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Tiny Thor

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Review from 76561197964265262Would you believe me if I told you that a game called Tiny Thor was one of the most difficult and rage inducing side scrollers ever made? I'm going to leave a positive review but I wouldn't recommend doing this to yourself. There is a section during the final boss that requires you to have a life heart to pass, no matter what. Incredibly unfair like many of the sections in this game.
Review from 76561198296419360I'd love to play this game, but when I reached world 3, the game's controls really felt like a pain to play. The jump to be made just after the kraken was the trigger for me to publish this review. The dash followed by a jump, whether in this level or in Challenge XII, seems far too imprecise and imperfect, and it's all too easy for the player to miss a jump if he doesn't press the right key in the millisecond. The game is beautiful in terms of design, it's very varied, but the controls of the dash or even the aiming of the hammer got the better of me. Unfortunately, I wouldn't recommend this game, which is more frustrating than difficult.
Review from 76561198060358818Good game (I received this game for free therefore my opinion is invalid)
Review from 76561198039517130Tiny Thor nails the Retro Platformer genre and takes you back to a time when games were fun and challenging. The game allow you to experience the Norse God Mythology from a different perspective and does it with style. Just great fun with a good learning curve . I am only a few levels in and still have a lot of abilities to unlock. To all of you 16 Bit tragics, this will hit your nostalgia button.
Review from 76561198393375550Cara que jogo bom, mds, amo dms!
Review from 76561199043851319oyun gayet güzel tavsiye ediyorum biraz zor ama yine de alın bir deneyin derim. tatlı
Review from 76561198321125913我是因为扎实的美术风格才入的,但我非常讨厌这种游戏设计风格 缺少引导的谜题设计,逼迫高精度操作的极限跳台,零容错即死加上老旧的第二条命玩法 对剧烈的失败负反馈以及昂贵的重试成本已经越来越难以忍受了,玩这种游戏不如把时间用来锻炼身体 多的不说了,既然已经不能退款,那这个游戏对我的唯一作用就是提醒自己,买了游戏要尽快试一下别屯着,别等到退不了款再发现是油炸西红柿就晚叻。。。。。。。
Review from 76561198023792903Fairly fun, but not without issues.
Review from 76561198164572335I never liked precision platforming. I think i'm just not good at it. BUT this one really hooked me. It's just fun.... i'd died a trillion of times and I almost gave up several times. But then there was an idea - and it worked. It is really challenging - but so far (50+% - 25hours playtime) not unfair. There is always a save point after an hard area. And you get better and better. When you've found a solution that works - it just works again and again (most times :) Some levels you have to play 2-3 times to find all the secrets and diamonds... There is also an included cheat mode. Which is nice - and i used it twice to train a part without instant death - to then play it in "real". Only the bonus levels are too stressful for my age (40+). So i leave them aside - so far... Thanks to the Devs for this gem.
Review from 76561199017269197第13关玩着怎么没有冲刺了
Review from 76561198000550952Un plataformero MUY DIFICIL, muy bien hecho, muy ingenioso y original. No te dejes guiar por los primeros 3 niveles, son muy faciles, el resto es para tirar el joystick contra la pared. Pero lo vale!
Review from 76561199598413788I was very excited about the game until the middle of the third world unfortunately. The levels become frustrating for my average platform player skills. After hours of trying to overcome levels I got exasperated and decided to quit the game. Too bad because I was really loving it in the first 15 levels. I really appreciated the tricks to overcome the stages with the hammer and its old school level structure. But then, as I already said, I didn’t have the patience to stay behind too long at the levels and watch videos on youtube to see help. I’m really sorry. Obviously there will be other players who will appreciate the elements of difficulty that instead led me to leave it. Rating 7.
Review from 76561199402862464Harder than dark souls and elden ring.
Review from 76561198194983841It's a very good game. Very hard to finish (at least to me). Few bugs. Good mechanics. Nice art. Fine story.
Review from 76561197971082447
Review from 76561198070756530A fun platformer that knows what it's trying to do an executes it well. The game clearly takes inspiration from Celeste and appears to even offer an Easter egg or two to those who play it. That said, it is very much its own game. Thor's Hammer is a centerpiece of game play and it allows this to feel like the platformer I was hoping for while also offering challenges that felt new and made me think a little bit. For platformer fans who are looking for an actual platformer rather than a metroidvania that has good platforming in it, this game will scratch that itch. The one complaint I have is that the movement felt a tad slow at times. The mechanics involving the hammer would likely be incredibly frustrating if the game operated at the speed of Celeste, but but the speed did take a little getting used to. All in all an easy recommend from me.
Review from 76561198058355035True Nordic plataform game
Review from 76561198268239541A wonderful game whose level design impressed me from start to finish. I expected something that wouldn't be very easy, and it's tough yet fair difficulty did not disappoint! If you enjoy a challenge that tries to get everything it can out of the abilities you are given then give it a shot, and don't give up!
Review from 76561198030451917Sadly going to have to say no to this one. I did finish it but reluctantly (and stubbornly) after about 7hrs. The longer the game went on the more I just wanted to be done with it. It's got a lot of neat ideas, every so often I'd come across a section that made me say "Oh that was really cool!" but then a lot of the level design decisions with trying to make the game "difficult" just got in the way of the fun that could and should have been had. I will say the game visually looks great and going back through some of the earlier levels after you have all the movement skills felt way smoother and more enjoyable like that's how it should have been to start lol. And props for the subtle hints early on in a stage showing you how do tricks you'll need later on in the level in more complicated sections, nice touch. As far as difficulty, really not bad. Found it a bit too slow paced with a lot of waiting around and trial and error. Once you get to Level 21 Tempest Towers, from then on it's kind of a sh*t show. It doesn't really get harder, it just becomes...questionable. A lot of time I just found myself damage boosting through sections rather than doing the intended method. After the first level, I had no desire to go out of my way to get any of the collectibles. Getting 300+ (and sometimes even 400+, 500+) blue crystals in each level??? Sometimes less is more, this is one of those times. I think the blue gems could have been used a bit more strategically to indicate more of the platforming sections that were unclear on how to proceed or secrets, instead of mostly just random placement and hiding them everywhere. Anyways the ideas for a great game were there and definitely felt like there was some influence from the OG DKCs and Yoshi's Island. It had some great moments (Challenge IV Floorless Frivolity felt really smooth except the middle part with the lowering columns which I just skipped lol) but it wasn't as fun as it could have been. PS I unintentionally beat the final boss hit-less and saw there was a hit-less achievement for each and all bosses so I felt compelled to go back to do that and a few more of the easier-to-get achievements XD
Review from 76561198349393252I played the demo for Tiny Thor awhile back and I knew it was going to be something very special. I live a busy life and was just now able to get to it. So far I have played stages 1-3 and Tiny Thor has met my expectations and then some. This game is a breath of fresh air and a must own. 10/10 PS: Keyboard and mouse friendly, though controller might be best, depends on personal preference (I used keyboard and mouse, and tho tricky at certain points, made it through just fine), and key binding is available.
Review from 76561198185388628Its a fun sidescroller game. Its tough but I enjoy the look of it and I love norse mythology so its fun to have the element mixed with gaming.
Review from 76561198028011423It's a creative platformer game that constantly introduces new and fun challenges. The world, not enemies, is your biggest obstacle here. This one is closer to Celeste than Contra, though there are (excellent) bosses to battle. The controls are great, though there is some subtlety to them you need to learn. Wall jumps are a two-part input: jump, then push away from the wall rapidly. And a dash doesn't count as a jump, so you can dash off cliffs and still jump twice. The music isn't for me and seems repetitive—a significant difficulty spike near the end with maybe two or three frustrating parts. Checkpoints are generous but expect a challenge. Tiny Thor is a great platformer who drops the ball in some areas but offers a unique platforming experience with their take on Thor's Hammer. I highly recommend it!
Review from 76561198075704822If you like platformers, this game is for you! It's always cool watching Mjölnir bounce around and the physics are really good! There's also some great assist options in case you don't want to bother with the challenging bits of the game. Also, played great on my Steam Deck OLED.
Review from 76561197971894611Whaouw, what a huge pain in the ass that was. It starts off ok-ish, your basic 16bit era platformer with lots of micro-issues that make it somewhat awkward to play but it could have deserved a 6/10. But soon the platforming starts getting quite hardcore and the gameplay issues make it a huge pain. Things are just not tight enough to build a precision platformer and the physics is quite questionable. I forced myself to finish it and started really resenting it more and more as i was getting closer to the end. Also there are only 3 environments, the levels are way too long and very little music variety. 4/10
Review from 76561198920142728Played on 512 steam deck without issues. This is a fantastic game, it is what the best games of old should be modern day. Fabulous game, must buy. It’s challenging but fair and checkpointing is good. Get it.
Review from 76561198086292114I'm a huge platformers fan and this one is one of the best I have ever played. If you enjoyed the DK games or Kaze and the Wild Masks, this is a game you don't want to miss.
Review from 76561198089175237战斗部分占比不高,大多都是平台跳跃,难度还行。 通关留念
Review from 76561198086583133Great art direction and super fun gameplay. The controls are super tight and every level so far feels unique. Stages are a bit too long for my liking in the end, but I had fun all the way.
