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Review from 76561198328235523我是这家工作室的朋友,他们开发这款游戏的时候还蜗居在望京的一个创业孵化器的角落里,开发人员也不多,这款游戏做的也很粗糙,但还是很怀念那段时光。时光荏苒,不知道他们现在怎么样了
Review from 76561197963322624Here is my first time gameplay video: https://youtu.be/gIYyYbtu7hY I also review other VR games on my channel: www.youtube.com/user/rpatenaude I really had high hopes for this game but it just has so many problems and features shown in the trailer that are not actually there. It's almost like the people who made 69 Ways to Kill a Zombie abandoned that project to do this one. IT DEFINITELY HAS POTENTIAL! But seriously finish the game before you release it. The trailer shows people riding around in trucks together running through Zombies shooting but that is not actually in teh game right now. I hope there are improvements coming because I would like to give this game another shot; here are the things that bothered me: Draw distance is horrible. Thats the single thing that really kept sticking out to me throughout the entire time playing the game. Melee weapons do not work (I only tried the baseball bat) There is a single generic zombie noise that all the Zombies make. Would be nice to see more varieties. Vehicles? I see them in the trailer but not in the game (at least not usable ones) Killing zombies is way too hard. I had to unload 10 rounds into the face of one just to take it down; after that I was out of ammo. Head shot single kill damage would be something I'd like to see.
Review from 76561198017826296this game is like left4dead in minecraft :p so in general this game is 1 big map with zombies randomly spawned in it with random weapons spawned on random locations and you try to survive for as long as possible (i guess thats the point?) while it has potential and the general idea isnt bad the game in this state is almost unplayable but nothing unfixable i think. so for now this is a thumbs down, it feels like a tiny demo and should not cost any money at this stage in the development pros: -funny looking characters -the models (characters, guns, weapons) are pretty good imo -the guns feel like they come straight from minecraft mod, they fire like they look, so well done on that -i have never seen this "tossing your weapon mecanic" before in a VR game, but i like it, it feels natural (you swing your arm down and it will drop the weapon) -alot of diversity in the map cons: -the world loads extremely slow and the viewing distance is so short i almost got my self trapped several times just because i couldnt see to the end of the little alley... -guns do NOT reload, yes you pick a gun, fire 1 clip and you can toss it away and run away from zombies until you find another one, crossbows = 1 shot -AI, if there is any... zombies just walk into a straight line towards you, so if you actually run out of guns you must be a total retard to not get away from them -you cannot drive cars (this is a negative point solely because its in the trailer but not in the game, yet?) -you get stuck behind fallen zombies and actually anything laying around on the ground (random stuff is a bigger threat then the zombies itself) -the sound that the zombies are making is obnoxious and extremely irritating, definitely after 5 mins of gameplay, its like the exact same sound file is on repeat the entire time -is there a objective at all in this game? -not worth its price unless major changes will happen for this game -walking locomotion is very buggy i dont recommend this game in this state, ill change the review when updates are done ;)