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Calm Waters: A Point and Click Adventure

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Review from 76561198893363401truly awful LOL. there is nothing to this game whatsoever.
Review from 76561198030784015"Calm Waters: A Point and Click Adventure" is just what it says on the box, a point and click adventure game, ripping off the gameplay from ancient 1980's and 1990's point and clicks like Day of the Tentacle and The Secret of Monkey Island. This game is nowhere near as good as those. It does work, it's not an asset flip, it is genuinely made, so those are some plusses here. There's even 4K support. The voice acting is pretty good, but I feel bad for the actors, because the story and dialogue is not. The first thing that put me off here was the generally poor graphics. It's hard to tell if they were going for a retro pixel aesthetic, a pre-rendered low poly aesthetic, or trying to make the game look realistic without any ability to do so. None of those is an acceptable excuse for the poor visuals. Gameplay itself is pretty plodding and clunky. It doesn't take what feels like half an hour to get from one side of the screen to another in Monkey Island. It does in this. Despite not being in Steam Early Access (where this arguably belongs), the game is missing features and is apparently incomplete, with mention of additional chapters that never saw the light of day. Due to the lack of meaningful progress from the developer, it's unlikely the game will be completed at all, yet the developers reprehensively have their hand out for money for an incomplete game. This is a good reason for gamers to avoid this. The poor quality of this game is reflected by how many people spent time with it. At the time of this review, SteamDB shows the all-time peak player number was only 7 players. This is a remarkably low number, and now, the only player activity occurs once or twice a month, presumably someone loading it up to see what it is then quickly uninstalling it. Considering there's over 120 million gamers on Steam and well over 50,000 games for gamers to choose from (over 9,000 completely free titles), the overwhelming lack of interest in this low quality game is to be expected. "Calm Waters: A Point and Click Adventure" has the laughable price of around $5 USD, it's not worth it given the defects and shortcomings with the product, especially considering the sheer number of completely free, much higher quality games on Steam.
Review from 76561198301910606 I have failed in this game. Not getting past day 2 & after the altercation with the detective I've been unable to progress. I've tried every item in my inventory in every location but cannot progress so after starting 3 games & trying every way I can to move Pete on. I give up now finding the game frustrating & boring. So a waste of money with no nice puzzles to enjoy either. Worst point & click game I've played in ages. No hint tips either for frustrated players.
Review from 76561198427365449Looks too shitty
Review from 76561198038516866This game is very amateurish; Crappy character graphics, idiotic puzzle design, rather short, no hint system (and it would've been really necessary here!), Pixel hunting, lot of walking back and forth to find the next trigger, and animations are at bare minimum. Avoid.
Review from 76561198238704866It was a good Point and click Game. It wasn't super long but I'd say worth 5 dollars. Had decent Play ability and the Game has no problems at all and the Puzzles were not the hardest but they were not the easiest either. I won't recommend a Game unless it's worth it and while this Game is right on the borderline of being too much But again for 5 Buck's it's worth it.
Review from 76561198164016063pros + intriguing story about disappearances on mysterious island + likeable protagonists and two playable character + beautifully made pre rendered graphics + good ambient sound design and some atmospheric background musics + decent voice acting + easy and fun to solve puzzles cons - game is very short - lack of a button which shows to hotspots - lack of a quick travel map causes to go back and forth in some areas - there are no steam achievements and cards this is an decent old school and typical point and click game but it's very short. just buy on sale.
Review from 76561198031201885this game is definetly not up there with Monkey Island, Broken Sword and the best point&click sagas but it´s still worth it if you buy it for cheap. It´s quick and easy fun(almost got me in the rocks at the ending,) it´s very simplistic,short and spartan but you have to appreciate the fact that it was developed by just one guy if I´m not wrong¿? perfect for a lazy sunday evening
Review from 76561198440692902The graphics were awesome and the story line was good, but the game was too short. Getting from point A to B was usually straightforward, and there were only two "complex" puzzles that were difficult to figure out.
Review from 76561199122471783It's cool but has the stature of a demo. The graphics and gameplay mechanics are great. The storyline had so much potential but falls short aswell as the puzzles being slightly odd. Especially the final island puzzle it made no sense and I had to use a guide for the solution. A good little fun game but have played better for less money.