Review from 76561198328186119I see some people complaining about the difficulty level of Tiny Thor. But in my experience the game is fair. It's challenging because it actually requires you to get better at the game, something many modern games don't do. +Thor's Hammer as a mechanic was a really unique feature that I never got bored with. Both when platforming and doing puzzles. + The game doesn't just excell at being a platformer but the boss fights are also something praise. + The game also has beautiful 16bit graphics that you don't see much these days. +The story is nothing crazy deep but it's interesting enough for this type of game. - On the other hand the levels' look get very repetitive. Once you enter a new world every level pretty much looks the same. - the music also is nothing to write home about. Its got some good and upbeat tracks but they overall come of as generic. +/- Something I'm not sure how to feel about is the lack of a health system. In traditional platformers you collect coins or fruit. When you reach a 100, the game rewards you with an extra life. In Tiny Thor however you use the gemstones you collect to buy certain upgrades such as "immediately call back the hammer" while this can be fun, I miss the intensity you get from games like Crash Bandicoot when your counting down each fruit you collect waiting for that extra life that might save your life. The reward feels more instant, as opposed to Tiny Thor where you might even forget to visit the reward tree. But I also understand the levels in Tiny Thor are much longer than other platformers, so I understand why the developer didn't want to include that type of health system. You would be in the same level for days! There's a health system, you collect hearts through out each level. However when you get hit by an enemy your heart essentially falls out and the longer it stays out, the more hearts you lose. If you lose them all one hit will kill you. Which was at the very least a decent attempt at giving the player some of that intensity of collecting health. Tiny Thor is a really great platformer that drops the ball in some areas but overall offers a unique platforming experience with their take on Thor's Hammer. I 100% recommend it!
Review from 76561197972760704Awesome old-school 2d platformer game with fabulous music from sound magician Chris Hülsbeck. However, it can lead to frustration due to the level of difficulty...but the developers already introduced an "assist mode" to simplify it!
Review from 76561198073939209I waited a long time for the game to be released. And the first time I played it, I thought it had colourful graphics, but nothing I hadn't seen before. The gameplay was normal too. Then I gave it another try and found out that the gameplay soon becomes very challenging. Now I love the game. My advice is to play at least the first 4-5 levels to get a complete picture of the game. The story is also cool, I like Hugin and Munin, the two ravens. They have a great sense of humour. It also took me a few runs to get used to Mjoellnir (the hammer). Aiming and shooting is very important, I found out. Some opponents aren't so tough when Mjoellnir hits them in the back :-) I look forward to encountering more of the game.
Review from 76561198448826543Game Play muito Divertida, trilha sonora excelente !!
Review from 76561197973833375Jest trudna i checkpointy ratują 4 litery. Poziom trudności coś jak Rick Dangerous (jest ostrzeżenie zaraz na początku gry, że jest trudna) - prawie na pamięć trzeba grać. Klimat/wygląd gry Amiga (jest śliczna subiektywnie) i bugi na jakie natrafiłem to trzeba trafić krzyżakiem co się chce wykonać (podwójny skok nie działa z inną kombinacją niż lewo/prawo + 2x skok). Na klawiaturze jak ktoś przejdzie to będzie mistrzem. Kibicowałem temu projektowi, bo tj. coś ala Superfrog i się doczekałem. ---END---
Review from 76561197970908448Fantastic game. Movement, music and challenge were perfect. Yes, not easy but satisfying. I highly recommend picking it up....in addition you do support an independet games developer.
Review from 76561198086242231Сначала думал, что 700 рубанов это дорого, но потом сам не заметил, как игра меня затянула. Классная механика с Мьелниром. Приятный саундтрек и графика. Нет русского языка, но даже с моим поломанным английским все понятно. Искренне советую тем, кому нравится жанр платформер и кто любит залипать в ретро игры. Геймплей - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbFymCcQa0c
Review from 76561197971430602Super Game für Oldschool Plattform Fans aus vergangen Zeiten wie C64 oder Amiga 500 aber sehr herausfordern und teils manchmal ganz schön schwer. Trotzdem hoher Fun Faktor am besten mit Steam Controller spielen
Review from 76561198111088324Jedna z najtrudniejszych gier w jakie grałem, dużo radochy, wymaga kreatywności i zręczności. Super! Bardzo polecam
Review from 76561198446800182oyunu bayağı bi bekeledim daha iyi oalbilirdi bence ama yine de eğlenceli herkese tavsiye ederim
Review from 76561198074090745Hard but not impossible, had a blast and recommend!
Review from 76561197994370272Just played it for like 10 minutes, and I'm already in love. It takes me back to my old childhood games. Can't wait for the game to get difficult and kick my azz. :D But srsly, if u love old retro throwbacks give it a try.
Review from 76561197966931748Brings you back to the 16 Bit / 32 Bit times. Great soundtrack.
Review from 76561197981261331at the end of the game, the game design of the levels was made by a stupid masochist
Review from 76561198119708487No me gustó. El diseño de niveles es malo. Tratándose de un juego que incentiva la exploración hay muchísimo recovecos sin recompensa. El sistema de salto es poco responsivo. El segundo dash en el aire y el walljump se bugean seguido. Las hitboxes también son muy imprecisas. Tal vez lo mejor que tiene son los jefes, pero no abundan. Una lástima.
Review from 76561197960827222Kreative Puzzles, schöner Soundtrack und echt schweres Jump&Run. Der Controller musste fast dran glauben. 10/10.
Review from 76561198118388586100%ed zany zips 🤬
Review from 76561198044509763Das ist eigentlich gar nicht meine Art Spiel, weil ich eigentlich viel zu ungeschickt für sowas bin, aber hier hab ich Spaß ohne Ende. Die Levels sind angenehm kurz und die Checkpoints sind angenehm eng beieinander. Man ist beim Ableben sofort wieder im Spiel, ohne nervige Ladezeiten. Ohne Experte in diesem Jump'n'Run-Geschäft zu sein, empfinde ich das Bewegungsgefühl als sehr präzise und spaßig und gut. Man muss manchmal ziemlich pixelgenau springen, aber es fühlt sich nie schwammig oder fehlerhaft an. Ich hab immer den Eindruck, dass ich Schuld bin, wenn was nicht klappt. Die Musik ist toll, die Grafik ist toll, das Leveldesign ist toll, das ganze Spiel ist rundherum extrem gelungen und empfehlenswert und toll! Vermutlich wird mir das irgendwann zu schwer werden, aber dann gibts ja immer noch die Optionen im Hilfsmodus, die das ganze für Leute wie mich beherrschbarer machen. Ich finde das Spiel ganz, ganz großartig und jeden Cent wert!
Review from 76561198254469387Très bon jeu mais vraiment exigeant et difficile !!
Review from 76561198014845898De los juegos más difíciles que me he pasado nunca pero no he podido soltar el mando hasta acabarlo. El juego parece un plataformas al uso en los primeros compases pero la dificultad se dispara y en ocasiones da la sensación de estar resolviendo intrincados puzzles que te obligan a hacer algunas cosas que no esperas. Las decisiones de diseño son a veces tan locas que no me queda claro si el juego es una genialidad o un desastre super divertido. Mención especial al arte y la música obra de algunos artistas que vienen de la época de Amiga y se nota. En conclusión un juego de plataformas que sorprende, se sale de lo establecido pero que hay que tener en cuenta que es muy difícil.
