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Delicious - Emily's Message in a Bottle

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Review from 76561198213664981Delicious Emily is a great series, so if you love a great story and have a love for Time Management game's this is a perfect game for you.
Review from 76561199119870185All games like this make you challenge yourself. its a bit corny but I love It. I wish for more like Barbarous Tavern similar same vein hours of enjoyment your young and old. Bring back Barbarous and Emily. Regards an Emiy fan and a Barbarossa
Review from 76561199060801643passed the boredom :)
Review from 76561198035868664Cute little story.
Review from 76561199118672435J'adore ce jeu ça doit faire 10 fois que je le refais. Mercci
Review from 76561198908132873好喜欢,好想要中文全系列QAQ
Review from 76561199546875704As a longtime fan of the 'Delicious Emily' series, my recent experience with 'Delicious Emily: Message in a Bottle' left me with mixed feelings. While the game still maintains its beloved charm, the disappointment came from the repetition of restaurants. In a series known for its variety, having three out of eight restaurants set in the same location felt like a letdown. Die-hard fans may still find enjoyment, but if you loved the series for its culinary diversity, this latest installment might leave you wanting more variety.
Review from 76561198035714591It is well made and expands on the older titles. I wonder how the newer ones are done now.
Review from 76561199267227521love it!!!!
Review from 76561198377441936leuk ontspannend spel
Review from 76561199244169430画面、故事、游戏性都很不错
Review from 76561198337746709Diğer Emily's oyunlarına göre hikayesi daha güzel, expert modu da gerçekten zorluyor.
Review from 76561198025194114Overall, a fun and entertaining installment in the Delicious franchise. There were a few glitches, and the last level, Hippie Island, felt a bit rushed and half-baked (no pun intended), but nothing that altered my enjoyment or gameplay.
Review from 76561198068089516BUY THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK: the game has bugs, there is 65 levels in this game including bonus , but there is a bug on level 20 where the customers don't show what they want to order, its completely blank, meaning you cant make enough money to complete that level to move on, i contacted the company, got no response, i even asked steam for a refund but cause i played more than 2 hours of the game on hard difficulty they wont refund me even with picture proof that the game is broke, i have lost out of money on this game cannot complete 70% of the game, DO NOT BUY!
Review from 76561199006265513经典永不过时~就是可惜这个系列不全 期待steam上找到美女餐厅
Review from 76561198326064150这作难度不大,成就倒是挺难刷。 30年分裂的家庭终于和好啦!
Review from 76561199144683661I love the Gamehouse Emily and Angela games!! These are my favorite time management games. I also love Build - A - Lot Time management games. However, I'd have to say Emily and Angela are my favorite "game people"
Review from 76561199066074589专家难度也太简单了,没有以往艾米莉餐厅系列的难度。这款难度像在养老。
Review from 76561199027180015Cute time management game with added charm from the mini challenges involving serving the customers in the order they enter, continually losing tray space, and much more. Made me simultaneously feel like I'm 8 years old again and like a mom on Facebook. 5/10
Review from 76561198045380427[code][url=https://store.steampowered.com/curator/33025671-Missi-the-Achievement-Huntress/] Please see my curator page for more games that are well worth your time[/url][/code] [b]Approximate amount of time to 100%:[/b] 18h [b]Estimated achievement difficulty:[/b] 2/10 [b]Minimum number of playthroughs needed:[/b] 1 [b]Is there a good guide available:[/b] I have written [url=https://www.missitheachievementhuntress.com/delicious-emilys-message-in-a-bottle-menu-upgrade-guide/] this guide with the menu upgrades [/url], that is the achievement I struggled with. [b]Multiplayer achievements:[/b] No [b]Missable achievements:[/b] No [b]Grinding Achievements:[/b] Yes, getting all the menu upgrades is grindy [b]DLC-Only achievements:[/b] No [b]Speedrun achievements:[/b] No [b]Time-gated achievements:[/b] No [b]RNG-achievements:[/b] No [b]Does difficulty affect achievements:[/b] No, you can play on easy [b]Unobtainable/glitched achievements:[/b] No I did enjoy "Delicious - Emily's Message in a Bottle" a lot, the story is fun and the game mechanics are solid, just like I'm used to from the GameHouse games. However, you can see that this game for the Delicious series is an older title, as the resolution settings weren't that great. I could choose for full screen, with big black bars on both sides on my ultra-widescreen, or for not full screen, and then the window was quite small. I choose that last one but would have loved to see a size in between those. Achievement wise this game is better than some later titles, no daily logins do play a random level or anything like that. It has a very grindy achievement to have unlocked all the menu items and get all the upgrades, especially that menu item one will keep you busy for a while, since some items can only be found on later levels and you have to sell some like 30 times for the last upgrade. For the other achievements, they are story related and finding the mouse, which always pops up for the first time when the clock is around 3 o'clock.
