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Review from 76561197999138003The steam version doesnt work anymore and it doesnt look like the devs are planning on fixing it.
Review from 76561198844282465☀️
Review from 76561198015200709Great game that has very bad and long grinding.
Review from 76561198315689140-
Review from 76561198086000429MMO ortamında klasik bir RPG olan Nodiatis, retro oyunlardan hoşlanan ancak yine de rekabetçi oyunun heyecanını isteyen oyuncular içindir. Tarzı çok harika.
Review from 76561198207413149love this game takes alot of detication but its worth it
Review from 76561198062696862When opening the launcher for this game on steam, you will just be redirected to the nodiatis website in order to create and play on your character. Currently, there is no way to actually play this game on steam, making the whole launcher utterly pointless from a gaming perspective. I want to say I recommend this game to new players, but there are just too many flaws with it for me to even know where to start. Don't waste your time.
Review from 76561198033001677can no longer be played on steam, they have it on there website tho.... but because its unplayable here i have to give it a thumbs down, also your guy will be deleted unless you buy premium.
Review from 76561199196423693очень страная
Review from 76561198064378008I am so hooked on this game! I love it and I love the grind.
Review from 76561198113832723not to shabby
Review from 76561198062075156Its on steam but you cant play it on steam
Review from 76561198151483975I started playing this game in 2011, back before I had a computer capable of running games that weren't ms dos... It was ok for awhile but it gets boring very quickly. Player killers have gone extinct which makes PVP builds useless. The game has had very little updates since I left a decade ago, and it's become extremely expensive. You used to be able to buy a tc (a months sub) for 5 dollars, now the owner demands you buy 5 of them. Not so great if you want to try the game, and it's certainly not free. Prejudice for new players who are unpaid run rife on the game with people frequently abusing, blocking etc. This game is basically rust for people who have computers incapable of running rust. It's graphics are dated, and passe, the game play hasn't been updated in eons, the people are horrible, toxic incels who have never left the game a day in their lives. All round it's just a horrible,overpriced and lets face it ,UGLY experience, with horrible people and horrible graphics, and boring repetitive gameplay which doesn't change ever. A paid player will be opened up to being able to trade, buy off the auction, click the screen for jiggly, calculator graphics, and best of all as a paid player, you won't be abused by the capped occupants of the game who don't pay for anything because they are rich enough to buy in game. Save your money and buy a game worth playing, better yet; buy a a pc that is capable of running things beyond commodore 64.
Review from 76561197971877162This is an interesting game. One of those MMO's where you can queu skills to level up while offline, which I appreciate, having very little time these days as I get older to play games. Other than that...it's ALOT of grinding. You'll log in, sit in one tile, and grind mobs for hours per day. That's the gameplay loop. Which by the way, the loop is dreadful. You go to a town, grab 3 quests, kill those mobs in the area nearby, then grab the same 3 quests and repeat. Each town has two groups of quests for a specific mob then the next group of quests is for a harder area. Rinse and repeat. Gear is hard to come by. Drops rarely. Most of your drops from mobs will just be trophies to turn in for more xp. That's essentially the loop and it does get very boring. I gave this a recommend becasuse its completely free and a good time waster while you're watching youtube or doing something else.
Review from 76561198041929975**There is no point in getting this on Steam - clicking "New Character" or "Existing Character" just redirects you to their website. Game was designed for browser play so it's not an issue, just don't waste your time downloading on Steam** I'm not so sure this qualifies as an MMORPG. It's definitely an RPG. It's definitely online. It's definitely multiplayer. Depending on your expectations, it's massive too. So... yeah, that's not helpful I know. But here's why I wouldn't call it an MMO: I think it's much more fair to call this a graphical MUD. A massive one. An impressive one. But this plays WAY more like the love-child of a 90s MUD and a Wizardy game than it does an MMO. Personally I enjoy it, but I would set you expectations closer to "This is going to be an oldschool JRPG level grind" and further from "Oh man, quests, story, cool abilities..." I'd say this is for, at most, 1% of MMO fans. But fans of oldschool RPGs and MUDs will be much more likely to enjoy. P.S. If you're competitive, just like an oldschool BBS game, expect to pay $$$, you can't catch up to someone playing the game since 2008. Personally, I think it's crazy to try and catch up in PvP but you CAN spend money to advance progression faster. If that irritates you, skip this entirely. It's one hell of a grind.
Review from 76561198069002112Entered the game, played for 10ish hours in total. Asked the social panel if the game still gets updates. Someone tells me: "Check announcements" I respond: "Thats not helpful I don't know how", They respond by belittling me for being noob then state: "Its located here, just check there next time". So I respond: "Maybe start with that next time." Then for 10 minutes a variety of players try to be personally insulting and preach how 'community' sucks and I shouldn't expect one. Games tags are: MMO, Online PvP, Online Co-op. My mistake for thinking this was a communal game. Uninstal.
Review from 76561198176631269I fucking love grindy videogames
Review from 76561198046993195You'd rather play ORSRS or RS3 instead of that
Review from 76561198084272152I seriously cannot recommend this game, TLDR; the game is fine if you want an old school style rpg game in mmo form the game is grind, that is it nothing more nothing less some interesting stuff not used in its full potential. Pros, Its such a fun simplistic game, you are in a world screwed up by monsters now go kill them and save the princess. You have so many skills that you will not even unlock the ability to see them all until you invest 10+ hours into the game this is however conservative so the game has a ton of stuff in it. Cons, Issue is the game may have a LOT of stuff in it but its the same exact thing replayed over and over, I'm a simple guy who enjoys slapping enemies and getting my numbers bigger to slap bigger enemies, however that is literally all this game is. Other games do this better however, games with better combat, graphics, and much more. One of the most insane issues of this game is the steam launcher doesn't even work, thats not a joke or exaggeration in anyway, I've played this game for about 16 hours give or take 2, and my steam only shows .04hrs, this is because the launcher takes you to their website to play the game in browser because the steam version broke and they cannot, or will not fix it. All in all this game could be really interesting but it just doesn't make any one thing it does good enough, its below average even in its best aspects and the retro look that it holds up is honestly the only thing this game has as a unique mmo identity, which honestly is depressing.
Review from 76561197995603947idk what i am doin or where i am goin, but if paid bonuses are right i am severely slown down by being free.
