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Fallout 4 - High Resolution Texture Pack

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Review from 76561198880336827fallout 4 wont start with this installed for me
Review from 76561199130121705trash
Review from 76561198261206203频繁闪退折磨了我半个月,各种奇怪方法都试过了,结果问题就出在这个垃圾材质包上!!!50多G的材质,画质提升不明显,还带来了恶性的闪退BUG,果断删除,终于可以正常在废土游玩了!
Review from 76561198094141253terrible. didnt work. had to uninstall. what happened to this company. new vegas was the best itll ever be. and it wasnt even a finished game.
Review from 76561199433684814do not use on steam deck
Review from 76561199030854344It makes the game unplayable
Review from 76561198052497377it's a good place to start
Review from 7656119806402107160 gigabytes for higher-quality textures that reduce performance. The best part about this add-on is you can't tell the difference between the textures after installing this waste of space. Bethesda recently broke all the mods that make Fallout 4 better than they ever will.
Review from 76561198808569167Came here to uninstall.
Review from 76561197985155490tbh can't notice the difference and I'm playing on 2K
Review from 76561198044699177It does as it is supposed to. Any review stating otherwise is from sum fool who either needs glasses and/or lacks the knowledge to sharpen the game properly to see the difference.
Review from 76561198098221221Шляпа какая-то:\
Review from 76561198123226295feels like a scam but i didn't even pay for it
Review from 76561199046519067fsdfs
Review from 76561198355258158dont use
Review from 76561199018778535no
Review from 76561199385286860perfect
Review from 76561198799627519es malo
Review from 76561198823491944弱智DLC优化一坨
Review from 76561198005867875Polecam. Jeśli ktoś chce mieć oryginalne tekstury wysokiej jakości - chyba nie ma lepszego wyboru. Nie rezygnujesz z oryginalnej wizji artystycznej twórców na rzecz modderskiego widzimisie. Probowalem najlepsze teksturpacki z nexusa i zawsze coś było z nimi nie tak - tutaj podmienione sugar bombsy na coś innego... tutaj podmienione obrazy na jakieś totalne randomowe abstrakcyjne obrazki... Ten texture pack jakos turbo mocno nie odstaje jakościowo od innych z nexusa. Gram komfortowo w 4k na 48" OLED z rtxem 4090 i gra wygląda naprawdę ślicznie, a już napewno lepiej od vanilli i na takim ekranie w takiej rozdzielczości to bardzo widać. Od siebie polecam wlaczyc RTX HDR i więcej do szczęścia nie potrzeba.
Review from 76561198364989407Garbage, download something that looks better and is a quarter of the size from nexus
Review from 76561198377840476this joke severely bloats the game's file size and adds nothing, should be delisted to save people's storage space
Review from 76561198159527487the only negative reviews i see are people complaining about how tech illiterate they are, if you dont want the pack literally just uninstall it??? its not bethesdas fault that you dont understand how to uninstall dlcs.
Review from 76561198081702891Kaaaaaaiiiiiiiif
Review from 7656119894623508950 gb
Review from 76561197998064749Communist target acquired.
Review from 76561198132964096If you have the file space and you don't plan to heavily modify your game, sure its fine, you can maybe see it in the weather or characters faces, otherwise just don't bother.
Review from 76561198165566260Made the game crash a lot more
Review from 7656119923408872250gs for nothing :(
Review from 76561198874489649no hay diferencia de la versión normal y va peor, provoca crasheos si quereis desinstalarlo teneis que ir a la biblioteca darle clic derecho o clic al engranaje del juego e ir a propiedades, clic a DLC y desmarcar dicho DLC
Review from 7656119802861069350+ GB to make the crappy Fallout 4 textures ever so slightly less crappy. On top of that your game will crash and stutter more frequently. Don't even bother downloading this pathetic excuse for a texture pack.
Review from 76561198837588210kgada de high resolution, ni se nota una mrda, peor aun la actualizacion esta de cagada no se puede desinstalar? el modo panoramico me jodio el HUD por mi pantalla
Review from 76561198120250818Весит докуя, разницы никуя.
Review from 76561199489987278dopo questo aggiornamento ho riscontrato durante il gioco blocchi improvvisi e devo riavviare per poter continuare
Review from 76561198145384155Inutile sur PC, cette maj est sortie dans le seul but de torpiller le mod London dont les modeurs sont bien plus compétents que Bethesda eux même....
Review from 76561197984029555Its a big addon yes but it works without issues on modern systems, at least the 30ish hours im in so far. I cant speak to older hardware configurations that were popular around the launch of this texture pack, but I think this was designed for people coming back in the future to replay and im glad its here now. Im locked at a solid 60Fps @ 4k Ultra with a 4070ti and the game looks beautiful. And no mods need to be installed which is a plus in my book as im trying to play through legit and grab the rest of the achievements I got blocked from earning from mods.