Review from 76561197970320245I nearly died of boredom.
Review from 76561198142676922the game is really good, but, I cant get it to load a saved game.
Review from 7656119802426776715 рублей на распродаже... Не изучал историю игры, но есть подозрение, что она выпущена раньше 17 года (когда она появилась в Стиме). Но, независимого от даты выхода, отзыв я пишу сегодня. Играть тут особо не во что. Сюжет без начала и конца. Головоломок тоже нет. Даже не все собираемые предметы можно применить к чему-либо (угу, это я про мыло). Английский текст примитивен и местами имеет косяки. В тюрьме полицейский выпускает героя из камеры, чтобы спросить, чего он хочет, а через 3 секунды запирает обратно, если тот не успел совершить правильное действие. В пещере же в режиме смертельной опасности угроза стоит и ждёт, пока герой догадается, какой именно предмет надо применить... Глупая и не интересная третьесортная игра
Review from 76561198012064665Very stilted dialogue. Over all, rather brief. About three hours of gameplay.
Review from 76561198036405528This is a rather short game. The story is good enough, as are the graphics. The dialogues are a bit uneven, and some of them even distort. Music is functional and the voice acting doesn't irritate me. I went through this game in under three hours, and Ienjoyed playing it. I seriously respect anyone who has the energy and talent to master a project like a point and click adventure game, so I consider my €4,- well spent. Thank you, guys! :-) <3 /Sven Bornemark
Review from 76561198059754051I'm a bit on the fence here. It's not very bad, but the storyline ends abruptly and makes little sense towards the end. But I suppose I'll give this a thumbs-up cause it's a nice little project, even if a bit rough around the edges.
Review from 76561198094803808with move speeds that slow, should have called this infuriating waters 2/10
Review from 76561197993082666Just finished the game and have to say Monkey Island it ain´t. But sometimes a simple Adventure Snack is a good thing to relax. The main story is great but of course there is not much depth in this game. Some times i wished there would be more to explore or people to talk to.. But somehow i liked the setting and the graphics. And it´s not costing much so i think i could recommend it.
Review from 76561198140367106This was bad. I finished the whole game in an hour, and I think about 90% of that time was spent either watching my character walk very slowly across the screen or watching cut scenes. The slow walking instead of allowing a double click quick exit is ridiculous and has no reason to be in any adventure game made in 2017. There are only maybe like four puzzles total in the game, and two of them involve using a code that is in a place where there is no reason for the code to be. The story doesn't make much sense to the point that one of the main character's last lines in the game is, "I still don't know what the hell happened." The animations are really bad, and the voice acting at best mediocre.
Review from 76561197988281569sucks
Review from 76561198011064992not bad at all. 6/10 very amaturish, but that didn't bother me much. quite short. I would buy their next game or sequel.
Review from 76561198333951736Nice little game. Bit too short in my opinion so not really worth the money if im honest. Not enough exploration and certainly not long enough to really get in to. Not really challenging but still a good little game
Review from 76561198380904117Wow. Thankfully I got it on sale. I feel bad since it was made by one person, but it was dumb. Pretty boring as well. Maybe it was my computer, but the audio worked fine until there were "blood curdling screams". I heard no screams at all. What cop lets you keep all of your belongings when you are locked up? What cop lets a male and female share a cell? I am glad it was super short, which is rare. Disregard my play time, I left it on while I watched Game of Thrones marathon.