Review from 76561198990836650是艾米丽系列最近几年最好的一款作品,人物众多,食物非常好看,还有七章 剧情也很不错,情怀搞得非常好 就连解锁菜单这样让人生厌的事情,也不介意在玩完全部游戏后,闲暇再来刷一下关卡慢慢解锁 由此证明,游戏质量才是关键,一味地捆时间,只会让人烦躁差评
Review from 76561198429484351小时候喜欢玩的经营模拟,以前玩的是daoban,现在来补个票,全成就是懒得打了,好玩还是好玩的,元素很多,画风可爱,剧情我有点懒得看说实话,但是还是看了大部分的,温馨温情吧。
Review from 76561199061789450上一次玩美味餐厅的时候还是emily正在准备结婚的那一部。感觉瓶中信笺这部的剧情非常好,似乎游戏页随着我的成长而成长了,这一部的剧情非常有深意,与电影《心灵奇旅》有点异曲同工,非常推荐这个游戏。
Review from 76561198392893848I found this one of the easier 'Emily' games. Had some problems with achievements, they weren't popping up when they were achieved during the game but popped after the game was shut down.
Review from 76561198862931722The game is good if you're looking for some good old restaurant time management game. I was pleasantly surprised how smoothly it's running after experimenting with the very buggy Diner Dash versions here on Steam. I actually enjoyed playing it - until it started crashing at level 60. Up to then, good playing time. But not worth the money if you can't finish the game, I was disappointed.
Review from 76561198062971750good as usual
Review from 76561198172204826Best Time Management Game
Review from 76561198198435954Oyun çok tatlı. Delicious- Emily serisinin en iyi hikayesinin bu oyunda olduğunu düşünüyorum ayrıca oyunun 2016 da çıkmasından dolayı diğer oyunlara göre çizimleri daha iyi. Oyunun şarkılarını da beğendim. 21TL biraz fazla ama indirimlerde düşüyor diye biliyorum indirimdeyken alabilirsiniz
Review from 76561198080299756určite odporúčam
Review from 76561198957508989Ich liebe die ganze Delicious Emily Reihe. Die Geschichte ist mit jedem Spiel weiterführend. Ich finde das die Geschichte von Emily sehr schön ist und man sie nur verstehen kann wenn mann vom ersten spiel an weiß was war.Sehr schönes Klick-Manager spiel. sehr einfach zu spielen die erklärung in Lvl.1 ist immer gut. und es macht einfach spass immer mehr frei zu schalten. nur zu Empfelen
Review from 76561198399766559比起其他衍生作,该作品相当的温馨治愈,65个关卡更是表现制作组的诚意。(ps:正常的流程是50+10,该作为60+5)成就列表甚至做进来粉丝的来信,这种点亮成就阅读粉丝们的问候相当治愈,体验到了制作者和粉丝间的亲切。每一封信都充满温情,比如对作品本身的感谢、对远方家人的问候、对故者的缅怀,无一不充斥着温馨和谐。最后,作品本身的故事内核非常简洁明了,家人间的信任、团结。所以如果是走剧情流的,可以考虑打折入手该游戏。
Review from 76561198365030958Emily's is a game I've played since I was a little kid. The storyline of this game is lovely, you really get to know all of the characters. The levels and minigames are diverse and challenging. It was quite a challenge for me to complete all of the bottles (especially the menu upgrades). But I enjoyed every second of it! :) Also the soundtrack and music in the game makes me feel calm.
Review from 76561199099388658Muito legal o jogo, as histórias um pouco estranha, mas legal.
Review from 76561199171293914美味餐厅系列的作品一直都很喜欢。很可惜steam上前十几作都没有汉化,或没上架。 好像从15部开始就画风突变了,不是很喜欢那种画风……尤其弗朗索瓦还莫名其妙成了男大姐。(默) 所以我打算只玩到第14部。如果前1-12部出汉化了也会补票的。(15部以后的就算了吧)
Review from 76561198258009571艾米丽的餐厅,人间美好集合地。
Review from 76561198140611408Wieder ein sehr gelungener Teil der Reihe. :) Dieser gefällt mir besonders gut. Wieder sehr detailreich und Daisy lebt endlich nicht mehr in dem Käfig. :D
Review from 76561199144551643专家难度中第50关和60关一直达不到三星,有什么技巧可以提示一下吗
Review from 76561198288187404It's a good one
Review from 76561198830274012Great Story line. I really enjoyed reading and playing this game. Definitely give it ago if you enjoy restaurant games.