Review from 76561198046780009Edit: As of right now, this game no longer functions on Steam due to a change in the code base, or... something like that. Downloading this game through steam will only direct you to their website. It's a pay-to-win game that doesn't let you pay through the steam client and doesn't respect your time. The tutorial doesn't cover one of the most important aspects of the game with the gem system (which, to the game's credit, is actually interesting to interact with and it's a damn shame that they don't help you learn it) and the game expects you to know how to play it before you've even loaded it up. Paying for their subscription awards both progression speed and actual power, giving you either 2x or 3x experience from all sources and 1 or 2 extra gem slots, giving you much more options with the aforementioned gem system (like being able to hold healing gems for later or slotting more aura gems than a F2P player could). If you aren't paying it'd take you a year to do what someone else did in 4 months, and you'd still be weaker than someone who paid thanks to the gem slots. So, a lacking tutorial, clear P2W mechanics (that you can't even pay for until you move your account to their website, so you can't so much as check how much it costs you), and a ton of grind ESPECIALLY for a free player. Surely the gameplay loop makes up for this, right? When combat begins, you press either A or S to start melee or ranged attacks, and... wait. If you have gems in your gem pouch, you'll draw them every few seconds which does add nuance to combat, but only once you're a higher level with access to more options for gems (something that'll take weeks to accomplish, for the record). For the most part, combat is playing itself. The gameplay loop goes like this: 1: Arrive at a new zone, picking up your collection, killing, and boss quests before you get there 2: Experience combat at the new zone until collection and killing quests are complete 3: Get two new quests that have you kill the other enemy type at the same zone 4: Experience combat at the same zone until collection and killing quests are complete 5: Continue grinding until you're strong enough to fight the boss of the zone 6: Track down the static encounter tile for the boss and kill it 7: Repeat all steps, starting from step 1 Outside of combat, the only things you can really do are buy equipment and spend the combat trophies you get on various skills, and while you'll usually have plenty of gold for gear, it feels like you never have enough trophies for all the skills you need to rank up. Every equipment piece and gem has a related skill that needs to be high enough to equip it, and keeping up with those alone is a trying task if you want to equip gear on-level. There's also a TON of skills that affect combat, and you'll want most of them leveled up as well. Mages in particular have a hard time because of the multiple limitations on equipping gems, requiring you to level up two seperate skills to put gems in your gem pouch, and mages have MUCH more auxiliary skills than martial combat while still needing a lot of the martial skills since they'll still be auto-attacking with their staff and still need defensive abilities. The most fun part of this game has to be plotting out your character concept, and how to make the most out of which skills the game lets you level up, which just further proves my point that this game asks you to know how to play before you load it up. When I read all the class descriptions, I picked a support mage type class because that sounded fun, only to realize that the support magic functions just fine without the class bonus, and that color of gem comes with very poor offensive spells compared to literally every other color. I couldn't even get any actual support magic until I made it to the second town, past two zones (which takes somewhere around two hours if you're playing optimally) and combined with how difficult it is to advance your skills as a mage I found I just wasn't really enjoying it as much as if I'd picked a different class with a different focus. Not that your class seems to mean much, you can level up any skill in the game on any class and the bonuses appear to be very minor, with the class skill you get feeling similarly weak. But given how long it takes to grind up your skills, and how heavily I've already invested in being a mage, I have little choice to try to turn around my build. Maybe the game gets fun after 100 hours, but even if it does that just proves my point: [b] this game does not value your time. [/b] Video games are an activity that you do specifically to spend your time, so asking you to invest so much of it before letting you have fun is just insulting.
Review from 76561198384763523I started playing this game cause I thought it would be a grindy yet rewarding game. The pros: >the game has some of the best progression mechanics with the active and passive learning >the combat is very dynamic because of the magic stones mechanic >Unless u are just way overleveled almost any battle can be a challange cause you mostly will need to hit ur spells cause your auto attack can miss and this is very good engaging effect The Cons: >You will just hit one of the hardest grind walls by lv 5, I feel if you dont make this game your job then you can never finish it >The game just feels slow, from the click to move one tile mechanic to the very bad UI >The games item shop is just disgustingly greedy, for a game with such old graphics and slow experience one would think the game will be less expensive, But nope this game will cost you more than any F2P MMO, >The game has very low in game tips and just says look at the wiki to find info. I believe if you still want to milk money from a game at least try to add a tutorial in game for all the systems. >the game is so badly optimised that you can even play it full screen. Most hardcore players will say that I am making excuses but I really feel this game just cant be played in a casual sense without dishing out serious cash and at that point I would recomend at that point just play better game for same or less price
Review from 76561199100519260I enjoy this games mechanics. I really do. But you aren't allowed to do anything for free. Why on earth would you paywall EVERYTHING for a glorified browser game? This is basically a chatroom for top level players who have already spent multiple mortgages to progress. I appreciate the devs passion and all the intricate systems this game has, but you cant expect me to believe server costs are so bad you have to paywall EVERYTHING for a 250mb game. I really like this game, but another greedy, toxic community has claimed another perfectly acceptable MMO.
Review from 76561198103997112better than runescape
Review from 76561198030784015Nodiatus is a freemium web/browser/Flash/Java game that's been dumped on Steam as a cash grab. It's a mostly text based 2D retro MMORPG (like dungeons and dragons but using its own system). Click around a 2D tile map and visit point-and-click static images of cities, fight monsters for loot and grind grind grind. And that's where the greedy monetisation is. This game from two decades ago is largely impossible to play unless you pay subscription fees to the developers for "premium time" or whatever. I like the idea of a great retro RPG as much as anyone, but this isn't it. If you want old school RPG experiences, Baldurs Gate, Icewind Dale, Neverwinter Nights, Legend of Grimrock and so many other excellent classic RPGs are very cheap on Steam, and they won't sink you into a nasty, greedy web/mobile developer money sink cash grab like all of these always turn out to be. While this looks like it's free, it isn't really. Don't bother.
Review from 76561198882603299Het is niet makkelijk! Het spel is erg wennen in het begin, maar als je er eenmaal in zit en samen speelt met andere spelers, wordt het een geweldige mmo! Je kan hier niet doorheen rennen, dit spel vraagt tijd en rust van je! Maar het is en blijft een bijzondere, maar zeer leuke mmorpg!
