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MC Lars: The Video Game

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Review from 76561198012363945Muted the audio first. (Appreciate the ability to do that). Loaded West Coast classics instead as background. I don't care who this MC Lars is and i care not to learn either. Heard samples of lars 'music' and know what i like so this game better fly without the audio. So now what is left? a decent two-button action game with jump/attack button. But not much else. Pretty much stuff you find in a DIG shovel ware package. Buy or don't accordingly. 4.35€ for this as full price is mind boggling. even 1€ is asking a lot.
Review from 76561198010142179Great Music, great rhythm game, replayable for higher scores/new skins and achievements. AND A STEAL AT ONLY 5 DOLLARS!
Review from 76561198070772270Totally worth the $5. It's easy to play through, harder to get good scores on all the levels so it has some replay value. If you're a MC Lars fan it's a must have.
Review from 76561197963905026If you like MC Lars, give it a go. It's got some of his best tunes set to gameplay. If you don't know him, check out his music first, it's a better experience. The game functions like an endless runner, and the only things you can do are jump or attack. It doesn't match up with the music overly well, so as a rhythm-game-lover, that's very frustrating. If you consider it like a greatest hits music album, then $5.50 is a great deal, right? haha
Review from 76561198025889911類似 BIT.TRIP RUNNER 的遊戲,不過玩家執行動作的時間感覺和音樂的節拍沒有搭得很好。如果要完全跟著節拍作動作的話,很容易就會發生失誤。 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JskRAk1UXSc
Review from 76561198041518227It's a fun, responsive rhythm game using MC Lars' music. The game does what it says on the tin. Game play is clear and intuitive. I really like tapping along the songs. I found it clunky at first, then I started attacking the baddies instead of trying to jump them. Once I was attacking the game clicked.
Review from 76561198028123272랩은 좋은데 그 외 모든게 나쁘다.
Review from 76561198036999083Old school feel. Simple two-button gameplay. Great soundtrack with catchy tunes, and lyrics. Strap in and help Lars take the fight to the record industry.
Review from 76561197993674217Awesome game
Review from 76561198037101776MC Lars fans should just listen to their albums. This low-effort runner game feels like a hand-cranked jukebox, with awkward jumps, awkward shooting and awkward transition phases. Don't download this game...it's a reference, get it?
Review from 76561198019241061Download this game (la la la la la-la la la), download this game (la la la la la-la la la).
Review from 76561198185034933If you enjoy the songs you will enjoy the game. Its tapping your foot to the music but loosing a life if you tap out of time.
Review from 76561197966946891I like MC Lars so this was a no brainer purchase for me. All in all the game is fun, they chose good songs! Its a bit short for the price, $1 at most but still fun!