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Rose of Winter

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Review from 76561198217710532Rose of Winter is a very good visual novel game with a beautiful story. The graphics are nice and the soundtrack is Chill and relaxing... I highly recommend it. 💗💗💗
Review from 76561198013334509Cute? Yes. Music great? Yes (it's by Toby Fox after all). Very short? Yes. Each of the plots short with pretty few choices but worth it? Yup. Deffo worth it.
Review from 76561199539544728This game would be so much better if it were longer. The characters are fine, and the dynamics are cute, but everything feels way too short for me to care. There's also the fact that every romantic route lasts a single day (in-game, ofc), and it's hard to believe that all these mysterious and/or traumatized characters suddenly opened up to the main character just because she's cool or something. It feels rushed. (Kuya best boy tho)
Review from 76561198095685215Quoi de mieux qu'une petite histoire d'une chevalière qui a une âme romantique de tomber amoureuse d'un prince charmant à sauver.
Review from 765611992048617187.9全成就通关。有段时间在挂机,所以实际游玩时间应该要少。全英文的乙女视觉小说,史低4r,不认识的单词查了下好大一部分都是GRE的很适合用来学英语(?) 女主是大腿粗粗手拿重剑的骑士,不过服装设计上还是有些瑕疵,大冬天的要露腿。四个男的有三个裹得严严实实差评。 男主们的人设没有特别让我眼前一亮的,感觉都玩过/看过类似人设的剧情。人外蛮多,有龙有兽,有矮的有高的。 比较喜欢女主,每次男的遇上了危险几乎都是英雌救男。有一个男主的剧情线里女主多选No表达自己意见的选项反而能打出HE也是我比较惊喜的。 总体来说还可以,史低不贵看看剧情顺带学学英语。
Review from 76561198852425075非常温馨的短篇小游戏,很适合在冬天玩! 打通了龙线和kuya线。龙线是非常浪漫唯美童话故事~kuya线是轻松幽默的小甜饼。女主角Rosemarry是非常可爱可靠的勇敢骑士! (但龙线我第一次认认真真正正经经地玩到结局居然是BE啊!看来我还不是一个够格的骑士.... 文本是全英的,感觉好好锻炼了一下英语...
Review from 76561198308461441I've had this game in my library since it came out but I never got around to finishing until now since it's been rotting in my collection. However, it's not that great from what I remember though that's mainly in the story. The art is very cute and I love the music but the story felt quite bland than what I remember.
Review from 76561198010220400Quite shallow, narratively speaking.
Review from 76561198159967604A fun, cute little game with a bit more depth than I was expecting. I really liked that each storyline fleshed out another chunk of the world, made it feel a bit more lived in despite the shortness of the game. Some may complain about the length but I think it was the perfect amount to get the point without overstaying its welcome. Tirune was my favorite of the options but Crow and Falkner were good too. I liked that [spoiler]not every story had a happy ending.[/spoiler] The only one I didn't really like was Kuya which had sort of an "I can fix him" vibe that left me like "noooo Rosemary go back and pick someone else."
Review from 76561199014470468 [h2]克服不同种族间傲慢与偏见的故事 [/h2] 这个篇幅的恋爱游戏从无到有式地写感情线还是不够丝滑,所以我其实没嗑到多少,但我很喜欢它happy end和sad end的分歧逻辑。在龙线只有在龙面前表现得足够强大他才不会担心伤害到Rosemary而离她而去,最后女儿能成为力速双A的龙骑士很好;Kuya(兽人)线更是需要Rosemary抢走一切Kuya的表现机会(?)同时拒绝spoil他才能让家长认可你们 & Kuya线真的很精神gb,别的线男女嘉宾破冰都是聊人生聊理想,就Kuya是脱光光以色侍人,后面遇到怪物还要Rosemary公主抱他(←有立绘,Kuya一脸蠢萌....) Falkner没太get到人设←一只小到可以站在人类手上的fae。打完我也不知道他的种族fae到底是侏儒还是小精灵还是什么,我以为fae更像种魔法生物,结果Falkner是个拿没比我们人类手掌大多少的矛的物攻战士。但他的故事里“发现-冲突-解决”这一逻辑链条我感觉是最完整的(←但恋爱过渡还是很突兀),也很真实,比如嫌弃Rosemary人胖腿粗动作笨拙真实得一度令人下头() Crow,其实我觉得他的线有点没头没尾,但是他的sad end不走传统be寻常路蛮好的。他的he和be分歧是Rosemary是否坚定骑士信念。Crow是个自由散漫不愿拘束在特定身份框架的人,be的Rosemary选择一尘不变和Crow气场不太合,可能这辈子就pass了,但是我很喜欢这个从一而终不放弃希望的Rosemary......
Review from 76561199147028014[h1] A Short and Charming Otome Game [/h1] Let me tell you about this adorable game I played called "Rose of Winter." It's a simple, short otome visual novel, but it's so cute and charming that it filled me with joy. You play as Rosemary, an aspiring knight looking for adventure and romance. She meets four dashing princes, each with their own route in the game. I usually prefer dating sims with more options to explore, but in "Rose of Winter," the one prince you choose becomes your focus, and it surprisingly works well. The character development is fantastic, and each route is unique, offering intimate moments between Rosemary and her chosen prince. The princes themselves are diverse and interesting, going beyond their archetypal beginnings. Falkner is pompous but caring for his kingdom, Tirune is cold but carrying the burden of dragon history, Crow is a charming scoundrel, and Kuya is a fierce warrior. I loved each route, and that's rare in dating sims. But the real star here is Rosemary herself. She's such a wonderful protagonist with various qualities that make her adorable and lovable. Her interactions with the princes are heartwarming and funny, adding to the game's charm. The writing is top-notch, blending romance and sensuality in a tasteful way. It's not explicit, but the intimate moments are still steamy. The art is lovely too, and I wish there was an image gallery to revisit those beautiful stills. As a budding game developer, "Rose of Winter" has been a huge inspiration for me. It shows how much depth can be achieved with simple dialogue trees, and it's made using Fungus, a Unity visual novel toolkit. In conclusion, if you're into cute romance stories with deep characters and a relatable heroine, "Rose of Winter" is a must-play. It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but for those who enjoy otome games, it's a delightful experience that will leave you feeling giddy.
Review from 76561198978593740This game got me giggling and kicking my feet in the air and shit 0//_//0
Review from 76561198841081729Rosemary是非常好的骑士小女孩
Review from 76561199053372326♡ ( ◡‿◡ )
Review from 76561199237850179keyifli kısa bir oyun
Review from 76561198038244932That was a really heart warming experience! After playing every route (4 happy / 4 bad endings) I would like to write a heartfelt recommendation for this little gem. + the Love Interests are actually interesting and something else from what you expect in an 'ordinary' otome; here we have fantasy that feels down to earth and creative at the same time; + there are a lot surprises and interesting char developments, I loved the game for this: [spoiler] the flirty fae prince actually is very, very tiny and a 'handful', the dragon is not so tame and actually feels like a threat at some times, the redheaded hunterprince turns out to be a big cinnamon roll and Nr. 4 is... something you have to experience yourself[/spoiler] + even the bad endings felt like neutral/okay-ish endings and I actally mistook Kuyas Bad End for his good End and wondered where the achievement was until I replayed with the help of a guide here on Steam + the dialogues are very well written, very lighthearted, funny and feel like a very nice fairy tale story with some spice in it + the "one route five times" achievement can easily be achieved by just saving before the last choice and reload 5 times (that's how I did it) + Skip function worked perfectly, helped a lot to figure out what endings I was missing for the achievements o no CG section and sadly no option to hide the window to see the characters full artwork I knew the routes were very short because of another review and I bought Rose of Winter in the Sale because of that. But it is worth the full price. Just enjoying a little story each evening and looking forward to the next I really had a blast the last week with this game. Thank you for this! I really hope there will be more of the same writing team, the characters were really interesting and fun to get to know.