Review from 76561197994396358Well, I went ahead and finished the game, and generally liked it. It had a few major irritations, but overall was generally pretty fun. It's a different take on platforming from what I've played; one review called it "Celeste with a hammer" or something similar, and I heavily disagree with that, unfortunately mostly in negative ways. A few segments definitely had the satisfaction of a good Celeste room, but there are a number of things that make this, in my mind, more painful than Celeste in ways that kill some of the fun: - longer breaks between checkpoints: most Celeste rooms are short puzzles, and you save after every one. A few of the Tiny Thor levels had long gaps between checkpoints. It worked out with the difficulty most of the time, but sometimes it was tedious to replay a long-ish section dozens of times while trying to puzzle out the next section. - no preview / blind leaps: longer Celeste levels usually gave you a telescope(?) that let you see the level at your leisure. Here, you don't get to see the next jump until you get to it, and sometimes they require a level of planning that you just can't do blind. So you get a basically guaranteed death the first time you see them. This is a way to increase "difficulty", but it always feels cheap. - "race" levels: A number of segments in Tiny Thor have rising water or some other artificial mechanism to make you run. This is often done will, but combined with the above points, these can be extremely frustrating in a not-fun way. There's nothing fun about playing an easy 30-second segment a dozen times because you only have 5-10 seconds to try to figure out the next segment before you drown. - slow deaths: This may just be perception, but one reason Celeste works is that the time penalty dying is negligable; by the time you register that you died, you're back at the start of the room. Tiny Thor has a little death animation that made it feel slow. And if you get hit and then fall into lava, you don't actually die until the invincibility wears off, which is a couple seconds. Luckily, the pause menu saves the last selection, so a quick "pause/enter" restarts much faster. - no in-level saving: AFAICT, if you exit a level for any reason, you restart it back at the start of the level. Some levels took me 40 minutes for the first play through. I sometimes tried to sneak in a play session in a quick break, but then had to decide between extending the break to finish the level, or having to replay the first part of the level next time I can back. That is just a waste of my time. - lack of explanations on new moves: as I complained below in older reviews, new moves get minimal introduction without detailed explanation. Aside from wall jumps, on dash/double jumps, it took me almost to the end of the game to finally establish when you get a second one of each. - hitboxes: Honestly, this was mostly just the final boss, but a good number of my deaths were due to the horn killing me from several pixels away, or falling through the edge of a leaf. Now that I've complained, there are plenty of good bits. Of course, they need less detail, but they do, for the most part, outweigh the irritations above. - Music: when you're playing a level over and over, music can make it much more bearable. Overall, it did that here. - There are a lot of good levels. Many segments were a fun, satisfying run through on the first or second try, and a few were real puzzles to figure out how to get all the secrets. - The secrets are well-done; a good number early on are obvious, but some of the later ones do a good job rewarding "I wonder if I can do that". Previous update: After a week or two I came back to this, and managed to get through the previously annoying part fairly quickly after I figured out my wall-jump issue: you have to wait for the "wall grab" animation before you jump off, and then you have a fairly narrow window to press both away and jump. I still mess them up occasionally, but by slowing down my wall jump speed, it's dropped to "minor annoyance". But it would be nice if the game found a way to explain this or had any sort of guidance. I'm now at 52%; most of the game has been fun, with a lot of fun little sections, some parts that took a bit of thought, and a couple that are just gratuitously frustrating. One in particular was just "you need to jump this far", and much like wall jumps, it's not well explained exactly how to maximize your distance. After about ten frustrating minutes of trial and error, I finally found the right combination of inputs and timing to make that long jump. Aside from the extremely uneven difficulty and occasional "we didn't explain how to do this well enough" bits, my other major complaint is the inability to restart mid-level. This didn't come up much in the first part of the game since levels were generally quick, but it's frustrating to be 25 minutes into a level, get stuck on one part, and then have to spend another 5-10 minutes replaying the entire level because I didn't have time to finish it in one sitting. But overall, at this point, there's been enough good that I'll promote my "4-star" review to a thumbs up. Original (thumbs down) review: I wish I could give this four stars, but given the binary yes/no on Steam, I have to go with no. I made it about a third of the way through percentage-wise, and enjoyed the first few levels; they were cute, had a couple neat tricks, and some fun exploring. Then it got a little tricky; some things took me a couple tries to have the "aha" moment, some just took a few tries to execute perfectly. Then I hit wall jumps; I don't know what it is, but I just can't get them reliably. The indicator seems to be "go to the wall, then jump away". So I get on the wall, press the opposite direction and jump, and it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. I was especially confused that sometimes I wall-jumped straight up, before eventually realizing that was just double jumping against the wall, I think because I was jumping too soon. This wasn't too terrible; some bits took longer than they should have, but it was a minor irritation for the most part. Then I got to a rising water section that requires several wall jumps. After fifteen minutes or so, I got through it, and was about a second too slow figuring out the next (slightly cute puzzly) part and drowned. After a half hour over two sessions trying to get back there, I'm rage quitting. I'm sure I could get back, but it'`s just not fun. Most attempts are nearly a minute long, and then a dumb failed jump makes me restart. There are plenty of other games I can play that I'll probably enjoy more For context, I completed Celeste (including C-sides and Farewell) and Getting Over It. I enjoy hard games, but while Celeste had quick retries in short levels (except when clearly justified) and Getting Over It is its own thing, this feels more to me like a game that's trying to be hard, but missed what makes it fun. I'd love to see the rest of the game, but it's just not worth my time right now. Also, I agree with some other complaints about the hammer; you can theoretically throw it in any direction, but the control stick is too imprecise and using the arrows too slow, so anytime there's any time pressure (e.g., an enemy on screen) I just jump around until I can do a throw horizontally or vertically. It contributes to the feeling that this game just didn't quite figure out the controls.
Review from 76561198413148942JOGO DESGRAÇADO!!! Começa de boa, mas depois vira um verdadeiro INFERNO, pulos precisos, pior "Wall JUMP" pior "DASH" da história do games, só recomendo para quem gosta de passar raiva com jogos.
Review from 76561198071247426Oh boy, this one is a Celeste meets Сuphead levels of frustration, but in a bad way. It feels not playtested enough. Instead of fixing obviously NOT FUN difficulty spikes and gameplay quirks, developers just shoved a disclaimer at the start of the game with text like "git gud". Great art and sound though, that's what I liked.
Review from 76561198231207260Tiny K I N O
Review from 76561198106799731如果有人過不去反T字形的懸崖地形,建議空衝之後接下墜槌在取消前搖二段跳,不然衝刺+二段跳都會有反人類的前推機制。 破關之後的感想,遊戲本身不錯,實質上是一款動作跳躍遊戲,打怪的要素很少,但對於官方所說的高難度還是有點差強人意,最大的難度問題在於人物的操作硬值,跳躍滑梯蹬牆移動問題還不大,但遊戲主軸的"投擲鐵鎚"卻是問題超大。 我在特殊關卡"精準投擲"卡了很久,原因是投擲瞄準的硬值很不直覺,你可以盲投,但只能固定8個很直的方向,有玩的玩家們都知道並不是所有情況都符合8方向的瞄準,如果你要精準的操作人物移動投擲一定會使用瞄準,但瞄準跟耀西島不一樣, 叫出瞄準線必須按著不放,再按著方向鍵上下緩慢移動(設定不能調瞄準速度)人物無法移動也無法瞬間瞄準投擲 也無法"跳躍瞄準投擲",你按太快系統會直接當你全都沒按,你的角色就會跟個白癡一樣舉槌放槌LOOP,你只能先關卡背板,設定好你要投擲的角度,到要投擲的地方時再慢慢叫出瞄準線投擲,光是這點就讓我很幹,因為這遊戲就是以投擲鐵鎚為主要玩法,無法跟耀西島的投擲一樣直覺 也沒有支援右類比快速瞄準,變得有點反人類,尤其又是高難度關卡都是在投鐵鎚的話就更不用說,一定會氣死。 還有投擲鐵槌沒辦法超出螢幕,他只會在你的視線內反彈,我不知道這是好是壞,因為有些謎題甚至需要利用充氣彈簧+箱子+螢幕移動讓槌子無限推箱子這種方式過,但對我來說也算是很不直覺的一部分。 他動作很多沒錯,但是他主角機體與地圖物件沒辦法跟洛克人一樣很契合,導致你會很像殘缺的角色卻要過一些很刁鑽的地方,學會衝刺到雪關的時候你會非常有感觸。 總而言之就是會有很多莫名其妙的動作硬值讓這款成為真正的高難度(光是在特別蹬牆關4只有5%的人有過關就可以知道),除此之外其他的表現都還可以,畫面用心、音樂輕鬆,算是一個合格的小解謎動作GAME,如果不在意他的動作硬值我會推薦遊玩。
Review from 76561198011977018This game is too difficult and will make you miserable. I beat it with all gems and no assists purely out of spite. I suggest others play it and join me in my righteous and vindictive fury. Get ready to die a million times!
Review from 76561197960390524If I were to disregard the level design, then by all accounts this would be a wonderful game. Authentic sprites, music and sound effects that really appeal to me, with tight controls and really tight hitboxes/programming. I will solely recommend it based on that because I do think it deserves it. I also think the hammer is a fun gimmick, despite not being sure why aiming the hammer isn't just the same button as throwing the hammer, but I digress. However, the level design is straight out of hell. I actually thought this wasn't going to be as hard as some reviews made it out to be and it looked like a really cute platformer with just some harder passages, but the levels really have been made by satan himself. Up until around 25% of the game, it really is fun, enjoyable, well paced and whimsical at moments. Gives you plenty of time to adore the wonderful sprite work... then once the rest of the plot is revealed to you it will just continue being more and more difficult. There are moments of short peace whenever you are introduced to a new mechanic, but then it just continues shifting into higher gears. I actually think a lot of the puzzles and mechanical stuff you can pull off is quite clever and the level design is actually really good if you're looking for a challenge that doesn't get boring too fast. Like there's a ton of things I haven't seen in other hardcore platformers before and usually that type of level design gets repetitive really fast. I also don't think it ever is "unfair" in a sense of just throwing random stuff at you. The design is deliberate and fair, with decent checkpoints, so most of it really boils down to pressing movement keys in the right order... but it really is exhausting and draining at the butt clenching pace a lot of levels are going. There's an accessibility mode, but it doesn't really help you because the problem are not the enemies, it's the mechanical skill that's required. They would need to add something like a flying thor mode. I think it's worth the money because everything else is stellar and to be honest I should've just expected it to be really hard, so I'm not really the main demographic anyway.
Review from 76561198003058915This game is fantastic! I love pretty much everything about it! From the design to the awesome music to the incredible level design and the ideas that can be found in so many little things. I am simply blasted and no game managed to do that in a long time!! The later the game the more complex the levels became but they were always very thought through, a pure joy to play!
Review from 76561198043361842Really fun platformer.