Review from 76561198319585895- Comments on this game: The best story in the whole franchise. Great Italian restaurants and food to serve. Takes 20 hours to get all the achievements. Some items are rarely ordered, so it would be a little bit grinding to unlock their upgrades. - Comments on the franchise Delicious Emily This franchise is part of my wife's childhood gameplay memory. I bought it to play with her, and I enjoyed the whole franchise thoroughly. Almost every game from this franchise is a great time management game with a superb story and appealing graphics. The mechanism varies slightly from game to game, so it does not feel too repetitive. The progression of the coherent story, the different restaurants, and the new items to serve are compelling enough to make you play title after title. If you are interested in time management games, I strongly recommend getting the Delicious 8-in-1 Bundle, and playing them in release order. It is a pity that early titles from this franchise are not available on Steam. So the franchise on Steam starts from Emily's New Beginning. However, three previous titles before New Beginning (True Love, Wonder Wedding, Honeymoon Cruise) are free to play on Apple Store, so don't miss them! They should be played before the 8 titles on Steam, since their stories set the premise of the 8 following titles. - Comments on the developers: The developers, GameHouse, do not seem to care too much about their games. They just release their game and then disappear. Bugs are seldom fixed (well, you can see on SteamDB that the depots of some titles are last updated even [i] before [/i] the release). The worst of all is that traditional Delicious Emily games are somewhat abandoned, probably because GameHouse cannot milk much money from them. Instead, they have now switched their attention to developing a mobile game Delicious World with tasteless stories, boring and repetitive gameplay, and microtransactions. Shame!
Review from 76561198135487981basically wanted this because i used to play dinerdash daily as a kid and this looked like the same thing only different story. So if you enjoyed diner dash you might enjoy this.
Review from 76561198409469321A very fun casual game with a fun story line.
Review from 76561198873860168遊戲簡單好上手,有個溫馨的主線,食物也刻得感覺很好吃。 但是菜單如果有完整的解鎖名單就好了,不然還要去每大關裡翻來檢查 弄得我都快瘋啦。
Review from 76561198887718551童年是童年,成就有bug啊,太难受了,游戏里成就都有了,结果steam就死活差一个漂流瓶,是哪个苏打水,就是前期的一个通过小关卡成就,我都通关了他还没完成,强迫症太难受了吧
Review from 76561198223390380好游戏,很休息
Review from 76561198966811623그냥 요리서빙 모바일게임 ㅠㅠ 뭐 대단한게 있을줄...
Review from 76561198090664579經典的餐廳時間管理遊戲 休閒紓壓 值得推薦
Review from 76561198085422846Ich liebe es!!!!
Review from 76561199129691267美味餐厅已经玩过好多次了,故事情节连贯,可以设置新手、普通和专家模式,非常吸引人,值得推荐!