Review from 76561198091947058乙女の女騎士として4人の王子から一人を選び護衛しつつ愛を育むラブロマンスADV。 1周1時間強、全実績解除まで6時間程度。 騎士らしく体格が良く強いですが内面が乙女という主人公の視点でのラブロマンスのため、 コミカルでありながらロマンチックなテキストになっています。 4人の王子もそれぞれに異なるギャップ萌え要素を持っており、それがシナリオの焦点でもあります。 乙女ゲーが好きな方なら刺さるのではないでしょうか。 音楽はToby Fox。チップチューンではありませんが、きらびやかな音楽で彩っています。 自分はフォークナー推しです。
Review from 76561198045956241I wanted so much to like this game. After two attempts, I probably won't pick it up again. The bachelors are so antagonistic and unlikable out the gate, and there is just so. much. reading. It's a visual novel, great, love that. But I think I expected more choice and conversation.
Review from 76561198054326481This is a reasonably cute game and I would recommend getting it on sale. Rosemary is a fun protagonist with a loving heart and a goal for being a knight, and I found her route with the dragon prince to be very cute (if also very short at 1 hour of playtime with a handful of narrative game choices). The art-style is pretty, even if the dragon prince is the only traditionally attractive love interest, and the writing is sweet if very simple. It's a cute enough game to spend a few hours on if you get it on sale.
Review from 76561199382990237You get to kiss a dragon and a tiny man, what more could you ask for?
Review from 76561198207083779I had to sit for a bit before I could write this review, as my last route just happened to be the Prince of Fae. The happy ending doesn't feel like a happy ending to me at all... >.>.......... I mean, I get it, but hmm... HMMMMMMMMM! Okay regardless of that, I enjoyed the game, artwork and the stories. The writing was interesting and I was paying attention the entire time. Note: I am only commenting based on good/happy endings... Because that's how I roll. I started off with Crow's route. It had two twists. Epic twists. Didn't see those coming. Good job. This is the same guy with the secret ending too. Then Kuya... That one was fun too. Who doesn't want to rub on a muscly chest and get front view of the entire body? I will say that I disliked him at first, but then I couldn't hate him anymore... He is like a puppy... The dragon dude... I am neutral on that one. It's not as great as the other two... But at least you don't get transformed into a statue in the end, to guard the dragon. Don't ask... I just... Neutral. Yeah. Faulkner dude... Like I said, I get it, but that doesn't mean I am going to be happy about it! What else? My favorite? How about no? That doesn't exist. Everyone has something different to offer. :> OH! I liked that the heroine was actually big and strong! ACTUALLY BIG AND STRONG! I like her giant sword and the fight scene involving Kuya. Yeah. :> There is a thing in this game where the heroine only spends one or two days at most with the guy and she likes/falls for them. While that may nag you... It does happen. Especially in dangerous situations. I've read a novel like that and... Although there was a lewd scene or two in there... Which I wasn't distracted by... I still gotta say... It's possible... Granted you MAY come off the high and reconsider your judgement... But it might work in your favor. All I will say is this: It's not as bad as you might think... If it really bothers you? Just pretend they spend more time together than it seems. Cute, almost fluffy and has a giant piggy!!!!!!!! It was worth the read. Thank you!!! :3 =) :>
Review from 76561198322287454Playtime is somewhat accurate. Its an rather old game therefore you can play it on maximum 2560x1440. Put your volume down before you start the game if you do not wish to get your ears blasted. pros; - it's refreshing that the characters aren't designed to look like supermodels - cute and a little self-ironic game/art style thats not supposed to be taken 100% serious - mc actually has a personality (yey) neutral; - the music is fitting and from Toby Fox if you care for that cons; - extremely short game and therefore extremely rushed storyline - not very interactive. there are choices to be made but i feel like sometimes they didn't influence the story a lot. the name is fixed to Rosemary (hence the game name) - every character seems to have their insecurities. with a longer story that could have helped the plot but in this cames it makes it seem even more rushed (and in one case i was about to press alt+f4) - the skip function is kinda buggy. it keeps freezing for a bit and at one point i even had three different soundtracks playing Call me spoiled but there are games that have about the same or more to offer without you needing to pay a penny. I can only recommend buying it on sale. In my opinion not a must-have.
Review from 76561198291840038[b]Rose of Winter[/b] est un petit visual novel de type Otome (F x M) d'environ 4 heures. (Peut se finir un peu plus tôt selon la vitesse de lecture). Il y a quatre routes, qui contiennent chacune une happy, et 'bad' ending. Les succès ne sont pas compliqués à avoir. Passons à une petite analyse approfondie : ♥ ♥ [u]Points positifs[/u] ♥ ♥ - [b]Design[/b] très original et très mignon, qui se démarque de ce que j'ai pu voir : Que ce soit les personnages (humains, etc ou animaux), les décors, ou que ce soit les menus/différents boutons. La palette de couleur est très charmante, j'aime beaucoup. - Les OST/musique : Quelle surprise de retrouver du Toby Fox ! Elles sont très biens. Un peu répétitif quand on fait le jeu en one shot, mais c'est très correct pour un jeu de cette longueur. - [b]L'histoire, les 4 routes[/b] : Sans spoil, nous suivons l'histoire de [i]Rosemary[/i], une jeune femme courageuse qui rêve de devenir chevalier, qui décide d'escorter 4 princes à travers la montagne... Plutôt simple, mais efficace ! Les routes étaient plus ou moins bien intéressantes à suivre, il y en a pour tous les goûts (personnellement, j'en ai moins apprécié que d'autres), ce qui rend les endings uniques. - [b]L'héroine[/b] : Son caractère et son physique changent de ce qu'on peut voir d'habitude. Héroine raffraichissante, courageuse, c'est très plaisant de suivre l'histoire à travers elle. - [b]Les quatre princes[/b] : Ils sont plus ou moins adorables, et intéressants. - [b]L'écriture[/b] : Très bien écrit et je le trouve bien accessible même en anglais pour les non anglophones/pour ceux.celles moins à l'aise. ♥ - [u]Points négatifs[/u] - ♥ - Voir [i]les crédits[/i] à la fin de chaque ending, c'est assez long (surtout quand ça continue pas à défiler après un alt tab). Je comprends que c'est important, mais après un (voir deux) visionnage, un petit echap ou accélérer les crédits ça aurait été bien, mais c'est un petit détail. - Il n'y a [b]pas[/b] de [i]galerie[/i] à la fin du jeu, c'est vraiment dommage ! On a [b]pas[/b] la possibilité de revoir les illustrations, alors qu'elles sont vraiment belles ! - Je chipote peut-être mais ça m'a un peu gêné qu'il n'y avait [b]pas[/b] de [i]lecture rapide[/i] avec tab (il fallait toujours appuyer manuellement), et la lecture rapide s'arrêtait après chaque choix, même en ayant tout lu, dommage! - Pareil pour le [b]backlog[/b], qu'il fallait faire manuellement alors qu'on aurait pu le faire plus rapidement avec la souris. [h1]Conclusion ?[/h1] Je recommande [b]Winter of Rose[/b], que ce soit pour les habitué.es ou à ceux.celles qui veulent découvrir les visual novel romantiques. Très accessible, mignon, et qui ne prend pas beaucoup de temps ! (Je recommanderais également de prendre ce VN en promotion, il est bien, mais peut-être [i]légèrement[/i] élevé pour la longueur de jeu).