Review from 76561198123248327I do recommend playing the game if you like old school grinding. I do not recommend playing it on Steam though. More and more features are being removed from this version and players are being forced to use the website. Just go there if you want to play. It is most definitely not a 'free' game. It is essentially a $5/mo subscription with a further premium subscription. While you can technically play for free, it is incredibly unrealistic. Expect to, at the very least, do the $24.95 for Standard with an extra token to sell for startup currency. Which will last you long enough to decide to keep playing or not.
Review from 76561198007338817Do you like a game where it takes months, possibly years to reach endgame? An incredibly slow game? Don't need fancy graphics and are okay with a game being pretty much a graphical MUD or a (very) oldschool browser style game? This would be highly recommended for you then This isn't fast, there is no dopamine, there is no gacha (though there is an optional but recommended standard account subscription if you tend to play longterm), its just pure gameplay and grind. It looks simple, maybe even looks bad on the surface. But there is a lot to it once you start playing and pass the first few levels. And those first few levels will likely be torture. Combat is love or hate, not inbetween. Combat is half auto-half player involved. You either will love it or hate it. But in many ways its both "turn your brain off and mindlessly grind" and also strategy "brain has to think" involved here. I love this type of game. But this is likely a very niche game, for those who love an incredible grind and don't want to rush to endgame on day one, or first week or even first month And glitchless LOVES to make the game a complete barrier to newbies...most people don't get past the first few levels, fewer make it to endgame or even mid-game. Past I'd say level 20, it gets far better...but its designed to be an incredible barrier to entry to an amazing game, with a huge world. Love it or hate it...no inbetween
Review from 76561198030721031That was neat
Review from 76561198850248863.
Review from 76561197980130582GREAT GAME
Review from 76561198056572186Definitely not for a modern gamer. Way too much grind, not a lot of payoff. Either play casually or pay real money and play casually. Hardcore play is for only the brave and the foolhardy. Rather slow so the dopamine rush found in other free games (10 seconds into them) will not be found here.
Review from 76561198321728184if you like rpg gridny games, you will love this
Review from 76561198005535462Game developer plays God. insults his player base. Doesn't support his own ToU. ( which he changes whenever he wants as he pleases, which isn't allowed) Game is played by mostly account sharers. No other way to catch up to late game unless you're ready to spend thousands of dollars. The game is dying ( again ), Developer promises new content for the past 3 years. Gives false due dates and makes up for it by adding bonuses which just add to the endless grind. The love the game creator once had is gone, he knows the game is dying so he just wants to leech players money. IMHO waste your time on something else.
Review from 76561198344310343This is a fun game. Yes it can get VERY grindy at times but all the same its really fun. Fairly easy to understand except maybe for attacking speeds LOL. Other than that everything about the game is just perfect. The best RPG i have ever played
Review from 76561198852353270piece of shit
Review from 76561198173058777Não tem tradução
Review from 76561197967467371Old school RPG action, unique once you learn the ropes...
Review from 76561198055119582---{Graphics}--- ☐ You forget what reality is ☐ Beautiful ☑ Gnome. ☐ Decent ☐ Bad ☐ Don‘t look too long at it ☐ Paint.exe ---{Gameplay}--- ☐ Very good ☐ Good ☐ It‘s just gameplay ☐ Mehh ☑ Gnome. ☐ Just don‘t ---{Audio}--- ☐ Eargasm ☐ Very good ☐ Good ☑ Gnome. ☐ Bad ☐ Earrape ---{Audience}--- ☐ Kids ☐ Teens ☐ Adults ☑ Gnome. ☐ Lizards ---{PC Requirements}--- ☐ Check if you can run paint ☐ Potato ☐ Decent ☑ Gnome. ☐ Rich boiiiiii ☐ Ask NASA if they have a spare computer ---{Difficulity}--- ☑ Gnome. ☐ Easy ☐ Significant brain usage ☐ Easy to learn / Hard to master ☐ Difficult ☐ Dark Souls ---{Grind}--- ☐ Nothing to grind ☑ Gnome. ☐ Isnt necessary to progress ☐ Average grind level ☐ Too much grind ☐ You‘ll need a second live for grinding ---{Story}--- ☑ Gnome. ☐ Text or Audio floating around ☐ Average ☐ Good ☐ Lovely ☐ It‘ll replace your life ---{Game Time}--- ☐ Long enough for a cup of coffee ☐ Short ☑ Gnome. ☐ Long ☐ To infinity and beyond ---{Price}--- ☐ It’s free! ☐ Worth the price ☐ If u have some spare money left ☑ Gnome. ☐ You could also just burn your money ---{Bugs}--- ☐ Never heard of ☑ Gnome. ☐ Can get annoying ☐ ARK: Survival Evolved ☐ The game itself is a big terrarium for bugs
Review from 76561197960319772good game
Review from 76561198111003355Don't think you can play this without paying, a lot. The free experience is one of the worst around. Absolutely hateful.