Review from 76561198371649976第13部终于有了官方中文,感谢gamehouse看到了热爱艾米丽的我们。 在关卡5,艾米丽的歌声一出来,泪如雨下。 永远记得这些年这么看着艾米丽长大, 从童年到长大到恋爱到结婚到蜜月再到生子。 如此可爱优秀的女孩子变得越来越好, 仿佛我的青春也就这么过去了。
Review from 76561198088393431游戏是好游戏 就是希望能加上云存档,换了电脑存档都无了
Review from 76561198144155081It was a good game. There was an actual story, achievements weren't useless (like in future games from Game House). To get one of them (unlock all food variants in all restaurants) it requires you to play levels multiple times (and thanks to it, you will also unlock "all restaurants upgrades" because you will get enough money for that). Thankfully it's not THAT many, so it's doable. ~~[url=https://store.steampowered.com/curator/44342408-Sanctuary-for-Strange-People/]Check my curator's page![/url]~~
Review from 76561198282479990Gioco carino, storia interessante e se piace il genere punta e clicca ci si diverte
Review from 76561197992694498[h1]Italian food is the best food. Period.[/h1] Another good game in this wonderful casual series. This time you serve italian (my favorite) food. The game is pretty much the same like all the others. There are several locations, each with its own menu and each location has levels. It gets a bit harder in later levels but thanks to difficulty options you can make the game really easy which is good if you just want to relax. Like always one of the best things in these games is heartwarming and sometimes funny story. Sure it's simple but people usually don't expect any story at all in these mobile games. So here it's pretty good and enjoyable. Great game for non-gamers or small children. You get to serve a wide variety of food, mostly italian, bake pizzas, serve parma ham, olives, meatballs and wine obviously, lots of wine. And as always you need to serve people quickly to earn more points. There are challenge levels which require more effort sometimes, some of those could be challenging on harder difficulty and some are funny like my favorite one - "don't serve old people". On story levels you sometimes need to do additional tasks whiles working like taking care of a child or granpa. These are easy but it's also easy to forget them while trying to serve everyone. Mouse hunting is another little task. Each story level has a mouse appearing somewhere on the screen and you need to find it. Graphically the game is exactly the same as other older games in the series. It looks cute and colorful. Characters and locations are nicely drawn and basically everything about it is adorable. Not much to talk about sound, there's only music and sounds of certain actions like baking, pouring drinks, etc. Maybe some sounds could be better and could use more variety but overall they're not terrible. It's a simple yet very relaxing game with lots of positive energy. If you don't feel alright or think the real life and the world sucks just play this and you'll feel better. Worth getting on sale. [b]Pros[/b] [list] [*]Adorable [*]Fun gameplay [*]Ability to choose difficulty [*]Decent story [/list] [b]Cons[/b] [list] [*]Sound variety is poor [/list] [url=https://store.steampowered.com/curator/32930811-Kosmos%27s-Cosmic-reviews/?appid=704030][h1]Follow my curator page for more[/h1][/url]
Review from 76561198274404838我永远喜欢美女餐厅❤ 三十年前的财产纷争导致爱德华父亲远走,兄弟五人再无联系。三十年后的现在,一封来自爷爷的信件把艾米丽一家从Snuggford 带回了意大利,艾米丽想帮助父亲的兄弟们团聚。 她要去开解孤身一人在码头开船钓鱼的马克帮他找到真爱;、 要去忙忙乱乱的农场帮助受伤的吉诺和他的动物朋友们; 要去巨大的葡萄庄园帮助维尼乔找到红酒配方,修复他和妻儿破碎的感情; 最后她要帮助自己的父母解决婚姻危机。 当着一切都解决的时候,是时候进行一场迟到三十年的聚会了,一家人重新团聚在一起,这难道不是最棒的事情嘛! 我真的好喜欢这部,它从另一个角度向我们讲述了爱德华家族的故事。 年轻的兄弟们争强好胜都想继承父亲的餐馆,结果导致了父亲的失踪,他们都认识到了错误,却抹不下面子低头承认,没人再理会之前争的不可开交的餐馆,他们都放弃了这一切带着父亲给的一块钱走向了不同的人生,当三十年后他们再相遇时,每个人都不那么完美,但每个人却都过上了自己想要的生活。 这一部艾米丽并不是主角,但她作为一根线穿起了整个故事,促成了一家人的团聚。我们在游戏里不仅能够了解意大利的各种美食和特产,还能欣赏意大利风格的音乐和景色,最初小艾米丽和爷爷在一起唱的歌非常好听,小演员奶音听得我心都化了。 玩美女餐厅十多年了,我看着艾米丽长大,结婚生子,看着安其拉长大,追逐梦想。美女餐厅一直是我最喜欢的游戏,感谢制作组的用心和努力,每一部都让我沉浸在欢乐轻松的气氛中,还能学到一些知识~我永远爱美女餐厅~ ps游戏可能会出现bug,比如我明明全部产品都升级了,装饰都买了,结果这个成就依然拿不到= =重新卸载也不行= =不知道为什么,哼。
Review from 76561198092995886Dieser Teil hat mir gut gefallen, schöne Story und die Spielelemente we man sie erwartet. Crasht hier und da aber es ist in sich stimmig.
Review from 76561198409118456My favourite of all the series. The story is so cute and it really gives me a summer vibe. The different restaurants are diverse without adding tedious things. If you liked the ones before it, this one is a good one to try!