Review from 76561197969014893Highly underrated
Review from 76561198964071742総じてクオリティの高いプラットフォーマーアクション。ハンマー(ミョルニル)を駆使したギミックやパズルはいずれのステージにおいてもよく出来ており、バラエティも豊か。特にボス戦では、アクションとギミックを上手くブレンドさせた戦闘を楽しむことができ、全体的に厳しい難易度ながらも何度も挑戦してしまう中毒性がある。この点については、同ジャンルで有名な『セレステ』に似た魅力を感じる。一方、オブジェクトへの当たり判定が妙にシビアだったり、一部エリアの導線が分かりづらかったりと、粗を感じる部分も。また、悪い点とは言えないが、難易度が序盤のとあるステージから急に上昇するので、そこで面食らって辛さを感じる人は多そう。とはいえ、最近リリースされたプラットフォーマー作品の中では個人的に屈指の出来だと思う。難易度が”そこそこ”(これは重要)高い2Dアクションゲームを求めてる方にはホントにおすすめ。
Review from 76561198130817564Interface: A interface de Tiny Thor é elegante e intuitiva. A navegação nos menus e os controlos é fácil, proporcionando uma experiência de jogo fluida. Os elementos da interface são minimalistas, mas informativos, sem sobrecarregar. História: Embora não se concentre fortemente na narrativa, apresenta uma história encantadora que complementa a jogabilidade. A narrativa serve como pano de fundo para a ação, fornecendo contexto para os desafios e missões que enfrentamos. Jogabilidade: A jogabilidade é um dos grandes destaques, misturando plataformas clássicas com mecânicas modernas, temos uma mistura satisfatória de desafio e diversão. O design dos níveis é criativo, promovendo a exploração e manobras habilidosas e arriscadas. Os controlos são responsivos, melhorando a experiência geral de jogabilidade. Comunidade: Com uma comunidade ativa de mais de 10.000 membros no Steam e um servidor Discord pequeno mas próspero, onde partilham frequentemente dicas, fanart e podem participar em discussões sobre atualizações e estratégias do jogo. No Steam têm 45 achievements e 10 Points Shop Items disponíveis. Sensação de Recompensa: Destaco a sua capacidade de proporcionar uma sensação de realização, ao nos fazer superar secções desafiantes de plataformas e derrotar chefes formidáveis. O sistema de progressão do jogo mantém os jogadores motivados a desbloquear novas habilidades e níveis e achievements. O que mais gostamos: A abordagem nostálgica mas atualizada da jogabilidade, com controlos precisos e o design intricado dos níveis, com o estilo de arte pixelizada que evoca memórias de jogos clássicos. O que menos gostamos: A dificuldade pode ser um pouco elevada, levando a frustração de tempos a tempos (normalmente nos vídeos corto isso tudo fora para não vos aborrecer). A falta de uma narrativa mais profunda pode também vos retirar vontade de progredir. O que o torna único: O que distingue Tiny Thor é a fusão de estética retro com mecânicas de jogabilidade modernas. Essa combinação funciona tanto para jogadores mais antigos que procuram nostalgia, quanto para os jogadores mais novatos que procuram experiências inovadoras. Devem evitar se: Se não és fã de plataformas desafiantes ou prefere jogos com narrativas complexas, este jogo pode não ser a melhor escolha para ti. Género e jogos equivalentes: Ao misturar acção e plataformas, é comparável a jogos de plataformas clássicos como “Super Mario Bros.” e sucessos indie modernos como “Hollow Knight”, preparado para um público diversificado. Conclusão Tiny Thor é um jogo de plataformas envolvente que combina o encanto dos clássicos com mecânicas modernas. Apesar de uma história simples, a jogabilidade é envolvente, os controlos precisos e a comunidade ativa tornam-no uma escolha sólida para os fãs do género.
Review from 76561198057417149The ropes are hecking dog water
Review from 76561198202904481No soy de jugar plataformeros, por un tema de que no les tengo paciencia y por mi habilidad rancia xD pero este juego me encanto, y lo recomiendo, facil de aprender, con una curva de dificultad genial y graficamente super atractivo
Review from 76561198005526809Great fun, mostly played on SteamDeck.
Review from 76561198916855871Es un juego super recomendable. Hay algunas cosas que no me terminaron de gustar: -Mirar hacía arriba y abajo/bajar de plataformas: las escribí juntas porque si bien no es necesario que el pj tenga mayor visión, hay situaciones donde por revisar si hay algo debajo llegas a morir teniendo que volver al checkpoint. Y que para bajar de plataformas sólo sea necesario apretar el botón abajo, puede resultar molesto si uno no se acostumbra. Tal vez que se tenga que mantener el botón hacía abajo + el botón de saltar para evitar algunas muerte. No obstante, no es un problema que perjudique el gameplay. -Salto de dificultad: si bien me encantan los juegos desafiantes. Sentí un salto muy grande al pasar a los niveles helados. -El desafío 7: era el último desafío para platinar el juego. El que más sufrí. Si bien entiendo la visión de los desarrolladores de estos desafíos. Me pareció muy largo y tener que repetir todo puede llegar a ser frustrante. Un checkpoint o que sea más corto le vendría bien. El resto me parecieron bien en cuanto duración, aunque una recompensa aparte del logro estaría bueno. Dicho eso... el juego es una maravilla. El arte y las representaciones de los personajes están re bien logrados. Una historia simple pero cumple el objetivo de entretener. La música, aunque a veces se repita en varios niveles, acompaña perfectamente el camino. Cada pelea con jefes se siente distinta. Se aprovechan cada una de las nuevas habilidades adquiridas. La mecánica del martillo me gusta mucho, si bien hay situaciones donde no se usa más que para atacar, cumple su función a lo largo de la historia y es muy original. Modo assist: una buena herramienta para los que no están acostumbrados a estos juegos y su dificultad. Lo activé en un momento para probar de que se trataba. No lo use a lo largo del juego como para decir que tan bien funciona. En cuanto a bugs, tuve uno, cuando quise volver al principio y recolectar objetos que me faltaban. En el capítulo 7 se me cerraba el juego. Días después se anunció un bug fix y ese bug no apareció más. Lo que demuestra que están atentos a cada problema que surja. Un juego que nos da varias horas de diversión garantizadas. No soy de hacer reseñas largas pero me impulso a querer escribir esto cuando consiga todos los logros, ya que se lo merece. Un obligado para los plataformas precisos. Mucho texto
Review from 76561198111353479This game is literally all I've played since I got it a few weeks ago. Just beat it 100% and I definitely recommend it! It's not easy, especially the later levels, but I would say it's very fair. There are LOTS of game mechanics, and they push all of them to the extreme. You'll get frustrated, but then once you get past where you're stuck, you'll get excited all over again. Hope we get a sequel!
Review from 76561198152868534[h1] More difficult than DOOM ETERNAL [/h1] For anyone who played Flink on the Sega back in the 90's and enjoyed it, this game is a dream come true. The same pixel artist returned, and his style is so dinstinctive and unique, I just felt right back at that period in time. Music is also really good, I enjoyed every level music. Gameplay is solid, I can't complain, everything is precise to me, the movement is slow but I think it was balanced for what they present. Speaking of which, the difficulty level was clearly the highlight of this game. I could not believe how brutally difficult some of the regular stage sections were. I consider myself a pretty good gamer, even at my old age, but I was restarting too much during the last dozen of levels, too much. The ice sections in particular, with those sequential ice portals that functions with the hammer to create a path, they were hell to get through. Not only it is needed to follow it quickly to scroll the screen, with no room for a tiny mistake, sometimes you barely have time to assess what you need to do before falling to your death. I was just in awe at this level of challenge because I think a huge portion of gamers will never be able to pass these sections - only after I cleared the game I got to know there is an assist mode available. Sometimes while playing this game I considered just quitting - that's something only a few games do to me - and I wondered if my old age is decreasing my gamer skills... But I would like to think I'd still suffer with these levels even at my prime. Maybe I'm just not that good, after all. 8/10, great game. But clearly not for everyone.
Review from 76561198067789225This game is solid, Great movement, high level of difficulty. If your looking for a game to challenge your platforming skills, look no further. 10/10. Only complaint is base movement speed is a tad slow.
Review from 76561198327455339So fun! The right amount of challenge and a banging soundtrack!!
Review from 76561198075257647A challenging retro-inspired platformer!
Review from 76561197990194469Fun platformer that's bit like Mario, Shovel Knight and Celeste. Ignore the clowns complaining about assist mode.