Review from 76561198975397311Really cute graphics and story line- though I wish the game play was longer- I hope they come out with a more fleshed out version
Review from 76561198889833430[h1]In brief[/h1] Short. Sweet. Wholesome. [h1]Story[/h1] Ex farm girl Rosemary is now a knight-in-waiting. Strong, noble, brave and generous of spirit. Everything a knight should be. Her chance to achieve her aim may have just arrived, as, in the hotel she's in, at the base of a dangerous mountain, are four princes all in need of a guide across it. [h1]Gameplay[/h1] After a brief personal introduction to our MC and her situation, we get to select which of the four princes Rosemary is going to be charged with seeing safely across the mountain. This leads into one of the completely individual stories available. Once selected, we follow the trail across the mountain in what amounts to a romantic companionship yarn lasting for just a couple of days in-game time. [h1]Appearance and audio[/h1] The game features very simplistic but functional graphics, the type of thing you might find on a very young child's TV cartoon (perhaps more recognisably so for those of a certain age!). Rosemary has quite a few expressions, though they don't always fit the moment accurately. Sound wise, we get a pleasant track (albeit one which loops quite quickly) written by somebody apparently well known within the gaming fraternity, but even if (like me) you've never heard the name Toby Fox before, the quality of the tune still speaks for itself. A little more of it wouldn't have gone amiss though. [h1]Features[/h1] This is where the game falls rather short of fair expectations. During play there is both a good, fast skip option and a history log. You can also set text speed (though [b]not[/b] to 'instant'), and there is a save option, although you're unlikely to need it due to the brevity of each story and the simplicity with which you can find both good and sad ending for them all. As all choices (bar one in one story only, which doesn't appear to be ending-defining) are either/or, I found that simply by running each story twice and selecting all of the options not used first time secured the ending not already found; it was very easy to fully complete all possibilities within the game. [h1]Positives[/h1] You'd think that the concept of a first time meeting, attraction, blossoming romance and departure all within a couple of days would lead to a complete hash of a rushed story, and reasonably so; and yet for the most part this is not the case due to some quite talented writing. I felt engaged throughout each story despite the extremely far-fetched nature of what I was reading, and with the pleasant audio accompaniment, this made for a mildly enjoyable read. [h1]Negatives[/h1] - There was no need at all to add an achievement for ploughing through the one route five times. Yes, there are a couple of extra captions at the end, but big whoop. Absolutely not worth it. This seemed a pointless attempt to extend gameplay at the cost of player irritation. - Lack of features basic to the genre: back step, screen size selection, CG gallery, endings list, and I'm sure many others you can think of that I haven't noted anywhere above; are missing. - Forcing the reader to sit through the credits sequence at the end of every route, every time it is played through. I appreciate the creators of any game do deserve to be recognised for the work they've put into it, but to have to sit through the list time and time over? [i]Really?[/i] [h1]Verdict[/h1] There can be no doubting at all that the smart writing provides a pretty enjoyable and cute experience when reading through this novel. Although adult intimacy is hinted at in a caption here and there, it is done in such a way as to bypass the likelihood of a young child seeing it and then asking awkward questions, making this otome unusual in that it can confidently also be declared as family friendly. However, I do think that a childlike view of naïve wonderment is also the best way to approach this story in order to be able to truly enjoy it. Our MC is immediately attracted to and falls for characters from four [b]different species[/b] without a second thought about it. Any natural adult cynicism is going to have you scoffing at the absurdity of this straight away. You really do need to take an innocent, wide-eyed approach to be able to enjoy it for what it is. The good news though, is that it is possible to do so thanks to the charming way that the tales have been constructed. Looking at the price, it's undeniable that this game is expensive for what you get. Perhaps at original time of release that wouldn't have been the case, but every visual novel is subject to value comparison against its peers, and Rose Of Winter doesn't fare well in a content-quantity-and-quality-for-money assessment when viewed against its many modern competitors. Nonetheless, for entertainment alone, I give it a seal of approval, but advise purchasing [b]only[/b] when at a decent discount. Be sure to also check out our other excellent curator review here: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Ceaseless_Duality/recommended/540880/ [quote] Please follow our curator page, [url=https://store.steampowered.com/curator/4680120/]Otome Lovers[/url], if you'd like to see more reviews like this one! [/quote]
Review from 76561198148180426i really enjoyed this!!!! my favorites were Tirune and Kuya. I also really loved Rosemary--she was so incredibly charming that, while i did kind of think all the routes were maybe on the short side for the romances developing within, i could totally also see myself falling in love with Rosemary in the same time frame, so I can't complain.
Review from 76561198987177654very short but the adorableness totally makes up for it
Review from 76561198217318681Ein gutes lesespiel. hat eine lange geschichte. 4 charaktere spielbar. ein paar enden. viele antwortmöglichkeiten zu wählen. musik ist in ordnung. der preis für dieses spiel ist im angebot um -80% sehr gut. alle errungenschaften funktionieren.
Review from 76561199097479809虽然我是第一次接触这种类型的游戏,但真的非常喜欢!我首先玩的是龙族王子和妖精王子,作为不同的种族与身为的人类的女主相处时他们会在意的点都随着剧情和对话一点点铺展开来,情感的变化也如同流水一般润物细无声。不同种族间的j巨大差异带来的无奈感在这两条线里是最为突出的,但勇往直前的女主的魅力也体现得淋漓尽致。野兽王子线某种意义上相对直白一些,我个人的感觉更偏向于同龄人的欢喜冤家,也算是boy meets girl?不过Rosemary还是很耐心和体贴的,而且降伏后的野兽王子也蛮可爱的。和唯一的人族王子那条线,真的,怎么说呢。如果说在第一条龙族线里,随着这个古老种族的设定蜿蜒而至的浪漫历史和世界观深深打动了我的心,如首尾呼应般,最后玩的人族线再一次给了我惊喜。唯一的糟点就是“好嘛,这样都能he的。” 总之,打折了才七块钱真的很值啊,而且cg也很不错嘿嘿。就是希望能增加cg总集和查看解锁成就的demo啊!!!
Review from 76561198317280134Each route is only about 30 mins so if you only like one of the character it's a reealllly short game (ahahaha....) I might not recommend it if that's the case because I kindof regret the amount of content I got.