Review from 76561198325819878呜呜,是我最喜欢的一部了 各个不同风格的餐厅真的特别有趣,音乐也非常好 大概是艾米丽系列最好看的一部
Review from 76561198306649890This lot better than any other of Delicious Series, Delves into family their roots. I was surprised but might be good idea get when its on sale versus normal price. I know that sad but hey if your me you think about it more think saving money might be thing. I collected hoping I find that one where she started blog but ended up empty it wasn't that one. If your me and your looking for that its wrong one. Its story about finding grandpa and reconnecting everyone, and grandpa is presumed dead but Emily and everyone are back in italy to have reunion with family again. Collecting diamonds are essential to make reunion possible. Main family cost 3 diamonds. LIke: I like different places and probably what brothers did differently with their lives. Dislike challenges are harder then ones I played before. Personal Opinion: Crafting items and combinations are hard do sometimes and VIP guests are always there and then help is no show. So like I said this game is harder then road trip one. Road ship you go to store buy extra help store has no extra help.
Review from 76561198259202277The levels are really diverse on this one and there are so many delicious food items to unlock! But there are also several issues with this game: - Do they really think that digging truffles from the ground and covering them in chocolate sauce is the way to make chocolate truffles???! smh - The background for the last scene is bugged and everyone shows up gathered around a table against a black background; - This is the first game I play from this series where I had to grind for money. You cannot buy all the upgrades just by playing each level once. Same goes for unlocking all the products. The story is a bit silly, just like the other games. But still, it's quite an enjoyable time management game.
Review from 76561198800575984爷青回!童年的回忆!
Review from 76561198421553609强烈要求全系列中文汉化上线~
Review from 76561198447759292I love all the Emily games because the story line are fresh and original.
Review from 76561198989970149Encore un très bon jeu toujours aussi addictif !
Review from 76561198248280064Delicious - Emily's Message in a Bottle est un jeu de gestion de temps dans lequel Emily essaye de rassembler toute la famile pour fêter le retour de son grand père, perdu en mer il y a plusieurs années. Pour ça, direction l'Italie à la recherche de ses oncles fâchés au quatre coins de Naples pour essayer de réconcilier tout le monde. C'est un bon jeu, où on en apprend un peu plus sur le passé d'Emily et de la famille Napoli.
Review from 76561198295281188美女餐厅和艾米丽系列都是我一直喜欢的(*╹▽╹*),艾米丽来了美女餐厅还会远吗!
Review from 76561198077419373Wzruszajaca historia, dotyczaca powrotu do domu pewnego bardzo ważnego członka rodziny. Urocze poczucie humoru, śliczne obrazki i rodzinna atmosfera przyciągały mnie do tej gry - podobnie jak do innych części tej serii. Jedyne zastrzeżenie - mam wrażenie, że ta gra jest wyraźnie łatwiejsza niż poprzednie części.
Review from 76561198800189425这一作很好玩~温馨的故事、悦耳的BGM、可爱的画面和流畅的操作体验。 普通难度下每关的三星和找老鼠都可以一遍过,通关后还差“购买所有商品”、“解锁所有升级”两个成就未达成,这两个成就需要刷关,有点无聊。
Review from 76561198192599443手游的美味厨房又让我想起来这个童年里的游戏。 马上买了个合集包。 见证了艾米丽的一生啊
Review from 76561198063433544Es ist ok für den Zeitvertreib, Geschichte ist auch ok, man wird zwar zum Mausakrobat während des Spiels aber ok es gibt nix negatives auszusetzen!
Review from 76561198333038019读书的时候很喜欢玩的一个系列,现在正式支持一下,玩法很轻松,故事情节也很有趣
Review from 76561199039567544I've always loved Emily's games. I've just convinced my best friend to buy one and she can't stop playing it. They're truly awesome and wholesome. I hope you all play it and enjoy it as much as I do!
Review from 76561198138900376Delicious - Emily's Message in a Bottle ist ein weiterer Toller Teil einer Serie vom Publisher Game House. - Die Story geht an Herz und man fühlt mit. - Die Charaktere sind super schön getroffen ~ - Die Musikalische Untermalung ist sehr passend - Grafisches Design ist gut getroffen und fügt sich in die Vorgänger ein - Es gibt Archivments was mich immer anspornt 100% zu schaffen und natürlich auch Karten um sein Abzeichen zu vervollständigen Die Level sind anfangs leichter und im späteren Verlauf nehmen sie an Schwierigkeit zu so wie man das von Gamehouse gewohnt ist. Ich kann dieses Spiel nur empfehlen!
Review from 76561198870570657Such a sweet story!
Review from 76561198369471931Un incordio hacer el logro de las mejoras, ademas de que la historia es aburrida !
