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GTTOD: Get To The Orange Door

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ActionAdventureIndieEarly Access
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Review from 76561199112143731I didn't get to the orange door
Review from 76561199258946281decent i guess
Review from 76561198152201400Gonna change it when game is out of EA
Review from 76561198233531188Excellent moment to moment gameplay, fast movement and a lot of weapon / ability variety. An early access title with a lot of potential and one to keep an eye on.
Review from 76561199486431516First off, game play is really, just really nice. Being able to really mess around with a decent amount of weapons and other gear, really allows the player to just go to town and express themselves. The music is especially nice, if it were to be a separate downloadable thing, I would buy it. Sure there's a few bugs at the time of this review, but that's to be expected. They'll be fixed later on. Overall, really solid game, and there's more to come. A lot more. ;)
Review from 7656119947712927615 saatim var hala çözemedim
Review from 76561198304545265Fun, visually apealling, Good soundtrack, fun and creative weaponry. Yup, this game is excellent alright. The only real complaint i have about it, is that it doesn't save your resolution scale no matter what. Wich is annoying as hell, since i have to manually change my resolution every run,
Review from 76561198986848590This game needs more publicity, desperately. love it to death
Review from 76561198335252776The title suggested the game was gonna be easy to understand, but I have ZERO CLUE about where to go and what to do. Shitty game design makes this title too confusing, which you absolutely don't want your game to be when it also has seizure enducing graphics.
Review from 76561198214178372this game has been out for 5 years and it still in early access.
Review from 76561198322182455un putain de bon fast fps comme ont les aime qui permet de bien se défouler, avec des dash, des wallrides, un grappin fin bref du gamplay bien nerveux possiblement encore + que quake, un pannel d'armes bien étoffé qui fait plaisir à explorer, des amélioration in game qui se cumule aux fur et à mesure des runs à la sauce rogue like, sans parler des musiques qui raviront sans aucun doute les fans du genre (dont moi), mise à jour régulièrement avec beaucoup de rework rien à redire, prix peut être un poil excessif quand il n'est pas en promo et encore je pense que ça reste un achat rentable et sans risque, donc si vous en avez les moyens foncez, sinon attendez une promo
Review from 76561199099341652Бегаешь, прыгаешь, стреляешь и пинаешь. Мне зашла как способ убить быстро время на перерыве 10-15 минут. 8-9/10, убрав худ игра становится красивой, быстрой и хардкорней
Review from 76561198344510849This might have just as much, maybe more potential than Helldivers 2 in my eyes.
Review from 76561199074848536this game will make you feel like a god.
Review from 76561199168675354I'm a simple man, I see bloom I buy
Review from 76561198858219923if anyone is confused about the game just remember... the objective is in the title
Review from 76561199064726263nice game but not worth the buy. The old arena mode in the demo was way better than the games current state with the objectives and "exploration"
Review from 76561198880757863I'm the orange door. you must reach me.
Review from 76561198988695549where the fuck is the orange door
Review from 76561197988450956Beautifully smooth movement. Great difficulty. Can look super gorgeous at times. Some mechanics are not very intuitive, but that'll all go away after a few hours.
Review from 76561198289486235It's aight.
Review from 76561197998914313I didn't care much for this game when I first got it then just waited for updates and wow. This game is DAMN good. Really good. All the quality to life updates and it hasn't yet hit a 1.0 release yet. Addicting gameplay that is fast paced. Beautiful minimalist graphics, awesome looking weapons, and Synthwave beats to dominate your opponents to. Just buy the game.
Review from 76561198081684135There is not a single greater high than going Mach 5 through a stage effortlessly weaving through every obstacle as you obliterate every enemy with your arsenal of downright busted weapons. This game is like a fusion of Risk of Rain 2's insane late-game powertrips with Titanfall 2's movement cranked as fast as cohesively possible. There's some issues, mostly with balancing and certain design decisions. But the back-to-back gameplay easily overshadows any problems you'll experience playing it.