Review from 76561198439137950本来是抱着反正减价血赚四舍五入不要钱所以故事通顺就行的心情加购的。 结果居然! 好甜!阿伟火葬场!我永远喜欢小甜饼......! 总之推了Tirune和[spoiler] Crow [/spoiler]两条线。Tirune属于是中规中矩符合预期的可爱故事,而[spoiler] Crow [/spoiler]的线路剧本则可以说是相当出乎我意料的惊喜,故事虽短,但是要素完全命中了我的大量好球区(确信)。毕竟,[spoiler]谁能拒绝和拿了冈部伦太郎剧本的、从rwby里穿越出来的Crow叔谈恋爱呢?手动狗头.jpg [/spoiler] 总之强烈建议血糖低人士食用。这冰冷的世界需要更多幸福故事,都给我进来磕糖—— p.s.卧槽,才注意到制作组是做we know the devil跟heaven will be mine的同一个,那剧本强中强简直是必然的事(?) 是我失敬了,马上补购全家桶。
Review from 76561198304856412Gentil, expérience pas mauvaise
Review from 76561198370213900bought this because toby fox did the soundtrack, but its a really cute and heart warming otome, even in the sad endings. you chose one of 4 routes right at the start, and each history has a very unique narrative twist, not plot twists mind you, but something that makes the route different from each other and from regular fantasy theme dating sims. just be warned that this is a very fast paced and short VN, it is not a problem for me because i understand that it's just trying to be a fast and sweet thing, but it may not be everyones cup of tea. as for the characters, the fae guy's story is a bit weird, but otherwise they are all very easy to care fore, even the protagonist. i fell in love with the dragon prince specifically <3
Review from 76561198330517736Finished couple of routes before I just had to stop and accept that I didn't enjoy playing this game. The routes were too short and the stories suffer because of it. Everything goes too fast: the plot, the romance, everything. I was the most disappointed of the cast of characters and the "romances". The main lead was the best out of the characters, but over time she became to annoy me more and more. I'm not the biggest of fans of a naive, innocent types of main leads so that could be just my preference. The romantic interests were kinda jerks at first, but all the sudden they had fallen for Rose and Rose to them?? This happened in couple of lines of dialogue because of the rushed game-play and plot structure... which hurts the the game as the whole. The only real good point was the cute art style, but that alone couldn't keep me entertained. Overall, this "game" left me feeling sad and unsatisfied. Not worth 12$ for sure.
Review from 76561198263058164This was a very nice experience overall! The game is short and sweet; nothing groundbreaking, but if you want a nice little game to get cozy with, I'd say this one does quite well. The art is a bit unpolished at times, but the style is very lovely and unique. The soundtrack was created by Toby Fox, so even though there aren't /many/ songs, they're all very easy on the ears and sound wonderful. In terms of the routes: I liked them quite a bit, and there was a nice amount of variance in between them to suit different players. At times, though, I felt like the writing was a bit wishy-washy, especially with Falkner's characterization and route in general (which I started with). The sad endings are reasonably sad (nothing too crazy), and the happy endings left me with a smile on my face. So really, it accomplished what it set out to do: be a charming little experience I feel pretty happy to have encountered.
Review from 76561198085729667Excellent game with compelling characters. If you like otome-style games that you can get through in an evening or weekend, this one's for you.
Review from 76561198101776626I fell in love with Rosemary, her appearance, her fierce yet romantic self, her kindness showing how much she cares of those she meets and have under her wings for a short trip across the mountains of Mount Needle. Each story are short and very different from one another and each is magical in its own unique way. I haven't done Falkner's route yet, but reach what I believe is the bad ending of the Prince and his caretaker, which made me very sad as there was more chemistry between them than I saw with Kuya.. Let's not speak about Tirune, I don't manage to get his bad ending with him, I guess I just love too much this big dragon with a warm heart ? If there was anything that can be considered as bad in that game, I would say that some people would consider the price as being high for the short amount of content. There is no voice over and a limited amount of song. Buy it on sale if it's bothering you, but Rosemary worth it, she may not yet be a knight in name, but has all the needed qualities for it to happen. Now that I said everything I wanted, I guess I'll discover Falkner's personality the time to heal from the Crow sad ending then run after him. He deserves the time it will take for me to have his good ending :hearts: .
Review from 76561197993967122Rose of Winter is one of the most deeply [i]delightful[/i] visual novels I've ever played, and I play a lot of them. Because I'm queer, I don't play heterosexual otomes as much as queer VNs, but as a longtime fan of Magnolia Porter/Magnolia Pearl's comics, of course I had to play this, and I'm so glad I did. Rose of Winter is very sweet, wonderfully funny, and awfully charming, with lovely artwork, a diverse set of engaging characters, and it's a delightful tale of fantasy adventure. Our heroine has so much personality and definitely isn't your standard wishy-washy waif of an otome protagonist, and all the love interests are flawed and human, but complex and lovable each in their own way. I really enjoyed every moment in this little tale of chivalrous adventure, and the game is criminally inexpensive when on sale. I truly recommend this game to any lover of visual novels; it's one of the most lovely and fun you'll be lucky enough to spend an afternoon with. And hey, for any Deltarune fans? Toby Fox did the music for Rose of Winter, so keep an ear out: you might hear some sounds in Deltarune that he borrowed from this game...
Review from 76561198190651334Cute and short romances, plus my boyfriend is a dragon. 100/10 would recommend.
Review from 76561198850449550Although Rose of Winter is adorable, the game was simply too short to satisfy me. It took less than three hours for me to achieve the good and bad ending for each LI. Rosemary's story has so much potential, but because the game is so short it doesn't really go anywhere. To be honest, Rose of Winter felt more like a prologue than a game! Hopefully it will receive a sequel in the future to flesh out the guys as well as Rosemary herself.
Review from 76561198976189029Cute romances, doesn't take too long to complete a path. A really good casual experience
Review from 76561198034220464Two things this game makes clear: My girl Rose- she thicc, and she thirsty.
Review from 76561198109431012This game has a lot of potential but just falls flat for me. I think part of this is how short each route is. You don't really have a chance to really get to know the love interests and the way they treat Rosemary in some of the routes just left a bad taste in my mouth.
Review from 76561198043942699It's cute and fluffy, but short.
Review from 76561198372682264Played for Kuya cause I knew that beautiful man was made for me. I was delightfully proven right. <3
Review from 76561198201613371Rosemary is a Knight! Well, not really, not yet. Anyway, Rosemary is a “Knight” who wants to make a name for herself and make her family proud! Traveling for a year, gaining experience and honing her skills, she makes her way to a tavern at the base of Mt. Needle seeking her destiny! Mt. Needle is a dangerous place, known for it’s freezing rain, blinding blizzards, and monstrous beasts; but it’s also a shortcut straight to Starlight City, making it a perfect place to choose her fate! Luckily for Rosemary, four princes are in the tavern needing an escort across the treacherous mountain; Falkner, Prince of the Fae; The Little Prince of Elgandir and his caretaker; Kuya, The Beast-Prince of Moonforest; and lastly Tirune, Prince of Dragons. With whom does her destiny lay? This entire VN is so sugary sweet, I loved it! Rosemary is very innocent for a Knight and all the princes are so cute! The art style in particular just made everyone so endearing and the romance is so fluffy! While, if you squint, the story and worldbuilding is rather dark I still recommend playing Rose of Winter. However, the price point is a bit high for 3 hours max of content, you should wait for a sale.
Review from 76561198214415600This game is, in a word, okay. I'll only give it a thumbs up because I don't think it deserves a thumbs down. That being said, there is nothing about Rose of Winter that really left a mark. The protagonist, Rosemary, at least does not have an annoying or milquetoast personality for once - a shame that she was actually the only likable character in the game. Not to say that all the others are downright awful, but none of them shine or stand out or even made me want to date them just a little. They aren't very attractive, and the game does not use its limited playtime to its full potential when developing these characters, but I guess that's to be expected. Still, the art is mostly cute and the music is composed by Toby Fox, so no problems there. While the contents of the story and the characters are mediocre, the actual writing itself is great and shows a good level of skill from the writers. Not much more to it than that. I wouldn't ask 12 USD for this, the price of a coffee would be just about right.
Review from 76561198078410801This is a beautiful, sweet, fantasy choose-your-own-love story. I smiled playing it, and will probably go an finish the other routes soon. I adored romancing a dragon prince and I think you will too.
