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Review from 76561198016046767Meh seems amusing at first but there's really not a lot to it. My buddy and I got bored of it fairly quickly. The bit about it being 3v3 is a lie and there's only the one map and bot you see in the screenshots. It's cheap sure, but not really worth your time IMO.
Review from 76561198874126219its fun but also controls are confusing and its only really fun when playing withothers
Review from 765611990927821401体のロボの中に操縦者が3人いてそのうちの1人を操作する。 ゲームが始まったら操作したい部位までロボの内部を移動して着席して操作という感じ。 シングルプレイのキャンペンモードみたいなものが無く、 VSモードでCPUと対戦するくらいしかやることが無い。 ロボを設計できるわけでもないので、バリエーションも無い。 2~6人まで同時に対戦と書いてあるけども海外の方のレビューによると 4つのコントローラーまでしか認識しないそうだ。 1人だからつまらないのだろうけども 友人が来た時に一緒にやろうぜとはならないなと、 ロボとロボの対戦だけじゃちょっとね。。。 友人と一緒にやる前提で、レースをするとか障害物競争するとか そういったものがあったら楽しかったかもなと。
Review from 76561198262137331Beside soundtrack ! nothing is really good in this game ! it looks fun and very enjoyable to play with friends but in reality isn't ! just avoid this game ! if you want something to play with a friend there are other games that are more worthy to play and have the fun of your life with your friends !
Review from 76561198190744095This is a very fun game!
Review from 76561198314241633这是一个好游戏,可以跟朋友们一起玩,并且还有AI可以跟你一起玩。
Review from 76561198052920188Fun Game!
Review from 76561198021422660[h1] Сетевая стенка на стенку без русского перевода [/h1] Игра представляет из себя многопользовательское развлечение для большой компании, где 3 игрока с одной стороны и 3 с другой. каждый управляет своей функцией в башне своей команды. Есть атака пикой, ракетами, лучом, а также защита щитом. Вся команда находится в крепости и активирует соответствующие кристаллы для действия атаки или защиты. В компании может и весело, но одному здесь делать нечего. Как всегда в свою команду дают каких-то ущербов и соперник выносит насчёт раз. Графика вроде приятная, хоть и на юнити, но всё довольно мелко. Скорее всего игра для больших экранов. В целом игра должна найти свою компанию игроков, но я таких не знаю. Это чисто под пиво и под шумок. Я так и представляю себе как какие-нибудь немцы под баварские сосиски и пиво мутузят свои команды виртуально, ну и потом само собой потасовка переходит в реальность. Особой практичности лично для себя в этой игре не нашёл. Даже карточек нет, ни облака ни достижений... Ну хоть управление с контроллера есть. Русского перевода кстати тоже нет...
Review from 76561197961038549Aww man I never reviewed this game. So much fun with friends. Mech battles in which friends control a portion of it at a time. THREE TWO ONE GO
Review from 76561197970893840Ok, so you can't really play up to 6, only 2v2 + 2 AI, and you have to re-setup after every match, and it's hard to tell who is playing who when you begin a match, and there is only one type of robot, and there are no settings to change things up, and the developer seems to have fallen off the face of the earth after this game was released in 2016, but I paid $0.82 for this game during the 2018 xmas sale, played it with family and had a blast. So I'm giving this a solid YES.
Review from 76561197998115741Un jeu efficace et amusant pour les soirées entre amis !
Review from 76561198044272862Probably fun with together with two friends against three other people online but that requires two friends...
Review from 76561198024380259The game is fun for parties and a good idea, but I was really disappointed by the lack of controller support for more than 4 controllers at a time. I mean it's meant to be a 6 player game. Why can't I use 6 controllers?
Review from 76561197995356174This game does not support 6 controllers / 6 players. I have 6 XBOX One controllers recognized by Windows 10, working fine in a multitude of other games, (Splody, MageQuit, TowerFall, etc.) but these developers don't know how to support more than 4 controllers sadly.