Review from 76561198031670464Συνοψίζοντας • Πολύ "indie" σέ κάθε επίπεδο δουλειάς καί πάνω από τίς δυνατότητες τού κατασκευαστή η εφαρμογή μιάς φιλόδοξης ιδέας. Βαθμολογία: 1/5 Παρεμφερείς Τίτλοι ALASKA BIZARRE EARTHQUAKE http://adventures-index10.blogspot.com/2013/03/calm-waters.html
Review from 76561198366136301First of all; Great game! The 2.5 3D was on-point (and-click!) Haha #adventuregameproblems! I loved the characters! Usually I don't take interest in point and click characters because they are so cartoony and weird. THis really broke the normalcy and gave me a deeply submersive experience with REAL characters, that I couldn't help but love! The protaganist (I forgot his name) was really good at describing things! I thought at one point a yacht was a dinghy, boy was I wrong! 9/10 At times some of the voice actors were too good. 9.9/10.0 You could play this game for 10 hours and it would still be worth the 99 cents that you paid for it! Thanks for the game guys, I'll donate to your kickstarter, next time you decide to have another go! <3
Review from 76561198043215905rubish amature voice acting waste of 79p
Review from 76561198411999848More Peter and more Michelle please!!! It was a short, yet nice point ´n´ click. Of course it wasn´t as brilliant as Broken Sword, SOMI and Co BUT there is most certainly potential to getting there and creating something as equally good. The characters could be a bit more witty. The voice acting was quite alright and the graphics good enough for my taste. The story lacked depth, but for the first game (if it was even your first) it was pretty good and had me interested in finding out what was going on on that island. Would definitely play a sequel, that is hopefully longer with an interesting story to go with it. Keep up the good work!
Review from 76561198313156055The game was pretty good could be difficult at some points but kept me guessing
Review from 76561198036463663This game began quite nicely with its opening narration, leading me to believe the story would be quite detailed, and intriguing. Once into the game, visiting locations, I found that there were few actions a player could do in order to progress the story, which in turn made the story rather undetailed. My meaning by this, is that there ended up being no story really at all. It was some guy goes on holiday to a strange, unpopular island, encounters odd behaviors of a few people, and finds a journal, later meets a monster, defeats monster easily, and closes out chatting with his future wife. The puzzles were quite simple, that in fact maybe only some under the age of 5 might not beable to perform. I felt sad, and let down after the game ended, but the price was almost nothing, so I'll tack it down to experience gained, little though that was as well.
Review from 76561198408656524This game was a waste of time and money, it took me a total of 3 hours to finish, and i literally thought the end was a joke ending that would lead to more gameplay. Absolutley, hands down one of the worst games I have ever played. The puzzles were atrocious, the acting was downright ridiculous, and the story could have been better made up by a 2 yr old. I wouldn't reccomend anyone spend any money on this game, and to be honest, even if it becomes a free game, don't waste any time downloading it then either. It really is awful.
Review from 76561198054585608In its current state, I can't recommend this. [+] Artwork is good as a independant project. [+] Music was relevant, if a little calm. Though it is a "calm" island in the middle of nowhere. [-] Unfinished Story. Commented as part of a Triology middle of 2017, but no further updates since then. [-] Numerous items with little or no purpose what so ever. Such as the Soap in the beginning. Items also not removed after use; besides, what kind of police station locks someone up and lets them keep all their items? [-] No option to "skip" movements, forced to walk everywhere. [-] Very static dialogue when something isn't the right item to use [-] Only ~15 different areas to explore, half of those completely empty and void. [/] Undecided with voice acting. It's nice to have, but rather unemotional. Static, robot-esque. [/] Lack of hints over what to do next, or a way to track progress. In some respects this can be good, adding depth, but even something something simple after a period of time "Maybe the diary may help..." or "I should show [the item] to someone..." [/] Even unfinished, the story so far felt lacking. There was no premise of a potential sequel, not even a later scream after [spoiler]"killing the creature"[/spoiler], or the rather what the hell jump from [spoiler]"I lost my wife two years ago." to suddenly "and that's how I met my wife."[/spoiler] Very few positives, lots of negatives. I'd like to see more from the developer, particularly in this same game. There's definitely room for improvement and expansion.
Review from 76561198093153159vvv fun and some spook much good
Review from 76561198118204721Bad. Just bad. Character movement, storyline...boring. And short. Maybe worth the $0.99 but not exciting at all.
Review from 76561198035965092Good game, but very short.
Review from 76561198274566778just awful.
Review from 76561198278173310The game was too simplistic. The characters weren't very well developed. You could pick up items that were pointless. There was a general lack of point and click, and puzzle solving. At other times you wandered around in frustation not sure what you were meant to do (no hints). The storyline was weak and rushed. The American accents (on a Greek island???) were weird and off putting (you could hear the northern British accents under them.