Review from 76561198044482813I fuckin love this game. I wish there were more VNs about beefy knight ladies. The writing is a little hokey and over-sentimental at times but most VNs are pretty contrived so I'm not holding that against it too much, it still gave me a lot of feelings. I would love a more fleshed out version to be done as Rosemary gets pretty attached to these dudes for only knowing them for a day but again, part and parcel for the medium and I still had a great time.
Review from 76561198386150761This was a cute little visual novel, with each route [i](I’m counting all the endings)[/i] being about 40 minutes long. The fluffy graphics and pastel colours really misdirected me. I though this game would be just fluff...instead, I was pleasantly surprised to find something more. [b]About the characters:[/b] [b]Rosemary:[/b] Our leading lady, and a delightful one at that. Rosemary managed to be both a tough knight, and a very girlish, easily flustered young woman. Her protectiveness was nice! You could really see the “noble knight” in her. [b]Tirune:[/b] Double treat: pretty AND intelligent! Man, if it was up to me, I would have let him talk about morals and existentialism forever haha. While the “obstacle” in this route was by no means unheard of, the way Rosemary kept a clear head and her mature reactions were very much appreciated. [b]Crow:[/b] So flirty, but I forgave him since he actually made me smile. His route had an interesting story and cute interactions, I guess. I found his sad ending more wholesome than the happy one. [b]Kuya:[/b] I’ll be honest, this felt too much like insta-attraction for me...Still, the ending scenes, and the way his feelings for Rosemary changed, were cute. [b]Falkner:[/b] Meh...I found his route (and him) a bit cold, compared to some heart-warming scenes in the other routes, and his prickly behaviour didn’t do him any favours. The sad ending was a cautionary tale all on its own. To get a good ending in most mainstream visual novels, you have to pick options that make you sound like a delicate flower, with no other want than being devoted to the chosen love interest. This game was a very pleasant change of pace. Rosemary had clear aspirations and coherent behaviour patterns, there was nothing insipid about her.
Review from 76561198803492691All in all: cute little game with an art style to fall in love with and 4 fully different storylines. As many have said before me: get this game at a discoundet price - but do go and get it! It's short but sweet with some lovely humour, and for me, even the bad endings didn't seem that bad. More of a reasonable (and slightly sad) compromise. Pretty different from any other VNs, both in art style and in writing, something fun you can finish in 1-2 casual evenings. Big pro: MC is a strong and lovely cinnamon roll, no weeping and helplessness here! Con: Would have loved an art gallery for the price
Review from 76561197980135648Very heartwarming. Do I like visual novels now?
Review from 76561198358607397还有什么能比欲罢不能的放弃更美好!! Falkner太好了我尖叫!搁我100%放弃成全Fea Kingdom啊我死了
Review from 76561198081874228I thought the princes were ugly, game is way too short to be 11.99. I did like the main character and the art though. I was meh on the stories.
Review from 76561198837957581Es un juego con un lindo arte. Aparte que la MC es super linda y a veces muy chistosa con sus pensamientos internos, pero con un gran sentido de deber y responsabilidad. Cada interacción con los LIs (Love Interest) fue divertido para mi, dejando disfrutar de este juego super bonito, aparte que desarrollaron bien como que el mundo en donde ellos viven. Es una historia relativamente corta pero lo disfrutas al máximo. Lo recomiendo mucho. [spoiler]Kuya para mi fue mi favorito me encantan los que son super tiernos e inocentes como él, aunque sea un arrogante al principio.[/spoiler]
Review from 76561198045193679Скучный, сказочно-наивный симулятор свиданий с неудержимым словесным поносом, в потоке которого можно раз пять ткнуть какой-то типа выбор. Ванильная конфетная любовь-морковь без сюжета. Даже не знаю, какому возрасту это можно порекомендовать. Наверное тяночкам 14-15 лет.
Review from 76561198214650340Definitely buy it on sale, but it was a good time. If you know you like otome stuff already then I do recommend it to anyone interested.
Review from 76561198399365817I loved the artist's work in the indie comic industry. When I heard she was working on a game, I figured I would check it out. I'm not a huge fan of dating sims, but the storylines and dialogue were entertaining. I wouldn't play it a second time. I'd recommend it for those who enjoy this genre, though.
Review from 76561198316488573发现中文评论好少,可能因为这个游戏没有汉化……?其实纯英语读起来也不费劲的!!! 打通了所有角色和所有结局。流程不是很长,和日乙比起来只能算是小甜点,大部分都是糖!游戏里的男主基本上都是奇奇怪怪的家伙,但是都还挺可爱的。 但是必须要提醒的就是, [b] 每个角色都有两个结局,一个happy end 和一个 sad end ! [/b] [b] 每个角色都有两个结局,一个happy end 和一个 sad end ! [/b] [strike] 我一开始以为是纯糖直到我打出一个sad end [/strike] 总的来说还不错![strike] 但是因为流程实在太短,果然还是应该打折再买。 [/strike] 下面是四个男主的简单介绍: Falkner,严肃而不失优雅的[spoiler] 迷你 [/spoiler]王子。而且他的剧情是唯一一个开起了车的!![spoiler] 但是我有点想象不出来…… [/spoiler] Little prince Elgandir and his Caretaker,非常擅长甜言蜜语的神秘男人。这条线我最喜欢!!可能因为剧情比较有悬念……? Tirune,反正就是一条很酷[strike] 很可爱 [/strike]的龙,见过的人都说好! Kuya,非常强壮的傲娇[spoiler] 中二病 [/spoiler]男人,实不相瞒我太喜欢这种有点傲娇的角色了…… 下面给个外国大佬的攻略链接,https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=806905662
Review from 76561198241111448Fofo demais, todos personagens (inclusive a protagonista) são uns amores e é interessante como são desenvolvidos. A arte é uma graça e a música completa bem o ar do jogo. Pode-se dizer que ele é curto, mas os personagens foram bem explorados na história mesmo com pouco tempo.
Review from 76561198141792339H I M B O S, H I M B O S, A L L O F T H E M
Review from 76561198058442504First thing's first because I know playtime per £££ matters a lot to some people and I'm not judging: the game is short. I finished it comfortably inside one relaxed evening with breaks for cups of tea, and while I appreciate a game that does what it sets out to do without becoming a time-wasting content mill for the sake of playtime, I did buy it on sale and might have felt less generous otherwise. I did enjoy that time, though. It's a cute, charming little thing, lovely art and music, writing that knows how to balance that into a narrative that's neither too serious nor too frivolous. There were some worldbuilding ideas and dialogue/branching choices that I thought were more ambitious and interesting than the game could have safely gotten away with, had it played it safe in the generic VN dating sim style. Ultimately it knows what it is: a short but quite pretty and quirky VN meant to consume hours, not weeks, but it doesn't let that hobble it from aspiring to leave the player with things to consider and ideas to mull over. I'd consider this one worth a look, and if your pursestrings are a little tight these days, I'd put it on the wishlist as one worth biding over, especially if, like me, you work long hours and prefer the odd shorter, sweeter experience to endless time grinding out stats or baddies to see something that'll stick with you once the novelty's worn down.
Review from 76561198135473387I honestly didn't expect to like the game as much as I did. The stories were all interesting especially [spoiler]Falkner's Sad Route.[/spoiler]
Review from 76561198278366832One of the sweetest light novels i've ever played. I love the fact that Rosemary is the brave knight. Everything is soo cute, and cool at the same time, I couldn't help but fall in love with it. If you like light novels, go for it! Uma das light novels mais doces que eu já joguei. Eu amo o fato de a Rosemary ser o bravo cavaleiro. Tudo é tão fofo e legal ao mesmo tempo que eu acabei me apaixonando pela história. Se você gosta de light novels, eu recomendo!