Review from 76561198144040494The Good. Fun game. Great story! Unique mechanics and fights. Semi-Enjoyable grind. The Bad. It is a grind game, and almost nothing else. The toxic community is forced upon you unless you find a very specific timeframe to play or get *real* lucky and find some decent people to play with. You can't play solo and you can't hide the chat. Ever. Everyone is all but forced to join a guild or befriend strangers or make multiple accounts that you play simultaneously, otherwise all progress in the game is halved or quartered and there's a good chance that you'll get PK'd regularly which places a hard reset on your character sometimes negating 12+ hours of non-stop grind, sometimes even by the creator of the game's own avatar if you get to a high enough level. The cheapest bundle to help in-game per my last check that does really anything is far too expensive ($99.99 USD) and not worth it. The Ugly. Regular monthly $50 USD subscriptions. In-game trade economy is inflated beyond redemption. Just getting 5,000 Gold for 1 low level piece of stock equipment mandatory to progress to the next section of the game takes at least 3 non-stop hours grinding until about lvl 40 where it goes down to 2 non-stop hours grinding. And that's on the cheap end for level 5 gear. The average mid-level equipment for level 40+ is in the hundreds of thousands of gold, which can take literal real-world days of grinding to gather. And that's nothing yet still for high-level gear which averages into the millions and even tens of millions of gold which can take weeks, sometimes even months of in-game grind to get if you don't know how to manipulate the trade economy which only gets worse the more people who manipulate it. (And all this is presuming you're in a guild that has gold bonus stones and you're grouped with someone else... Otherwise double, triple, or more that time.) Not to mention, if you get PK'd, they get to choose one piece of your equipment to steal from you, which more often than not, they take the most expensive item which took the most time and effort to grind to get. Meaning that one person can come along, mug you, and set you back literal months of progress. Most to all regular players are lvl 60+, have "rebirthed" multiple or even dozens of times, or have 6-10+ years logged, and I'm pretty sure all of them also happen to have multiple alt accounts so that even if one gets banned, they just move and trade everything from one account to the other. New players are heavily discouraged and insulted by the community, economy, grind, and more. And last I checked, there's only 1 server available that's been around for well over 10 years, and they tried making a second server once a few years back only to have the established player base ruin it because they connected the two servers and didn't keep them separate. So no fresh starts are possible for old players without creating another account, and no new servers for new players. Also, fully expect a constant stream of verbal abuse and insults if you don't understand the game's unique language and shorthand that is seen nowhere else, and you make the mistake to ask the community. (It's legit another language based from English alphabet, and can take weeks to fully learn I found out.) In summary. If one could play solo and have a legitimate chance without having to Shell out nearly a thousand IRL dollars a year, the in-game economy wasn't so inflated or geared to long-term players and against new players, the grind was heavily reduced and wasn't so heavily geared towards guilds, the there were regular (every 4-12 months?) new servers to allow new and old players a level playing field, the community wasn't nearly so toxic or crude and forced upon you, the Player Killing System was abolished completely, and if the game didn't require you to learn an entire new language loosely based on English that the community developed, then I might recommend this game and personally give it another shot. Alas, this is still the case, and even though I check back every few years to see if anything has changed, it's still the same all these years later. They just added an arena system and that's about it. It started out great, and if you're lucky, rich irl, can handle daily verbal abuse from strangers, don't mind joining a guild not for fun, but for survival and progression in-game and potential help learning their language, AND have no real job or life or health IRL so you can spend at least 6+ hours per day on this game (Same hours that one might spend at an actual job, mind, earning real world money), then I highly recommend it! Otherwise, avoid like the plague.
Review from 76561198035689622Very niche rgp. I cant believe this game was around when I was a teen.
Review from 76561198090315478 this game not worth its just boring mode game xD i playd it alots years ago but its just a boring style game
Review from 76561198040353096good music, good graphics, large community
Review from 76561197972089936love the music, wish they release a DLC soundtrack!
Review from 76561197967313416haha! my dream come true. Nodiatis on different apps... mobile apps, steam apps, etc. one con is that it seems we must start a new character which is tied to our steam account. fair game
Review from 765611981253925091920
Review from 76561198039830847das ist das absolut dreckigste spiel was ich in meinem leben sehen durfte
Review from 76561197969258733This game is much better than it looks. First you need to check out the wiki of this game before you start playing it. http://nodiatis.wikia.com/wiki/Nodiatis_Wiki
Review from 76561198187903454Used to play this all the time back before it went on Steam. Unfortunately those characters have long since gone away due to inactivity. [b]Pros:[/b] + Attractive art style, for creatures, environments, and equipment. + Large world to explore + Can run on lower-end PCs (even lower on the browser-based version) + Multiple classes to choose from, each with their own special ability + Free players can train 1 "Passive Skill" and 1 Regular Skill of their choice, which continues to accumulate experience even while offline. [b]Cons:[/b] - Progress can be slow if playing solo, especially once past Level 10 - Some items/skills/features have a pay wall behind them, as most free-to-play games do - PVP can be a bit of a challenge without high-tier equipment. However, this game can definitely be played PVE - Combat mostly involves auto-attack, along with castable spells. (Note: this can be a pro, as it can almost be considered an idle game if you are strong enough to not need to cast spells or abilities) - You have an energy bar that accumulates "rested time", which is required to gain rewards from enemies. This can accumulate past the 1-hour you get daily, however. (Note: It's been a while, but I believe you still get experience.) All-in-all, I recommend at least trying it out. It's free, and some people get absolutely hooked to it. However, it is understandable if you are turned off by its simplicity. It's an old game, but it has its own charm to it.
Review from 76561198006586405Nodiatis is free to play...that's about it. Edit} I played the game for awhile longer and found it a bit addicting. The big turn off though is that they give you only 1 hour rested time each day. (You can earn more through character development or by paying for it.) Rested time gives you a "Huge" boost in experience and money. Otherwise, You feel nerfed enough that it isn't worth playing until you get that hour back the next day. Gameplay is a bit of a throwback to early rpg's like finalfantasy or dragonwarrior. You move around from tile to tile and find critters to kill and gain exp, money and random loot from.( Mostly in the form of trophies which you can put towards character development.) The community is great! They are fun to talk to and more importantly if you join a clan they give you a helping hand. Questions are answered.(Usually) and you feel like part of the community. But I just couldn't get over the 1 hour a day rested time. It is cumulitive if you don't play for a day or longer.( Don't play for a day and come back you have 2 hours, 2 days 3...etc.) But ofcourse, if you really enjoy a game you aren't going to wait days to play it. Then again, you can pay for extra rested time if you wish to spend some money. It is worth playing though. As I said, it is a throwback to earlier games but is still quite fun which is why I edited and changed my initial post. Give it a try.
Review from 76561198168911156This must've been designed by someone who has absolutely no idea what they are doing, the game feels more outdated than anything i've played in a long while. You'd think for a game that has been around for this long would get to fix the most basic of UI problems and nonsensical game mechanics.
Review from 76561198005086553Без русского.