Review from 76561198979098979I always thought this one was a tad pricey for a 16 bit platformer, so have been patiently waiting for a sale. At 24 AUD, I thought it was more reasonable, so took the plunge. After all that, this is really one of the tougher games for me to rate, as I love 16 bit action platformers and action platformers in general, but I don't really love Tiny Thor. So ultimately, I can't recommend it, and will explain why in this review. In a nutshell though, for those who don't want to read everything, I didn't like it enough and didn't like the feel of the main weapon. There was also never a point where I LOVED the game. I am an old man who comes from the 8, 16 and 32 bit console era, not to mention arcade. So I know what I really like in a platformer, and control feel/weapon feel is always right there at the top of importance. First, let's get the good out of the way. The jumping mechanics feel 100% precise, and input lag is low. You can confidently make edge jumps. There's layers of parallax and overall it looks pretty, mostly. Even though I only played for an hour, I flicked through a long play video and noticed the basic brown building blocks are present throughout the ~6 hour game. The variety, visually, doesn't seem to really be there, so whilst somewhat striking, it all becomes a bit samey after a while. It has native 4K support in full screen mode or borderless, which is a great feature that every game should have. The actual bordered window options were very limited to 3 sizes though, all way too small for a 4K panel, so forget playing it in that mode. So borderless windowed it was. I am ok with that. What I am not ok with is the main weapon and soundtrack. Firstly, the hammer. Even after an hour, it felt completely alien to me and hence the main reason why I decided to uninstall and refund. Rather than feeling like a natural extension of the character, the hammer feels, well, kludgy. I am trying to find the word. Unwieldy perhaps? Rather than feeling precisely connected to a button, it feels more like a chore every single time you want to aim it. The game also heavily encourages use of the left analog stick, as for some reason d-p ad aiming is limited to up and down rather than the direction aiming of the stick. This I can not understand, as a precision platformer (IMHO) should be played with a digital arcade stick or d-pad. 30 minutes had gone by and I was still trying to aim the hammer by pointing it where I wanted it to go, and eventually I just succumbed and used the analog stick. Even a non aimed, straight ahead quick hammer attack feels wrong to me. Kludgy. The best action platformers have combat that feels entirely natural and never fighting the player. Tiny Thor does the opposite. Oh, a quick word about difficulty. If you can get used to the hammer mechanic, the rest of the level design feels fair and polished, form my limited time with the game in any case. It's again nothing bad, but I just didn't enjoy myself. I hope I am making sense. I mean I can see that real love and effort was put into this, and on paper it should be my type of game, but it just doesn't work for me. I did notice in a long-play video that you get some dash and hammer upgrades, and that would certainly be something to look forwards to for those who want to stick it out with Tiny Thor. Music, well, it's good, compositionally speaking - the problem is that out of the tracks I heard, none truly fit the gameplay! The first level was downright lethargic and sleep inducing, second picked it up and third again, and so on.. (boss music was the best bit for sure in the time I played but still not quite there). Music is SUCH a big part of a retro gaming experience for me, and Tiny Thor really let me down in that department. In an action game, I want action music. Something that excites me and helps drive the game along. A perfect example would be the two bloodstained curse of the moon games. Masterful music that goes with exactly what you are doing and what I expect in a $30 game. Man I will probably get hate for this, but if I had to sum it up, I'd honestly say it's the elevator music of the retro platform game genre. Nothing is ever unpleasant, but it's just "there". Some minor issues: The game refused to recognise my 144hz refresh rate, all the in game resolution options showing it as a 60hz panel (I double checked that the screen was set at 144 and not 60, and even went to 60 and back to 144 just in case that would trigger the game to realise it was a 144hz panel), so the unlock frame rate setting in the options screen did nothing, it always maxed at 60 FPS, even with v sync disabled. That said, I highly advise turning off v-sync as the game exhibited no tearing with it off (and if the frame rate works above 60 for you, obviously cap it at a couple blow your refresh rate with RTSS and this should maintain a tear free experience). As already mentioned, lag was very low like this. The thing is, according to pc gaming wiki and indication from the game's own settings, this game should support higher FPS. Had that worked on my system as it should have, the lag would have been improved even more, and who knows, may have helped the hammer throwing feel better. I can not say as I was stuck at 60 FPS no matter what I tried. I also didn't like how I could not change sound levels in game, and yes, you have to leave the level you are playing to do so! So, fine tuning the SFX/Music ratio was a chore. EVEN THAT! Lol. I mean this is something I want to do in game as I play, whilst I hear the sounds in real time. Ultimately, it took only about 8 goes to get the balance to my liking, but still, sound level should be accessible at any time in game. Actually I think this is the first game I have played on Steam where it's not! I just realised I used the word chore above. I think that sums it all up for me. Rather than having a blast, it more or less feels like I am working for no pay yet having a *little* fun here and there to break it up, but overall, I am just getting tired and more tired, bored even, and want to go home. And then I take another look at it and think, "hang on, it all looks like it should be the kind of thing I want to spend time on", so I try again, but then am reminded why I want to go home. I can't be the only one, since the reviews for this one are "mixed". I hate giving a negative review but at the same time, well, honesty is the best policy.
Review from 76561197977857324Very cool game ! Good work !
Review from 76561198015194393No habia probado los cambios que se mencionaron hace unos meses! si bien sigue comportandose extraño, cuesta mucho que se bugee comparadoa cuando lo jugué ! gracias por seguir dandole soporte al juego ! *Buena música, bonitos gráficos, me recuerdan a los juegos de Snes hechos por capcom para disney, pero está programado con la ..., bugs y glitches por todos lados, la pelea final fue un suplicio no por lo difícil si no por la cantidad obscena de bugs que ocurrían, si arreglan esa batalla y además añaden indicadores visuales para cuando están disponibles tanto el segundo salto como el dash segundaría no se necesitaría los añadidos para el modo "facil" de segunda actualización. Métanse el tiny thor en la punta del p... Edit: añado descripciones de los bugs que me ocurrieron, algunos. "Hola! tenglo clips de los bugs, ya que lo transmití completo por mi canal de twitch, en contra de Jormungandr, principalmente, al momento de que este pasa con su cola, muchas veces me arrastró hacia el borde izquierdo del mapa dejándome atrapado entre la puerta de acceso y borde del mapa, así como aveces saltando en la pared izquierda, para esquivarla de manera al azar aveces tiny thor saltaba al extremo superior izquierdo del mapa, muchas veces al momento de golpear con el ataque en caída sobre la cabeza del jefe final, el martillazo me hacía daño a mi también, al momento que aparecen los fantasmas pequeños de fuego al golpearlos, ciertas veces me propulsaban hacía abajo hacía la lava de manera violenta hacine dome morir instantáneamente por la lava, y otros más."
Review from 76561198040756820Edit: 23.08.2023 The developer included a way to play the vanilla release version, giving people the chance to experience the game on pc before it was nerfed and before the Assist-Mode was included. (though not bugfixed, which might be not that much of an issue since so far I heard of nothing gamebreaking in the release version) This would adress my issue, giving me no reason to mourn about future updates cause the original experience on pc is forever secured. The remaining issue I see for now is that it's hidden behind a beta key password I think it should be selectable for everyone from start without hidden knowledge. For anyone interested it is "oldschoolPower" While I suggested the idea to make the vanilla version available I never mentioned I to change the result of my review, nor the developer asked me for it. They just did it, taking my concern respectfully serious. Since I think the game is overall very good (otherwise I wouldn't have written this) and now there is a way to officially play the game without the nerfs or any cheats all the time openly available in the back of my mind. I can with best conscience recommend this game. It's just like I said it would be cool if this beta wasn't hidden behind a password, while it probably doesn't matter to most people, it could be still a nice finding some might notice per accident or for those looking to an incentive to return to the game with changes, especially if more updates will be released changing the game further. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ORIGINAL REVIEW] The game is very good, if you like challenging retro plattformers, go for it, this review stems solely from an personal problem, if you can't bother about the headline, do not waste any further time reading this and buy the game, to even out my negative review. [h1]Leaving a negative review for the added "Assist Mode" and only the "Assist Mode" alone[/h1] You see, sometimes I buy games beforehand, just because I want to support developers who are brave enough to design a difficult, well thought out, oldschool-inspired game, without offering too many compromises. Just like the videogames we know from the SNES era and beyond. Unfortunately these times games can always change without our consent as consumers, one of the big issues we face in this digital age. This is not the game I bought, you might find it silly that I spit on the product for such a "trivial" reason, but IF the game had an Assist-Mode from begin with, I would've never bought it in the first place and wouldn't have to write this now. The developers got my money for something, the game now ceases to be, it's like they swapped out the product in my posession. Keep that in mind, if you decide to read further. [h1]Why Assist-Modes are the most horrible "solution" to the "difficulty Problem" and make games feel meaningless (to me)[/h1] I hate "assist-modes" out of principle, and for many reason, they are the one thing that basically reduces videogames to mere toys: - the framing as an "accessibility" feature suggesting that a videogame is only "accessible" if you are able to "beat" it. Implying that videogames are supposed to be consumed like books or movies, which shows disregard to the whole medium and where it started. - They break any form of reward structure that was meant to reward you for running the extra mile, like there are achievements where you don't have to get hit by bosses, the value and meaning of the achievments greatly diminishes if it can be either achieved, without a baseline the incentive for such challenging feats makes a nosedive. NO ONE is benefitting from it, other than complusive 100% players, why getting achievments when they're trivial to obtain anyway? Just remove them, you can just beat bosses by not getting hit with self-imposed challenges. You rob players something away that might bring them back to replay it. The reason why achievements exist is the achievement itself and you basically wipe out it's sole purpose. - Bigotry, virtue signaling, and socialist-esque views: "Everyone is different", sure, but for some reason every developer uses the same platitudes ingame to justify their assist feature. So obstrusively right at the start of the game I'll be informed that everything in the game is relative and can be easily trivialized, the developers highlight that they don't "judge" you for it. I just wonder why they had this epiphany almost 3 months after release now, why willingly releasing such a "difficult" game in this state, if you could totally predict the overall player reception. The game was meant to challenge you, otherwise you wouldn't have an failstate at all, otherwise there would be compromises from the start, perhaps not so drastic than full blown invincibility. So of course the games premise IS to judge you, That's part of the fun. That's NOT a bad thing, having something exclusive is NOT evil. It can be exactly that kind of catalysator your target group seeks. So the true reason is, the game is probably not selling well. So this is an attempt for people who complain that the game is too difficult to change their mind. But of course you have to sugarcoat it, to make "cheating" an viable alternative in someones mind. Or perhaps they really think allowing other people to break their carefully crafted leveldesign makes them "good" people. (3 months after release) This is just a video game, they is no resposibility for "equality" or "social justice" or "total inclusion" but of course you need more people, more money, but I was one of the people who bought the game because for its niche, that's why I carefully seek games in the state they present themselves with. - They aren't solution to balancing issues, you still have to cater to your demographic, changing the game cause least people want to play with crutches, most likely someone who hates the game for its difficult design, will still hate it when they resignate and just activate the invincibility to get over it. The developers already pushed out an update before to nerf the game although most likely they already decided to implement the "assist" feature. So you as an enthusiastic player still have to expect that the game becomes nerfed, cause the assist feature isn't made "for you" Secluded "Difficulties" would be different, they are not meant to circumvent the games design, they still carry that will to test your skills, instead offering you a way to trivialize it. - You're asking weak-willed players to control themselfes at the point of highest frustration, which might turn out better than the alternative for SOME players sure, but other players who cannot control themselves will lose the drive to go on if the dam breaked once. Progressing in such games can be fun, because it feels meaningful to earn the progression, but if you know in the back of your mind, that any progression, any feat was made for you to obtain one way or the other you can quickly become nihilistic. So many games these days simply flood you with collectibles, rpg-systems, weapons, overall extrinsic reward to make you care seeing more of it, that's their kind of extrinsic motivation. For an plattformer the extrinsic motivation can stem from the difficulty curve itself, that feel to get somewhere, where you're not meant to be, at least not that easily. That's like an An globetrotter who would feel a much greater incentive visiting St. Helena, than visiting Mallorca. So am I an gatekeeping a-hole? If you think yes, keep in mind, just a few months ago this game was made for "gatekeeping a-holes", the developers thought it would be a good way to design it this way. With no way to make yourself invincible on a whim. So you shouldn't wonder about the reaction now.