Review from 76561198321801438This was a rather short game. A bit annoying that you have to go back and forth with out being able to double click and get somewhere faster. I like point and click games, but this could have been longer and it would have been better with more areas to explore. On the other hand I only paid around $6 aud for this so you get what you pay for I guess.
Review from 76561198116164387I really enjoyed this game! It had a good story & the characters voices & personalities were great! Glad there was a walkthrough on UTube cuz I couldn't find two of the hotspots (very tricky, but good - makes the game last a little longer) I was able to finish this in about 4 hours, so it I feel it was well worth the price. Hope to see more point & click games like this from the developer! Would definately reccomend this game for any adventure gamer.
Review from 76561198033812163[h1]Spoiled by poor voice acting and bad game design[/h1] I have been playing point and click adventures since the amiga days and I can honestly say this is one of the worst. The voice acting is nothing short of awful, if you are going to develop a game you need use more than 2 or 3 voices and not use them with terribly false accents. Graphically poor but as a pnc lover I would still play it if that was the only issue, the voice acting and poor story really do make this one of the worst of this genre. Avoid, there are plenty of good pnc games on Steam, this is not one of them. If I had to put a price on the worth of this one, it would be around the 5 pence mark, no more. My Score - 1/10
Review from 76561198022330479Calm Waters is a fun and interesting game and runs smoothly with okay graphics. Although the game is relatively short (around 3-4 hours), this does not take away from its challenging nature and intriguing storyline. I would recommend this game as playing it through was an enjoyable experience!
Review from 76561198140637110MOre please. What I liked: beach, palm trees, beach setting, attractive, good looking guy, etc.
Review from 76561198176534477Play time: approx' 4 hours and that includes waiting forever for the character to move from one side of the screen to the other because running / double click to the next screen were not programmed in. If this game were a graduation project for whatever course, than I would gladly grade it with an A. For a commercial product which is being sold for ~11$, I feel that it's too underdeveloped in the sense that it feels more like the cliff notes version or the Demo version of a game rather than the game itself. The story is nice, but definitely has the potential to be deepened, widened and extended. The game world is as simple as they come, in my opinion oversimplified. Almost no redundant items to interact with, feedback on using items in a false manner is limited to few non item specific comebacks. It's all pretty linear and straight forward: go from A to B, from B to C and pick up D from E if you want to get to F. All in all, it's worth the play, but I just can't recommend it for the price in which it's currently being sold.
Review from 76561198044322263niet de moeite waard, zeer kort spel, zonde van je geld. Very short story not worth bying this.
Review from 76561198025560698This was a fun, albeit frustrating, 2 hours of gameplay. Music, graphics, interface- all pretty good. Cool premise, does a great job of building suspense, and overall worth the cost and time to play. I would recommend it, so kindly forgive that the following list of criticism exceeds my compliments. It lacks DEPTH. The few characters involved are very undeveloped, the dialogue options also seem irrelevant. The story's resolution is disappointing and shallow, and more than once, reaching dead-ends requires pixel-hunting or, more annoyingly, the repitition of a repeated, previously unsucessful action several times, without indication of a changed response, before you can progress with the game. Overall, the technical aspects of the game deliver all that is expected, but without a very specific walkthrough you may get annoyed at the tedium of the very specific actions required to progress, often with an arbitrary time limit. 6/10 Would play more from this developer again.
Review from 76561198078575677This game is a real classical point and click game, I love it! The good: - Gameplay is solid (no lag or anything) - Story keeps you interested - Sometimes you are stuck, which I like, personally I don't like point and click games that are too easy. - Generally good voice acting The less good (but not really that important in the end but still): - There is too much grain (or film grain) - Voices are too loud sometimes (especially the one from the inspector) - The length of this game is a bit shorter than I expected, I guess you can speed walkthrough it in under 30 minutes or even less (of course only if you already know how to walk through the game) All in all these are only minor points in my opinion. The fact that this game was created by one person (except for the voice acting of course, or am I wrong?) is incredible and I admire it highly. I know about how much work went into it (I am myself an AC user). And the result is really fantastic!. Congratulations and I wish you all the best with this game!!
Review from 76561198144334665Works with Manjaro/Arch... Traditional point click - explore game...