Review from 76561198050866061开餐厅好嘞啊尼玛的
Review from 76561198318845742这作有中文了,其实玩艾米丽系列等不仅因为游戏简单解压,还有就是画面可爱等,最让我感动的还是每一作的故事内容都很丰富,这一作讲了家庭,之前玩了医生的也很感动~还会一直入手的~
Review from 76561198071375554Message in a bottle is a sweet and sad story about Emily's grandfather who has disappeared in a storm 30 years ago, everyone been wondering where he has gone and if he is still alive. Years later, Emily and her father decided to go back to Napoli to revive the old family restaurant, unknown to them little Paige became friends with an old man. What I loved the most is the family life, the brothers when they met, and how they run the restaurant together, it was very nice and refreshing to cook with someone other than Emily and to see how each character has become in those years. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=901480346 The artwork and details are nice as well as the soundtracks. I liked that each character looked different yet the same when they grew up. And Paige, Emily's daughter is cute in this game. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=901480777 There is a total of 91 colorful stages (65 stories, 26 challenges) and you get to play with more than one character on the stage. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=901479861 Pros: +Beautiful colorful graphics. +Lots of new characters. +New playable characters. +Nice soundtracks. +Good game length. +Smooth gameplay. +Steam achievements. Cons: - Needs custom mouse cursor (Sometimes you can't see the default small system cursor when the stage is busy) - No steam cloud. I recommend this game to people who enjoy this genre, Emily's story is still going, and her family's background is very interesting. I found this game fun and very casual to play, although some of the achievements are difficult to get. [quote]𝐹𝑜𝑟 𝑚𝑜𝑟𝑒 𝑟𝑒𝑣𝑖𝑒𝑤𝑠 𝑐𝘩𝑒𝑐𝑘 𝑚𝑦 𝑐𝑢𝑟𝑎𝑡𝑜𝑟 𝑝𝑎𝑔𝑒 [url=http://store.steampowered.com/curator/32399565/]𝐹𝑒𝑒𝑛𝑎'𝑠 𝐶𝘩𝑜𝑖𝑐𝑒[/url][/quote]
Review from 76561198368415142小时候在小游戏网站很喜欢玩的系列,第一次入手,玩得很上头~
Review from 76561198053509020Todo lo referente a esta saga, me encanta y me entretiene mucho. Lo recomiendo para pasar un buen rato
Review from 76561198260871178모든메뉴 모든챕터에서 업그레이드 하는 도전과제가 안깨져요 .. ㅠ
Review from 76561198034193738[b]Delicious 13: Emily's Message in a Bottle[/b] (Dash-TM) [i]Steam copy provided for Curator review[/i] Options include separate sliders for Music and Sound, Full-screen, Hints and choice of Difficulty. Can this game be played as a standalone? The stories and characters in this series are so endearing that I'd recommend playing them all, from #3 ([i]Taste of Fame[/i]) forward, but starting here and going backwards would be OK, I think. [h1]Story[/h1] Emily's Italian grandfather disappeared in a storm 30 years ago, the news that he's been found alive has her father rattled to the core. The question is where has Grandpa been all these years, and can Emily bring her father's estranged family back together after all these years apart? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1966791895 We have a Journal of sorts -- More of a family album that is filled with pictures that we take during memorable moments in the game. [h1]Gameplay[/h1] The basics from the previous installments carry over to this game. Customers will seat themselves and make their orders, and there are no everlasting gold stars like in some of the other [url=https://store.steampowered.com/curator/30274976]GameHouse Original Stories[/url] series. There are some changes in format compared to the earlier [i]Delicious[/i] games: [list] [*]There is some minimal mini-game interaction during levels, such as clicking to break a piñata or tossing a coin in a fountain [*]You don't start earning diamonds until level 9, and challenge levels are worth one diamond each [*]Every [i]other[/i] level has a story-related goal which will earn you one diamond [*]Helpful upgrades such as entertainers are story-centric [/list] That last change is my favorite, as it adds a new dynamic to the gameplay that keeps things fresh. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1966801672 [b]Coins[/b] are only earned on the story levels, but you'll earn more coins each time you replay one of these levels. Use coins to buy upgrades for your restaurants. [b]Diamonds[/b] are used to unlock invitations for all of the family members (must earn every diamond in the game to invite them all). There are both in-game and Steam [b]Achievements[/b]. Earning achievements in-game will get you messages (in bottles!) from fans of the series. The final achievement -- unlocking all of the products -- is badly-balanced, and a real pain to earn, but of course I had to earn it anyway. hehe [h1]Sights and Sounds[/h1] Edward has four brothers, and we already know Antonio, but the three other brothers live incredibly different lifestyles, meaning that we have some interesting locations to visit! Italy is charming no matter where we might be in the game, and even Carl the Mouse looks Italian! lol~ https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1966795309 [h1]But wait, we're not done yet![/h1] There are the usual 60 story levels and 30 challenges, but there are also an additional 5 story-related levels as an epilogue! These 5 levels answer some very important questions that had bothered me throughout the game, so I was really happy to get some answers! [h1]Verdict[/h1] The [i]Delicious[/i] games never fail to entertain, and I am impressed at how well the devs have managed to keep things from getting stale, whilst still maintaining the charm the I enjoy so much. Earning the final achievement in [i]Message in a Bottle[/i] is a bit frustrating, but does not tarnish the fun. Recommended to all Dash fans!