Review from 76561198097409250This game has to be hands down one of the most creative and wholesome vn/dating sim's i've played in a long while! A decent length for the price and unbelievably HEARTWARMING!!!! The writing is PHENOMENAL. The art is PHENOMENAL. the complexity and creativity of the relationships and even the ways in which it explores imaginatively the realm of physiological differences might impact a relationship or romance with different species!!!! is PHENOMENAL. It made me go "awww", it make me laugh and genuinely made me want to think more creatively about romances moving forwards! A thrill to play and replay! HIGHLY recommend!
Review from 76561198072192557This is a short VN with so much heart and beauty in it. The artwork, characters, and stories are so heartwarming and sincere. I can't recommend this enough!
Review from 76561198158856121For two dollars this game is very wholesome, fun and surprising! The art is adorable and the MC is funny and sweet. If you want a lighthearted short story with some pretty bois you'll like this
Review from 76561198201193771Rose of Winter is a Romance VN in which you play as a young girl that recently decided to become a knight. The Story itself is pretty much her helping one of 4 princes to cross a snowy mountain. One of those playthroughs wont even take a full hour to complete so the game is really short. Just cause of that it isnt worth getting at full price. Since you can get it on Sale for -80% off or similar though I would say that the game is worth buying. The Romance itself is just a short little "perfect" view on it, with her being super innocent and they instantly fall in love and live happily ever after type of Romance. If you enjoy such cutesy perfect views on romance then I'd say its worth playing as the four princes all have interesting personalities and different traits that make them special. The Game has no Voice Acting and the Art is clearly not made super professionaly, however that adds to its own charm. If you are looking for a short cute Romance VN where you do get the chance to make a few choices then why not give it a try :) 7/10 Check out my Curator Page: https://store.steampowered.com/curator/34401214/
Review from 76561198885986320Such a cute game <3 The MC is a real strong and cute girl. The 4 LIs are unique and fresh! I totally recommend this to anyone who has interest in otomes or VNs.
Review from 76561198318270930只打了龙线,巨甜无比,放心磕
Review from 76561198290764011If you like cute and quirky things, this is a game for you. Not only are the romances quite different from each other, I can't really remember ever seeing similar romances in other games either. That said, it is rather short (I finished all routes in 4 hours), so if that bothers you, maybe wait for a sale.
Review from 76561197970602587https://youtu.be/EbGwbWgbGbQ Strong humorous writing allows this simple four arc visual novel leave a memorable impression of it's core characters.
Review from 76561198259126089This was a charming little visual novel game. You are Rosemary, an awkward, ambitious, and adorable farmgirl with aspirations to be a knight one day, hoping to prove you worth by taking on the job of guiding four different "handsome princes" to the city. Don't go in looking for an in-depth visual novel. The routes are short, so you mostly are going to be treated to a lot of cheesy, awkward romance but it's a nice change of pace. The routes are also easy to unlock given the length of the stories. I found myself enjoying Crow's (best boy) and Tirune's routes, and even Kuya was alright. Overall, it's a cute game, and if your new to the whole visual novel romance scene or just want a break from the intense, here's a VN about a cute farm girl falling in love with mythical creatures and mages.
Review from 76561198126399090Although very short for a usual vn, but it's all sweet and easy to wade through. I adore the protag, Rosemary a lot! Alright, so I'm just sad there isn't a gallery where you can just look at cgs... I mean c'mon this art is cute why not??? On a certain route/s I grew tired of the word "hot" and other words that cycle through a lot, like please, woman, use some variety okay...? (This isn't worth full price, it would've been 20 for me but I'm glad I got it on discount sooo yeah)
Review from 76561198334984437Окей, пройдя игру вдоль и поперек, все же делаю отзыв негативным, чтобы сбалансировать преобладание восторгов, вводящих в заблуждение. Плюсы: ванильная графика с розовыми облаками, хорошо прописанные диалоги и фэнтези-сеттинг. Перепроходя рут, видишь в нем заложенный подтекст, отсылки, детали, и это приятно. Минусы: истории похожи на черновики, очень короткие (буквально на час-другой), а сопли к концу фонтанируют, очень не хватает сюжета. Понравились 2/4 историй, за оригинальность и пополнившийся английский лексикон. История Фалкнера мега нелепая, да хз как выбор влияет на концовки. Музыка раздражает (треков около 4, при скипе могут наложиться друг на друга), проходила без звука. Графика милая, но иллюстрации в сравнении хуже. Нет галереи и учета полученных концовок. Либо брать на 1 вечер по скидке, либо не брать вообще.
Review from 76561198286976300This game is great. It has a gorgeous artstyle, good music, cute love interests and an amazing protagonist! Rosemary herself is probably my favorite part of this game. The only minor critique would be that it's too short. I would have loved more! But all the stories get resolved in the end so there's nothing to add. Not all the routes were equally as enjoyable in my opinion but that's just a matter of interest and taste. It's worth it's full price for the content you get and I'm eager to check out more work from these devs!
Review from 76561198843285745A fantastic game about first love, with hot princes! It's a bit short, but definitely worth it. And it's made by the creator of one of my favorite webcomics!
Review from 76561198070314837Милая игра про добрейшей души, жаждущий справедливости пирожечек, с которой не возможно не флиртовать, будучи мужиком любой расы, формы и вида. Меня огорчило только отсутствие абсолютно плохих концовок - ну и то, что негативный и позитивный рут почти не отличаются друг от друга, только концовкой. Зато некоторые п и к а н т н ы е моменты в игре оказались прям ух. Нежнейший фансервис для нежнейших дам на пару нежнейших ночей <3
Review from 76561198063316584Very charming and heartfelt, the art is adorable, UI is pretty. I think the scenarios are all very well done and authentic seeming adventures of first love, Rosemary reads as a realistic person: a young woman seeking her place in the world (and also love)! Definitely a VN protagonist who I found likable and pleasant to play as, with her own personality. Of course the princes are great too! They have distinct personalities and interesting backstories and getting to know them is rewarding and enjoyable. Through their stories you also learn some lore of the world, which is interesting and shared in a conversational and easy to digest way! Also, big yay for diversity! It's fairly short, but I didn't feel like it lacked anything so I'm okay with that. I have exactly two fairly minor complaints: 1) the main theme is used for some scenes which means it LOOPS and the fanfare at the beginning is loud and not fun to listen to repeatedly. 2) Falkner's endings: [spoiler] the good one involves you being the voice of reason and deciding to part amicably, BUT to achieve it you have to choose the dialogue options that suggest you're willing to do things without care for consequences, where if you pick the more pragmatic, responsible options.. you get the bad ending where YOU want to run away together right to the very end and he has to dump you?? [/spoiler] A bit headscratchy and counterintuitive for me, but not gamebreaking.
Review from 76561198027990417Rose of Winter is a cute, short game if you're looking for a knight/prince romance story that doesn't care about gender roles You play as Rose a sweet and strong soon-to-be knight who's pure-hearted but thirsty on main looking for some royal smoochies. She's also portrayed as being chubby, which was very much appreciated. You can choose to accompany four princes: a shapeshifting dragon who may or may not snacks on human flesh, a flirty fae who is as tall as your hand but dont worry [i] he was with larger people before [/i], a rogueish mage with plot relevant secrets™, and a mouthy tsundere orc The CG's are tame but allover super lovely, the art style was what drew me to the game in the first place. One route will take you about 1h to 1,5h depending on your reading speed. There are no truly bad endings just neutral to kinda sad ones, so if you mess up just pick the opposite and you'll be good. + Cute pastel art + Nice music + Likeable and funny MC + Easy achievements + Monster boys +/- It's a rather short game, so keep that in mind
Review from 76561198068133625It's fluffy, heartwarming, and sweet...but I wouldn't buy it unless it's on sale. If you're looking for an otome with very little to lose with the LI's this one is a good one to play. Even the bad routes aren't really that bad so there's not a lot of stress. All of the characters are very cute and it's a good premise, but way too short for the full price. I really would've liked to see a larger game branch out from this. Even something along the lines of Princess Maker.