Review from 76561198277202856there ARE mods that do it better but this is still decent
Review from 76561198041504724Broke the game, don't download... But the game is still broken because of it so I guess wait until they patch it back to working order. It's just useless bloat, you can mod better texture packs for less than a fourth of the data. only Pro is that it's free, but so is drinking the irradiated water the dev's sipped to pass this past quality.
Review from 76561197998912191game was constantly crashing, thought it was all my mods so I disabled them all but nope. I read the reviews here and as soon as I installed this DLC the game stopped crashing and ran as smooth as butter!
Review from 76561198307573631Absolutely do not install this. Not worth the space unless you have a ton of storage
Review from 7656119832119098710/10 最好玩的废土开放世界游戏之一,垃圾佬非常喜欢。
Review from 76561198015659130I don't run any mods and have the game with most of the DLCs installed on a WD Black Hard drive. I have a 3060TI, an I9 12900k, 32gb ram and a 1440 monitor. This looks good and runs great. I haven't bothered to check my fps because whatever they are its running smooth. I haven't tried any of the mods that supposedly do it better but I may try them to see and then edit this review. I can tell a difference in visual quality but I don't think it would be enough for most people with small drives to care about and I probably wouldn't install it again. From what I've read it's probably a good idea to have a 1440 monitor or better to see any benefit from this. Overall, unless you have a slow connection, I recommend downloading and judging for yourself.
Review from 76561198289561967Yo, check this out! It's DJ KHALED here, and I gotta keep it real with y'all about the Fallout 4 High Resolution Texture Pack. 🎮🔥 First up, major key alert – the game lag is REAL! I'm talking about serious slowdowns that had me feeling like I was moving in slow motion. And let's talk about those textures – honestly, I couldn't even see the difference. Maybe it's just me, maybe I need to get my eyes checked, but it was like, where's the improvement at? 🤷‍♂️ Now, there might be some better lighting shining through, but it's not enough to light up the way to victory on this one. No sir! So here's the deal: I'm all about that storage space and keeping my setup clean, and this pack wants to take up a massive 56GB. Nah, fam, we gotta save that space for the real hits! So, here's my verdict – we the best, but this texture pack? Not so much. Save yourself the hassle and the space. Another one? Not this time
Review from 76561199199879824:3
Review from 76561199009005530:)
Review from 76561198021625003sice to ve hre vypada lepe ale zkurvy to hru zacne padat a sekne tak ze musite resetovat pc nedoprucuji
Review from 76561199018304800There are better mods than this waste of disk space
Review from 76561198153166919i downloaded the dlc, game keeps crashing.
Review from 76561197984366619It does what it says and works perfectly. If you're not using any texture mods, have a good gpu with enough ram and a high resolution monitor, go for it. As far as I see it, the negative reviews stem from haters that do not fulfill these simple criteria. Not everyone plays with mods, you know.
Review from 76561198800559027Положительный обзор недоступен в вашем регионе.
Review from 76561199403334852tea
Review from 76561199186266980cool game
Review from 76561198303653668The whole 'mods are better' / 'saves effort having to figure out how to mod' points aside, this actively harms performance w/o the games launcher detecting it. I cant be bothered mentioning specs, but the game runs perfectly on ultra and has had no point where this has shown otherwise. With this mod on, I cannot last any 4 second window without significant stutter and each graphic setting with the launcher makes zero difference. Constant, gameplay harming and eye hurting stutter regardless of in game action or location. Not to mention, the improved graphics seem.... hardly noticeable from ultra? I don't know if its just me but I genuinely cannot tell the difference that this dlc made, besides the storepage photos. And no, 55gb is not justifiable.
Review from 76561198873933199no just use a sharpining filter
Review from 76561199074700989I downloaded this pack and it doesn't seems to to work, it's the same and doesn't do anything in the game.
Review from 76561198354587516Absolutely horrible. All it does is add more lag and more polygons.
Review from 76561199508978762Shit is ass. Thats it.
Review from 76561199470196350cant even deinstall.like bruh
Review from 76561198119414062Rubbish, rather just get another better version from nexus mods, way less file size
Review from 76561197970968582Es ist wirklich eine erstaunliche Leistung, wie 53 GB an Texturen einfach keinen Unterschied machen; das muss man erst mal schaffen (vielleicht gibt es Probleme in Verbindung mit dem "next-gen-update", aber ich kann schlicht keinen Unterschied mit/ohne HR-Texture Pack ausmachen)...
Review from 76561197999550987nenhuma diferença significativa nos gráficos. Só passou a dar lag
Review from 76561198307012991accidentally clicked on this and it began downloading 50gb, now i cannot play the game until its installed and i cannot stop this update, it restarts when i open the game.
Review from 76561198061320510Not worth the almost 60gbs for what it seems to be just more sharpness and little to no changes to the textures. Besides, I started getting stutters after installing it. Get some mods instead, not worth.