Review from 76561198116879965Современные ММО чего-то не хватает. Где - то на этом пути разработчики игр поняли, что обращение к массам означает отказ от сердца и души классических RPG - сложной разработки персонажей-и сосредоточение внимания на графике и простоте геймплея. Nodiatis является антитезой этой современной парадигмы. Классическая RPG в обстановке MMO, Nodiatis обращается к геймерам, которые ценят ретро-игры, но все еще хотят волнения конкурентной игры. При этом в нем есть сюжетная линия, квесты, И...графика, истинная привлекательность заключается в сложных и стратегических средствах продвижения вашего персонажа(ов). Для начала, есть более чем 26 классов, из которых можно выбрать, каждый со своими уникальными активными способностями и пассивными бонусами. Оттуда вы должны увеличить свою силу, главным образом, тщательно разделив свой накопленный опыт (в виде трофеев, взломанных у ваших врагов) на любой из более чем 200 навыков. Только при разумном выборе вы можете надеяться стать могущественной силой. Там нет предопределенных путей или деревьев навыков, чтобы направлять невдохновленных. В дополнение к соло и кооперативной прогрессии PvE, которую вы ожидаете от RPG, Nodiatis предлагает некоторые очень уникальные PvP. Очень немногие имеют желудок для нашего самого противоречивого PvP-становления постоянным игроком-убийцей, позволяющим вам убивать и красть предметы у кого угодно, но умирать навсегда, если вас в конечном итоге выследят и убьют сами. Для других есть клан на основе мирового PvP и установить продолжительность арены турниров, как позволяет получить статус и помочь вашему клану, чтобы разблокировать мощные руны, которые могут помочь всем членам. Nodiatis уже доступен для воспроизведения через браузер, однако мы портируем его на новый движок, который позволит значительно повысить производительность и полностью обновить интерфейс. 10 из 10
Review from 76561198067626300戦闘(PT可)とクラフトの双方の要素が充実し、おいしい所どりをしたWebベースのMMORPG。 ブラウザゲー且つ2DなのでPCのパワーは全く必要としない。 [良い点] [list] [*]ブラウザ版クライアントでは多国語対応で言語選択が可能。機械翻訳だが一応日本語も選べ、チュートリアルを含む殆どの文章が日本語表示されるので英語が読めなくてもプレイ可能。 [*]非常に豊富なアバター画像とその背景の組み合わせ、さらに自分のチャット発言の文字の色まで固有の設定が可能で個性を出せる。 [*]オプションがかなり充実している。画面内の何もない所で右クリックをすれば全項目のリストが表示される等、親切な設計が好印象。 [*]一見シンプル過ぎる様に見えるチャットだが、フィルターなどの機能は相当充実している。さらに対象を右クリックしてチャットや売買の機能に連動させる事も可能。 [*]職は主副の2種を持つ事が出来、それぞれの職で別のクランに所属可能。つまり戦闘と生産の双方を1キャラで賄える。 [*]3名までのPTが編成可能だが、アイテムドロップは各キャラ別扱いなので分配面の心配をせず協力プレイが楽しめる。また、プレイヤーあたりのキャラ保持数も無制限なのでタイプ別のキャラを一人で用意できるのも嬉しい。 [*]ゲームの進行は多彩なスキルとプレイヤーのLvに依存している。ビルドの自由度も非常に高い。 [*]所持品管理枠はそこそこあり、とりあえずこうした基本以前の部分でプレイを制限して課金を半強制するデザインではない。 [*]プレイヤー人口がかなり多く、交流面が非常に充実している。(但し、公用語は英語。) [/list] [悪い点] [list] [*]単体起動可能なインストーラ版が一番レスポンスがよくSteamアカウントへのヒモ付けも無い為、Steam版の存在意義はオーバーレイ機能(有用な人にとって)と自動アップデートの利点のみ。 [*]HTML5を使用した基本クライアントのブラウザ版は遅延が目立ち、レスポンスが悪い。 [/list] [致命的な欠陥] [list] [*]とにかく全体的に非常にペースがのろい。所謂"待ち時間"で引っ張るだけではなく、移動や戦闘といった進展に関わるあらゆる動作にディレイがかかっており、前述のLv依存の基本システムによって膨大な時間を費やさなければならず、退屈さを免れない。放置は可能だが脳死ゲーにも成りきれないという微妙な立ち位置。 [*]前述の遅延の問題は課金で"ある程度"解消出来るだけ。無課金者でも課金要素をゲーム内で稼いだ金で一応売買できるが、その金額をまともに稼げるようになる為には高Lvになってからという、どちらにせよプレイを継続する上で望む姿とは剥離した実情を見ると課金/無課金に関わらず費やしたリソースに対して得られる物は非常に乏しい。 [/list] *結論* 丁寧な造り込みからゲーム性が高そうに見えるものの、課金をしてもまともに解消できないペースののろさが全てをぶち壊している。つまりプレイアビリティは最悪のレベル。 さらに序盤でそれがはっきり判ってしまう為、魅力が一気に失せる。 [b][u]そこらに転がっている単体のフリーゲームの方が遙かにマシ[/u][/b]だと痛感するだろう。
Review from 76561198048933568To start.....I have played this game starting off in the original web browser client since early 2009 the game was originally released in July 2008. It orignally launched as a web java based client. So my steam time played isnt one to be judged, as my original account cant be played through the steam client due to other restrictions that are beyond my understanding......thus the preface and on to the game. ON a raw gameplay scale, 1 to 10, its pretty boring, probably around a 2. But its old school. Its how RPG games of old used to be made. Those of us with a stick-to-it-iveness will slug it out and enjoy it based on pure nostalgia alone. The game itself works and is by and large bug free. Outside of the occasional bug or exploit, which is usually fixxed fairly quickly. The game itself runs smoothly and is very low maintenance from the user side. Nostalgia on its own obviously wont carry a person through a game for 8 or more years. For me, at first, it was the massive abount of skills, passive abilities, and training you could to do to make your character stronger. Whether you used a bow, a sword, an axe, a big flying hammer, or "magic fireballs flung from your crotch". The game had a pull, and it sucks you in. If you arent in for a grind, a long haul, or a little bit of work. There are other games for you. The second thing that drew me in was the community. By comparison the Nodiatis community has never been huge. At any given time i think the most online may have been close to 900 or 1000. Are those numbers seen today. Far and away no they are not. The steam push has help and that was what a lot of us long term folks had hoped for. So, How is the community today? Well let me tell you... The community today is a bi-polar one. At times its one of the most amazing and helpful places to be, no matter the subject. At others its one of the most toxic, berrating and jaw dropping communities to be involved with. When asking yourself "Do i want to play this game?" based on nostalgia and amazing skill system alone with a community that will praise you today and run you up the flag pole the next, YOU, the prospective player have to ask yourself....... In a game labeled an MMO... 1: Is it Massive? No 2: Is it Multiplayer? Yes 3: Is it Online? Yes How is the game outside those bounds? 1: New player friendly? No 2: Leveled up player friendly? Maybe 3: Whats the community like? It falls between "Barrens Chat" and League of Legends forums. 4: Game works bug free? Yes 5: Updates frequently? Yes 6: Bugs/exploits fixxed rapidly? Yes My personal opinion, after spending 8+ years playing and spending money on the game. Replace the trash that is the community and youll have an amazing nostalgic 2D applet game that can be played anywhere for a fairly low cost compared to other applet games. Not worth putting the time into today for the hassle. Overall the game is a 4 on a scale from 1-10.