Review from 76561198286200379Legalzin
Review from 76561198004038352The game is pretty fun, but I can't really recommend it which is a shame. First thing, it's not 6v6, but 4v4 plus one bot on each team, the advertising wasn't honest about that. There is no campaign like Overcooked or Lovers, so the versus mode is all we got. I've bought it cheap, so it felt fine buying it at a >50% discount. You might enjoy it if you got a few joysticks and some buddies to get together and give it a go. Gets old soon, but still a worthy try along with your mates. However, it was made to be forgotten soon, so I can't recommend it if you are short on budget or if you're a solo gamer. I'd recommend Overcooked or Lovers instead, both which have a higher replayability.
Review from 76561198144865487借用其他人的话 “这款游戏远比宣传看上去要快节奏和赤鸡!”
Review from 765611980662310056 player local?cheap? hell yeah
Review from 76561198287300817这款游戏远比宣传看上去要快节奏和赤鸡! 顺便奉上此游戏的实况 http://www.bilibili.com/video/av9754915/ 作为对抗游戏,每辆战车各有5层来控制不同的模块. 导弹台: 发射导弹,导弹飞出后可以用摇杆控制导弹走向. [strike]击龙枪[/strike]: [strike]可以挥来挥去表示友好[/strike],能伸长戳瞎对手狗眼. 盾牌: 主要用于防御,可以发冲击波击退对手(无伤害). 激光: 蓄力后可以发射不属于这个时代的高科技激光炮,炒鸡厉害,但蓄力时间长. 轮子: 控制战车前进和后退,可以冲刺. 因为要控制4个模块所以玩起来是非常手忙脚乱的,比如[spoiler]自家盾牌把自家激光挡的死死的[/spoiler],或者[spoiler]好不容易拿到轮子控制权了奋力向后一退撞到场边的杀人电锯上[/spoiler]. 简直不能更快(xin)乐(tong).
Review from 76561197983432651False 3v3 advertising, its 2v2 +1 cpu in each team
Review from 76561198036618738This game is awesome ! Lot of fun and great ambiant, gameplay is original and you can play until 6 players. For this price, I wasn't expected so much fun and great things !
Review from 76561198102195884It is so great. everyone needs to play this. i super recomend playing it.
Review from 76561198147372980不错的游戏 很欢乐 队友超重要啊!!! [spoiler]用了两个手柄 一个键盘 成功撕逼[/spoiler]
Review from 76561198138621063mac 上有 bug ,一局结束后没法重新开。
Review from 76561198342491663Lots of fun! Lots of rage! If you don't want to have friends anymore, buy this game and play it with them. But in all seriousness, it's a decent couch coop game and worth the low price it's currently at. It has cute graphics and unique game mechanics. My only complaint is that it's sometimes hard to see the small vikings that you're controlling. I wonder if they can scale them up a bit in the future. Still a great party game for the price! We have a video below if interested! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MA8IqIhdu4
Review from 76561198021642151Une excellente experience de jeu. Même seul avec les bots, le jeu est amusant. Toutefois, l'experience prend tous son sens à plusieurs sur le canapé. Pas encore tenté le jeu à 6 cependant.
Review from 76561198018194096Much group fun. Our fav local co op game since Broforce or 'Lovers'. Will be fun!!!
Review from 76561198095238307интересная игра, но я долго разбирался с управлением не мог понять что и где)
Review from 76561197999226470ca pète, vraiment bien penser!
Review from 76561197992119591Really good couch game, it takes a few seconds to learn how to play so it's instant fun.
Review from 76561198079978945It's nearly impossible to play without a controller and me and my friends cant find a way to join eachother. dont buy this for pc
Review from 76561198042839146This is a realy fun game !
Review from 76561198052133577c vrémen tro bien
Review from 76561198049410091This is a very rad couch gaming game. It's hella fun playing with friends and I'm pretty sure we'll end up playing many games. There is only one map/mode but Crewsaders still has some replayability since it's coop versus. There is no online and as I said before, only one map/mode, but for 2.99€, I'm not gonna complain. I met the team at a con and they were very nice and fun. I think they're still students and this is their first actual published game. Grab a handful of friends, add an AI in there (oh yeah! There are AIs that can fill a player slot too!) and go enjoy yourself. 10/10 would play again.
Review from 76561198339421398https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HlC8J4BB6iA