大的~ 東西的物理其實也怪怪的 唯一比較好是有收音機音樂可以放鬆 可是就這樣 不是非常建議購買~ The contents of this game are just too little! Not very worthy to but it right now! There are 6 places but actually only 3! (the other 3 just the night version of original 3 places add fire, how lazy!) I use GTX1080 OC with super sampling 3.0 to run this game still feel some blurry& quality looks fake. The graphic level of this game is far worse than theblu and Everest! (Well if you judge me that Everest is better due to its overcharged price,then look at theblu has same price but much better and polished!) BTW where is the language option? there is Chinese language tag and promoted page description is written in our language but still can't find any option to change introduction voice or even the HUD I don’t really recommend to buy this experience game right now for just too little contents and not so amazing graphic!
Review from 76561197973878558I had high hopes for this experience, since I loved Perfect Beach on GearVR. Perfect did not disappoint. It is the highest quality relaxing experience on the Vive, the only one that brings me a true state of chill. The little details really make it, such as the realistic splash when you throw a stone into the water, or the sparkles of ice crystal facets on the snowballs. The three environments are well chosen, and well worth the price. A couple comments for the devs: Vive convention is trigger selects and trackpad teleports. You mostly abide by this except on the main menu. Trigger, not trackpad should select. In Perfect Beach on GearVR, I loved the perpetual beach sunset. I would love a sunset time of day on the beach map. Also, it would be nice to be able to turn off haptics once you know what is interactable. Vive pro tip. Turn chaperone bounds to Developer in settings. An option for this in-game would also be nice.
Review from 76561198069481071This game is fantastic. It's perfect for relaxing, or simply showing grandma what VR is all about!
Review from 76561197992292832Sehr schöne Grafik. Leider nur drei Locations.
Review from 76561197960513000It's kind of like theBlu ambient mode. There are 3 scenes (frozen wilderness, tropical island, mountain) that you can visit during the day or night. You can teleport between 3 locations in each scene. There are ambient sounds and events that occur. Some things I liked to do (there's no plot, but these are kind of spoilers): - sitting on a mountain cliff and looking out across the trees and water - looking up at the aurora borealis and hearing nocturnal beasts in the distance - chilling on the dock and watching tropical fish swim about I agree with suggestions from others that there should be rock skipping (though I think rock interaction should be an option) and more focus on things to look at while lying down. I also think amount of ambient events should be an option, so you can have a more solitary or active experience.
Review from 76561198026871712Simple yet fun game. Would be cool if you could skip the stones on the water though! I haven't seen every map but it's neat from the ones I've seen. But yeah the water stone skipping would add a lot I think. For the price, it's not too shabby.