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Review from 76561198263563861tavsiye etmiyorum
Review from 76561198314052181Extremely fun. The level design is great, and the gameplay is really good too. I highly recommend it.
Review from 76561198061054439Skyway — это надземная высокоэффективная транспортная технология, не имеющая аналогов в мире. Это скорость, безопасность, доступность, экономичность и бережное отношение к окружающей среде.
Review from 76561198350775971Initially I was skeptical to play because of the first review I read (it had talked about there being this bug), but after watching the video and seeing the patch update, I realized that the other reviewer just did that for youtube views haha- anyway the game itself is alright. Surprisingly the style and the mechanics of the game were on point- I love the color palette but I think the character design is a litle weak. Either way, I recommend this game for anyone! The puzzles and the thinking that goes into it is a little challenging but worth it. i'd definitely give it a try!
Review from 76561198030158374Good game for a first release. I have played about 2 hours of this game and tested it. Keep in mind this is made by just a single person so one can't set their expectations dramatically out of proportion. Every developer starts somewhere and this one will keep at it. :)