Review from 76561198346945689After experiencing all the endings, I think this game is very simple, yet charming. It's never going to be as awesome as things like Monster Prom and Doki Doki Literature Club, but it's a very pleasant time. One playthrough is about an hour. The characters are very endearing and the art style is super cute though in some places it could be more polished. There are only 2-3 scores in the soundtrack, but after 5 hours, I didn't get tired of them. I wouldn't buy the soundtrack, but I'd say they were above average. This seems like the type of game someone really wanted to make and put together with a tiny budget and all their passion and willpower. Kuya was my favorite to play with in terms of the good ending, but the bad ending sort of made me rethink things since he seemed to develop more as a person there which sort of kills the romance. Ignoring that though, he easily has the most chemistry with lead. They are both equally goofy in their own right and when you put them together, the charm levels go through the roof. The Little Prince's caretaker was probably the one that could have used some more polishing up. The caretaker himself seemed interesting enough to get his own game, but the plot itself and the conversations you have with him are a bit bland compared to the others. All that's nitpicks though. This is definitely a 10/10, would buy again for me.
Review from 76561198177986459I love this game short and sweet with so much personality. I love Rosemary's believability as not just a person but one I relate to. Her suitors creative backstories make stories that are worth the money.
Review from 76561198125392208Gierka - bo niestety długość poszczególnych ścieżek nie jest zbyt imponująca - o której dowiedziałam się, grzebiąc w plikach "Deltarune". Na pewno warto zapoznać się z nią ze względu na artystyczną działalność "bohemy indie" współczesnych Stanów Zjednoczonych, mamy tu bowiem rysunki Magnolii Porter i cudowną jak zwykle muzykę Toby'ego Foksa. Fabularnie jest... w porządku. Jak wspomniałam, trochę za krótko, co momentami mocno się odczuwa, gdy bohaterowie zakochują się w sobie niemal po mrugnięciu okiem. Większość ścieżek i postaci jest jednak ciekawa, jedynym wyjątkiem jest chyba Falkner, który zakochuje się w Rosemary... bo tak? Samą bohaterkę da się za to lubić. "Rose of Winter" jest słodka, bardzo puchata i spokojna - to gra na zrelaksowanie się, a nie coś poważniejszego, niemniej warto po nią sięgnąć.
Review from 76561198160503745Short and sweet visual novel. I really enjoyed the art style, which was why I bought the game in the first place. The storyline is short, focusing on escorting whichever Love Interest you choose across a dangerous mountain path. The characters themselves were nicely developed, especially for such a short storyline. Some of the dialogue choices do seem to make an impact on the ending you get, whereas other choices just change the scene you get, or the order of the scenes. Personally, by the end, I kind of wished I could romance the MC. Rosemary is very cute and buff.
Review from 76561197993404712Summary: First off, this game isn't -too- bad. It was worth the roughly 3-5 dollars I paid for it on sale. There are some criticisms I have for it, being that it's usually more expensive but overall I did like the game. Is it my favorite otome game? No. Is it a cute one that I spent three hours completing? Yes. While the game takes 3 hours or so to complete, small breaks in between, the ending credits are TOO LONG... I personally was left happy that I'd purchased the game on sale, thanks to that, and the fact that there was not cg viewer, or "memories" type screen. It left the game feeling rather empty or half-baked overall. I think the game at full price is overpriced, considering the small gripes that I did personally have with the game. I think point form can elucidate those below. If it's on sale, and you're into female-driven romance stories? Sure get it. If it's full price, not worth the price, in my opinion. Pros: 1. Cutesy Female character who isn't a small waifish thing. She's a fat/husky/muscular knight type which was cool, since diverse representation is interesting. I will say physically the characters all have unique traits. MC was my favorite personally, regarding aesthetics. 2. Besides one path, the music did not have overlapping issues, as in with skip on it wasn't usually playing more than one background song at a time. I do say mostly, because I only had issues with one path doing this. (at time of writing Kuya's path has a fast-forward through text sound looping error.) 3. You do get four fairly decently written short character stories. The characters themselves have four unique stories, in their own right, although the "bad" choices do not really change the overall endings you do get 4 solid stories in this vn. Four paths, with four different characters. All of which had at least one different character feature or personality feature to the others. 4. The music was actually appropriate for the different scenes that occur mid-game so that was good. Option menu also allows you to turn down or turn off the music, if you don't like it or it's too repetitive. Cons: 1. The paths are very short, compared to games of a similar price point. Seriously, they're quite short. 2. Linear story arcs. There are "good" and "sad" endings only. So it's quick to go through all 4 characters, and on top of that your choices in essence do not matter besides getting two achievements if you pick the correct or incorrect choices to get them. 3. Poor UI design, regarding the save button. It took me until the fourth path before realising that the small feather at the top was for saving. Also I would like to point out that it only allows you to save while text is up. For the first few paths, for some reason the save icon would not show up either. I did not see it at all during Tirune's path. That may have just been me, but it didn't seem to be visible at all. 4. No ability to see which endings you've gotten, or any "memory" viewer, so would need to replay each path in order to see the CG's you've unlocked prior. 5. NOT SKIPPABLE ENDING CREDITS. I swear half of the length of my playtime was due to the fact I could not skip credits. And while "Every flavor of LaCroix" is important to the Dev, I could have personally done without seeing it 13 times in a row, and waiting forever to get back to title considering to unlock every single achievement you need to play through it that much. :| TL;DR: Should you buy this? Yes on sale, no at full price.
Review from 76561198057933604This is a really sweet, charming dating sim where you can date a dragon.
Review from 76561198028905615Simple, sweet, charming, well-written, and lovingly-made -- I had such a wonderful time playing this game! It's a truly enjoyable dating sim and pretty true-to-form, so don't expect any mindblowing surprises, but DO expect a great time! The writing is really fresh and fun, with some super interesting topics and twists. This is certainly a world that is rich and well-thought out! I appreciated the diversity in design and personality of the princes (bruh I can date Ganondorf?), and I loved playing as a cute, powerful female night -- a departure from female dating sim protags that often seem to lack agency. All in all, I highly recommend if you like good stories and fun VNs!
Review from 76561198166337590This game is delightful and fun. It is a little short, but I still love it. The characters are non-typical, so it made it a joy to play.
Review from 76561198344904307Rose of Winter is a fantasy visual novel with romance elements and a female protagonist. Rosemary is a knight and needs a new job, why not accompany Prince Kuya from Moonforest over the mountains to Starcity. On the long and arduous hike, a wonderful love story unfolds that warms your heart. The dialogues are professionally structured and wittily written. They guarantee an entertaining story with twists, surprises and fights. You have to find out for yourself how the saga ends and then you can play the other three endings with different princes, who all behave differently. The drawings are pretty and underline this lovely visual novel. Rose of Winter is really good for cold winter nights.