Review from 76561199195390317gereksiz derecede oyunun gb tını iki üç katına çıkartıyor grafikler öyle iyi güzelleşmiyor ba bi gereksiz
Review from 76561198066588758its asking for review and wont let me play game... i haven't tried this so i have no idea how to review it. it wont let me post nothing so here i ramble about nothing
Review from 76561198075263170Положительный обзор недоступен в вашем регионе.
Review from 76561198800179225이것만 삭제하려면 어케함?? 설마 겜 자체를 다시 깔아야하나
Review from 7656119811533032955gb of bloat
Review from 76561199489985355adds unnecessary 50GB
Review from 76561198049568045Весит дохуя - толку нихуя
Review from 76561198886205496I truly wonder if the texture pack has 16 times the detail in it.
Review from 76561199131495504My game after 5 minutes already crashes and then I have to restart my computer to play agin and now fallout cant load! NOW I CANT PLAY FALLOUT!!! SCREW U BESTADA GAME STUIDIO!!!!
Review from 76561198228598212This texture pack looks beautiful. Sure it adds unnecessary bulk to the size of the game, but for anyone that doesn't want to have to add mods to their save and disable achievements, this is a very nice texture pack that requires no modding. This pack should not be getting the hate that it is. This was released FOR FREE.
Review from 76561198997874648i would rather have fps and my space and not install this 50 something gig texture
Review from 76561198002436058Положительный обзор недоступен в вашем регионе.  
Review from 76561198840691605yes
Review from 76561198293350115Elle fait réellement 55G ???
Review from 76561198422299435Dude. The game takes FOREVER to load with this $#!t. ON AN SSD. The *FVCK* Bethesda. And the barely looks ANY different at all.
Review from 76561199002033818kurduktan sonra fps oranım yerlere düştü
Review from 76561199217636410Most people say its a waste of space, however if you have the 58 gigabytes its quite good. Makes the game look a lot more clear and crisp.
Review from 76561199389826425this game is all good
Review from 76561198378686162更新完之後,過場畫面一直停機,不要更新還比較好
Review from 76561199593764856全体的に変化が感じられず、負荷のみが増加しました。 低画質設定についてはわかりません。
Review from 76561198075678749Eu estou satisfeito. Veio de graça, melhorou a qualidade do jogo e simplesmente roda muito bem no meu I5 12400f + RX 6600XT. Não vejo razão para criticar tanto, pelo menos eles não lançaram um Fallout 4 Definitive Edition igual fizeram com o Skyrim, e só por isso cobraram uma facada.
Review from 76561198077583322Terrible and since on PC getting a mod instead
Review from 76561198082652900このMODを入れるとロードで固まるようになり後半のマップで進行不能となります。誤ってインストールしなようにしてください。M.2 SSDでRTX4070Tiの環境でも固まるのでそれなりの環境でないとこのMODを入れて最後までプレイするのは難しいのではないかと思います。
Review from 76561199090055962bad
Review from 76561198079306571wait.... this IS installed? i kept trying to install it just to realize it is. and, what, is this just an upgrade from ps3 textures to ps4? that explains the lack of improvement. And with the new update i cant even apply decent texture mods without loosing acheivements... Todd Howard, get that fat pickle out of your ass.
Review from 76561199267811249容量多すぎ。それに見合うなら文句は言わないが、莫大な容量を使ってやる価値はない。
Review from 76561198138158039Vivid Fallout Mod > High Resolution Texture Pack
Review from 76561198330998767Po instalaci tohot DLC mi při spuštění Falloutu v menu naskočí nějaká hláška a nejde nic potvrdit. Nevíte někdo, jak mohu nainstalovat pouze původní starou verzi?
Review from 76561198009690009THIS LOOKS AWESOME!!! YALL TRIPPING...then again most of yall polaying on 1080Ti trash barely pushing 60fps running 1080 resolution. this is pack is for the MEN. 1440p 120fps AND UP
Review from 76561199541215851Can't even download it but can somehow post a review.
Review from 76561198053457385Положительный обзор недоступен в вашем регионе.
Review from 76561198259835642accidentally downloaded, now fps wont go above 7. Cannot seem to fix, but I'm still looking into it. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.
Review from 7656119913083253558 GB Is crazy for a re-texturing. Do not recommend simply for storage space.
Review from 76561198319084393no
Review from 76561197970835988Tja ... hab mich anfänglichst gefreut daß es jetzt auch eine 5120 x 1440 Auflösung gibt. Die Freude währte aber gerade mal bis zur Charaktererstellung, da das Textfeld hierfür über den Bildschirmrand hinaus verlief. Ich konnte die Statuswerte eingeben, aber darüber hinaus ging es nicht weiter ...
Review from 76561198822722254cant even play the game with this installed and no easy simple way to uninstall this garbage why does this poop even exist?