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Review from 76561197970801921this is a movie about a dumb guy trapped in a time loop that is beyond his mental capability to understand. still entertaining.
Review from 76561198031355593Interesting premise, really spotty acting. The main character was ok, the rest mostly bad. Some plot issues as well, and fairly predictable. Pretty cheap though? So maybe to pass some time...
Review from 76561198111654676∞ universe
Review from 76561198175654298I love mind bending movies, specially those based on physics. I loved this movie too! But I didn't understand one thing. SPOILER ALERT [spoiler]When the protagonist used Gun triggered by an Quantum event then why did he became immortal? Doesn't Quantum immortality only means that the observer won't experience death in an Quantum event and not in any macroscopic events like colliding with a train? [/spoiler]
Review from 76561198034917768Surprisingly good film
Review from 76561198156567906Alright I just finished watching this movie as I love mindbending films and games about quantum physics and I decided to write a proper review about it. This movies plot is about a man who lost his wife in a car accident and as he falls into depression, he decides to bet his life on a theory called the multiverse theory (A theory that means that there are millions of different parallell universes apart from our own). This results in that he builds the Quantum Suicide Machine which allows him to jump between these different universes in order to find an universe where his wife is still alive. Plot: 6/10 The plot is to me pretty much the only thing that makes this movie decent. The plot is everything in this movie. Everything else looks like the result of a teenager creating a movie for a school project. It doesn't look one bit professional. The characters are literally 6 people and 6 people only. You don't see even one human being except for these 6, even when the main character is in the middle of a city. This makes the movie really unrealistic. The actors are also not very good at acting in general. Honestly, I don't even think these guys are actors at all, just some random people that the directors thought looked like the characters they imagined while writing the script. The best actor in PARADOX according to me is the main characters wife as she is the only one with an actual realistic personality. Characters: 2/10 About the camera, you know when you were young and wanted to create a random movie or simply had school and the teacher forced you to film a 5 min long movie with your group as the actors and you are the camera man who never have filmed a movie in your entire life so you literally run after the actors with the camera, this is the very definition of the cameraman in this movie. Sometimes he just stand still and films the actors while the camera shakes, or he walks after them while they walk and so on. In very few cases, the camera is actually still for once. Camera: 2/10 The one who edited the movie looks like an amateur as well. The editing looks like the ones behind the movie went to some freelancer site and hired some amateur guy for 5 bucks to edit this film in Windows Live Movie Maker. Editing: 1/10 The music is actually pretty good according to me. Its mysterious and quiet enough for you to be able to focus on the movie without even noticing that it's even there while still being noticeable if you try to listen. Music: 6/10 As a quantum physics based movie, I found it incredibly dull. There is nothing special that stands out except for the negative aspects. And it has the one thing that a quantum physics movie or game never ever should be: OBVIOUS plottwists. Plottwists are a must in these kinds of movies or games but they should never be obvious. In the first 5 minutes watching the movie, I figured out the thing that was supposed to be the major plottwist blowing your mind the last 10 minutes of the movie. Lastly, I just want to say that this movie is definitely worth the money if this is one of the first time travel movies you've ever seen as the plottwists probably aren't gonna be that obvious to somebody who doesn't really know what multiverse and paradoxes really are. However, if you're a time travel/quantum physics fan like me, don't even bother rent or buy this movie. It's simply not worth it. Go play the Zero Escape trilogy instead or find another movie with better quality than this one. Overall movie score: 3/10
Review from 76561198353645967Very good.
Review from 76561197996121034I like this movie alot, it reminds me of Inception and Interstellar but stands on it's own. Very very good sci-fi thriller, worth the watch in my opinion.
Review from 76561198005715429Great movie for those who enjoy paradoxes and "time travel" type movies! Will def add this to my movie collection!
Review from 76561197964893363great mindbending film worth the 2.99