Review from 76561198116300169I really do like this game, but it doesn't work on Steam. I prefer to play it on their website. This is a conditional recommendation.
Review from 76561198050452013AWESOME GAME! I recco to anyone who likes MMO's and RPG's. The retro-mix of old and new is remarkable.
Review from 76561198054008254-the assets are not preload for each scene and you hv to wait the screen to be fully loaded, some actions immediately started once the scene loaded even some gfx still not appearing... -this kind of game is better be played on browser instead of steam client, other browser games also have several bugs if played on steam...
Review from 76561198285260585If you don't like grinding games get something else. UI and overall game play while simple can be a bit hard to understand, give it a day or two before you pass judgement. Character development is slow so this game isn't for the impatient. Overall it's a neat 90's throwback game when the graphics were simple and all the fighting was menus. There's still a community despite the game being nine years old so that should tell you something. The game is also fully playable for "free-to-players", though you can lay down some money to advance quicker. 7/10 for old farts.
Review from 76561198065175949I used to play this on web browser. I am quite happy with it now but you need to make access to the screen options easier to get to as I thought my stuff was glitchy. Anyway, good to see a classic is still going strong.
Review from 76561198135438892Very nice game
Review from 76561198272294994Downloaded game, can be kinda old fashioned but its a great game if you dont mind static image of mobs you're fighting. The game is basically kinda of an open world where you can travel all around if you're strong enough to do so. You can: *Coop (with 2 other players) *Quest(with or without help) *Duel(one one one group on one or group on group) *Participate in clan war *Craft(basically anything even top tier items) *Force combat on players and get part of their loot(VERY RISKY most dont do it anymore/ if you die after doing it you return to lvl1) *Trade(Anything and get gifts too) *complete Freedom of speech in the uncivil chat *Recieve or give away accounts for others to play it should you choose to do so though not recomended if theres no trust involved *Auction Items (Yes you can sell your items ingame to recieve gold which you may then use to buy TCs or(ingame money you can get by paying irl money) should some players choose to auction theirs in the auction) The game administrator is very helpful towards any and all players. You can't or it's not recomended to: *Be an ass in chat at least the civil one(one of the game rules) *Be an ass towards any of the nodiatis administrators ingame or forums (You could get your account banned) *Buy and resell items in the local auction(buy cheap sell expensively cause people will find out who does it and if they find out word will get around destroying trust) *Stray from any of the games rules which is one of the link at the botom of the screen ingame Top5 Negative features: *Extremely tedious to lvl up which can be a good thing as you wont reach max lvl too quickly *Static image from mobs well if you dont like lack of animation this game is prob not for you but who says you can't enjoy artwork and a little bit of imagination making all the animation for you lol *daily recharging/building up Time limit of gameplay everyday which prevents you from grinding all day long *Later in the game travelling can be time consumming If you're playing multiple accounts good luck paying careful attention to all accounts if you play too many accounts at the same time. You can play how many you dam well please but skillfully handling them is another story I can play 3 accounts tops before lagging in decision making between accounts. Top5 Positive features: *VERY awesome and dedicated veteran comunity *VERY deep character costumization *Wide variaty of features *Passive skill level ups(allows you to train skills even if you're not playing the game) *You can play multiple accounts of nodiatis at the same time(NOT in steam but in DesktopAPP version and browser versions) you can also play vids while playing hear music etc.
Review from 76561198244227462This is probably my favorite 2d rpg of all time. You have the option to play the entire game by yourself, or you can group up and interact with others. This game is free, with full accounts that cost real money. You do not need to pay real money to complete the game however, and you can even buy an account with in game money. The thing that sets this game apart from a lot of others is the ability to craft items and collect resources. Instead of just combat based, you are able to become a merchant, weaponsmith, armorsmith, gardener, and many more. High level tradesmen and crafsmen are valuable in the game, and can make a lot of gold. There are a couple things about this game that turn people off, but every game has those. One of the biggest challenges is that the learning curve is very steep. Especially if you want to participate in pvp. Because of that, many of the players are very helpful to new players, and some have even written wikia sites for the game. There are even a couple guilds that help out new players (shout out to Guide). The other main problem is that the game is grindy. Some people are not able to deal with that, but the game is fun enough otherwise. If you play in a group or with friends, it is far easier to progress, and you barely notice the grinding at all. Overall I would give this game a 10/10 for experienced rpg players, and an 8/10 for new ones. I will say that the browser has a better interface right now, but steam is a little more convenient. If you are new to rpg's like this, I would stick to server 2, server 1 has a lot more players, the prices are a little higher, and pvp is a little more competitive. The game chat includes both servers, but you cant trade between or transfer characters. Some helpful lingo - N or n - player that doesnt have a full account - T1, T2, T3, etc - the in game towns - lfsg - looking for solo group - grouping with others to gain more xp, just battling in different areas - lfbg - looking for beast group - there is a huge boss that spawns ~1 time per day, grouping to help kill it - ah - auction house - in game market for full accounts Very helpful to new players (pretty sure this was made by some of the experienced players) - http://nodtools.net/guides/newplayers Wiki - http://nodiatis.wikia.com/wiki/Nodiatis_Wiki My main character's name is Drago, feel free to msg and or add as a friend (/t Drago ~~~~~~) I have a bunch of low lvl accounts that I can help out with if im online.
Review from 76561198089074577j'aime pas..