Review from 76561198109175148This game is the cat's casserole. It has more wall-running and grenade launchers than Cookie Clicker. There are orange doors. They can be gotten to. There's a dedicated button for jumping. The soundtrack is very nice to imbibe chemicals to. Graphics.
Review from 76561198804099479This game is in such a good place right now and only looks like its going to get better, so excited for 1.0.
Review from 76561198304663998game
Review from 76561198354281602GTTOD is one of if not THE smoothest movement shooters I've ever played, wallrunning doesn't feel like an advanced movement mechanic, it feels like a basic movement mechanic, like a natural extension of the moveset, rather than a tacked on feature like in a lot of other movement shooters, or games trying to be. I would criticize aspects of the game like it's difficulty and bugs, but those things are already being worked on as we speak, this is an early access dev that actually gives a damn about his game, and puts in the effort to make it better every time you check up on it, not to mention how active he is in his community. All that's not even mentioning the game's e x q u i s i t e aesthetic and style, the neon look, the low poly models, the badass music, and the amazing weapon animations with just enough urgency and bounce. I could probably keep writing for another few paragraphs, but here's the crux: Buy this game, if you like Titanfall 2, horde shooters, and roguelites (or even if you don't, I generally don't like them), you'll like this, I know it sounds cliche to say "You'll like this movement shooter if you like Titanfall 2", but it's more true here than ever.
Review from 76561198831439265adhd
Review from 76561198444991402most awesome game ever probably
Review from 76561199580680478if you like the dungen crawler and movement shooter type games this is the one for you
Review from 76561198093769548This games development may have been a rollercoaster so far, but I am loving where the game is currently. If you are looking for a movement shooter with super snappy combat and an awesome soundtrack and visuals, please give this game a chance. The game does need a bit more help in the narrative "goal" so to speak, but afaik that is being worked on for the full release :3
Review from 76561198142050235the optimization is very bad, you would think that a game that looks like this would run well but no, outside of that the game is very enjoyable but i cannot recommend this to anyone who has a low end pc
Review from 76561198983792099yeah its pretty good
Review from 76561199523191295fun game love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Review from 76561199077760686guys i got to it
Review from 76561199016906514idk what they did but it feels off
Review from 76561198444996829i really just wish it was more fun. i feel like i have no direction while playing for some reason. 6.5/10
Review from 76561198410337079fun but bare bones as hell, has a lot of potential
Review from 76561199503946909my favorite part was when i killed the demon and got to the door (Specifically the orange one)
Review from 76561198131527287Easily one of the greatest Rogue-Likes I've ever played, and will continue to play. Neck and neck with Risk of Rain for my favorite.
Review from 76561198305640068I haven't spent much time with GTTOD so far but I can definitely recommend it to anybody who enjoys movement shooters. It has a lot of very well designed movement options that make the combat very fluid and fun and put a lot of games in the genre to shame. The weapons are well designed and modeled with some having alternate firing modes that can completely change how you use them. Full release of the game has been said to be coming soon which will add a lot of new content. Highly recommended.
Review from 76561198067958309I broke my ctrl key
Review from 76561199077581216I GOT TO THE ORANGE DOOR
Review from 76561199096069613NEEEEEOOOOOWWWWWWW PEW PEW! BAB! BANG! Very good game.
Review from 76561198040851764dope as hell
Review from 76561198969060054+
Review from 76561198174511047-erases your save -terrible tutorial -very unbalanced and impossible to consistently find ammo
Review from 76561198869416351en iyi rougelike fpslerden birisi
Review from 76561199350463133非常爽快的竞技场射击游戏
Review from 76561198873282142Mm yes move fast smoke grass. kill monsters with the funny lean aesthetic
Review from 76561198359802656Gud game.
Review from 76561198009634062Dude lmao your game has been out for almost ten years (steam date is wrong), add controller support, it takes less than 1.99 hours of your time, dev. SMDH. I don't even use controller, but its 2024, and not having that, is a very, very bad sign ONLY becuase of how long youve been working on it. Youve put 1000's of hours in and... cant spare less than 2?
