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Hoverboards VR

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Single-playerTracked Controller SupportVR Only
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Review from 76561198086000429Hoverboards VR, VR'de ışık döngüsü benzeri bir 3D yılan oyunudur! Hoverboards VR, oyuncunun oyun alanı içindeki hareketlerini tahtanın kendi hareketine dönüştüren, sörf veya snowboardun doğal hissini taklit eden benzersiz bir hareket tekniği kullanıyor.
Review from 76561198081479010Такое, если честно. Для VR есть более многофункциональные и интересные игры
Review from 76561197961017729Another serviceable freebie that was nice at the time (2016) but would be considered weak today. The important thing is that the craft moves without too much fuss, and I seem to remember it was.
Review from 76561198055119582---{Graphics}--- ☐ You forget what reality is ☐ Beautiful ☐ Good ☐ Decent ☐ Bad ☑ Gnome. ☐ Paint.exe ---{Gameplay}--- ☐ Very good ☑ Gnome. ☐ It‘s just gameplay ☐ Mehh ☐ Starring at walls is better ☐ Just don‘t ---{Audio}--- ☐ Eargasm ☐ Very good ☐ Good ☐ Not too bad ☑ Gnome. ☐ Earrape ---{Audience}--- ☐ Kids ☐ Teens ☐ Adults ☐ Human ☑ Gnome. ---{PC Requirements}--- ☐ Check if you can run paint ☑ Gnome. ☐ Decent ☐ Fast ☐ Rich boiiiiii ☐ Ask NASA if they have a spare computer ---{Difficulity}--- ☐ Just press ‚A‘ ☑ Gnome. ☐ Significant brain usage ☐ Easy to learn / Hard to master ☐ Difficult ☐ Dark Souls ---{Grind}--- ☐ Nothing to grind ☐ Only if u care about leaderboards/ranks ☐ Isnt necessary to progress ☐ Average grind level ☐ Too much grind ☑ Gnome. ---{Story}--- ☐ Story? ☐ Text or Audio floating around ☐ Average ☐ Good ☑ Gnome. ☐ It‘ll replace your life ---{Game Time}--- ☐ Long enough for a cup of coffee ☐ Short ☐ Average ☑ Gnome. ☐ To infinity and beyond ---{Price}--- ☐ It’s free! ☑ Gnome. ☐ If u have some spare money left ☐ Not recommended ☐ You could also just burn your money ---{Bugs}--- ☐ Never heard of ☐ Minor bugs ☑ Gnome. ☐ ARK: Survival Evolved ☐ The game itself is a big terrarium for bugs
Review from 76561198066590240You can watch my video review & gameplay: https://youtu.be/x73YPa_C-q8 and / or read my review below: [h1]Experienced on the Oculus Rift with Touch Controlllers[/h1] This game works absolutely fine on the Oculus Rift. The engine is Unity Personal Edition. The game was originally priced at $1.99 USD but now is completely free to play. I had no issues with game performance. No crashes or anything. The graphics are simple and dated. The sounds were basic. The main problem with the game were the controls. You're supposed to do these poses to control the hoverboard. Unfortunately, I found using those poses to be cumbersome and not very responsive. There are easy, medium, and hard difficulties. Your goal is to touch these golden balls that spawn on the small playing field within a certain time limit. Meanwhile, stuff falls on the ground from the sky. If your hoverboard crashes into any obstacle you die. That includes a trail barrier that you leave in your wake. You get a point for touching a golden ball within the time limit or you lose a point for failing to do so. I think this game is fun for like 20-30 minutes. However, the cumbersome controls for the hoverboard and the difficulty navigating around the playing field do take away the enjoyment you would otherwise have from basically being Iceman (TM). [b]Rate 5/10. It's free and it's entertainment for a little while. Jet Island is miles better though.[/b]
Review from 76561198125392509gamesense
Review from 76561198127705820Excellent
Review from 76561197982295752Hoverboards VR is a light-cycle-like game with you flying on a Hoverboard. It worked on my system, looked ok, sounded ok, played ok. I didn't get sick. Very challenging. You die if you hit your trail, any obstacle or wall. Could have long play value. The UI was ok. The instructions was not enough, you have to play and experiment to figure out how to lose. Try this game, you might like it. For more info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVY2-uj2RIA https://www.mikeharris.design/hoverboards https://www.indiedb.com/games/hoverboards-vr
Review from 76561198061396962Can only recommend this one. Its simple and its good. Its not a game you'll play for all eternity but its nice to come to it once in a while to relax. I like how the board moves and collecting the orbs on hard mode gets really hard once the whole map is filled with these black columns. :D Pls consider this is only 2€ If you got a Vive you probably shouldn't be angry at paying 2€ for a game. Even if it only would be fun for about an hour. I'll keep this under my favorite VR games.
Review from 76561198310022825Great game! A bit like big board surfing in 3D. Just fun flying around. Would be great to have speed control and a larger play area with more features. Mountains or canyons or maybe even an astroid belt. Look forward to upgrades!
Review from 76561198066018030Interesting movement machanic which if intrests you is probably worth price tag to play around. If you have no intreset in the locomontion technique I would probably give it a miss. The graphics could use a facelift. Multiplayer if ever added would be brilliant.
Review from 76561198024930271Tron light cycles in 3D space in VR for $2. Easier on the stomach than the videos would have you guess.
Review from 76561197970495283What you get here is less than most free demos. There is only one environment to surf around to collect orbs. That's it, I got bored after 10 minutes. Refunded. I wouldn't even re download it again if it became free.
Review from 76561198043577240I don't usually write reviews but seeing as this has no reviews I figured I'd give it a go. For starters, this game for some reason doesn't pop up in my vr list of games, I have to go to my full list of games to run it but after that it works fine. The board feels a little too big. I'm not sure if it's intentional or what but you have to scoot up to the tip of the board to go down and back all the way up to go up. In my opinion, it should be about the size of a skateboard where you can just stand in one spot and cover the whole board. Maybe adding different sizes of boards would help. I think there should be a free roam/practice mode added. I only played on easy mode but most of the time I didn't really care to go for the points, I was just having fun flying around. Even with these things, I still had a pretty fun time, and with an update or two, it could be pretty good. That being said, it's only 2 dollars, so there's not much harm in trying it.