Review from 76561198095917598I really like this game. I really only review games that I truly do. This game is a weird one. It says its differnt, and it kinda is. Well, to put it simply... the game is like a combo of runescape and everquest. In some ways, this may turn people off. The fact that it tries to replicate an older time is the main reason why though. The game purposefully is a throwback, so some features may seem outdated, but there are some desicions that weren't the best, such as the option to pick 4 out of hundreds of character portraits. Granted it let you refresh, but I was only able to see around 25 different ones after refreshing several times. If you don't like old games, don't play this, it won't be for you, but if you are looking for something strange and out of the norm, play this game. Its free, pretty small, yet has such a good community, such a different feeling to it, and gameplay that will drag you in the farther you get. Classic RPG you can play while laying in your bed. While nod community arent as big as other games, it have strong bonds and many experienced players willing to help newbies. Reminds me alot of Conan the Cimmerian game on the old floppy disks. Feels very nostalgic to actually play something like that again (without having to worry about the graphics for a change.) I have not put much time into the game yet, but the character customization is insane and the quests are actually quite fun. Its very relaxing and the community is very nice and helpful. It may not be a game for you, which is understandable, but I feel that if you give it more than a few hours you will find it enjoyable. I will give a better review after more hours put in
Review from 76561198299462694vERY Good
Review from 76561198203961431Хуевая реализация
Review from 76561198147640088Classic RPG you can play while laying in your bed. While nod community arent as big as other games, it have strong bonds and many experienced players willing to help newbies.
Review from 76561198076010328Reminds me alot of Conan the Cimmerian game on the old floppy disks. Feels very nostalgic to actually play something like that again (without having to worry about the graphics for a change.) I have not put much time into the game yet, but the character customization is insane and the quests are actually quite fun. Its very relaxing and the community is very nice and helpful. It may not be a game for you, which is understandable, but I feel that if you give it more than a few hours you will find it enjoyable. I will give a better review after more hours put in
Review from 76561198086926299Can't link existing account to steam
Review from 76561198045765418I have play'd some and I must admit, interesting. There are things you must learn but they are not so hard. Classic RPG with some MMo stuff. Good old game you can say. So yes, I like it. Weapons, armors, mobs, quest, training in so many skills, so many classes, huge map.
Review from 76561198127330002Its a relaxing game with a hint of nostalgia. The community is one of the best ive seen, probably because its small but growing. There are players who have been here for years but im enjoying the grind and the variety. Its pretty much kill this and train for the next level. But you do have to wait for rested time otherwise exp gains are ineffecient. No harm in trying and dont be afraid to ask for help!
Review from 76561198006323036Wow. This is so just wow! Best retro rpg mmo game experience I ever had the last years! You play one character, but can group up with others players, tactical but realtime combat, 26 classes + able to dual-class later in the game, 200+ skills in 14 categories reaching from stats (which define your charlevel) over melee, magic, beastmastery to crafting, social and adventure. This results in an insane char development I really like the most. :D Game is first person, but movement is from screen to screen, just like the good old rps before seamless movement was developed. Except on the map where your char is a square with your avatar on it and you move in squares over the map where you encounter mobs, finish quests, gather ressources or meet PKs. The PKs...this is quite unique. You may get pk'ed or pk others starting at lvl 20, but beware: once you kill an other player your char is a pk forever and visually marked as such. And if a pk dies, well, you will never meet him again. :D Quite unique is the magic system via gems, which you store in your puch. Every 8 secs a random gem will be displayed in combat you can drag into your active gem slots and use them from there. most gems go back to your pouch after using them. Only thing I'm missing are some combat styles for melees and bow users. Seems as if there is only one normal attack you can switch to be auto delivered, but you can advance these attacks via skills. All in all, this will be my favorite for some time. But playing via steam is a bit cruel. Resolution is just bad. I play via browser. :)
Review from 76561197983215619I only recommend it if you can play it on the browser because no matter how many tries i did through steam, IT WOULD NOT LET ME REGISTER!?! 'hurr durr third party verification via CAPATCHA' = apparently my eyeballs need new eyeballs. so i registered on the normal browser site. FIRST TRY CAPATCHA SUCCESSFUL! i must've tried +10 times on steam and could not register. ******************** new edit sept 30 2016*********************** dev was right! twas able to make a character after another steam restart try or so. Thanks a bunch on that glitchless! will keep it on a thumbs down though as it is it's own individual server. again. just like when it was on newgrounds, and every other website it branched out toback in the day. i imagine it would be immensely better being able to play with the actual nodiatis website + steam + newgrounds + whatever other itteration this game has touched on all the websites (if that was possible) (looking at that beautiful rage quit game favorite StarBreak. Unless that too is its own seperate steam \ website servers) don't take my steam time into account, i play this every other day nowadays on their nodiatis website instead of the abomination of 3rd party authenticators \ steam whatevers. and thumbs down, since in the many years since i last saw this game. i've seen no User Interface changes, some of it is still clunky and funky. Especially when you have to manually individually pick up every single tiny item after a combat. Oh boy i got two rat tails! ... hafta click one at a time and drag it left side of screen (loot) to inventory right side. the game is super slow casual mouse moving relaxing. auto combat is still the game's forte for a lack of distinction the game provides with the story, background backdrop and of course the one everyone knows. Still image monster battle fights. little to no animation. for all parts and purposes this is very much a super duper lazy clicker game of modern times.
Review from 76561198013337289Welp. I have to not recommend getting this game -- at least the Steam version of it. The UI is kinda broken: I was tinkering with the window settings of the game and set the size to 200% just to see what would happen. The game became so large that a large portion of the interface was out of the window with no way to reach it. I tried uninstalling and looking for leftover files that were created with this client, but nothing corrected the problem on subsequent installs. I'm still eager to try this retro RPG, however I'm going to attempt to play the browser-based version of it instead. Edit: Meh, the game in the browser is even worse.
Review from 76561198213321949This game is realy fun. I like it. Thank dev!
Review from 76561198060524196Nice game :)
Review from 76561197967581310Slow pace, boring combat......
Review from 76561198041539358Oddly Enjoyable, most likely not everyones cup of tea, but this game is enjoyable if you like an old style rpg.
Review from 76561198035992189After a bit a learning curve this game has the deepest character building iv have played, if you want a old style RPG and dont mind the dated graphics this game is for you.