Review from 76561199005854567Got to the door
Review from 76561198894184751holy hell
Review from 76561199087913579This game is fun. That is, the game that's there. The combat is satisfying, the movement is buttery smooth, and the music is fantastic. The problem is, as of writing this, there's just not a lot to it. You find the best gun and then just snowball upgrades while you repeat the same levels against enemies with more health. The foundation is definitely there and the basic mechanics are amazing, but it gets old very fast. I really wish Steam would let me give a neutral review but I wouldn't recommend this to people who want more than ~6 hours of gameplay from $20. I do believe in GTTOD though, the dev seems cool and dedicated to finishing it. Buy it on sale, it's totally worth $10.
Review from 76561198150546717Rougue-like Titanfall, pretty fun still
Review from 76561199111133225I really like this game, and it has really great potential. But it is so monotonous, find the door kill a bunch of enemies, repeat 4-5 time until the level is done. These game really needs some puzzles or challenges, like a timer to get into the door, or find items to create the door, and maybe enemies that require a certain gun to kill. That would make the game have a lot more replay ability. I really hope that you add something like that before game fully releases.
Review from 76561198964326348based
Review from 76561199012798372FUCK
Review from 76561198440684726door
Review from 76561198043066517PLS buy sick game very fun
Review from 76561198054850354it fun but hard i did not know when you died you restart with a pistle or that you can upgrade
Review from 76561199442348745dorg orguy
Review from 76561199443901696good game good aim if you dont get this game you shall have no game
Review from 76561198165910383Speedy flow being abruptly interrupted by multiple things ruins some of the cool gamefeel this game has. ɪ ᴡʀᴏᴛᴇ ᴀ ꜱᴇᴍɪ-ʟᴏɴɢ ʀᴇᴠɪᴇᴡ, ᴀᴄᴄɪᴅᴇɴᴛʟʏ ᴘʀᴇꜱꜱᴇᴅ ꜱᴏᴍᴇᴛʜɪɴɢ ᴀɴᴅ ɪᴛ ᴡᴀꜱ ᴀʟʟ ɢᴏɴᴇ. ᴛʜᴀɴᴋ ʏᴏᴜ ɢᴀʙᴇɴ.
Review from 76561198848414904Get To The Orange Door is the most engaging FPS, and most worthy purchase of an early access game I have ever played. The addictive nature of the incredible movement mixed with the gun play and how it all seamlessly flows together is something that you cant describe with just words, it's something you *need* to experience firsthand to really grasp how amazing it feels to play. Some people may not enjoy how this game does it's rogue-like elements, but i personally find it a fun, refreshing way to bring rogue-like into a movement shooter. This game is almost certain to be a gigantic hit, and it already is for me. If you think a Titanfall 2 inspired FPS rogue-like with gun play that feels like futuristic DOOM with neon and vaporwave aesthetics sounds fun to sink dozens of hours into, you are damn right. Get To The Orange Door; 10/10. I'm excited to play 1.0, and use up many more hours of my free time on this game!
Review from 76561199013731838weiner?
Review from 76561198056391411The best way I can describe this game is "Titanfall Roguelike". Pretty nice, the gunplay is solid and the movement is very fast and fun. I recommend this (except to those who easily get motion sick, of course).
Review from 76561198984267253Wow a lot of Protein, Sir. Lets go to the gym buddy. Lets go to the gym buddy. Lets go to the gym buddy. Aliens, they will know my power. I need more boolets. I need more boolets. I need more boolets. I need more boolets.Bigger Weapons. Bigger Weapons. Bigger Weapons. I need more boolets. I need more boolets. *eating protein* Wow, a lot of... Thanks for the protein, sir. Watch me ride that horse, sir. Hasta la vista baby. Hasta la vista baby. Hasta la vista baby. Hasta la vista baby. Hasta la vista baby. No, that is a weapon TRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR*breath*TRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR*breath*TRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR No, that is a weapon TRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
Review from 76561198967704839DRRRRRRRR💥💥💥💥💥💥 now that's a weapon DRRRRRRRRRR💥💥💥💥💥 🍑🍑🍑 GAH AGH AGH AGH 💦💦💦 THANKS FOR THE PROTEIN SIR 🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️
Review from 76561198952303963very fun experience, worth all the money
Review from 76561198163406224my hand hurts from bhopping so fast I became the large hadron collider and created a black hole 10/10 would get crippling carpal tunnel again
Review from 76561198390042720beautiful. flawless. one of a kind.