Review from 76561198060944520Tiny Thor è un platform 2D affascinante che richiama i classici degli anni 90, dal gameplay al comparto grafico, passando per il sonoro, ma bando alle ciance e scopriamo insieme cosa il titolo ha da offrire. Nel gioco, ci troviamo ad impersonare il piccolo Thor, che ha appena ricevuto in regalo il suo martello, Mjolnir, per il suo ottavo compleanno da parte di Odino. Prima della grande festa di compleanno, Thor decide di avventurarsi in un’escursione. Presto si imbatte in un personaggio non giocante che assomiglia a un elfo e ha bisogno del suo aiuto per risolvere un problema con una regina vespa. Ma ciò che sembrava un semplice compito si trasforma in una missione di grande importanza, in cui Thor dovrà salvare i nove regni e prevenire il Ragnarok stesso. La storia viene presentata attraverso brevi caselle di testo, che potrebbero risultare prevedibili per chi è appassionato di mitologia norrena. Tuttavia, l’attenzione ai dettagli nella rappresentazione della mitologia è notevole, creando un racconto norreno adatto all’intera famiglia. Dal punto di vista grafico, Tiny Thor è uno spettacolo per gli occhi. Il design dettagliato degli sprite e degli ambienti ci permette di esplorare tre dei nove regni, dai paesaggi verdi e rigogliosi alle caverne oscure di cristallo. Ma non è solo l’aspetto visivo a colpire, anche gli effetti sonori e le musiche risuonano come se provenissero da un’era retrò, risvegliando in me piacevoli ricordi. Addirittura, il semplice atto di raccogliere una gemma o completare un livello emette un suono soddisfacente che mi ha catapultato indietro nel tempo, ai giorni magici dei giochi di un tempo. Il gameplay di Tiny Thor segue un design tradizionale dei platform d’azione 2D. L’obiettivo è semplicemente raggiungere la fine del livello senza perdere una vita, per poi passare al livello successivo. La caratteristica principale del gioco è il potente martello Mjolnir di Thor. Il martello può essere lanciato rapidamente in diverse direzioni, distruggendo nemici e aiutando anche ad attivare interruttori e spostare blocchi per risolvere enigmi. Il martello rimbalza sui nemici e sulle piattaforme, offrendo un gameplay immediatamente appagante. Inoltre, è possibile fermarsi e prendere la mira con il martello per avere una visione migliore dell’ambiente circostante. Questo è utile durante i momenti più tranquilli del gioco, ma può diventare un po’ difficile fermarsi e prendere la mira quando si è in fuga da nemici o da minacce imminenti. Ogni livello è disseminato di gemme blu e tre gemme rosse speciali. Le gemme rosse devono essere raccolte direttamente da Thor. Raccogliendo abbastanza gemme rosse, si possono sbloccare livelli extra che mettono ulteriormente alla prova le tue abilità di platforming. Questi livelli sono molto impegnativi, ma non sono essenziali per completare il gioco. Le gemme blu, invece, possono essere raccolte con il martello e utilizzate per acquistare potenziamenti presso un negozio. Anche se i potenziamenti sono utili, non conferiscono un grande vantaggio alle tue abilità. Il gioco presenta una struttura di livelli tradizionale, ciascuno dei quali può essere accessibile attraverso una mappa generale. Non c’è un sistema di vite, quindi puoi riprovare i livelli tutte le volte che vuoi. I checkpoint all’interno dei livelli sono abbastanza frequenti, il che contribuisce a ridurre lo stress e la frustrazione. Le gemme raccolte e il tempo impiegato vengono registrati, consentendoti di tornare indietro in un livello per cercare eventuali segreti o migliorare il tuo tempo se sei uno di quei giocatori speedrunner. Tiny Thor si presta bene a sessioni di gioco brevi, da un’ora o due alla volta. I primi livelli iniziano abbastanza tranquilli, aiutandoti a familiarizzare con il lancio del martello e i controlli di salto. Tuttavia, man mano che si avanza nel gioco, le sfide si intensificano. Sarai costretto a far rimbalzare il martello contro i muri per eliminare nemici protetti da scudi, a fuggire per la vita da minacce imminenti e a mettere alla prova la tua logica risolvendo enigmi complessi. In particolare, il platforming diventa sempre più difficile, portando a molti tentativi e restart. I giocatori esperti di giochi retrò potrebbero accogliere questa sfida con entusiasmo, ma chi è abituato a giochi più accessibili potrebbe trovare che questa è proprio la caratteristica che rende il gioco meno adatto ai loro gusti. Tiny Thor offre una buona varietà di design dei livelli. Tuttavia, a volte ci sono ripetizioni, che possono far sembrare alcuni livelli più lunghi di quanto dovrebbero. I combattimenti con i boss si presentano periodicamente durante il gioco e offrono sfide difficili ma gratificanti, che richiedono l’uso combinato delle tue abilità di platforming e del martello. Alla fine di ogni combattimento, solitamente sbloccherai una nuova abilità che sarà poi utilizzata in livelli futuri. Nonostante alcune piccole critiche, Tiny Thor è stata per me un’esperienza piacevole nel mondo del platforming retrò. Tuttavia, devo sottolineare che potrebbe non essere adatto a tutti. I livelli diventano molto difficili, richiedendo una precisione assoluta nel platforming per essere superati completamente. Inoltre, il sistema di salute non è il massimo e alcuni livelli possono sembrare un po’ lunghi, riducendo la voglia di tornare indietro per esplorare tutti i segreti. Nonostante ciò, Tiny Thor offre controlli precisi, una presentazione brillante e una sfida gratificante per chi è disposto a perseverare. Se deciderai di afferrare il martello e unirti a Tiny Thor in questa avventura, sicuramente ti sentirai degno dell’eredità di Thor stesso.
