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The Frontier

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AdventureIndieRPGSimulationEarly Access
Single-playerFamily Sharing
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Review from 76561198377677654Im liking the game so far, will update the review after i play a little bit more.
Review from 76561197994002775This game has a lot of craft options, the world is huge, i can imagen the time the developer spend on creating this In general this game is about surviving, But its about much more then just your own character https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqRcNev5oV8
Review from 76561198139063295REVIEW UPDATE: I wrote a negative review few weeks ago, because some control and UI issues. With the latest update the DEV fixed everything I described. I am impressed. This is the Kind of developer we need. The Game is still pretty empty at this point, but its early alpha. I cant say how this game will be when finished, but I can say that the dev is very active and listens to the players, so have my upvote!