Review from 76561198069273740Very cute story and easy to play game. The control are very easy to understand and the level not too cmplicated. It is then perfect to chill. The character design is clear with a nice color palette. I particulary like how the food is rendered. I cannot say for the soundtrack as I play in front of the TV (so, without the game music). Also very easy to get success!
Review from 76561198841795033看着艾米莉从恋爱、结婚、生子一直到现在,这个游戏的故事一直都给人以感动。瓶中信主要讲的是亲情,爷孙与父子之间的感情让人动容,艾米莉的女儿佩吉超级可爱...通关之后会有一首歌,应该就是小佩吉(或者小艾米莉)唱的:“I know he loves me, because he always spends time with me..."
Review from 76561198168821325从大学就开始玩美味餐厅系列~还好现在还出了中文~见证了艾米丽的成长与家庭生活~好玩~上手容易,画风也不错~适合休闲~
Review from 76561198197567382Cute time management game with a good story -- 65 levels, get it when it's on sale if you can
Review from 76561198306991836充满回忆的游戏,温馨休闲,是陪伴了我许多年的系列
Review from 76561198124706445Muy bueno y relajante.
Review from 76561197994459127This story in the series was so freakin' cute. It was fun to meet the rest of the family and travel around Italy. There was a lot more repetition to the game to get achievements, but it was worth it to get that 100%. I loved the winery the most, but all maps were fun. Worth the buy!
Review from 76561198122638444I really love this series so of course, I really loved this installment. This story focuses a lot on Emily's family, namely Emily's grandfather, Vitto. The game starts off with a very young Emily in Italy. Edward's three brothers, Marco, Gino and Vinicio, are all harassing their father about who will run their family restaurant now. Angry with his songs, Vitto goes out on a boat and disappers for years. Jump to the future where Emily is married and has Paige. An old friend from Italy returns to tell Emily and her family that Vitto has come back to Italy! Like the other Delicious Emily games, this game is full of heart and humor. It's adorable, fun and perfect for the casual gamer.
Review from 76561198129603391很喜歡這系列的遊戲,真是治癒又好玩~ 劇情也很棒~
Review from 76561198404019793Tohle byla první hra společnosti GameHouse, kterou jsem kdy vyzkoušela, a právě ona zažehla můj obdiv pro celou tuhle sérii o Emily (v rámci které je už 14. dílem - tady na Steamu jsou bohužel jen díly od 11. dále). Příběh mě okamžitě zaujal a scénky před každým levelem mě vždycky spolehlivě vtáhly do děje (nový kousek příběhu se přehrává vždy před zahájením levelu a další pak po jeho dokončení). Každý level má navíc speciální výzvu, takže je potřeba soustředit se kromě vaření a servírování i na něco pokaždé trochu jiného. Moc se mi líbilo i provedení achievementů - s každým získaným nacházíte jednu zprávu v lahvi. Tyhle vzkazy nesouvisí přímo s příběhem a jsou každý úplně jiný, ale každý z nich se mě svým zvláštním způsobem poznamenal. Pokud máte v plánu dojít do 100% konce a získat opravdu všechno, je dobré vědět, že ke konci bude nejspíš potřeba některé levely opakovat i když už je budete mít odehrané se všemi hvězdičkami i splněnou výzvou - pár achievementů zkrátka vyžaduje prodat určitý počet konkrétních položek nebo naopak vylepšit všechny přístroje v kuchyni nejlepším možným způsobem, což se trochu vleče.
Review from 76561198215052457Always have loved the Delicious games, however, I do wish you could unlock everything without having to replay a bunch of levels and grind out the last two achievements.