Review from 76561198062740105Я б с удовольствием прошёл эту игру, если бы она не была такой ретро (современные фикшки, чекпоинты)Ю а так лишь крутой трейлер. https://youtu.be/wTixQXcgrgY
Review from 76561198021481719Tiny Thor ist ein vergleichsweise schwerer Plattformer. Schwerer als zum Beispiel Shantae und leichter als Rosenkreuzstilette bzw. Mega Man. Es gibt optionale Bonuslevel, die auch ganz gut machbar sind. Da gab es nur ein Level bei dem ich wirklich über 2 Stunden gebraucht habe. Man schaltet hierbei nach gewissem Fortschritt immer neue Fähigkeiten frei, die sich auch ganz gut ins Spiel einbauen. [spoiler] Nur der Wandsprung ist manchmal etwas tückisch und schwammig. Sonst ist mir nur aufgefallen, dass der Hammer manchmal nicht die Richtung ändert, obwohl das vom Spiel so vorgesehen ist oder man nach einem Dash einfach stirbt, obwohl die Stacheln noch zu weit weg sind. [/spoiler] Die Sprünge und Bewegungen sind sonst grundsätzlich sehr präzise. Ein Tipp dabei(besonders für die Bonuslevel) die Springen-Taste sollte wirklich gedrückt gehalten werden, wenn man weiter/höher springen möchte. Die Story ist ein bißchen vorhersehbar, aber das ist auch nicht schlimm, sie ist ganz liebevoll inszeniert. Sprachausgabe gibt es allerdings keine, würde sich aber vielleicht auch unangebracht anfühlen. Die Musik ist stets mitreißend und wer zudem noch auf Pixelgrafik steht und mit dem Schwierigkeitsgrad leben kann, wird mit Tiny Thor viel Spaß haben. Eine Art New-Game+ und erweiterter Ingamezähler wären für Speedrunner bestimmt nochmal ein kleiner Bonus für die any% oder new game+100% Kategorie. Allgemein könnte ich mich im nachhinein mit einem weitere DLC anfreunden... entweder mit allen Fähigkeiten neue level oder ggf. ein anderer Charakter mit neuen Fähigkeiten
Review from 76561199200259078It may seem cute at first but the mechanics and physics of this game make it incredibly frustrating to enjoy.
Review from 76561198972935458[quote][h1]你的雷神何必要勇猛无比[/h1][/quote] 得益于超级英雄类电影的大火,雷神这一人物形象也成功的走进了多数人的内心之中,但是在我们的印象中雷神二字可能必须要与勇猛、无敌等词语捆绑在一起。但退一步来说影视作品带给我们的雷神形象只是茫茫雷神中一种,你的雷神不一定要是手持战锤横冲直撞的勇者,雷神一样可以本作《小雷神》中的“智力型雷神”。 [h1]哔哔的电子音,是过去的再现[/h1] 年龄稍微大一些的玩家可能在看到本作后会由衷的感受到一种熟悉感,这种第一印象的熟悉感很大程度上来源于游戏所选取的美术风格。 本作整体采用16bit的复古像素风格,上世纪的《马里奥》《索尼克》等都是这一精度的风格;制作组有意识的让本作和上世纪的知名游戏基本保持了一致的画风,甚至就连游戏内的背景音乐也是十分的“魔性”,过去的街机游戏内如果去掉背景音乐的话用现在的话来说就是“没内味”了,显然制作组是懂得这种必备的元素的,于是在本作的魔性带感音乐下玩家进行游戏的动力似乎都高了三分。 除去上述两点元素之外,游戏内还加入了一个独特的滤镜功能,我们可以根据制作组提供的滤镜选择去还原自己心中经典游戏的风格。 [h1]跳跃、掷锤,小雷神在冒险[/h1] 实际上在我上文将《马里奥》这种经典游戏拿出来举例子的时候就已经暴露了本作的一些玩法,既然制作组走的是怀旧风那么玩法上面也肯定是在朝着这些游戏所靠拢就是了。 既然作为雷神,怎么能没有属于自己的一把锤子呢? 于是在小雷神生日当天,他得到的礼物正是一把属于自己的锤子,而这把锤子在我看来正是游戏内带来的最大变化之处。 在没有获取武器之前小雷神所能进行的动作十分有限,除去基本跑跳之外,他所能进行的唯一特殊操作可能就是跳到敌人头顶上将其踩死或者是用头顶砖块让其掉落宝石和生命值?严格意义上来说这两项操作并不是属于本作的专利,而是借鉴自马里奥的游戏内容,所以我们可以看到在未获取武器之前本作的表现简直是平淡的不能再平淡了。 获取武器的开始,正是本作特色内容开始展现之时。 首先小雷神的这把锤子依然可以做到最基本的收放自如,我们可以选择随机指向一个方位投掷锤子,也可以进行瞄准后(有瞄准线)精确的投掷锤子,而雷神锤在碰到地图内的墙壁地面后会进行反弹,如同现实生活中的弹力球一样,甚至是更夸张一些,当然,如果不想让雷神锤进行反弹的话我们也可以一键将其收回到手中。 作用方面,雷神锤能够在靠近蓝色宝石后直接将其收取,这直接避免了我们反复折返收集宝石,并且在后续的关卡中有着相当一部分的宝石是完全无法抵达其所在地的,我们有且只有通过投掷雷神锤来完成收集。 雷神锤在面对土墙、宝石砖块墙等地形时具有破坏地形的作用,在我看来这些地形存在妙用,我们完全可以依靠地形来分割战场逐个击破敌人,甚至是某些地形并不是要我们一见到就要果断将其破坏的。 而最大的作用在我看来是针对怪物方面,从一开始游戏内就分布着各类型的怪物,小部分的怪物玩家可以通过踩头将其击败,而大部分的怪物则是需要我们看好时机用雷神锤来将其消灭,就那游戏内类似蜗牛的怪物来说我们只能通过反方向投掷锤子来反弹将其消灭,或者是瞬间转身在他没反应过来时消灭。 玩家并不能用踩头的方式来攻击他,而我们在经过几次小关卡后就会来到存在BOSS的房间,在攻击BOSS的过程中我们可以依靠的只有我们手中的锤子。而且BOSS除去触碰玩家造成伤害外其他多数对玩家造成伤害的手段我们都是可以通过锤子来化解的,所以利用好你手中的锤子。 在关卡内面对一些小型敌人时玩家可能并不会感到太多的压力,但游戏内的BOSS战对我来说确实是有些难度不低,这里说一下我们的小雷神实际上是具备两次生命的,在我们收集到红心时受到伤害后红心可以代替我们承受一次伤害,而红心也会在此时被“打出”在地图弹跳五秒后就会消失,如果我们成功在时间内收集到的话是可以再次恢复两次受击次数的,而失去了红心我们无论受到伤害则都是一个必死的结局,虽然玩家看似有着收集红心的机会,但实际上并不容易。 [h1]结语[/h1] 其实当《小雷神》这款游戏确定好自己的游戏风格时,其受众也便也一并确定好了,本作适合那些喜欢精确平台以及受折磨的“高玩”玩家,对于操作一般的玩家来说本作的难度属实是不低,不过从另一个角度来说当玩家反复去世后成功通关的喜悦感也是无与伦比的。 [quote]加入[url=https://steamcommunity.com/groups/feizhai]肥宅聚集组[/url],这里是游戏肥宅与咸鱼萌新的聚集地。 关注[url=https://store.steampowered.com/curator/28359939]肥宅鉴赏家[/url],一起当肥宅w[/quote]
Review from 76561198084738469原汁原味的老牌平台跳跃动作游戏,让我想起了小时候玩过的冒险岛,美术和音乐也都很对味,感觉难度曲线有点大,也可能是我年纪大了反应不过来了……推荐!
Review from 76561198117117917Ce Tiny Thor est une réelle claque, d'autant plus pour un jeu en 2D duquel je n'attendais pas grand chose d'autre qu'un sympathique jeu de plate-forme. La mécanique de jeu est intelligente et évolutive, les musiques sont la digne succession des meilleures compositions que l'on peut trouver sur certains jeux Amiga, et graphiquement, il s'agit pour moi d'un hommage aux machines 32 bits plutôt qu'aux 16 bits. Sur la partie visuelle, on oscille entre Lomax sorti sur Playstation et Astal sorti sur Saturn. Le jeu emprunte plein de petites bonnes idées aux différents plateformer 2D sortis depuis pas mal d'années, pour en faire un concentré de jouabilité exemplaire ! Tiny Thor est clairement LE jeu 2023 à mes yeux !
Review from 76561198058852804Увы но обзорчик я перепишу. Отличная графика. Художники пострались на ура. Реально хорошая музыка. Музыканты пострались на ура. Плохой платформинг и плохо настроеная физика. Геймдизайнер обделался. А еще боевка это 5% игры, 95% это платформинг, с не стабильной физикой, инерцией которая то есть то нет, то мало то много. И 95% смертей это падение в пропасть или воду.
Review from 76561198025731804[quote][b]Check out our [url=store.steampowered.com/curator/36364102-Horny-Hentai-Festival/]Steam curator[/url] , [url=www.youtube.com/curatorhhf/]YouTube channel[/url] and [url=twitter.com/hhfcurator]Twitter[/url]![/b][/quote] Retro-taste, smooth, fun, puzzle 2D platformer. The hammer actions are unique more than anything, master the talented skills and proceed. If you like platformer, just grab it. Massive bosses. Fair price. とにかくハンマーアクションが楽しい2Dプラットフォーマー。storeのPVを見ても分かるように、多種多様な使い方ができる。パズル要素もあり、頭を悩ませてくれる場所も。一転してボス戦はばっちりアクションしていることが多いので、どちらの意味でも楽しめるだろう。価格が高めと思うかもしれないが、内容を考えると適切な印象はあった。2DACT好きには文句なしにお勧めできる一本である。 Mini-video >> https://twitter.com/hhfcurator/status/1680905739253190661
Review from 76561198267584200awesome game, but really a crispy challenge for me. stuck on lvl 26 so far, but can recommend this game and the very nice ost!
Review from 76561198879825924Using the hammer breaks the flow of the game, making it annoying to use.