Review from 765611981377453116/10 Cute MC, Cute art. Not much of a story or development between MC and love interests. No happy ending for some love interest as well (but I guess that's a point). Not reccommend on full price if you're poor bastard like me but good and enjoyable enough if you have money to spend.
Review from 76561198039987493Just binge-played all the good endings in one sitting. Incredibly cute stories that made me grin the whole time with a good handful of laugh out loud moments thrown in. Rosemary is a big strong girl who loves herself and her quest for knighthood, and the gentlemen are all adorable. One of those game you keep installed for when you need a little mood booster <3
Review from 76561198073972405+ Fantastic sprites and backgrounds + Great music + Fluffy romances + Plus-size heroine! + Cool background worldbuilding - No CG gallery (?!) - No option to load saves in the middle of a playthrough (?!?!?!) - Glitch made it so even unread dialogue was skipped, no matter what option I selected in the menu - Romances are too rushed * Some older/more mature-looking love interests if you're into that * There's no common route, you pick the guy you're interested in right away * Rosemary might not be what you expect First things first: if you're looking for a pragmatic, uber-competent lady knight heroine, Rosemary is not it. She's sweet and naïve and easily flustered; basically a shoujo heroine in a buff body with decent swordsmanship. She's capable of rescuing the men once in a while, but she'll also be helped or saved just as often on different routes. (I was a little put out on one route where she was fighting some wolves, and the LI swept in to kill them all without her. Nice to know he doesn't need her strength?) She's still got a decent amount of personality, so she's fun enough to play as long as you know what you're getting. But if you want to play someone cool, smart and fierce, you'd be better off picking up The Confines of the Crown. This is also quite a short game, which means the romances can feel rushed. The story only gives the characters two days to fall in love. Crow and Falkner's routes suffer the most from this, since the writers expect you to believe that they and Rosemary are each other's One True Love, and that it totally makes sense for them to pine after each other for years after they first met—again, for [i]two days[/i]. Tirune and Kuya fare better, since it feels like they're at the earliest stages of being attracted to each other and now they're waiting to see where it goes. Still, the writing's not bad overall. The bits of fantasy worldbuilding that are slipped in are interesting, even if they never seem to intersect across routes (e.g. even though every species in the game is humanoid, Tirune says it's odd his form "looks like a human," as though the others don't even exist). The production values are nice, although it's missing some essential VN features, and the tone is decidedly earnest and wholesome. If you're recovering from one of the more messed up otome VNs out there and need a palate-cleanser, something cute and wholly consensual like The Rose of Winter would be good brain bleach. TL;DR: It's hard to justify buying The Rose of Winter when there are other otome games at similar price points with way more content (The Rose of Segunda, Date Warp, etc.). But on sale, it's not a bad choice for a cute, brief bit of fluff.
Review from 76561198154091353Short and sweet and cute! It's a fun little story and worth it if you get it on sale
Review from 76561198047349566What I like about this game is that the choices separating a "bad end" from a "good end" for each of the romances felt really fair. I've always despised VNs where it comes down to some random-ass decisions; here, it's fairly easy but still rewarding to complete the romances. And the romances are (mostly) very cute and well-written. Good stuff.
Review from 76561198126208010For starters I love the art style! It's so squish and colorful. The story's are so much fun and tbh I don't dislike any of the characters. I can't even pick a favorite because they are all bay. Even the main protagonist is such a goofy fun loving girl, it's refreshing to see the main character having a personality and not being bland. This game does have multiple endings such as a good ending and bad but the bad ending isn't too sad. It's more like oh we are two different people with different ambitions. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ So yeah it's not extremely heart breaking if you don't get with the guy on the first try. Although I'm not gonna lie, when I went through Crows bad ending just for the sake of completing the game I kinda got a bit bummed out. I really like Crow. (>D< ;)
Review from 76561198324284235This was a fantastic VN and it breaks my heart that it's so short!! Unlike many protagonists of otome games, Rosemary feels like an actual character, and we learn just as much about her during each route as we do about the princes. The dialogue is extremely well-written, and of course the romance is squee-worthy. I thought the worldbuilding aspects were also really interesting, and the different cultural perspectives each of the guys brings to their interactions with Rosemary. The game also takes some surprising turns - there was one twist I saw coming a mile away, but two caught me completely off-guard. I bought it on sale, but I don't know if the full price ($11.99) is really worth it for such a short game, so I would wait for another sale. I do plan on replaying the routes to get different endings, so there is some content I haven't seen yet. Overall, I highly recommend this game for anyone who likes dating sims, fantasy worlds, and/or girls with giant swords.
Review from 76561198244387248This game is just absolutely lovely. The art style, the story, alternate routes, the characters, the music (done by Toby Fox!); everything about this game is fantastic. I loved all of the characters, especially the player character, Rosemary. She's truly inspiring. Guys, this game is just wonderful. I want to gush on and on about it, but I'm so full of feelings for and from this game that I just can't. I mean, this game evokes a hecka ton of feelings, mostly good ones. I found myself squealing and cooing and giggling so many times while playing this. I don't know what else to say without repeating myself! Just... just play the game. Just try it and you'll see. Hopefully. Maybe you won't enjoy this game as much as I have, but surely you'll enjoy it just a smidgen! If you stick it out, I can almost guarantee you won't be disappointed.
Review from 76561198084337990Rose of Winter is an extremely pleasant, charming and delightful little otome that’s bound to bring a smile to your face on even the worst of days. The story’s relatively simple, Rosemary is a knight-in-training, or a wannabe knight, who’s tasked herself with escorting one of four princes through the merciless mountain pass of Mount Needle in the pursuit of love, adventure, and prestige. Due to the nature of the story, it’s reliant on the prince’s personality to help spice things up, thus making each route unique and charming in its own little way. Some of the guys start off a bit rough around the edges, but you’ll soon find yourself falling in love despite the shenanigans their over-the-top attitudes place you in. The romance in this game is really well done despite its length, as there’s plenty of kisses, cuddling, and flirts to go around, not to mention none of the guys are so egotistical that they ignore or make the MC feel bad for saving their lives. It’s really a nice change of pace, and I appreciate the way both parties grow to respect and appreciate each other. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1650088422 The MC herself is especially a treat, as Rosemary is far from a pushover, and she takes pride in her build and in her abilities as a knight. She also stands her ground and is far from brainless despite having some hilarious inner monologues. I was admittedly a bit worried that her being a knight would be forgotten as quickly as it was mentioned, that she’d be helpless and reliant on whom she pursued to save her. I’m also giving the devs bonus points for Rosemary’s build, as it’s extremely rare in otome to have a main character who isn’t petite or skinny. She’s big, muscular, and happy as she is, never once thinking she should change herself to be more pleasing to the men she’s pursuing, or getting angry should they dare to bring up her size in a negative light. Rosemary is one of the best main characters I’ve ever come across in an otome, and she made Rose of Winter all the more enjoyable to read. The only real problem I have is that the game is pretty short, so by no means do I suggest paying full price for it, especially if you’re on a budget. However, it’s worth every penny if you catch it on sale, and I definitely recommend picking up this gem. There’s a lot to love about Rose of Winter; it contains a healthy dose of diversity, a nice blend of romance, comedy, and cute moments, and you can date a dragon. What more do you need honestly? Overall, I highly recommend it as you’ll enjoy every second of it. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1651353114&tscn=1549807001 [code][h1] ~ Curated by: [url=https://store.steampowered.com/curator/7593237/]Otome Rakuen ~[/url][/h1][/code]
Review from 76561198038820166Very cute and funny, with enjoyable characters. [spoiler] Kuya is best! ^_^ [/spoiler]