Review from 76561198060761544I played all Emily's delicious game and this is very nice. I totally cried with it! The story is great along with the dash restaurant game. :)
Review from 76561198063574735[i]Delicious - Emily's Message in a Bottle[/i] is the first GameHouse title I’ve played and it took only a few minutes for it to become one of my favorite games and to realize soon after that all the other tiles belonging to this developer will also end up in my top games selection. The “Delicious - Emily” series currently contains 17 installments, of which only 8 exist on Steam. [i]Delicious - Emily's Message in a Bottle[/i] is one of the latest games of the series and while there is no requirement to play them in order, I felt a bit sad for not experiencing Emily’s story from the start, before attempting to play “Message in a Bottle”. Each of these games focuses on an individual episode from Emily’s existence and it’s sure nice to see how her life has progressed over the various games, from being a simple waitress aspiring to manage her own restaurant one day to an accomplished woman, with a wonderful family and holder of a restaurant chain. GameHouse games are a special type of time management games that are focused on conveying a deep, heartwarming plot line. The gameplay consists in serving customers and cleaning their tables, preparing their orders and receiving their payment - all of these before they become impatient and decide to leave. Emily will often need to juggle multiple customers at the same time, while also preparing food with a timer and delivering all the orders in one go. To make it even more demanding, each level contains extra challenges (smaller tray for Emily, having her not stand still for more than a few seconds, or taking care of extra tasks like repairs or picking up packages etc.) while keeping an eye on the collectible mouse that appears at random times throughout the level. The money earned will be spent on buying upgrades or decorations for the restaurant, which makes the gameplay easier, especially during the last levels of a stage where these upgrades become almost necessary. Every level has an introductory animated cutscene and a conclusion that acts as a cliffhanger for the next level. [i]Delicious - Emily's Message in a Bottle[/i] takes us back to Emily’s childhood, when her beloved grandfather decides to sail away one day, without the intention of ever coming back and the family assuming that he died soon after. In the aftermath of this event, her uncles have scattered all over Italy and went forward with their lives, opening their own restaurants. Now, years later, Emily finds out that her grandpa is still alive and sets on trying to reunite the family once again. But in order to do that, she has to travel to each one of her uncles, help them with their business and convince them to attend the reunion. [i]Delicious - Emily's Message in a Bottle[/i] has a lot of characters and the story does a great job at building them up by portraying their thoughts and feelings. All these little details add a lot of warmth and fuzziness to a story that is already very touching. No matter the price or the discount, GameHouse games will always be a must-buy for me. In terms of time management games, I consider them the best out there because they succeed at mixing up the strategy aspect with the intense immersion conveyed through a skillfully crafted storyline. In that light, I can only recommend [i]Delicious - Emily's Message in a Bottle[/i] to anyone who enjoys this genre. Be warned though that they tend to be highly addictive. [quote]More reviews on the [url=http://store.steampowered.com/curator/11354094]Lilly's Corner Curator page[/url][/quote]
Review from 76561198104755860Even though it feels like forever unlocking all the achievements, it was lovely reading each and every message in all those bottles. I love how the whole family is taken back to their past, where it ALL started. The story really plucks a heart string once in a while, how one dollar started all the success and some lead to true happiness. This story teaches you the TRUE meaning of appreciating one another, even through family fights and bickering it all comes down to never giving up even if years past. Recommending it to all the fans that wanna go down memory lane!!
Review from 76561198041856311Das Spiel ist punkto Challenges zu schwer zu herausfordernd, es beansprucht das Handgelenk auf sehr schmerzhafte Art und Weise. Sollten die Spiele weiterhin so schwer sein, überlege ich es mir schwer noch mehr Spiele diese Reihe zu kaufen. Zudem war seit heute morgen mein ganzer Speicherfortschritt via Steam einfach weg.. Zu stressig, zu schwer, Musik im Spiel zweitweise zu laut, Speicherfortschritt weg..musste von Anfang wieder beginnen.. Wenn sich das nicht bessert,bleibt die negaitve Bewertung. Frust pur statt Spielspaß.
Review from 76561198811216363Пройдено.
Review from 7656119881249226817 hours for 100% completion because the full menu Trophy is really hard to unlock all , anyways this game is perfect !
Review from 76561198832742723Of course, as always, Gamehouse nevers fail us. Another lovely stories from Delicious Emily series. Very heart warming reunion story, a lot of philosophical valuable lesson. Entertaining gameplay, very fun challenges. Very enjoyable. Thank you, Gamehouse for bringing us another great games. Looking forward for more to come!