Review from 76561198008089266Lot of blind falls/jumps on your first time in areas. Almost always if you mess up you cannot recover and die, leading you to do the entire section again. Really annoying that you have to keep track if you have an available dash/jump left because it doesn't show you. Sometimes while dashing through tight spots it will teleport you forward. The final boss was very lame, first phase repeat the same patterns twice (even the climbing section all the platforms were the exact same...). The 2nd phase was very janky too. Do not recommend in its current state. The first half was very fun and simple then the platforming difficulty really spikes up.
Review from 76561199236422246Its a fun game.
Review from 76561198014268347Beautiful and super smooth graphics and very cool gameplay mechanics! A couple of puzzles look impossible at first but feel super rewarding once solved.
Review from 76561198875726728就雪山地图开始按键按着安着就失灵没反应人物卡在这无法继续流程你就值得这个差评
Review from 76561198200811034Приятный платформер
Review from 76561199039421662I adore this game. Is it hard? 100%. But the difficulty is always fair. The upgrades you get to Tiny Thor's hammer & abilities keep the levels fresh.. Beautiful pixel art and a banger soundtrack. If you like the challenge of Celeste, mixed with Shovel Knight style combat, I think this game will be right up your alley. Great, great game.
Review from 76561199061281056Las expectativas las tenía muy altas, ya que he seguido el desarrollo del juego desde hace meses y lo esperaba con ansias. Decir que, una vez me puse a los mandos, Tiny Thor ha cumplido en todos los aspectos lo esperado y el algunos casos incluso los ha superado. Ya es habitual ver todo un extenso arbol de habilidades disponible para nuestro personaje, pero en este caso está muy bien hecho y sobre todo muy fácil de usar, nada de opciones extrañas o dificiles de conseguir. La sencillez también está patente a la hora de abordar la historia, la trama. Y es que no necesitamos una trama profunda en un juego de este género para disfrutar de el. De nuevo, la sencillez se alía con el título. ¿Que decir del aspecto gráfico? Un pixel art absolutamente maravilloso!! Te quedas mirando la pantalla sólo para disfrutar de esos paisajes y de la vida que contiene sus fondos dinámicos. En cuanto al control, la simpleza nos da paso a un control total y preciso. Nada más que añadir salvo que se hace totalmente jugable y apto para todas las edades. Es sin duda un título que podrán disfrutar tanto los jugadores más experimentados como los más noveles y es que tiene una curva de dificultad muy bien medida. Uno de mis juegos favoritos de este 2023!!!
Review from 76561198064677710Eu curto muito adquirir jogos de empresas indies para incentivar o consumo de seus produtos. Não seria diferente com Tiny Thor, porém o jogo, que eu tentei ao máximo curtir, não me cativou. A mecânica de arremesso do martelo em muitos momentos é irritante, você não consegue acertar alguns alvos, mesmo com a melhoria da arma, e tem que contar com a sorte e vários arremessos consecutivos para conseguir tal feito. Além do fato de quebrar a imersão na jogabilidade pois fica parado muito tempo num único lugar. O som de partículas em alguns momentos também precisam ser melhorados, mas nesse caso não é algo grave quanto a mecânica do martelo. Enfim, se quiserem deem uma oportunidade ao jogo. Para mim não cativou e não recomendo.
Review from 76561197992902019I am a 16 bit old-timer and this ticks all the right boxes, while at the same time offering modern platforming based on skill and light-touch puzzle solving. Music is excellent as expected (big fan of Huelsbeck). It gets tough though... not sure I'll have the nerve/patience to actually complete it (I am just past the second boss). The good thing is that you can try as many times as you want thanks to generous checkpointing.
Review from 76561197960317828Es hat seine Schwächen, aber Metacritic 75 ist zu harsch
Review from 76561198067683464Un plataformas espectacular, con un gran diseño de niveles, buena música, pixelart soberbio y bosses entretenidos. Si eres amante del género te va a flipar. Eso sí, es un juego MUY difícil, vas a sudar tinta para terminarlo, pero con paciencia se acaba pasando. Además si quieres un desafío aún mayor tiene niveles opcionales muy complicados estilo las caras C del Celeste, que si como a mí te mola mucho te van a encantar. Por ponerle alguna pega, quizás no sea para todo el mundo debido a lo duro que es, un apartado de accesibilidad con niveles de dificultad y demás opciones podría estar bien. También eché en falta un poco más de variedad de enemigos y la mecánica del walljump es un poco rara y no me terminó de convencer, pero te acabas adaptando a ella. Aún así JUEGAZO en mayúsculas, un must para todo amante de los plataformas 2D.
Review from 76561199213431588Muy bueno y desafiante, las secciones de plataformeo son bastante divertidas, existen niveles especiales en donde la única recompensa es pasarlos (literalmente no te dan nada extra, sólo la satisfacción de pasarlos xD), las peleas contra los jefes tienen su agregado de dificultad pero nada injusto, un juegazo.
Review from 76561198168819880It's nice to play a game with such polished art. Steam is flooded with so many awful looking indie games with crappy pixel art that it's hard to find games with actual quality pixel art like this among all the garbage. --Graphics-- The pixel art is beautiful, the animations are fantastic and this game looks stunning. Henk Nieborg & Nauris Amatnieks are 2 very talent pixel artists and their work here is a pleasure to look at. The title screen and intro cutscene are rendered at an incorrect resolution so they look blurry & awful, which is a shame. (The intro cutscene also has an artstyle that doesn't fit with the rest of the games art) Thankfully everything else in the game is pixel perfect. You can render the game at 1x resolution and view all the crisp pixel art at its intended resolution, which is great and should be the standard, but I can't tell you how many modern pixel art games don't align to pixel grids, mix sprite resolutions, inflate sprites and ruin their pixel art assets in various ways. --Gameplay-- The central gimmick of throwing your hammer and bouncing it off of things to kill enemies, collect gems and solve puzzles is a really neat one. Its as solid a base as any of the best puzzle platformers and it's executed here really well. it's always fun and satisfying. you travel a map with levels that are generally just the right length, new gimmicks are introduced at a good pace and you're always interested to see what's in the next level. Boss fights are solid in design and perfecting them is a fun challenge. In addition to major abilities unlocked by killing bosses, There is a shop where you can buy little power ups. Be warned once you buy these they CAN'T BE TURNED OFF. If you decide they make things too easy or you don't like them, you're stuck with them and your save file is sullied. There is no reason why these couldn't have been toggleable like the alternate colours. Collectible placement is mostly good. I've had fun so far collecting everything.. with a few isolate instances of bullshit. level 20 - "Steep Steps" has an absolutely insane single blue gem placed off camera, below and far to the left of a ledge in an area that kills you. there is no way to know the gem is there and dashing down there to be able to see it will almost certainly get you killed by ice winds. luckily you still retain the gems you collected after dying but this collectable placement is not good design. --Design and Execution Problems-- There are a few cases of sloppy design and things that don't work well or could have been programmed better. *The wall jump controls suck. In a rather outdated decision the devs require you to flick the control stick away from the wall as you jump. It's manageable but it doesn't feel good and it's not a good way to do wall jumping. there is a timer that allows you to wall jump for a brief period after leaving the wall but you have to be holding away from the last wall you came in contact with. The modern method is better because; 1. It doesn't require the player to unnecessarily flick the stick as they jump, since the player always wants to do a wall jump when they press A while clinging to a wall. 2. You can let go from pressing towards the wall in plenty of time before wall jumping since the wallslide state is only cancelled by pushing away from the wall for a short period. if they wanted to let you do the double jump off the wall then they should have only had it trigger if you're pressing towards the wall. I don't see why you'd ever want to use it instead of a walljump though because it mostly gets you killed. *There are a bunch of puzzles and places in levels where you can softlock yourself. In my opinion a good puzzle platformer has no softlocks and always has a way to reset the puzzle without having to go back to the last checkpoint. *Your hammer will bounce off the edges of the game camera and there a few places where you have to exploit this to actually move an object upward by jumping to move the camera up. It's weird to see this used in the level design because it doesn't feel right. It feels more like an exploit than an intended mechanic. There's a challenge called "cubical companion" where this is used. The challenge features multiple softlocks and was a distinct point in the game where the design felt clunky to me. *There are small ball platforms that swing on the end of vines. These seem to have pretty awful collision and tend to throw you off arbitrarily. I think it was intended for you to try to walk along them as they rotate but they just don't work well, Your character jitters in a glitchy manner and falls off inconsistently. it's best to continuously jump on them to avoid the janky collision throwing you off. *There are mushrooms at different angles that you slam to launch off of. If you're not absolutely in the center of these, which is hard to see because the sprites are wonky and organic in aesthetic, you can veer off into spikes and die. I would have programmed a subtle repositioning to the correct trajectory. Despite its problems here and there, this is still a very enjoyable, unique and high quality platformer that I would recommend.
Review from 76561198309979541Tiny Thor is a fun and challenging. The game features beautiful pixel art, catchy music and clever level design. The gameplay is centered around using Mjölnir, the hammer of Thor, to bounce off enemies and obstacles. You can also learn special abilities and unlock secrets along the way. The game has a lot of charm and personality, and it will keep you entertained for hours. If you are a fan of retro platformers, you should definitely check out Tiny Thor!
Review from 76561198810919125Jogo desafiante e empolgante, muito bom para quem gosta de jogos em 2D