Review from 76561199488945118good
Review from 76561199471874669yahoo, wahoo, yipee so long gay bowser brawwwwww
Review from 76561199620603885As someone who’s favorite is titanfall 2, I can confirm that this game is the one of only other games I would call a “movement shooter” this game is second to the king of movement t shooters for real.
Review from 76561198988618768Makes me cum
Review from 76561198381082172No other game quite scratches my brain like this one does. Holy shit this game slaps.
Review from 76561198345174611I AGREE
Review from 76561197987043307Good game. The control is PERFECT. Only downside is that the game is extremely short. Other than, you won't regret buy this.
Review from 76561198088091336Someone vomited Neon all over Titanfall 2 and the result, hoo boy it's addictive! A must play for movement shooter peeps. Do yourselves a favour, play the demo, buy the game, hell.. BUY THE DEMO. Also small side note but I will ALWAYS simp for fps games that have manually trigger-able weapon inspection/gunslinging animations
Review from 76561198316611341爽是真爽,没中文是真没中文
Review from 76561198943757308will be goated in near future.
Review from 76561199213773652SPEEED
Review from 76561198403231476kosyunzıplyonparkuryapjyonatssdedyon
Review from 76561198094883931The game has potential, but it feels more like a precursor to something bigger. The movement is great and still needs a bit of polish, especially the grapple. All the guns are a joy to shoot and you can definitely feel the Titanfall DNA. That being said, progression has to be a bit more addictive because right now it feels a little too stingy even though can use console commands to cheat. I sincerely hope that this game gets its time in the spotlight that i know it deserves. Eagerly awaiting the full release! NOTE-Even though the game is called Get to the Orange Door, the in-game options allows you to play with the colors and that alone has made the game pop for me, it would be great if there was some sort of modifier that could randomize the world colors after each door. See the way i see it the colors can be used as a part of the game-play loop. But hey, that's just my opinion. I'm sure most would hate that.
Review from 76561198966420629i have a 16 gig ram and radeon graphics card going past the minimum and it still runs like big black donkey dick
Review from 76561198860009834This game is an incredible must-have. It's much more fast paced than a lotta other games I've seen, and it very much beats games like ULTRAKILL in terms of movement - being able to reach 200 miles an hour and skip across the entire map is not exactly a difficult feat in this game. Every gun is very well made, too - except the light machine gun, whose reload time takes around 3 eons just to load up a 100 bullet or so clip. The enemy variety is unique too, though I will say that the enemies in the intro are very different from the ones in the rest of the game in terms of style, which I found odd. Overall, though, this is a real banger of a game. Plus, there's fishing. And gambling. Who doesn't love fishing and gambling?
Review from 76561198073948454As a fan of doors colored orange, i can recommend this game.
Review from 76561199005212427good shooter,you're gonna have a good time playing since it's both relaxing and challenging
Review from 76561199589383133epik
Review from 76561198134567363It's like Titanfall 2 and Doom Eternal had a passion love child and birthed a rougelike, and dressed it up in Vaporewave vibes.
Review from 76561198990905664This game makes me light headed 10/10
Review from 76561198861648323This game is incredibly fun and cool despite all the bullshit it had to go through. Can't wait for 1.0 Be there or become a octagon
Review from 76561199040145488Best 15 dollars I've ever spent, the visuals and gameplay are AMAZING.
Review from 76561198367113767 my honest reaction : yes, just get it
Review from 76561198122593342everytime i look away the game changes
Review from 76561198298760914i've bought this game 3 times and its still not balanced well whats going on man. i'll buy it again next year