Review from 76561198079915258If you are looking for a game to settle and invest a few hundred $ then this might be for you. You will have no trouble getting to level 10-15 but after this the time investment is real. Were talking a full time job and upgrades to see leveling progress. You are limited to Rested Time per day so you really only start out with 1 hour per day and gain with passive skills that gain xp over time (faster like everything else if you spend $50 for an upgrade...altogether around $250 with an ongoing $5 every 10 days for all upgrades). There are favorites in this game and you are encouraged to share your characters (99% of the top toons in the game have 2 or 3 people playing them. Quite a few have an army playing day and night). If you don't do this but want to be competitive (PvP is entertaining however the small playerbase means long queue times) you are looking at $1,000+ to gear and stand tall but youll still be far off from an actual contender. Don't expect the developer to be too responsive or hold everyone to the same ToU. Several of the top players should have been banned for selling characters, win trading arena, and exploiting people. (With all of this being said. I have a few high level characters that I don't use anymore. Perhaps I could save someone who enjoys this game some time and investment. After all I had to of found some solace if I've spent more than 5 years and accomplished everything the game had to offer at the time...granted there isn't too much additional in the 3-4 years since i last played based on the 0.6 hours I spent checking out the new UI)
Review from 76561198144761567I really like this game. I really only review games that I truly do. This game is a weird one. It says its differnt, and it kinda is. Well, to put it simply... the game is like a combo of runescape and everquest. In some ways, this may turn people off. The fact that it tries to replicate an older time is the main reason why though. The game purposefully is a throwback, so some features may seem outdated, but there are some desicions that weren't the best, such as the option to pick 4 out of hundreds of character portraits. Granted it let you refresh, but I was only able to see around 25 different ones after refreshing several times. If you don't like old games, don't play this, it won't be for you, but if you are looking for something strange and out of the norm, play this game. Its free, pretty small, yet has such a good community, such a different feeling to it, and gameplay that will drag you in the farther you get.
Review from 76561198056675328Ok. I really should have known better. This game ... Have some issues, lets put it this way. You start your magical journey, creating YOUR character (picking one random hideous face, out of 4 (from 300+), and one random hideous background (same way). You can change 4 of the images you choosing from (randomly), but "smart interface decisions" are just starting. You also should pick one of like 20 classes (standard battle types, mages, etc., and even traders, vampires and angels). I am jumping slightly ahead, but all it changes - one active/passive ability and like + or - 10-20 % to speed of learning particular skill groups (battle, defensive, magick or recovery). Then you appear in world (like a square) and take small "tutorial", wich shows you main game loop. It goes like this: You go to some "region" (by clicking) once or several times. on "global map". You fight some monster (stat check). (Click auto atack and wait). (If you will try to be "mage" - you just need more clicking) You collect "loot" - some more clicks. You manage inventory space and bring "loot" back to town. You exchange loot from monsters to skill exp. Rinse and repeat. On town square (all game is bunch of global square grid) - you click several times to get "quest" - Kill 5 mobs of collect 5 "bear asses", or kill obligatory "boss" of region (meatsponge that hit hard). You get more exp, when you done. Of cause there are some equipment options, with depends on you skill levels and wealth. And there are like 200+ skills... Good right? Actually not. You see - all skills can be leveled in two ways. - Active and passive. Active - you choose which particular skill to level (lets say parry), and all exp, you get in its dirrectory (defence) goes to this skill. How do you get the exp? By "burning" monster loot at "church". There are monster loot for combat skills (mele / archery / defence / pets). There are monster loot for magic (white+green / black / blue) What about crafting skills? Well - you can craft. Theoretically. Or you can just pick this skill to "passive" leveling. What passive leveling? You might ask. Oh, it is qute simple. You pick one (of 100+) skills, and it just slowly grows each second. Even when you are offline. How the hell they will ballance that? You may ask (case there are PvP in game). Oh - very very simple. Skills do like + 20% to this, or that. At level 100. And +10% at level 0. To give you most hilarious (for me) example - skill to "raise up" my "class proficiency". My class was adventurer. At level 0 of "class proficiency" I get swooping +3% to all exp I get. If I will pick this skill to passive leveling, in mere year, or so, (standart geometric progression in exp, required to level up skill with each of it 100+ levels), I will get ... + 6% to all exp. Neet, right? Lets talk about biggest "bugbear" I found, and finish with this topic. Remember how I did say, that there is "merchant" class? Well - you simply can't sell anything on the auction, if you don't pay devs "monthly". People said, that later in game I can buy this "pass" with ingame money. I can. It costs millions (at auction at least). Why this is a big deal? Because of "Crafting" part of the game. You essentially need to create "living production lines", from people, to craft even simplest of thing. And each step will take inventory space and particular skill proficiency. Example: You killed first boss and got fishing rod. You fished some fish (each attempt, after random battle), and want to do something with it. You can sell it to NPC shop, for like 4 gold. You can buy a fish skinning dagger and get fish scales, getting + exp in fishing, and then sell them to NPC. You can use fish to make oil (dont know how though). You can't sell this to people, that are noobs, case they came to "play for free". You can't sell this to "old guys", case they dont need stack of 5 fish scales, from starting location. Your only option - is to sell it to NPC, or just destroy it (case it takes space) Example №2 You want to craft anything "from other end". You get any "recipie" - lets say lvl 0 harpoon, from buying it at town, and breaking it apart. You cant even see materals, needed to produse it, case first you need to do - is to make "working copy" of this "master recipie", which requires you to get pen (NPC sells it), and also ink, and paper. Of course there are different professions, to produse bouth of this, and I dont even know in which city NPC sells "tools", to level them (not in first 2, I can tell you for a fact). Did I mention, that all this information I got, pestering people is chat, and reading forums, case game does not explaing sh*t? Only possitive thing I can say - "old" people in chat are super chill and nice, but it is, in no way, a game fault. Try it "for free", tread with care, and watch for youself.
Review from 76561197996956048After spending time creating a character I was presented with a verification box which after more than 6 attempts not only would not let me on but actually booted me to the title screen. To which I responded by uninstalling the offending item.
Review from 76561198196235505Very tedious yet relaxing game. Have been playing since June 09.
Review from 76561198045381877Nodiatis is really retro, but I still think its a neat RPG. Its free to play so anyone interested should give it a try. Small download size makes it quick and easy.
Review from 76561198023442354Nodiatis is a fantastic game, with a great community! I love the challenge that it is to level up, and the way you can build your char any way you want to. Wanna be a dual wielding crusher, who shoots fireballs from his crotch? You can do that! An archer who vamps his enemy's health using pets and whips? Boom! Do it! Try this game out! Maybe get addicted! I could not adore this game more! Nodiatis-Crack! New Player Guide: http://nodtools.net/guides/newplayers
Review from 76561198032544493This game is one of a kind, retro old school rpg with one of the best PvP 1vs1 and 3vs3 arena systems that you could find, at first it may look overwhelming but the community is just the best there is, just ask around and people will ALWAYS help you.